Penny’s Freaky Friends Ch. 3

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Penny’s freaky friends were my freaky friends too. I had now been with them, collectively, and in smaller groups several times, and the fun never stopped.

We didn’t mind the title. It was as good a description as any, and it did fit our uninhibited attitudes, lol. There was only one rule, no rules. Well that wasn’t entirely true, there was also one very important unwritten rule – NO PAIN. Yes, stimulation was permitted, and sometimes that stimulation got a tad extreme (but don’t they say there is only a fine line between pleasure and pain, lol).

More important, to me, I was fully accepted by all members without hesitation. And I was getting to know everyone on a more personal basis. I had started dining, and visiting, with some of them, on a casual, but regular basis, and had even invited several to my place for different occasions.

I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to ‘introduce’ you to my new friends. In the following weeks I will tell you more tales about these kinky folks, but for now I want you to get to know them a little better.

[To tell you the truth, I have no favorites, and I dearly like them all. Each couple (and yes, they were all couples in the ‘real’ world too) are different, but also fun to be with. ]

Susan, for all of her bluff, loved to read, and we had been sharing books back and forth now for weeks. Her interests were as eclectic as my own, and we discussed many different subjects, ranging from history, to politics, to travel. Susan was around 5’4″, a BBW, with great tits, and a big ass. Her dark, straight hair was just off her shoulders, and her smile was so contagious. Susan must have owned a dozen closets, because I never saw her wear the same thing twice (when I saw her dressed, lol), and nothing looked cheap, or ill-fitting. She may have been large, but she wore ‘it’ well.

Julie, on the other hand, was the opposite of Susan. At nearly 5’10”, and not a pound of excess weight, she carried herself with confidence. Her tits were average, but cute, and her face was pretty, without being beautiful. She always dressed casually, but looked cute. Julie loved movies, and the two of us would drive Susan mad with our reminiscences, and critiques, lol. At least once a month, Susan, Julie and I would snuggle up in Susan’s huge King bed, and watch the latest DVD releases, sharing popcorn, drinks and laughs. Susan tolerated the movies we picked, and never demonstrated her ‘dominant’ other half during these relaxation times. Susan knew that when I came over with a couple of DVD’s for Julie to watch, I always brought a book or two, for her too.

We regularly had sex, great sex in fact, at the end of each night together, but never with the intensity, or dominance, shown in the group. Of all of my new friends, these two ladies were the ones I had the most frequent, unbridled sex with. In my first assessment of these two, I had been wrong about one thing. They weren’t true lesbians (not that I would have minded if they were, I loved them for who they were, and have several other great lesbian friends), rather they were bisexual, and both loved cock, as much, if not more, than cunt.

Susan was 49, worked as an office manager for a large legal firm, and Julie, 32, worked as a personal assistant in a large bank. Susan had initially met Penny about 10 years ago, through a mutual friend, and Julie’s brother had dated Penny’s sister (several long years ago). Susan and Julie finally met at one of the early parties Penny arranged, over five years ago (how fucking long had these parties been running?), and “clicked” immediately.

They didn’t live with each other, but did try to ‘sleep over’ often (usually at Susan’s apartment, because her bed was nice and roomy, lol). Neither was attached, and didn’t want to be either. Each was happy in the company of the other, and they got all the cock they needed courtesy of Penny’s parties. Together, they got their other sexual needs satisfied. They reckoned they had a great life, and I couldn’t argue with them on that. lol.

Susan was quick to acknowledge that she did like to play the dominant role (although it took her years to admit it to herself, she said), and Julie was equally comfortable being the submissive one. Neither knew why, but both conceded that the parties brought out something in them, that was usually dormant. The one thing they both accepted openly, was that the parties gave them a chance to be ‘themselves’ brazzers without fear or ridicule. Yes, Julie loved tit action (not too severe, but extreme was good), and Susan did like to give it, but they always ended each session with a good old 69 session to each other (their favorite).

Both ladies confessed to being exhibitionists, and said that part of the fun of the parties, was the ability to lie around like total whores, knowing everyone was looking at their cunts.

Bob at 34, and Marie at 37, were music aficionado’s, each demonstrating a vast, and diverse, knowledge of many different music styles. I marveled at their album and CD collection (my own CD collection was not inconsiderate, but at 1,250 discs, I had only a quarter of what they had), and we spent many evenings just listening to various ”blasts from our pasts”. It was a pleasure to find similar minded folks, and many nights were lost in a dazed haze of great music, and liquor.

Bob was my height, 5’8″ and had a slight ‘tummy’. His wavy brown hair was short, but always unruly. The small moustache he wore looked good on his roundish face, and helped make him look closer to his true age (because I am sure that without the mo’ he would have looked like a teenager, lol). He always looked calm, and it seemed nothing ever upset him.

Bob worked as an electrician for a large Supply company, and Marie was a freelance systems analyst. They had been married for 11 years, and although sex was never a problem in their marriage, they both admitted that since attending Penny’s parties, life (and sex) had gotten a whole lot better. Marie had briefly worked with Penny (on a six month assignment), and whispered conversations eventually led to an invite for both to attend a party, or two.

From early in their relationship, Bob willingly accepted Marie’s needs, and was always enthusiastic to please her sexually. She had never balked away from his thick (two and half inches) 8 inch cock (he was genuinely frightened she might, he said), and she took all 8 inches of him easily, vaginally or orally. It was only last year, during one of Penny’s parties that he discovered he could actually fit his whole fist up her cunt, and that she actually enjoyed it. She admitted that she was a bit worried initially, but had read a few stories featuring fisting, and wanted to try it, and now loved it. “The amazing thing,” she told me, “was how my cunt never stayed stretched. It always shrunk back to normal. I can’t think of anything more intense!”

Bob also confessed he had had latent bisexual feelings for several years, and while never doing any experimenting was eager to visit his ‘dark side’. Penny had given him that chance, and Marie had promoted him to pursue his urges. But Bob did say that he still wasn’t sure about swallowing male seed. “Sometimes it tastes great, and at other times, it is really tangy. I still don’t understand that, and sometimes won’t swallow because of that.”

Bob loved Marie’s body (and so did I, lol). Marie had an olive complexion, with dark, curly hair, that hung below her shoulders. Her eyes were her outstanding feature, a sparkling green (and hiding the secrets to the universe, I always thought, as I gazed into them.) She was about 4 inches shorter than Bob, and she was probably about 20 pounds overweight, but had great tits (40D) with dark, large nipples, and a hairy snatch. (She had declared that she had shaved for years, and it just grew back thicker each time. She now liked it hairy, she said.)

I had been sexual with these two several times, and once with Bob alone, but I valued their friendship for the escape they offered, and was cautious not to overextend my demands.

Ronnie and Flo were the oldest in the regular group. Ronnie was 69, and Flo 68. They had known Penny ever since she had moved in next door to them, over 15 years ago. Ronnie admitted that in those early days, just after Penny moved next door, he frequently masturbating at the thought of fucking Penny, and Flo, recognizing he wasn’t about to stop his fantasies, started encouraging his sexual imaginings eagerly. It seems that each time he jerked off thinking about Penny, he blew a bigger load, right into Flo’s open and fervent mouth, lol. They had first seduced Penny when she was all of 23 years young, lol. They had thought that when Penny moved two years ago, they would lose contact, but a quick phone call secured their place at the parties.

Flo cuckold porno resembled everyone’s mom, round and short, with huge tits, a kindly smile and all-knowing eyes. Ronnie looked like Fred McMurray, right down to the same type of laugh.

From the first days they were married, neither wanted kids, and Flo had had her tubes tied. Now sex was a constant play activity (without the worries of procreation, in their younger days), and still practiced daily. Over the years they had experimented often, and loved any kind of sex. Her personal favorite activity was rimming nice asses, preparing the way for Ronnie’s cock. “Ronnie always gave me a rock hard fuck after he fucked a cute ass, so I made damn sure the old cunt got his fun first, lol.” she said. They had never tired of sex, or each other, and both were committed bisexuals, although Flo now accepted that not many men (or women) wanted to eat her wrinkled cunt and saggy tits anymore. Not that that stopped her from trying, lol, she said.

Ronnie on the other hand, couldn’t get enough, of her, or anyone else, lol. His cock was only 6 inches, and thin, but “it was always in good working order,” he laughed. Flo, for her part, now spent most of her time procuring ‘play pals’ for him. “The younger, the better, the old cunt always tells me he likes them young, and tight, lol” she laughed.

At their ages, they admitted, mutual masturbation was now a major source of sexual release. Not that fucking or sucking didn’t work either, but age was catching up on them. It was sometimes easier (on their backs) to sit opposite each other, legs wide open and then only need to let their fingers compete against each other, they said.

I didn’t have a lot of common interests with these two, but Flo made a great veal casserole, and I made sure to get an invite at least once a fortnight. Food was as good a common link as any.

Did I have any sex with them while dining? Let’s put it this way, clothes were always optional, and I for one, never did complain about her wrinkles, lol. I had always fantasized about fucking older women, and his mouth action was as good an appetizer as any I ever had, lol.

Jack, 45 (and the closest to me in age), and Tony, 43, had been live-in lovers for 14 years. They had met while both worked for one of the big local carmakers, and while Tony was now selling real estate, leaving only Jack at GM, they still talked about those early days often. They had been committed homosexuals before meeting, and had both been out of the ‘closet’ many years.

Tony was probably 6’3″, and about an inch taller than Jack. Neither was overweight, as both worked out regularly in their own home gym. Both were deeply suntanned, and light haired, Tony’s being slightly receding, while Jack still sported a full head of curly locks. Tony always looked so serious, and never seemed to laugh, while Jack couldn’t help being happy, anytime.

Penny’s parties (Tony had sold her the new, secluded, house two years ago, hence their participation), were a novelty to them, they admitted, but they loved going. They told me they didn’t really need additional sexual activities, never saying no to each other, every night, but it was fun to partake occasionally. Tony did tell me discreetly that he had always wanted a double blow job, and that I had fulfilled one of his fantasies, lol.

I enjoyed their company, and we would meet for drinks at a local tavern they recommended. They were humorous and quick witted, but quiet. Neither was jealous of the other, and I did get my chance to have a full threesome with them once.

Dear Laura. She off the cute smile, and experience beyond her years. Petite, very pretty, with small budded tits, [I admit it, I had a soft spot for her (can you tell?). I was too old though, at 46, to seriously consider her, or be considered by her, but I could dream (couldn’t I?)]. She was around 95 pounds, 5’2″ and had long, straight hair that fell to the small of her back. Her eyes were bright, her smile awesome, and she was cute. Fuck, she was cute. Her small breasts were a delight, 34B with puffy nipples, and a seriously hairy cunt. (Yes, I love hairy cunts. Lol!)

Laura and Mark had been dating for a few months, and were comfortable with each other, and with the parties. Both were still young (Laura was only 19, and Mark 21), but eager. Laura knew Penny from a part-time class she had recently taken at czech porno the local college, and that was their ticket in.

Laura did confide to me that she loved sex, loved fucking, and wanted her cunt stuffed 25 hours a day. Mark loved sex too, but was merely mortal, hence the (reluctant, but inevitable) acceptance of Penny’s initial invitation.

How could one so young as Laura crave so much sex, I often wondered, and finally asked her. “I guess I am a nympho,” she laughed. “I mean, I love sex, and want it all the time, so I must be, mustn’t I?”

Whether she was a nympho or not, wasn’t within my capacity to know. What I did know was she gave great head, had a tight, cunt, which she knew how to use well, and loved to play with herself, licking her own juices (and anyone else’s, lol). Mark, was equally insatiable, but limited by experience.

Mark resembled every copycat kid I had ever seen. 5’11”, absolutely no spare fat, bulging biceps, and a flat, dead face. His clothes were the product of Hollywood’s latest fad, his swagger equally phony, and his hair was a walking poster for bad hair days, but he was a good kid, and he tried so hard to be accepted by us all.

Out of every couple at the parties, this was the one couple I stayed away from socially. I had nothing in common with them (except to lust after Laura), and I always had difficulty finding topics to discuss with them. But don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed them, and looked forward to seeing them. I just stayed away from their lifestyle.

I admit it, I wanted to devour Laura, and even Mark. The taste of her cunt on his cock, as I sucked him; the kisses they both gave me; the tit action they shared with me; her fingers in my ass; her mouth licking those fingers; her hand actions. Fuck, I did think of them often. And I’ll tell you a secret. Laura was petite all over. Her fingers, and hands, were small, very small. If anyone was ever going to fist my ass, I hoped it would be Laura, and if she ever offered, I’d let her.

And Jon and Stephanie; I had just met them, but what a meeting. Sibling sex was a new thing to me, and, apparently to them too, but if Stephanie was being honest, maybe it was something they would continue with!

Jon was 43, 6’1″, with light brown hair, and a goatee and moustache. A snazzy man, a snazzy lover. I wanted to know him further, and his shaved, 7 inch cock too. He had me totally captivated. So did Stephanie. 41, 5’10” slightly overweight, with big, round tits, and a shaved cunt. Her protruding inner cunt lips looked edible, and I was determined to find out. And what a show they put on. Both admitted to being bisexual, I hoped so, I was gonna find out for sure.

I hadn’t had an opportunity to socialize with them yet, but give me time. They had moved into an apartment together, after their respective divorces, and were still busy setting up house. I had talked to Jon on the phone, and he told me his sister was hot, even hotter than that night, and he had had no regrets. They were ‘happy’ with each other. All because of Penny.

Which brings me to the lady in question: Penny.

What a remarkable lady! 255 pounds, of raw sex, and an equally large heart.

Her desire in life is to let people explore their needs. Yes, she told me, she has fun too, but she loves seeing her friends happy. If, by organizing these little parties, she gives them a safe place to explore, then she is happy, she said. She moved into her new, secluded home, especially to host these parties, she added.

She is about 5’6″, a large BBW, with 52DD tits, and an equally big smile. Long red hair, cascading off her shoulders, and pretty features. Her sexual desires are also bisexual, and she loves to suck cock. Over the years she has had quite a few different sex partners, but no serious lovers, by choice.

“I want too much fun to settle with one guy,” she admits easily. “Men think they own you, then they start making their own rules. I won’t let that happen to me.” She proudly says.

And then there’s me! I’m just a lonely guy; who sits here now and writes these words for you.

I met Penny casually at work, and have never regretted it. The several months it took to gain her confidence were a pleasure, and a challenge; she kept me excited, while never giving away any secrets. That first night, after I was ‘initiated’, when we went off together afterwards, was one of the most intense sexual evenings I have ever experienced. I am not trying to be vague, or ambiguous, by not discussing all that occurred that night between Penny and I, rather, I am simply being a gentleman. Let me just say that I know I won’t ever forget that night, and I hope Penny doesn’t either.

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