Paul’s Mother

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I met Paul in High School while taking an advanced math class. He had recently moved into the school district. We had quite a few common interests and quickly became friends. He lived a few subdivisions over from where I lived and we hung out at each other’s homes after school hours, even as we turned 18 in our senior year. We were part of a small quiet population in the school where we were not nerds, not the athletes or popular kids, and not the anti social kids either. It was difficult for us to get a date much less maintain any sort of relationship with any girl in the school.

I liked hanging out at Paul’s house more than my own. Paul had a younger sister who usually butted into whatever we were doing. When she became too obnoxious we usually razzed her about her flat chest and she would leave us alone for awhile. Paul’s mom was very nice to us and I thought she was pretty cool for a mom. She had been married to a jeweler at a very young age. It was her first summer job was in his shop and she became romantically involved with the owner. After he died a couple of years ago was when Paul’s family moved into my neighborhood. They were very well off because of a large death insurance policy but his mom worked anyway. I thought she looked young (around 35) and very pretty for a mom. Most of my other friend’s parents and mine were in their 50’s and their looks had seen better days. Paul was embarrassed sometimes by his mother’s looks when his friends were around.

There was many a Friday or Saturday night where I spent the night at Paul’s house and his mother would make us breakfast the next morning. She usually had a sexy outfit on in the mornings. My favorite was when she would wear this sheer blue baby doll top with rows of blue ruffles and matching blue panties. Sometimes she wore a bra underneath and sometimes not. When I first started to spend the night as his house, I asked Paul if his mother dressed like this all the time. His face turned red as he nodded yes. I could see that it did embarrass him in front of his friends and I never brought up the subject again but I continued to enjoy the breakfast show at his house.

Paul’s mom was often the subject of my imagination when I was jacking off in my bedroom. She was slim and petite with short blonde hair and blue eyes. She was not large chested but had big nipples which I caught an occasional glimpse showing through her sheer blue nighgown. I dreamed of being naked with her in her bedroom and exploring her body. As a teenager I thought about many people as I stroked my cock, teachers, friends, students, movie stars. Paul’s mother was my favorite fantasy. I even thought about Paul’s sister on occasion.

Our senior year passed too fast as did the summer. I was going to the local university and Paul had a scholarship to an east coast college. Paul and I spent the last sleep over at his house talk about old times and how cool college would be. That morning during breakfast, Paul’s mother invited me to come any time and visit even though Paul would be away at school. I thought her invitation was just being nice but Paul told me later that day that she was sincere. She would not have said that if she really didn’t mean it and she liked me the best of Paul’s friends. Two days later Paul was on a plane to his new life at college.

College started for me the following week and it was a big change from high school. It took several weeks to get used to the study routine and college consumed almost all my time that first month. I yearned for the recent past with an easy high school and good times with old friends. I called Paul one night to talk out my blues and we had a long conversation about our first college experiences. His situation was not much different than mine. He asked if I had called his house or stopped by. I told him that I had been too busy up to now but promised to stop by the following week.

Keeping my promise to Paul, I stopped by his house after classes. It was almost 5:00 PM and thought that his mother would be home from work by then. I rang the doorbell and his sister, Patti, opened the front door. She broke into a big smile and gave me a big hug. The hug was so tight that I could feel her rib cage press into my chest. She was very happy to see me then took my hand and practically pulled me into their living room. Patti explained that her mother was running late with traffic as we sat down to chat. She told me about her new year in school, I told her about college, and then we exchanged the conversations we had with her brother.

A few minutes later Paul’s mom, Paula, came through the front door. She broke into a big smile and gave me a hug with a kiss on the cheek. She was very happy that I finally stopped by. I explained that my first time in college kept me very busy and apologized for not coming over sooner. We chatted for an hour and then Paula asked me to stay for dinner. I had to decline as I had a test that next morning but promised that I would take her up on her offer kartal escort next time I stopped by. We chatted more and mainly repeated what I had told Patti earlier. I excused myself to leave although I really felt like staying longer but I knew I had to study that night. Patti waved goodbye and grinned while Paula gave me another hug before I left.

I made several more visits before the semester was over. Each time I was greeted like a long lost member of the family. In fact I started to feel closer to Paul’s family than my own. They certainly seemed to be more interested in my life than my own parents did. Right before the semester ended, the college had a small art fair outside of the main cafeteria. The art classes were selling their semester projects. I found a lot of the work really cool and very cheap. I saw a couple of items that I thought Paula and Patti would like and decided to buy them. They had treated me so nice over the last few years that I wanted to give them presents for Christmas. A couple of days before Christmas, I drove over to Paula’s house in the late afternoon to drop off the presents. It started out as a cold sunny day but as afternoon came, it became very cloudy and windy.

On the drive over to Paula’s, I could feel the wind push my car and whistle around the windows. I saw her car in the driveway as I parked on the street in front of her house and knew she was home. I grabbed the two wrapped presents and pushed against the wind while walking to the front door. I could feel my face getting wind burn just being outside for that short time. Patti answered the door and let me in.

“Hey mom” exclaimed Patti, “Guess who’s here?”

Paula looked through the kitchen doorway into the living room and said, “Hi there! Be out in a second.”

“What smells so good?” I asked

“Mom’s making Mexican tonight” Patti smiled, “Is that for me?”

“One of them is” I smiled back.

Paula came into the living room while drying her hands with a kitchen towel. She gave me a hug and asked, “Really good to see you. I hope you can stay for dinner. Semester is over and you have no excuses.”

I laughed, “Of course I’ll stay. I love your Mexican food.”

Patti squealed, “Look what he brought us!”

“Just a couple of presents” I said, “Your family has been so nice to me these last few years.”

“Can we open them now?” asked Patti.

“Sure or wait until Christmas if you like” I said.

“Now!” said Patti.

“Umm, we can wait until after dinner Patti” smiled Paula. “I’m sorry to tell you that Paul won’t be coming home for the holiday break.”

“Ahh man!” I said dejectedly, “What happened? I was really wanted to see him.”

“We’re disappointed too” Paula sighed, “It seems there is nothing available to get him home at a price we could afford. By the time some reasonable flights are open, college is almost ready to restart. He is OK there as the dorms are still open during the holidays and he calls and emails us all the time. Still not the same.”

“I am sorry to hear that” I said, “The holidays won’t be the same without him.”

“I know. Well I hope you are hungry” said Paula, “Dinner will be ready soon.”

Paula returned to the kitchen while I sat with Patti. We flipped through the TV channels until there was a show on that we both liked. While watched the show, I thought how Patti had changed or at least my thoughts about her. She was no longer obnoxious but actually fun to be with and talk to. Maybe it was because Paul wasn’t there who teased her all the time. The program ended and Patti suggested we play a video game. I agreed and she switched the TV to the Box then handed me a set of controls. We played this spy game and had a lot of fun until Paula told us dinner was ready. Patti and I walked into the kitchen and we sat in our usual spots with an empty chair where Paul usually sat. I was surprised to see an open cold beer next to my plate.

“Is this mine” I asked.

Paula smiled, “You are out of high school and even though you aren’t 21, you are welcome to have one in my house. Mexican food tastes so much better with a beer.”

“OK” I said as I clinked the bottle neck of my beer to the bottle neck of her beer. She was right as it did make the Mexican food taste better. We had a great dinner and I helped Paula clean up afterwards while Patti rejoined her video game.

“You know” said Paula, “You don’t have to help me clean up.”

“That’s Ok” I said, “I want to help. The least I could do after enjoying your food.”

“You are such a dear” said Paula who kissed me on the forehead then returned to rinsing the dishes while I dried. After the cleaning up was down she said, “Well lets see what you brought us for Christmas.” Patti paused the game as we sat together on the couch.

“It isn’t much but I thought you would like this.” I said. Patti and Paula began to strip the wrapping and see what they got. Patti had a charcoal sketch of her favorite group while Paula cumhuriyet mahallesi escort had a piece of blown glass that matched one in her bedroom.

“Oh cool!” said Patti who then gave me a kiss on the lips with a hug.

“This is so thoughtful” said Paula as she continued to look and admire the glasswork. “It matches the one in my bedroom. I am surprised you remembered it. The one I have is an original and I have never seen anything that came close to matching it. Thank you so much!” I received my second kiss of the evening from Paula. She took the glass into her bedroom while Patti and I resumed the video game. During the game play, I kept thinking about the great kisses I received from Paul’s family. These were more loving kisses that I had received before from them and they did feel great.

Paula came back into the living room about a half hour later. She said, “Have you looked outside lately? It’s snowy like crazy out there.” I pulled their curtains aside and looked out of their front window. It was like blizzard outside. Snow was already about 6 inches deep and the swirling wind driven snow made for poor visibility. “I’m not letting you drive tonight. You spend the night here. Like old times.”

“You sure it’s OK?” I asked. “It does look really bad out there.”

“I would not have asked if it wasn’t OK” she smiled. “Call your parents and let them know where you are so they won’t be worried.”

I nodded and headed into the kitchen to use their phone. I dialed home while Patti and Paula looked out their front window. I told my parents my plans and they agreed that it was safer to not drive that night. I wasn’t exactly truthful with them as I told them that Paul was home from college. It made my reason for being there and spending the night easier to explain. Within a few minutes the three of us were on the couch again watching TV. There was a movie on that Paula wanted to watch and while I was OK with it, Patti was bored with the movie. After about an hour she left for her bed room. I paused to use the bathroom and while passing by Patti’s room, I could hear the radio turned on in her room as well as her chatter with some girlfriend on the phone. I returned to the couch and sat next to Paula.

Paula was engrossed in the film but put her arm around my shoulder and pushed close to me. Her warm body felt very nice and I could feel my cock getting a little hard. Patti came back in living room dressed in a long T shirt. She sat on the floor playing a game boy while we continued to watch the movie. Patti did have skinny long legs that were pleasant to look at and she occasionally would repositioned her legs, where I would get a good look at her white cotton panties. When the movie was almost over, Patti told us goodnight and went into her bedroom.

“I hope you don’t think she is being rude” whispered Paula, “I know she was bored with this movie and she did have a busy day.”

“That’s OK” I said, “I had fun playing video games with her earlier. I think she wanted more attention than watching the movie.”

“I can understand that.” smiled her mother, “It was been a long day at work for me too. Want a night cap before going to bed?”

“OK I guess.” I stuttered, “I really have not had much to drink in my life.”

Paula laughed, “I think you will like this stuff. Paul and I would share one on occasion.”

She left into the kitchen and came back with two small glasses which held about an ounce of brown liquid. “It’s chocolate liquor. I think you will really like it.”

I took on of the glasses and watched her take a sip then down the remaining liquid. She watched as I took a slip. It tasted like chocolate syrup and I liked it. I downed the rest and felt the slow burn go down my throat while the essence of chocolate filled my sense of smell and taste. We exchanged smiles as I began to get more relaxed.

“I see that you liked it” smiled Paula.

“I did.” I said, “It tasted really good. Is that Paul’s favorite? He never talked about drinking or having night caps”

“This is Paul’s favorite” his mother said quietly, “There are some things that are kept within the family and not shared even with close friends. I mean how would I look as a mother if people knew that she gave her son a shot of booze now and then.”

“I understand” I said, “But I wouldn’t think that way and I don’t.”

“I know” said Paula, “You really are more like family to us than just Paul’s friend. Well time for bed.” I nodded and followed her down the hallway. After passing Patti’s room, I started to open the door to Paul’s room. Paula grabbed my hand and said, “Where are you going?” I was dumbfounded and didn’t what to say or what she meant. She still held my hand, as she pulled me into her bedroom.

“You have never sleep by yourself when you have spent the night here before” Paula grinned wickedly, “Why start now? Take off your clothes and climb into bed. I will be back in a second.” yunus escort Paula went into the master bathroom and closed the door. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do and what was happening. The drink did make it harder to understand the situation but I was pretty sure I would like whatever would happen. I started to remove my clothes and laid them on a chair next to the closet door. I kept my briefs on in case the offer to sleep in her bed was more innocent than I thought. I slid underneath the sheets and started to relax. Her bed smelled of pleasant perfume and was very comfortable. I waited and listened to the small sounds coming from the bathroom.

Soon the bathroom door opened and Paula emerged wearing a long T shirt that went a few inches above her knees. “Comfy?” she smiled. I nodded as she switched on a lamp in the corner of the room and then went to the bedroom door, switching off the wall switch to the ceiling light. The light in the room changed from relative brightness to a pleasant low yellow light emanating from the corner. She stood by on the opposite side of the bed and slowly pulled the bed sheets aside. With the sheets down to around my knees, Paula looked at me and then slightly giggled. “This is the first time that anyone has been in my bed with underwear on. Honey, slip those off.” I felt my cock start to grow and hasn’t sure if I wanted to slip them off. Paula could see that I was somewhat unsure of the situation and walked around to my side of the bed. She pulled the sheets to the end of bed and said reassuringly, “Honey, it’s OK.” Paula leaned over and grasping each side of the elastic waist band of my briefs, slid them off my body in one quick motion exposing my stiff hard cock.

“Umm, nice.” she said quietly. Paula pulled at her T shirt and then slipped it over her head. Tossing the shirt to the floor, she was now completely nude. She did a slow twirl and giggled again. This was most amazing than any scene and more than I had imagined while I was jacking off. This was real! Her breasts and nipples were beautiful and her pussy hair was shaved to a narrow strip just like I had seen on the porno sites. Without saying another word, Paula climbed onto the end of the bed and very sensuously caressed my legs and slowly moved them apart. She snuggled between my knees and playfully explored my cock with her hands. All I could do was look down and watch as I was completely in Paula’s power.

She slowly moved each hand lightly along my cock, feeling the length and hardness. As precum was already started to ooze, she took one finger and smoothed it around my cockhead while feeling my balls with her other hand. Her fingers were very soft, gentle, and so much nicer than my own. She moved her face closer to my cock and ran her tongue up the backside of my cock, from the base to the tip. Then raised her head to where my cock was under her chin and gave me the biggest smile. I blissfully smiled back as she placed my cock in her mouth. She closed her eyes as her lips moved up and down my cock. I was in pure sexual heaven as I closed my eyes for second to enjoy the intense sensations.

My eyes fluttered open to see Paula still working my cock in her mouth. I looked to the side as I thought I saw some movement or change in light from the doorway. I thought the bedroom door was shut but it was slightly ajar. I didn’t know if it had been really closed or not but I thought I saw a flash of movement again from behind the door. I continued to look in that direction but saw nothing more. Maybe Patti was using the hallway bathroom or maybe she was peeking in or maybe it was my imagination. Soon those thoughts left my mind as a strong feeling was developing in my cock. I knew Paula could feel it as well. My cock seemed to get thicker as cum was beginning to move from my balls to the head of my cock. I tried to hold back and continued to enjoy the blowjob that Paul’s mother was giving me but to no avail. My hips began to spasm as loads of white cum shoot from my cock head into her mouth. Paula wrapped her lips tightly around my cock head filling her mouth with cum. I watched as her throat began to move and swallow then my body relaxed, my eyes closed in a kaleidoscope of electric browns, and pleasure burned from the back to the front of my brain.

I came back to reality as my cock was growing soft in her mouth. She slowly lifted her head and let my cock drop from her lips. A strand of cum stretched from the tip of my cock to her lower lip. She broke the strand with her finger tip and moved it to her lips. She smiled wickedly at me as she wiped the last bit of cum across her lip and then sucked on her finger. I smiled back and couldn’t believe what had just happened. Here I am in bed with my best friend’s naked mother who just sucked me off. WOW! Paula left the bed and walked into the bathroom where she took a drink of water. She came back to my side of the bed, leaned over, and placed her lips on mine. His lips were warm and wet and my tongue found an easy entry into Paula’s mouth. Our tongues danced for a few moments and I could slightly taste my own cum still lingering in her mouth. She straighten back up and almost leaving my tongue still hanging out of my mouth. She softly whispered, “That’s enough for one night, let’s get some rest.”

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