Play Time

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Why is it that as soon as I get comfortable in bed I want to play? As soon as the thought enters my one tracked mind I can’t seem to function. I continue to argue with myself that it’s late and I really should just forget about what lies in my “naughty nightstand.” I close my eyes trying to think of something else but instead a man reaching his hands down my pants into my warm wetness is all that shows behind my eyelids. “Ughh I am never going to be able to sleep.”

Yes grumbling to myself does sometimes work, I swear. Moving to lie on my other side made the heavy comforter brush across my naked thighs. Oh how I wished that was a man’s hand rubbing me. My head pushed into the pillow trying to clear the thoughts again. My nipples stretched the thin material tank top trying to join in on the fun. They were aching to be played with. Has it been that long for me? I tried to think of my last orgasm with or without someone. I guess if I had to think about it, it was longer than I could handle.

I was suddenly hot. I had to kick the covers off of me. My shorts felt heavy and my shirt felt wet. What was going on with me? My hand went to my stomach and slid under the little tank. Slowly I lifted my shirt using just a hint of nails to scratch along my stomach. The feeling of hands on me made my thighs quiver. I brought my knees up towards my chest so I could rub them with my other hand. I grabbed at the Beylikdüzü escort bayan meat on my inner thigh trying to fight away these inappropriate thoughts. Don’t I have any control? “NO.” I said to myself while a sneaky little grin appeared. Why should I feel ashamed of wanting that sweet release? I wanted the end result and didn’t care if I had to do it alone with nothing but my imagination. I was not going to sleep until I was satisfied.

I looked at the alarm clock on the ceiling to see if it was too late for a booty call. I didn’t want to seem desperate. 1:30am is way too late to call someone and not make it obvious. Looks like it’s just me tonight, well me and whichever lucky toy I was going to pull out. I opened the first drawer to my nightstand. That was the beginner stuff, nothing too freaky, just your average vibrators and dildo’s. Nah, I wanted something more tonight. I opened the second drawer knowing exactly what toy I was looking for. I would need the shower for this one.

I pulled out two toys; one tiny little vibrator that could be hidden in my hand and another one that was long and thick. I took my two friends into the bathroom and took a long look in the full size mirror. I turned sideways checking out my body as if it was a rental. Hmm it looked ok to me. As my eyes went up higher on my body I caught myself holding the toys. How funny Escort Beyoğlu I must look right now, checking myself out like this. I put the toys on the sink and slid my short shorts off. I pulled the tank off exposing my hard pink nipples. They deserved some play before I got down to business.

I stood facing the mirror licking and sucking my pointer finger. Slowly taking my finger out I dragged it down my naked body. I circled the nipple several times before squeezing it between my pointer and thumb finger. I let out another small moan and could feel the inside of my thighs start to get wet. I wasn’t going to last five minutes.

I turned on the water in the shower and adjusted the temperature. Put my hair up in a sloppy bun and grabbed my two friends. The small toy sat perfectly on the ledge where the soap usually goes and the other was actually built for the shower. It has a suction cup at the end of it and stuck to the wall. It was a thick flesh colored cock that fit my body quite nicely. I stepped into the shower and let the water cascade off my body. The heat of the water warmed the outside of my body to the same temperature as my insides. I closed my eyes and reached for the small toy. My smile crept up my face as I turned around. I clicked on the little vibrator and pushed it against my small tight clit. I wasn’t fully aroused so the blood didn’t rush into that Bomonti escort sacred little nub yet. I leaned my body forward and pushed the vibrator into my clit harder. I backed my body into the toy stuck to the wall. My tight hole fought against the foreign object, protesting it wasn’t supposed to be there. I pushed harder with both toys letting the larger one enter me completely.

This is just what I needed. I pumped my body back and forth against the cock on the wall. My ass slapped against the tile as I took the toy as deep as it could go. I moved the smaller toy in small circles letting all that pressure build up between my legs. My right hand smacked against the cold tile to steady my body. My legs spread just a little wider accepting more of the toy to enter me. I closed my eyes and imagined my dream guy grabbing my hips and doing the pumping himself. His big strong hands wrapping around my sides and sticking his thumbs into the small dimples in my back. I thought about him calling me a bad girl and saying how naughty I was for bending over for him. My legs were trembling under me threatening to give at any moment. I fought the urge to stop and pumped a bit harder. Every muscle in my body tightened and stopped for a split second that felt like it lasted for an hour. Every color I have ever seen showed up behind my eyelids as my body exploded with such pleasure. I continued pumping and another one came up behind it. The thick fluid dripped down my leg before the water could wash it away.

I stepped out of the water putting my fingers in between my lips and brought some of that thick wetness to my mouth. I put two fingers into my mouth and sucked my sweet juices off it… “MMM what a good idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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