Peter and the Wolf’s

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Pete was an average person, not to big or small, in his late 50’s, a bit old for his job, as a maintenance person in an upscale apartment complex, even thought he didn’t look it, but he did his job well and everyone seemed to like him. Pete was obsessed with sex and had a rather large collection of porn both in his DVD player and on his computer. Pete especially liked bi-sexual porn and had several videos of guy, guy, girl and girl, girl, guy films in his library.

Pete loved women, but was not opposed to sucking a stiff one every once in a while especially since he was not that attractive and had a hard time picking up women. He was also a bit shy when it came to women so when he got horny, sucking a hard cock was not out of the question.

He struck up a good relation with the Wolf’s, who appeared to be the same age as him, and they seemed to get along well. Jason was a very hansom man and his wife Sharon was just his type, short, smallish tits and a very tight ass. Pete always fantasized about them but would never make an approach as it was company policy to not date the tenants and besides he was just shy about it.

Jason and Sharon often engaged him in conversation usually about where they lived. Seemed they were both from Tennessee. Pete was somewhat of a history buff and had learned a lot about the area. He often told them about places he had visited in the state and some history of what had happened in the past. The Wolf’s seemed to really like him and often when they needed work on their apartment asked for Pete specifically. Pete loved going there as he dreamed of going in there and finding one of them naked and ready to fuck.

Sandy came to visit, Jason’s and Sharon’s daughter of 26, and the family seemed very close and often went to the hot tub together. It was on one of those days that they were on their way to the hot tub that they ran into Pete.

“Pete, come here. I want you to meet my daughter,” Sharon was very bubbly as she spoke.

“Hi” Pete said.

“Sandy, Pete; Pete, Sandy” Jason introduced.

“Nice to meet you,” said Sandy.

Pete melted. Her voice was like angels singing and he thought her body was just as stunning as her mom’s. What he wouldn’t give to see this beauty naked on his cock. They chatted for a few minutes and the subject of karaoke came up and Sharon said, “Sandy loves to do karaoke”

“Oh really? Maybe we could go out some night and stun the crowds with our talents,” Pete jested.

“I would like that very much,” Sandy said to the stunned Pete.

He never in a million years would have guessed that this situation would arise and kind of looked stupid for a second.

Sandy saw his embarrassed look and said, “Besides I don’t know anyone around here and you could show me around, OK?”

“Well uh yeah, I guess so,” Peter stammered out.

“Great! What is the best night to go out?” Sandy asked.

“Well I guess Friday, several places close by have a show and if we don’t like one we can choose another.”

“OK then, Friday night, it’s a date.”

Pete looked at Sharon and Jason and they were both smiling and seemed to take this all in stride. Pete still looking dumb founded walked off waving his hand and went back to work. His head was reeling. Did this really happen? Was he going out Friday with this nubile young maiden that was so lovely and half his age? Oh shit, Friday? That’s what he said and that was tomorrow. Well best be getting ready then.

Pete woke up on Friday morning and was still in disbelief of this day but got ready for work and went to the shop to check in. The morning went pretty much as usual and nothing was out of the ordinary until he was clocking out for lunch. He saw Sandy on his way home and she waved him over.

“We never set a time for tonight.”

Still dazed, but now sure of the “date” planned for them he said, “The shows usually start around 8 or 9, so how bout I pick you up at 7:30 and we go from there.”

“Ok, I’ll be ready.”

The rest of the day seemed to drag on and five o’clock always seemed to be another hour away as Pete was looking forward to the evening. Finally he was off the clock and headed for his apartment to change and get ready for this beauty.

Pete knocked on the Wolf’s door and it was immediately opened by Sandy.

“You ready?” she asked. “Let’s go,” replied Pete, and off they went.

Pete drove over to his usual hangout and the karaoke show was just starting. They walked in and a few of the regulars that knew him stared at the young beauty on his arm. Pete just smiled and ushered her over to a table not to far from the stage. Ricky, the host of the show, saw Pete and nodded at him. Pete and Sandy were looking over the book and they each picked a song and turned it into Ricky. They patiently waited for their turns and exchanged polite talk over escort kartal drinks. Pete was first to get up and did his song and sat down to mild applause.

“Wow, you are very good,” Sandy said as she stood up to take her turn at fame.

She had chosen “Black Velvet” one of Pete’s favorite songs and he was amazed at how well she had sung it. When she sat back down he commented on how well she did and the crowd was also appreciative, as she had received a very loud applause. They had a couple more drinks and Sandy said let’s go to another bar.

Pete and Sandy bar hopped going from one karaoke show to another until it was rather late and Pete decided he had enough beer and wanted to go home. Sandy agreed and they got in his car and headed for the apartments.

“You really are very good and I would love to hear you sing some more,” Pete said.

“Your no slouch yourself,” Sandy replied.

“Ah shucks, I used to do this on stage for a long time to make some extra money so I feel like I’m cheating.”

“Well a hansom man doing what he likes to do and also very good at fixing things, hmmm, I could get used to that,”

“You know, if you were younger and I was a bit more brave, I’d kiss you right on the lips.”

“What? Your not brave enough now?”

Pete was stunned again. Was that a dare? Oh hell, he had just enough booze and the situation was right so he leaned forward and kissed Sandy on the lips.

Now Pete was as I said not the most hansom man nor was he her age, but one thing he was good at was kissing. So many women had told him that he was a very good kisser so he did not let this opportunity pass. He pursed his lips and met hers as soft as a butterfly on a rose petal and pressed every so slowly so as to enrich the moment. He did not want this to ever stop and as they kissed he pulled her closer so he could feel the heat of her body. He pulled her tight and felt the curves of her body caress him as they continued to kiss. He let his tongue slide gently out of his mouth to caress her lips and part them gently as he probed her mouth, searching for her soul.

She felt his tongue probe her and she responded in kind letting her tongue glide over his and searching for an entrance to his mouth. She felt wonderful. She had never been kissed by a man this way and wanted it to last forever. She gladly gave her body to this wonderful mouth that was attached to her and wanted to feel that tongue deep insider her.

“Oh, my gosh,” Sandy said as she pulled away.

Confused, Pete stood there as Sandy grabbed his hand and said, “Come with me.”

Sandy led Pete in the door to her apartment and up the stairs and into her mom’s bedroom. Sharon was sitting there at her computer with a robe around her and looked a bit shocked as her daughter and Pete entered the room.

“Mom, you got to try this, you will be so shocked.”

Both Pete and Sharon looked at each other wondering what the hell Sandy was talking about.

“Kiss him mom, this is incredible.”

Sharon got a look in her eye that Pete was unsure of, but he knew that Sharon was coming over to kiss him. As she got up from her chair, Pete thought he glimpsed her pussy, but the shadow from the light on the computer made him unsure of that. Sharon crossed the distance in no time and was standing in front of Pete before he knew what was happening. She raised her face to him and placed her lips on his.

Pete was in seventh heaven. Here was this vixen he had masturbated to on several occasions standing a bit on her toes to kiss him and he felt her lips on his. Again he pursed his lips to get the full embrace of this woman and kissed her with all his expertise. He felt Sharon pull him closer as he slid his arms around her to hold her closer.

Sharon broke the kiss and looked at her daughter and said, “I have to experience this closer.”

Sharon went to the bed and sat down opening her robe to reveal her body. Pete’s head was reeling. What in the hell was going on?

“Come here and eat my pussy.”

Dumb founded and confused, Pete stood there looking at Sharon. Her body exposed to him and it was everything he had imagined. A beautiful face sat on a short neck that led down to smallish tits and tiny nipples. Below that was a flat stomach that Sharon kept toned at the exercise center and lower still was the object that he often fantasized about. Her pussy was neatly trimmed with just a small landing strip above her puffy lips that were wet from anticipation.

“Well, go on,” prodded Sandy.

Pete looked over at Sandy and saw that she was encouraging him to go suck her mother’s pussy. It took no more urging as Pete sank to his knees and placed his mouth on Sharon’s pussy. Ah the sweet intoxication of his desire was here and he decided to take his time and enjoy every second. Slowly and carefully uğur mumcu escort he let his lips and tongue explore every inch of this wanton woman and he so enjoyed the journey. Savoring every sense and scent he wandered his tongue exploring every crease and crevice this woman had to offer.

Sharon quickly had an orgasm that was everything she had imagined it was, but Pete showed no sign of letting up. He continued to suck and swallow her juices until Sharon finally grabbed his hair and pushed his head away.

“Ok, ok, geez, I just can’t take anymore.”

Sandy plopped on the bed and said, “My turn.”

Pete looked up from his position between Sharon’s legs and saw Sandy sitting next to her mom, naked as a newborn baby with her legs spread and a beautifully shaved pussy. Pete couldn’t believe his luck. He moved between Sandy’s legs and started to eat her as he had done to her mother.

“Oh fuck mom, he is good huh?”

“Enjoy hon, I know I did.”

Pete was in ecstasy as he slid his tongue over this tasty pussy. He used his lips to nuzzle and pull her clit to full extension and then he sucked on it as if to pull her entire body into his mouth. Sandy was wiggling and squirming under the expert tonguing she was receiving and then her mother took one of her tits and started to suck on it. Sandy felt a new orgasm come on that was more than she had ever felt before. She squealed with delight as she squirted into Pete’s mouth for the first time she had ever done that.

Jason was standing in the doorway, stroking his 7″ cock and enjoying the view. He knew from the look on his daughters face that she was having one of her biggest orgasms ever. He has seen a similar look on her face so many times before that he knew she was really digging this. He let her come down from her orgasm and then decided to announce his presence.

“You really looked like you enjoyed that one honey.”

“Daddy! Oh let me tell you that was wonderful. Pete has the best tongue, I must have cum three times and then mom helped me get off so hard.”

“I wish you could experience that hon,” Sharon said.

At the first sound of Jason’s voice Pete moved back away from the bed and looked in his direction. He stood there in the door blocking any chance of escape, but what Pete noticed was his magnificent cock. It must have been about 7 or 8 inches he estimated, smooth and very erect. Pete heard them talking but could not remove his eyes from that stiff rod poking out from this intruders body.

Jason was not really into men, but on occasion, when Sharon was out of town, he would wander over to the glory holes and get his cock sucked expertly. He knew that men liked to suck and swallow more than women but as far as having some guy come over to suck him off, that was not his style.

“Damn, I feel jealous. You two got sucked off and I didn’t.”

“Well maybe you’ll get your chance,” Sharon nodded toward Pete who was still mesmerized by Jason’s cock.

Jason looked at Pete and saw that his mouth was agape and he was staring at his cock. He walked over to Pete and put his cock at his lips and Pete took the whole thing in his mouth. Pete had heard them talking but didn’t understand a word of the conversation. All he noticed was that this magnificent cock was approaching and he wanted it in his mouth. As it reached his lips he engulfed it oblivious of everything around him.

“Wow! He sucks cock too,” Sandy said.

Sharon and Sandy got on either side of him and started to take off his clothes. Pete was aware that his clothes were being removed and then remembered that there were other people in the room. Now, he has had observers before when he sucked some cock, but this was exciting to him. Two women were watching him swallow their father’s and husband’s flesh sword and enjoying every minute of it. He started to suck harder which made Jason moan. He could tell from the way his cock was jerking and swelling that he was about to get a mouthful of cum. Pete felt a hand on his own cock and was not sure who it was but it just spurred him on. Pete reached up and grabbed Jason’s balls just as he exploded in his mouth. The first spurt filled his mouth and Pete swallowed all of it savoring the man juice he craved so much. Several more spurts followed and Pete was trying to swallow all of them.

Sharon was kneeling next to Pete and rubbing his cock watching him swallow spurt after spurt of her husbands cum and getting wet from the scene unfolding before her eyes. She had never seen a man suck cock before and even though she considered herself a pro at it, she knew from what she was watching that she was barely an amateur.

Sandy leaned forward and kissed Pete on the cheek and let her tongue slide over her dad’s cock while she tried to stick it in Pete mouth so she could get some çavuşoğlu escort of that cum too. Pete released his hold on that dick so he could look at Sandy who looked at him with wanton eyes and he kissed her on the lips sharing the last of the cum he had sucked from her dad.

“Man that was great. I have had a few blow jobs before, but honestly Pete, you’re the best.”

Sharon grabbed Pete’s hand and led him to the bed where she laid him down and continued to stroke his cock. Sandy leaned over and took her mother’s hand away and engulfed Pete’s cock into her mouth. Sharon got on top and straddled Pete’s mouth and shoved her pussy onto his face. She immediately felt that wonderful tongue do it’s magic as Pete explored her pussy extensively. Jason leaned over his daughter and kissed her ass, which was sticking up in the air and let his tongue wander over the crease leading to her puckered hole. Sandy opened her thighs and felt her dad’s tongue drift over her ass hole and then probe deep into her pussy. He was good, but she still thought Pete was better.

Pete was getting close to cumming and tried to say something but Sharon was pressing on his mouth so much that all he managed to get out was a grunt. Sharon felt the sensation of this and she let a flood of juices run into Pete’s mouth as her orgasm hit and then Pete erupted into Sandy’s mouth. He honestly thought he was going to hurt her as he shot wave after wave of cum into her mouth.

Sharon collapsed on the bed and rolled over and kissed Sandy who still had some of Pete’s cum in her mouth. They shared the flavor and kissed passionately for several minutes. Jason continued to lick his daughter’s pussy softly and everyone came down from the high they were on.

Pete couldn’t believe what had just happened. He sucked two pussies that he had only dreamed about and sucked a cock in front of those women who were now passionately kissing.

“You looked shocked Pete,” Jason said.

“Yeah, I guess so, not sure what just happened, but I loved every minute of it.”

“We had thought about you a lot and maybe having you join us, but we were unsure how you would take it, but when Sandy came to visit we thought that was the perfect opening. We had no idea how good you were at kissing and now we’re glad we got you in bed,” Sharon chimed in.

“Really?” asked Pete.

“Yeah, Sharon loves to get fucked by two men and she really took to you,” said Jason.

“Mom loves to have a nice stiff cock in her ass,” Sandy offered whimsically, and smiled slyly at her mom who just blushed a bit.

“What do you think Pete? Would you eat my ass as good as you ate my pussy?”

Pete needed no more encouragement and leaned over to tongue that ass he craved for the past year. Sharon moaned her appreciation and spread her cheeks for him to get closer. His tongue really was magnificent Sharon thought and she must have more. He pushed at her puckered hole and felt it slide into her ass and Sharon squealed with delight. She rose up off the bed and shoved her ass deeper at this soft intrusion. Pete ran his hand up into her pussy and shoved two fingers deep into her. He could feel his fingers millimeters away from his tongue as Sharon’s juices flowed down his wrist.

“Now, stick it in me.”

Pete jumped up and shoved his cock toward her ass hole and it slid in easily. Jason slid under his wife and pushed his cock deep in her pussy and Sharon moaned loudly. Pete could feel the stiff cock rub against his with only a thin membrane separating them. What a feeling, he had never experienced this before but he loved it. Sandy leaned over Pete and stuck her tongue deep into Pete’s ass and this spurred him on to fuck harder. Sandy got it real slick and stuck a finger in him. Pete thought he was going to loose it but managed to control himself. He had his ass rimmed before, but he never let any one stick anything up there, only this was heaven. He was enjoying the feeling of Sharon’s tight ass squeezing his dick, the cock that was rubbing against his and the hand that was finger fucking his ass and then it hit like a ton of bricks. He shot a huge load into Sharon’s ass and she screamed into the pillow that was next to her.

Her orgasm was very intense and when she came, her pussy started to squeeze Jason’s cock and he started to cum. Pete could feel the spasms against his own cock and it felt wonderful. When it ended, Pete rolled off of the pile and Sharon rolled off her husband, lying on her side. Sandy got between her legs and started to eat her ass licking up the cum that dribbled out. Pete joined Sandy but in the front eating Sharon’s pussy licking up the combined juices of Jason and Sharon. Sandy and Pete met in the middle and kissed deeply.

Sandy left a few days later and everyone was there to see her off, Pete was very happy about how things turned out and he continued his visits with the Wolf’s, waiting for the day that Sandy would return. He really did like his job and now that he was more familiar with the Wolf’s, it seems that they had more work requests than usual and of course they always asked for Pete.

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