Peephole Payoff

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A Brief Introduction

The whole house was in a state of excitement, as Tanya’s wedding came close. Just another day to go, and there were the usual last minute hang-ups in the house, fine adjustments and arrangements to be made. Donald was not too happy about it; for one thing, he wasn’t very fond of Michael, his future brother-in-law, and for another, more important reason that his favorite pass time would end. But still, he loved his sister a lot (more than she knew, in fact!). He was busy with the whole family, his uncles and cousins, all of them all over the huge Alexander home, running around with the chores and helping everybody out. He had some free time on his hands, luckily, since he would be joining medical school after a few more months. His father, Stephen Alexander, a surgeon, had taken some time off from the hospital for the wedding. His mom, Caroline, seemed to exude happiness and was bursting with excitement. Mike, the prospect groom, was also a doctor. So it was going to be a big family of doctors, except for his mom and his Sis, both of who were artists. And pretty good at their work too.

So tonight was the last time he was going to get a chance to do this; maybe he would never have the opportunity again. Very carefully, he shifted aside the poster of the rock band on his wall. Then he pried out the portion of the wood that he had carefully shaped to make it removable. And right through the wall, he could stare into his sister’s room. He had been very careful and very lucky in not having been caught over the past two years. It had taken a lot of hard work and careful planning to make a hole big enough to watch through, yet undetectable from the other room. In fact, he had even made a spy-hole to fix his digital camera with the zoom lens, and had even managed to capture quite a few pics of his sister in the nude and in her lingerie. Ever since his 16th birthday, when he had discovered this opening, he had been using it to spy on his sister and used to masturbate thinking of her. And he had been luckier still when he had managed to take a few pictures of his sexy sister masturbating alone on her bed and even on the floor.

As usual, today also she was getting ready to undress and go to sleep. Donald took his semi-turgid penis out of his pajamas and began to stroke is slowly. He watched Tanya take off the jeans and T-shirt she had been wearing all day, and his cock jerked in his hand when he saw the white cotton bra and panties that she was wearing. The soft material clung to her large but rounded breasts, and the panties were snug across her mound, clinging to her ass cheeks like a second skin. Man, he wondered, why the fuck doesn’t she wear her lacy stuff every day!

Tanya was blissfully unaware of what had been going on for so many years. She posed in front of the mirror in her undies, fussing around with her hair for some time. Donald kept up the slow jerking of his cock, staring at her intently. And his patience paid off, as she began to take her bra off, giving him a full view of her delightful boobs. The panties stayed on for some more time, while she moved around the room, going through the dresser and the closet. She was staring intently at the wall behind which Don stood, and he almost fainted with the fear that he had been discovered! But then he remembered that his little peep-hole was just below a huge painting made by his mother hanging on the wall, so it was just about impossible to find. She must have been staring at the picture. He quickly pulled out his camera, and started clicking away, thinking that this was the last chance that he had. She seemed to be tired, and lay down in her panties to sleep. Donald continued to rub his cock gently, watching her all the while.

He used to quietly go to her room and play with her lingerie, draping her panties over his cock and rubbing the bras and stockings over his face and body. Sometimes when he was on time, he would find her used panties in the lingerie basket, and managed to get a few sniffs that really made him wild. He had pictures of her in every conceivable stage of undress, naked and masturbating. Even shots of her drying off after a shower. Staring at her now, he began to fantasize about touching her and fucking her once again, and brought himself to orgasm into his hanky. Man, he was going to miss all that, and was thankful for the pictures. At least, his mother’s stuff was still around, all the panties and bras and stuff. He could still fantasize about that.

Wedding Day

The next morning, the house was in a state of cheerful confusion again, and everybody rushed around trying to get ready in time. Most of the family, his parents and cousins left for the church, and he delayed his departure, hoping to peep on Tanya again as she got dressed for her wedding. And there she was, fulfilling his desires by getting dressed in the sexiest of lingerie. And his cousin Joanna was also there, helping her, both of them in their kartal escort lingerie! This was great, he thought, as he loaded brand new disc into his camera. It was wonderful to watch the two young women pose in front of each other as they adjusted lipstick, lingerie and finally, dresses. This was going to be a set of pictures he would treasure all his life. Joanna left, leaving Tanya alone. Donald, already dressed in his suit, with his erection bulging at his crotch, was wondering whether he should take his pants off before he relieved his lust, when suddenly there was a knock on Tanya’s door down the hall. She called out that it was open, and in came her old boyfriend Freddy. Fred had left for college, a year back!

Donald stared at the two of them talking, though he couldn’t make out most of the words clearly. Suddenly, Fred caught hold of Tanya by her waist and pulled her against his body, kissing her hard on her lips. She tried to push back, but melted into his arms, bridal dress and all. Don saw Fred reach down to open his zipper, and was astonished as a large and erect cock popped out his pants. Tanya was flushed and gasping loudly, as her lace-gloved hand reached down to hold it! At Fred’s pushing, she bent down and began to kiss and lick its head! This was great! His sexy sister in her bridal gown was going to go down on her ex-boyfriend, and he was getting it all on disc!

He could hear Fred’s loud moans as he thrust his hard cock into her mouth, and Don continued to click away merrily, his own cock now out of his fly and bursting in excitement. Tanya was really into sucking his cock, her eyes closed in pleasure with a look of bliss on her beautiful face. And then Fred was cumming in her mouth, jerking wildly, moaning out loud. Just staring at the thick cock erupting in his sister’s mouth, and the cum running down her chin made Donald start to spew his own load, his cum shooting out onto the wall in big spurts. He slumped back onto his bed, his wet cock hanging out of his trousers. Man, right on her wedding day, and there she was like a slut, sucking Fred’s cock!

The wedding went well, and the newly married couple left for their honeymoon. Donald, and his parents reached home. But Donald couldn’t drive the picture of his sister sucking cock from his mind. Again and again he thought about her, and immediately he rushed to his room to view the pictures again. He jerked himself off again before falling into an exhausted sleep.

A Close Call

A couple of days later, Donald was still going crazy over the pictures, masturbating like crazy every time he got the chance. Lying back on his bed, he was staring at the images of his sister on the computer screen. His shorts were around his ankles and his long cock was in his hand. He had a large penis, almost 9″ long and really thick, with a large and smooth shiny head. It was wet with his pre-cum as he slowly rubbed his hand up and down on it, thinking about Tanya. Suddenly, he was shocked out of his dreams as he heard his Mom shouting for him.

“Donald, where are you, son! I need some work to be done right now.”

Don jumped off the bed and ran to turn the computer screen off, lest she came into his room. He had just enough time to cram his huge cock into his shorts, when there was a soft knock at the door, and she turned the door knob. Donald stood behind the chair, but knew that it could not cover the bulge in his crotch. His Mom came into the room and started talking.

“Donald, I think I am going to shift my stuff to Tanya’s old room now, because your Daddy isn’t too happy with the smell of oil paints, and I hate being alone up in the attic. And…”

Whatever she was about to say faded off as her eyes fell on Donald, more specifically, his crotch. Her nostrils flared as the smelled the familiar scent of a man aroused, and suddenly realized that the lump in his shorts could only be one thing. Donald just stared around wildly, waiting for her to finish. Little did he realize that she could see the little wet spot of pre-cum oozing out of the cloth. Caroline was at a loss for words, as she realized what had happened. Probably Don had been masturbating when she disturbed him. She quickly tried to recover her composure.

“Well, in any case, I’ll need you to please shift all my things down from the attic into the room next to yours, and um, well, you can do that later in the day.”

She walked quietly out of the room, with a single sideways glance at his crotch again. She just couldn’t help it! Son or no son, that bulge was HUGE! She blushed and quickly ran on to her own room. Donald for his part, heaved a huge sigh of relief! Man, he was lucky she didn’t catch him with his pants down. But his cock was still crying out for release, and once again, he lowered his shorts to hold it. But this time, he was thinking of his Mom standing at the door, and how the look on her beautiful face would be if she actually caught him jerking off! kartal otele gelen escort In his mind, suddenly, it was his mother bent over sucking a thick cock rather than his sister, and though confused, he had a roaring orgasm, blasting thick cum all over his bed. A bit dazed, he sat down to recover.

Later that evening, Don dressed up in his jeans and T-shirt and went to help his mother shift her stuff down from the attic. He avoided looking directly at his Mom, still feeling like he had been caught at something wrong. Caroline, on the other hand, couldn’t help but remember the big bulge in his shorts and kept stealing glances at his crotch. She couldn’t help feeling really naughty, and even a bit annoyed with herself. But still, at the age of 39 with a daughter of 20 just married, and her son just turned 18, she was still a sexually active woman. The problem was, there was no way to activate that sexuality. Unfortunately, Stephen, her husband, was available only rarely, and the romantic love and sex they used to share earlier was gone. And looking at Don, so tall, handsome and virile, it was hard to resist.

Donald was thinking on the same lines. He was thinking about the times he had fondled his mother’s panties along with Tanya’s, and the times he had wondered what she would look like wearing those sexy things. He, in his own covert glances, managed to steal a few looks at her figure. The loose shirt that strained across her ample breasts every time she reached up to pick something. And the tight slacks that outlined her well rounded ass every time she bent over. He could clearly make out the panty lines through the slacks, and had a hard time keeping his own erection down.

They both kept talking about this and that as they worked, about how it would be different with Tanya gone. In her room, they pushed the bed aside and shifted the wardrobe and dresser, so that most of the room was vacant. The light from the windows filled the room and gave it a very airy look. They were both quite tired at the end of the day, and both left to wash up before dinner. When he was sure she had finished and had gone down to the kitchen, Donald quietly crept into his parent’s room and into their bath. As he had hoped, her clothes were still lying there. He found the pink cotton panties and bra lying below the shirt on the floor. Her smell was still strong in her clothes, and he was immediately aroused as he fondled the soft things. But afraid of being caught, he rushed back to his own room, his cock once again erect, and jerked himself off. This time, he was thinking about his mother.

More Discoveries

Dr. Stephen Alexander was well known and well respected at the general hospital as a good surgeon. What was not very common knowledge was that the good doctor was also extremely horny, and lusted after all the young nurses he could get his eyes on! At 45, he was at the peak of his career, and his body was quite fit with the regular exercise he put in. The touch of gray at his temples, and the sober glasses gave him a very distinguished look. Currently, he was satisfying his erotic desires with a very sexy young nurse, and a junior resident posted in his department. The nurse was at his practice downtown, and the young doctor was at the hospital, so there were no technical complications in life at the moment! And wherever he was, he managed to get his hands on one or the other. It was wonderfully convenient and almost too good to be true! He and his wife did enjoy their sex life, but what little was left of it was getting rarer and rarer. There were times when they used to have sex almost every day. But now, with the kids and himself being so busy, she with her painting, it was impossible to get time out for themselves. Moreover, when he was home, she was too tired, and when she was in the mood, he was busy at the hospital. He did manage himself, but he was a bit too selfish and egoistic to imagine that his wife needed anything more than he could give her.

So it was that fateful day that the good doctor Alexander was entangled in the arms and legs of his nurse at the clinic when his young son happened by. Of course, as luck would have it, nurse Susan, being rather aroused herself and impatient for him, had forgotten to lock the door that day. And Donald, being used to coming and going frequently, was not surprised to find it open, and walked right into the waiting room. The receptionist, the elderly Mrs. Robbinson was not at her desk, so he just walked on towards the office door. And stopped dead in his tracks.

For coming out of the ajar door were the unmistakable sounds of people deep in the throes of passion, or in simpler terms, fucking their brains out! Don crept more quietly to the door and peeped in. There, on the large and imposing desk in his father’s office, was nurse Susan in a stage of semi-nuditiy, with half her clothes lying on the floor, and his father, completely kartal eve gelen escort naked, was kneeling over her, between her legs, fucking her. She was moaning out loudly, her legs encased in their stockings gripping his waist as he pumped in and out of her. Donald watched his father screwing his nurse, and looked at his huge cock working in and out of her. Well, now he knew where he had inherited his cock and his horniness from! And as he watched, the two them began to jerk wildly, groaning and crying out each to each other, obviously deep into their orgasms. Donald looked on for a few more moments, then quietly walked out before he was discovered.

On the way back home, Donald was certainly excited. Things were changing very rapidly. First his sister, now this. He was totally lost in his thoughts and his mind was spinning like mad! Some coincidence! His experience of sex he had with his girlfriends, amounted to a few blowjobs, and just three times of going “all the way”. However, he did not at the moment have a steady girlfriend, so he had his hand to keep him company. And in any case, he would be leaving after a few months.

Reaching home, Donald kept wondering what was wrong, and why his father was playing around. He could see clearly that his mother was still very sexy, and when she really dressed up to go out, men would turn their heads to follow. But then, why? Taking his clothes off in his room, he stared idly at the wall with his peep-hole. And just out of curiosity, decided to take another peep. Expecting to see the empty room with his mother’s art stuff and nothing more, he put his eye against the opening, and got the third shock in the past week.

In the middle of the room, lying on the carpet was his mom. With her slacks pushed down around her ankles and her legs spread apart, and her loose shirt pulled up to expose her breasts, Caroline lay moaning with a large dildo stuffed inside her! Her eyes were closed with a look of intense pleasure on her pretty face, and her hands were busy as she brought herself to orgasm. It was obvious she was enjoying herself. Once again Donald found his penis erect and staring at his mother, he couldn’t resist pulling it out and stroking it slowly. Mother and son continued to masturbate, she unaware of him, he staring at her. When she began to jerk uncontrollably, her breasts wobbling on her chest and her face contorted, he could stay back no longer and felt his own sperm boiling over his hand.

Man, it was amazing at what was going on in this house. His father having an affair with his nurse, his mother apparently not getting any from him so she had to masturbate when she was alone, and his sister seemed to be so horny, that she even gave a blow job to a friend on the day of her own marriage! Boy, was this family crazy or what! Thinking about it, Donald began to analyze the situation and make plans. After all, now he had his father and his sister in his grip! Then his eyes fell on the computer and the camera next to it, and he decided he might as well try some with mommy as well.

Plans S and M

Donald was walking back from the library when he saw Tanya and her husband Mike drive into their home. He ran up to greet the two, and hugged Mike first, welcoming him back. When he got around to the other side of the car, he gave Tanya a shy hug, around her shoulders, and quickly rushed into the house, calling for his Mom. He had developed a slight bulge in his pants, when he saw her looking so radiant and in a tight dress that showed all her curves, that he was afraid that the moment he hugged her, he would get bigger, and she would find out. His mom was not in the kitchen or living room, and he was halfway up the stairs shouting for her when she rushed out of her new studio. A look at her face, all flushed up and bright eyed, and Don realized what she had been up to! Well, there was a big reunion between the two women, and they all sat down to talk about the honeymoon and stuff.

That evening when his Dad came home, the whole family sat down to eat and talk. Donald couldn’t help looking at his whole family in a new light that day. He kept looking at his father and imaging the bulge in his pants. His sister, with her wet and shining lips, her cleavage just visible over the low cut collar of her dress, and the glimpses of thigh from the short skirt. His mother, still wearing her loose home clothes, but now he knew what lay below them! Mike was a rather quiet guy and mostly grinned around and talked less.

Donald waited a couple of days to let Tanya get settled in her new home before he made his move. She was going to live a few miles away, but not too far for him to easily reach on his bike. He did some careful editing of the photos of her giving a blow job, and cut out all the boundaries from around her face. Now it was not very obvious as to where she was when this picture was taken. He printed out a couple of them and carefully put them in an envelope. Then he rode over to Tanya’s new home, knowing she would be there all alone at that time. Just before he rang on the doorbell, he slipped the large envelope under the door. And when Tanya came to open it, she found it right there on the mat. She held it in her hand as she welcomed him in.

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