Pick A Role , Pump Your…

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AUTHOR’S NOTE:- First of all, the following scenario(s) is/are not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. Potential readers are hereby advised that there are also several scenes portraying incest that some may be uncomfortable with. However, I have separated the story into several parts so that those particular scenes may be skipped over by those who wish to do so. I have also deliberately omitted the detailed trimmings normally associated with stories and have only included the dialogue of the respective characters. They should become obvious once you start to read. So there you have it, and without further ado, I invite you to read ahead and hopefully enjoy yourselves by PICKING A ROLE and PUMPING YOUR… Wellllll… you know…


Hey you. Is everything alright down here? It gets pretty cold in the basement. You might need this blanket. I know it’s late, but I’m bored and I can’t sleep. Feel like watching a movie with me before I go to bed?


OH GOD!!! You’re… You’re… You’re naked. Oh God. You’re masturbating. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. I shouldn’t have barged in here like this. WHAT THE HELL?!? What is that in your hand? Are those my panties? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH MY PANTIES??? HOLY SHIT!!! Did I hear what I think I just heard? What the hell are you watching down here? Is that a pornographic movie? Christ!!! It is, isn’t it? SHIT!! It’s INCEST!!! An incestuous pornographic movie. That’s disgusting. You’re fucking sick. Is that what turns you on? Answer me. Answer me you dirty pervert. Is that what turns you on?

No… I… Ahh… Oh God. This is so embarrassing. You said you were going to take a shower and go to bed. It’s not what you think. I… I… I was…

I cannot believe this. You really are a pervert. You’re sick. How can you do such a depraved thing? That’s a brother with his sister. HIS SISTER!!! You wait until I tell my husband about this. Wait until I tell him that you were masturbating down here in the basement with my dirty underwear while watching pornographic incest.

Oh God no. Please forgive me. Please don’t tell. Please don’t tell him. Please don’t. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Please don’t tell him about this.

I can’t believe this. My husband’s friend doing such a filthy and deplorable act. Masturbating yourself with my dirty panties. My panties. My soiled underwear. Just you wait until I tell him about this when he gets back from his trip.

Oh God. Please don’t tell him. Please don’t. Please. I’m begging you.

Here I am thinking that you are a decent man, only to find out that you’re a dirty pervert. Asking you to come with me to pick him up at the airport at 2 in the morning. Offering you a place to sleep since the flight got cancelled and it’s after midnight. And now I find you in here smelling my dirty underwear and masturbating to pornographic incest about a brother with his sister. Siblings for Christ’s sake. Well let us see what excites my husband’s best friend. Let me see what is going on here. What the hell is wrong with you? Huh? Well we’re going to watch some of this depravity together. Let us watch this crap together and be quiet.

I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t tell your husband about this. Please don’t tell him. Please. He’ll kill me if you do. I’m so, so sorry.

Well sorry won’t do you any good. How can you do such a nasty thing like this? Huh? Shut up and sit there like a little schoolboy and be quiet. Let me see what’s going on between these two reprobates.



Do you want to feel my cock inside you now sis? Do you slut? Huh bitch? Want to feel your brother pumping your pussy right now? Tell me sis. Tell me. Tell your brother. Is that what you want me to do? Huh? Is it?

Oh fuck, yes. I want you to fuck me so bad. I want you to screw me. Fuck your sister. Fuck me stud. I want to get fucked while I’m wearing my crotchless underwear. Fuck me with that big fat cock of yours baby. I’m begging you. Please fuck me now. Fuck your slutty sister. Fuck me. Fuck your sister. Fuck my soaking wet pussy. Push your cock through the hole in my panties. Do it. I want to get it like that. Put your cock in my cunt while I’m wearing them and fuck your slutty sister like a whore.

Lie down sis. Lie on your back and spread those legs. Yes, that’s it bitch. Are you ready? Are you ready to get fucked sis? Fucked by your brother? Open up baby. Here it comes. I’m guiding my cock into you. I’m pushing my cock through the hole. Through the hole in your panties like you wanted me to. Do you feel it? Do you feel my boner going into your box? I’m going to fuck you in your underwear sis. While you’re wearing your crotchless underwear. Do you feel my hard cock sis? Do you, you slut? Do you feel your brother’s cock in your cunt? Do you like kartal escort it you whore? How does it feel getting fucked by me? Getting fucked by your brother? Your brother sis. Your brother. What does it feel like? What does it feel like committing incest with me you little slut? Incest with your brother?

Oh my God!!! This can’t be happening. This can’t be real. What is happening? What are we doing? What have I become?

A whore sis. A dirty, fucking, no good whore. A dirty incestuous whore. You’re not dreaming. You’re wide awake and your brother is fucking you. You’re committing incest with me. With your brother. Your own brother. We’re fucking each other and doing the ultimate taboo. Sex between siblings. We’re committing incest. Incest sis. Incest. We’re gonna burn in hell for this. We’re gonna burn in fucking hell.

Oh God. Please forgive us. Please forgive us. But it feels good. So good. Committing incest with you feels so good and I can’t believe we did it. We’re really having sex with each other. I’m having sex with my brother. My own fucking brother. Oh God. Push your cock deep in my pussy baby. That’s it. That’s it. Just like that. Now fuck me harder. Fuck me harder. Give me all of your big hard cock. Pound me. Pound me with that cock. Come on. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deeper. Let me feel your cum in me. Shoot it in my snatch. Fill my slushy swamp with your seed. Cum in me. Cum in me. Yes. Yes. Deeper. Deeper baby. Ram your rod in my hole. Ram it into your sister. Uh huh, Uh huh. Fuck me harder. Harder baby. Harder. Fuck me harder. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Don’t stop. Why are you stopping? What’s wrong? What’s wrong?

Where else sis? Where else do you want to feel my big, hard cock?

Anywhere, anywhere. I don’t care. I’m all yours. All yours. I don’t care. Just please don’t stop fucking me. Please don’t stop fucking me stud. Come on you teasing bastard. Keep fucking me. Quit teasing me baby. Quit teasing me. Make me your whore. Make me your whore.

Oh don’t worry about that sis. I’m going to fuck you and fuck you hard. Your brother is going to fuck you like you deserve to be fucked. I am. I’m going to fuck your butt. I’ve always wanted to try anal sex and you’re the victim. So get that ass ready sis. Get ready to be violated anally you dirty whore. Get ready to take it up your ass.

Oh God. Please. Please. You can’t do that. Please don’t do that to me. Please. I’m begging you. Don’t do it. I’ve never been fucked in my butt. Your cock is too big, it won’t fit. Please baby. Not in my ass. Not there. It’s too small. Fuck my pussy again. Please fuck my pussy again but not in my tiny asshole. Please don’t. Not my anus. I’m begging you. Not in there. It’s gonna hurt. I’m a virgin back there.

Shut up and kneel down sis. Kneel like a dog. Good. Stay right where you are. Don’t fucking move. Stay in that position. Now push your butt up a little more. Just relax sis. It won’t hurt if you relax. Okay?? Now get ready for it little girl. Here it comes. Get ready for your butt fuck. I’m spreading your cheeks apart. Feel me opening you up? Opening you up to feel my cock? I’m going to put it in. Relax sis. Do you feel it? Do you feel my cock going into your tiny little butt-hole?

AAAAAHHHHH!!!! Jesus Christ. It’s huge. It’s fucking huge. You’re dick is in me. Your dick is in my anus. I can’t believe this. I have my brother’s dick in my ass. I’m letting my brother have anal sex with me. My brother is fucking my asshole.

Look sis, I’m fucking your asshole. Fucking you where you wanted it didn’t you? Didn’t you sis? Didn’t you, you whore? Are you going to be my whore sis? Are you? Huh? Are you going to be my whore?

Yes baby yes. I’ll be your little whore. Your sister will be your dirty little whore. Your nasty whore. I’ll be your dirty, fucking whore from now on. Oh good God. Fuck my slutty ass. Slam your cock deep in my ass you fucking little cunt. You fucking cunt. Slam your cock in your sister’s slutty ass. Fuck your sister’s asshole. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.

So you want me to keep fucking you up your butt? Is that what you want slut? You want your brother to keep fucking you in that dirty little ass of yours huh? Answer me sis. Answer me. Do you want me to keep fucking you up your ass? Huh? Do you want that you slut? Do you like feeling my big dick in your anus? Your brother’s big cock pumping your ass? What did you say? I can’t hear you. Say it again. I didn’t hear you. Do you like getting fucked up the ass by me?

Oh God yes. I do. I do you sick fuck. I like feeling your dick pumping my ass. Fucking my tight little asshole. In fact. I fucking love it. Come on you bastard. Fuck me harder. Ram your long cock in my butt. Give it to your nasty sister. Give it to me. Fuck my ass. Fuck me harder you dirty son of a bitch. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Fuck my asshole. I love this. I love it bad. Your sister loves it. Look baby, look. You’re fucking me. You’re fucking your cumhuriyet mahallesi escort sister in her asshole. Your sister is letting you fuck her in her tight little ass. How does it feel? Does it turn you on? Huh? Does it bro? Does it turn you on? Fucking your own sister? Fucking her in the butt? Huh? Well I love it. Your sister loves it. I love feeling your big fat cock pumping me. Pumping me in my asshole. My brother is fucking me up the ass and I love it. Your sister loves it stud. Your sister loves getting fucked up the butt by you. Getting fucked by my brother.

You like doing this don’t you? You like feeling your brother’s cock in your tight little ass? You like doing these nasty things don’t you sis? Committing incest with me? Your brother? Having me fuck you up that tight little ass of yours? Don’t you? Do you know what they call this sis? What we’re doing? They call it sodomy. SODOMY!!! Anal sex is called sodomy sis. Your brother is sodomizing your ass. Fucking you up the butt and sodomizing you. I’m sodomizing my sister’s. Fucking her ass. I’m sodomizing you. We’re committing sodomy sis. Sodomy and incest. SODOMY AND FUCKING INCEST!!!

Oh God. We’re going to go to hell. We’re going to burn in hell for this. We’re committing sodomy and incest. But I don’t care anymore. I don’t. I don’t. Fuck me stud. Fuck me. I don’t fucking care. I love getting my anus buggered. Buggered by my brother. Having you bugger my ass and fucking me like a slut. Keep screwing me baby. Keep screwing me. Keep screwing your dirty little whore. Your sister loves getting fucked up the ass like a dirty whore. Yes, yes, yes. That’s it. Harder. That’s it. That’s it. I want more. Come on. Fuck me harder baby. Harder. Fuck me harder.

Alright bitch. Take it. Take my cock up your fucking ass. Take my cock. Take it up your slutty asshole. Take it bitch. Take it bitch. Take your brother’s cock in that slutty little ass of yours. Take it. Take it you slut. You fucking whore. Take my cock up your ass. Take it up your ass.

Do you want to cum baby? Want to cum in my butt? Want to cum in me? To cum in my crack? Come on babe. Go ahead. Do it. Cum in my crack. You know you want to. Go ahead. Cum in your sister’s ass. In my butt. Fire a load in there. Fire a load in my asshole. Shoot it deep in my ass. Blow your spunk in my butt. You’re going to cum aren’t you? You are, aren’t you? I know you are. I know it. You’re gonna shoot your load. Go ahead. Do it. Do it and make me cum baby. Make me cum too. Make me cum with you. Make your slut sister cum with you. Make me cum with you. Cum baby. Cum for me. Cum in my butt. Cum in there. Cum in my slutty ass. Cum for me. Cum in my ass. Shoot your cum in me stud. Shoot it in my ass. Shoot it in my ass while you sodomize your sister. While you sodomize your own sister. Your slut sister. Your dirty whore. Your dirty anal whore. Your dirty anal whore. Your slut. Your little slut. Your little cum slut. Your nasty little cum slut. Oh God. I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna fucking cum. Oh my God. Oh God. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. I’M CUMMING. I’M CUMMING. I’M FUCKING CUMMING. CUM BABY CUM. CUM WITH ME!!! CUM WITH ME!!! CUM WITH MEEEEEEEE!!!



Christ!! That was disgusting. And the little slut looked like she enjoyed it too. But that was incest. It’s taboo. It’s sinful. And as for you. You are a pervert. What is fucking wrong with you? Huh? Look at me when I am speaking to you. What is this doing on tv? We don’t have cable in here. How did this get on tv?

Oh God. I’m so sorry. I thought you were going to bed. I thought you were sleeping. And since I wasn’t tired, I thought I’d watch some tv. But you don’t have cable down here. So I found this tape and put it in the vcr. But I didn’t know this was going to be on it. The title on the tape said “Driving Miss Daisy”. When I pressed Play, it changed. The title changed. It changed to “Driving Sis Crazy” And… I… I started to watch it. Please don’t tell on me. I am so sorry. Your panties were in the clothes hamper. I found them in the clothes hamper by the machine. And, and then I smelled them. I smelled the crotch. I smelled the crotch and then started to masturbate with them. You said you were going to bed. I thought you were sleeping. I’m so, so sorry.

Well I’m not sleeping am I? I’m wide awake. Now come here and sit down in front of me. Let me see what else is on this tape. Press Fast Forward. Good. Wait. Stop. Stop it. Stop it right there. What’s going on now? What’s going between that girl and that older man? Let’s see what else is on this tape.



You like this don’t you baby? You like sucking daddy’s cock don’t you little girl?

Mmmmm. Ahhhhhhh. Uh huh. Uh huh. Yes daddy yes. I do. I love it so much. Mmmmm. I yunus escort love sucking your cock. Sucking my daddy’s big fat cock. I love it daddy. I do. I do.

Were you a bad girl tonight? Did daddy’s little angel act like a dirty she devil? Did anyone fuck you tonight baby? Did anyone fuck my dirty little slut tonight?

Yes daddy. Someone did. Somebody fucked me. Someone did. I was a bad girl. A very bad girl. I had sex tonight daddy and I was very bad. Very naughty dad. I was very naughty. A very naughty girl. Are you going to punish me daddy? Are you going to punish me like you did the last time? Are you daddy? Are you?

YOU FUCKING LITTLE SLUT!!! You know daddy doesn’t like that. And yes bitch. Yes daddy will. Daddy will have to punish his naughty little girl again. Now tell me what you did tonight. Tell me what you did you little slut. Did you give someone a blow job? Huh? Did you? Did you suck somebody’s cock?

Yes daddy I did. I did. I gave someone a blow job. I’m sorry daddy. I’m sorry that I sucked someone’s cock without your permission. I know that you don’t like me to. But I won’t do it again daddy. I promise. I won’t. I won’t.

That’s what you said the last time you dirty little whore. Don’t you remember? Don’t you? Well did he cum in your mouth? Did he cum in your mouth?

No daddy he didn’t. He didn’t do that. I wanted to feel him shoot it in my face. I wanted it all over my face. I love it when a guy blows his load in my face like you do. You know I love that. You know I do. You know that I love having cum dripping all over my face.

WHAT? You dirty little bitch. That was very naughty. That was very naughty. Well did he fuck you after you gave him a blow job? Did he fuck my little baby?

No daddy. He didn’t. He didn’t fuck your baby doll. He didn’t fuck me. He didn’t. But somebody else did. Somebody else fucked me. Somebody else fucked me. Some body else fucked me while I was giving the other guy a blow job.

WHAT?!? Oh you fucking whore. You fucking little whore. Daddy’s little girl made two boys fuck her at the same time? My little girl was in a threesome? That was very bad. Well did anyone one of them fuck you in your ass? Huh? ANSWER ME!!!

No daddy no. Just in my pussy. Just in my pussy. I’m sorry daddy. I’m sorry. Are you going to punish me again dad? Punish me like you did the last time. Please daddy. Please punish your dirty little slut like you did the last time.

Shut the fuck up you little tramp. Don’t tell me what to do. I am your father and I know how to punish sluts like you when they misbehave. When they do naughty things. Now get ready for your punishment bitch. Get ready for daddy’s punishment. Daddy is going to fuck his little girl up the ass as your punishment. Punishment for your slutty behaviour.

Oh God daddy no. Please don’t do that. You spanked me on my ass last time. Spank me on my ass. Spank my bottom like you did the last time. Please dad. Please don’t fuck me there. Please. I’ve never been fucked up the butt before. Your dick is too big. It can’t fit. It can’t. Please dad. Not in my ass, it’s too tiny. Fuck my pussy or spank me on my ass again. But please don’t fuck me in there. Not in my butt. Not there dad. Not there. I’m begging you. I’m begging you.

Shut up and do what I say. Now get ready to take your dad’s dick in your ass. Now grab hold of it. Grab hold of daddy’s penis. Good, very good. Very good. You are a good little whore aren’t you? Now place my cock against your anus. That’s it. That’s a good girl. Are you ready for it baby girl? Are you ready hon? Here it comes. Here it comes. Open up wide baby. Spread that little ass open. Spread it wide. That’s it. That’s it. I’m guiding it in now. I’m guiding it in now.

Oh God daddy no. AAHHHH. OWWWW. Please daddy. It hurts. It’s hurting me. OWWWW. Oh God daddy. I’m sorry. Please don’t do this to me. Take it out. Please daddy. Please don’t fuck my ass anymore. It hurts. It’s hurting me.

Relax honey, relax. I’m almost all the way in there baby. Just a little more. Just a little more. There you go. There you go. I’m all the way in baby girl. All the way in. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

Oh God, I’m sorry dad. Please don’t do this to me. Take it out. Please daddy. Please stop. It’s hurting me. It’s hurting me. You’re hurting me. Please stop. Please daddy. Please. It hurts too much. It hurts too much.

Christ that’s a tight little ass you have there baby. Shut up and quit whining. Just relax baby. Try to relax. Try to relax and stop crying like a little baby.

Ok. Ok. Oh dad you were right. You’re right. It doesn’t hurt so much anymore. Do it like that. Yes daddy. Yes. Just like that. That’s it. Oh my God. Yes daddy. Do it like that. Just like that. Uh huh. Uh huh. It’s starting to feel good daddy. It’s starting to feel better. Go ahead dad. Do it a little harder. Fuck me harder. Come on daddy. Fuck me harder. Fuck your little baby harder. Harder daddy. Fuck your little slut harder. Fuck me harder you dirty old man. OWWWWWW. Yes, yes, Oh God yes. That’s it dad. That’s it. Fuck your nasty little slut harder. Turn your nasty little girl into a dirty anal whore. I want to be an anal whore. Make me a dirty anal whore. Make your baby girl a dirty cock sucking anal whore.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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