Playing with My Man’s Ass after Work

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One day after work you come home, unaware of my intentions for the evening. We have dinner, watch a show, the typical. We are both pretty tired and you tell me you’re gonna head off to sleep. I agree but I know that in a few minutes I’m gonna come in the room, you in bed and make you feel VERY good. I had just bought a sexy skimpy little lingerie set that I know will drive you wild. I hear you march up the stairs and make your way to the bed. I quickly change into my new outfit, grab the vibrating toy and a fresh bottle of lube. Oh God this is gonna be good!

I come into the room and stand at the doorway, leaning against it. The light from the hallway hits your eyes as you look up and see my silhouette along with some things in my hands. Your face fills up with a big smile. Without further delay, I inch to the other side of the bed and crawl in the sheets with you. As I suspected, you are already fully naked for me 🙂

I crawl up behind you and kiss your shoulder. You turn your head slightly to give me a proper kiss. You look into my eyes and you already know this look. It’s a rare look but a damn good one. Suddenly, I disappear under bahis şirketleri the covers and make my way down your spine, kissing my way down. I find myself at the base of your fully erected cock begging me to care for it. I kiss around the base of your cock making you wait as you shiver in anticipation. You start to moan before I even do anything to you. I slowly insert your cock in my mouth just barely and I can already feel you starting to pulsate. You let out a loud moan, almost a growl and I know I’m driving you crazy 🙂

With my free hand, I reach over and grab my vibrating bullet and turn it on to the lowest setting, just introducing it to you. I run it along the length of your thigh making you squirm at the cool vibration.

Nudging you to flip over, you obey completely, and I manage to get you on your knees with your face in the pillows, giving me full access to explore your ass

Going slowly, I introduce myself by kissing gently around it just barely grazing gently for you to get used to me there. Finally I approach shyly and plant a long slow wet kiss right on your beautiful hole. I can feel your legs twitch at that bahis firmaları moment. I smile because I know I’ve hit the jackpot.

Gaining more confidence, I begin using my tongue more assuringly, circling your hole, making you wet and glistening and ready for my beautiful friend. Adding some lube for comfort, I bring up the bullet to your hole. Just gently inserting the tip in your ass, very lightly. I feel you clench and moan at the same time. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow” I say “just relax baby”.

You take a deep breath and relax, finally I am ready to get down to playing with you properly! I rotate the bullet to give it a better angle and I slowly push further in. The slow, constant vibrations are making you moan and moan. the pleasure you’re feeling is like none other you’ve ever felt.

I sense that you are now comfortable with the bullet in about 1/4 of the way. I test the waters by pulling it out just a bit and pushing it back in about halfway. Again, I hear you moan into the pillows and I get my go ahead.

I start to slowly fuck you with the vibrator going in and out, in and out. Good god, I am so aroused by the sight kaçak bahis siteleri of this! Feeling you clench and relax with every thrust nearly sends me off the edge. With one hand I’m working the bullet, with the other, I’m circling your hole for added comfort and lube. I want you to feel so good, let me know if I’m going too fast I say. With that you reply “ohhhhhh goddd, fuck me babe!”

With your approval, I shove the entire thing, all the way in you. You let out a growl and press back, I decide it’s time to heighten the vibration. I bump up the speed from 1 to 3, and you suddenly gasp for air,

Without any more thrusting, I begin to pump your cock in my mouth with the vibrator still pushed all the way in you. Your cock is so hard and pulsating so hard in my mouth I know your about to cum a huge HUGE load in me. I am ready for it.

Without much more, your cock starts oozing white creamy cum that I crave. One shot after another, hitting the back of my throat. Oh my it’s so good!

With the vibrator still in you, I climb back up and kiss you passionately before climbing off to clean myself up.

“Hey” you call me, “what about the vibrator?” You ask.

I turn around and say, “leave it for round two.”

With the bullet still in you, still vibrating at 3, you leave it in, silently loving every second and getting aroused all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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