Polynomial Mom

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Introduction: The main characters are Marie, Cherie, and Larry, Marie’s son. Bob is Cherie’s husband but we haven’t been able to locate him. He is, however, actively alive.


Marie was from France, actually from Marseille. Most of the men she met were sailors, and because they were apt to ship off to some remote port, she avoided sailors. She wanted to get married and raise a family. She did meet a dashing young sailor, very briefly, and he showed his love for her by knocking her up. People told her she should move to Paris and find work in films. She was beautiful enough, and could certainly act as well as most women do. This was not to be.

Paris was crawling with street walkers, literally. Marie didn’t want to be taken for a ‘putain’, or whore. So she decided to move to Boston, where there was a sizable French population. She took her little boy with her. Not that there weren’t whores in Boston, but most of them were college students giving it away free.

When we first meet Marie she is a grown woman. She had graduated early from school in France and was looking for a situation where she could help humanity and earn enough to have a nice apartment. She was a beautiful woman, with big blue eyes and dark blond hair. Her skin was like porcelain. Her smile was infectious and those who were in a foul mood, after seeing Marie, left smiling. She had a son who was gifted in one respect and only in one respect. He was a polymath, but that wasn’t his claim to fame. He had a huge penis, and that itself set him apart from most of male humanity. When he was born the delivery nurse thought her eyesight needed checking; she could not believe a new baby could be sporting a 3-inch penis. That explained why the delivery required surgery.

Marie is now 36 years old and her son, whom she named Lavoisier after the great French chemist, has grown into a handsome young man. She called her son Larry for short because most people couldn’t pronounce his French name. She home-schooled Larry because of the size of his penis. He’d draw a crowd every time he went to take a leak.

She married a musician in France, a tuba player in a concert band. His name was Marcel. What attracted her to Marcel was his mouth – actually his lips. Tuba players have big lips. (If you don’t know what a tuba is, you may want to Google it.) Marcel was despondent most of the time because tuba players weren’t much in demand in France. He should have taken up the accordion but hindsight always gives you the view of a donkey’s tail. One day Marcel went out to buy cigarettes and never came back.

Marie was entering that time in her life where she needed a man more than ever. She had that itch in her pussy that caused many women before her to jump off the Mystic River Bridge. She got herself an apartment on Beacon Street, a very large two bedroom on the third floor, in an old building. There was a window in the rear of the apartment where she could look out onto Storrow Drive. Storrow Drive ran along the Charles River, and if you don’t live in Boston all you need to know is, car crashes were the main attraction. Every time she looked out the window, there was another pile up on Storrow Drive.

Marie had a beautiful body. Too bad Renoir was dead because he would have loved to paint her. Her breasts were large, and full, with pink nipples that would make your mouth water. She had a small waist, and her buttocks were full and plump. On this particular day she was going to take a bath so she headed down the dark hallway, her solid, jutting jugs bounced and swayed beneath her baby doll. The scraping of her nipples against the thin material increased her arousal. Larry’s bedroom door happened to be closed, which was unusual. It was usually open. She knelt at his keyhole and gasped with amazement.

Before we get too far afield, you’re probably wondering about a polymath. It’s a person with a wide range of knowledge, not necessarily a mathematician or a PhD. If you meet one of these guys your first impression might be negative, and you may want to kick his ass. In Larry’s case his claim to fame was his weapon. It was very large and scary. Marie saw it one day when he was in the shower, and she almost fainted from the size of it! Larry was eighteen when our narrative begins.

As Larry lay sleeping, the early sunlight from the window on the far side of the room splashed over his body. The sheets were crumpled about his middle, hiding most of his form. One foot was thrust off the bed, one arm was behind his head, and his face was turned toward the wall. Half of his chest was exposed, revealing well defined pec’s and one, tiny dark nipple. He wasn’t a tall person, only five feet, eight inches tall. But the size of his truncheon would have looked better on a circus giant. It was over a foot long, even in repose. She remembered Toulouse-Lautrec, the famous artist who lived in Paris. He was deformed, and had a monstrous weapon.

Marie stood in the doorway, feeling awkward. She pressed her hands şanlıurfa escort together to keep them from shaking and took a cautious step into the room. After closing the door, she moved quietly toward the bed then sat down gingerly. When she did, Larry stirred slightly, one arm flopping against her knee.

Marie’s throat was tight, her mouth dry. She could stop now, she knew, but also knew she wouldn’t. She let her eyes move over her son’s body, then concentrated on the thick bulge under the sheets. Was that thing asleep or faking it? She wondered.

Carefully she tugged at the sheets, lowering them from his chest, past his belly button, over the dark patch of crotch hair. She could see the base of his cock. It was thick and meaty, half-hard. She pulled the sheets all the way down, and almost screamed.

Larry’s cock was a study in perfection. Even relaxed, it was well shaped, riddled with large purplish veins and covered with a pink sheath of loose skin, it was delicious looking. The tightness in her throat intensified.

She let her gaze take in his other features. He was not tall, well under six feet, and lightly tanned. People could lie along the Charles River to get some sun, but it was hardly like Miami Beach. There were mostly college students laying on the grass, pretending to read a book, but in reality hoping to meet someone for some fun. You never got a good tan lying along the Charles River.

Larry’s frame was almost completely hairless, making him look like warm marble-a small statue of a young Apollo. But his dick was way out of proportion to the rest of him.

She lifted her hand, then placed it over his cock. A couple of seconds later, she felt it throb to life, stretch across her palm like a slow-moving snake. Soon it was fully erect, pulsating to her touch.

“My God,” Marie whispered, feeling her pussy begin to twitch, bubble with juices. She fought the urge to lunge forward and gobble that beautiful prick down with one gulp. But how do you gulp down a cock that size? She knew it would surely wake him, and she didn’t want that. Not just yet.

She moved her fingers away from his prick and ran them through his pubic hair. It wasn’t nearly as wiry as she thought it would be; it was almost as silky as hers. Her fingers played over his stomach, then up to his chest. She stroked him softly all over, especially over his neck and shoulders.

Finally, when she could stand the anticipation no longer, she lowered her face to his thigh. She licked his very large testicles. Immediately a spasm of pleasure shot down the back of her throat, filtered through her rib cage and seemed to tickle her cunt.

“Mmmmm …” Larry murmured, licking his dry lips.

Marie lay perfectly still, letting her tongue remain on his nut. When he relaxed again she moved her head further up on his body and kissed the side of his cock. Again she felt a fission of pleasure rip through her pussy.

“Sleep, mon cher,” she murmured. “Mommy will suck you while you dream …”

Her words were caressing as she slipped her mouth around the tip of his cock knob. She moistened the silky foreskin with her wet tongue, then inched her lips further down the shaft. As the bulge of his cock moved across her tongue, she felt it moving towards the back of her throat. Seconds later, half of his shaft was down her esophagus. She almost needed to gag.

Larry was dreaming, and in his dream he had just scored a touchdown. You might note he was too short to play football, but when you dream, you can be anywhere or be anything you want. He was standing under the uprights, holding the football up in the air. Time seemed to freeze, and that cute cheerleader, that hot little number that made him stammer and turn red, emerged from the crowd. She ran over and fell to her knees before him. She then unlaced his pants and pulled them over his pads. She deftly took the cup away from his cock and balls, and locked her mouth around half of his rock-hard prick. Most guys get an erection when they score a touchdown. Don’t they?

It was warm. God, it felt so good! The crowd was still cheering and the girl was still sucking. Her lips were soft and full. Was the cheering for what she was doing to him?

The ball fell from his hand but made no sound, only floated away to a place in heaven where footballs go. He lowered his arm and brushed his fingers into her silky masses of hair, held the girl’s face closer to his body. It was hot. Fuck, he’d never been this hot in his life!

* * *

Marie, her cheeks hollowed, sucked up and down her son’s cock with more enthusiasm, savoring every hard inch. There was no way she could deep throat that massive gift of nature against the roof of her mouth, but still her cunt told her to keep going. There was a rivulet of clear fluid, and it trickled into her stomach.

Larry just stood there, in his dream, but he felt his balls rumble. The girl was still mouthing his massive gaziantep sarışın escort flesh, using her tongue to tease him, laving his oversized plunger, burrowing her face between his legs. She was using both hands on him.

The world seemed to explode, hurling him into the infinity of space. The crowd, the football field, even the girl no longer existed. He was wrapped in pleasure, in wet heat, and his cock was tingling.

The explosion of cum inside Marie’s mouth was almost more than she could take. Larry seemed to have enough for two, maybe three women. But she didn’t want him to stop. She was loving being a vessel for his sticky stuff. She wanted more and more. It was like warm honey.

She climaxed violently and moaned, absorbing his lava deluge and then choking on the overflow, trickling from both her nostrils, and out of the corners of her mouth.

Finally she had to pull back, and wiped her mouth. Gripping his ejector with both hands, she pulled upward, releasing a final squirt of cum. She sucked the loose foreskin, tugging on it. She loved his foreskin, and knew it didn’t hurt him.

Larry’s dream was dissolving into a gossamer memory. He was aware of his room, the sunlight, and there was someone here with him. Someone warm and breathing.

“Don’t go,” he whispered to the girl in his dream, who appeared now in astral form.

“Larry?” a familiar voice.

The dream girl? No … his Mom!

“Huh?” His eyes were open. ” Mom!” he gasped.

“I heard you call out,” she told him. “Like you … wanted something.”

“I had a dream,” he said as he rubbed his eyes. “God. you wouldn’t believe it.”

“Tell me about it,” Marie said, touching his chest.

With his defenses down, Larry related what he remembered. “I was playing football, and had scored a touchdown, and then this cheerleader came over and she … well, she was on her knees, and she … you know, she put her mouth on me, and sucked my dick …”

“Mmmmmmm,” Marie encouraged.

“She made me feel so good, and there was a crowd cheering …”

“Did she do this?” Marie purred.

She lifted his semi-erect cock with both hands and put her mouth over the tip. Slowly she made an oval with her lips, taking in what she could of the soft knockwurst.

“Mom!” Larry gasped, bucking. Marie pulled her mouth away, let his prick fall back onto his stomach. Squirmed between his legs and putting her hands on his chest, she whispered, “It was no dream.”

“You … you sucked me off?” Larry asked, his eyes wide with horror. “While I was sleeping?”

“Yes. And now I’m going to do it while you’re awake.”

The boy’s mind was torn-a mixture of terror and pleasure. He wanted to push her away. Christ, she must be nuts! His own fucking mother!

“Mom?” he asked suddenly, wondering where his words came from. “Can I … well … kiss you?”

“Mmmmmmm, yes,” Marie whispered, moving her mouth away from his cock. “Love kissing my boy,” she added, moving her face toward his mouth.

“I … I mean, down there,” Larry intoned, looking at the thick patch of glistening cunt hair.

Marie smiled as she maneuvered her knees under his armpits. She then touched the back of his head and thrust her hips forward. Her pussy was just two inches from his mouth. This added another dimension to her ‘good morning’ fun.

“You like my pussy?” Marie asked, gyrating her hips, brushing her cunt hair over his parted lips. Suddenly he was at her. “Larry!” Marie cried out, unable to comprehend what was happening. One moment he had been lying quietly and the next he was feasting on her love niche like a wild animal.

“Mom! Pussy! Mom! Pussy!” This was typical of a polymath, her doctor had warned her. He might go to extremes – one minute spaced out, wondering about the meaning of life, and within a short time his face would be buried in her hairy grotto.

Larry lashed at her cunt. She didn’t know exactly what was happening, but she loved every minute of it. Within a matter of seconds, her insides were churning wildly, spurting piss and cunt juice. She writhed and squirmed against his face, her head rolling side to side.

“That’s good, baby.” She moaned. “Eat me … Mmmmm! That’s sooooo good …”

Larry’s movements slowed as the intense pressure in his loins mounted. He wanted to savor this feeling, to remember it forever. At last, when he thought he couldn’t handle the throbbing in his balls any longer, he pulled away. As he did, his Mom moved with him.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered, holding the back of his head with both hands. “It was so nice … what you were doing.”

“Oh, Mom.” the boy gasped, gawking at the soft angles of her oozing, dark-haired hole. “I never knew it could be like this. Can I fuck you now?” Larry had never made love to anybody, least of all his mother. His noble shaft was much too large for a human female, maybe possibly şehitkamil escort a Jersey cow.

Although Marie wanted it as badly as he did, she was enjoying the exquisite torture too much. She repositioned herself, lying on top of his body, her head toward the foot of the bed. As she lowered her cunt down onto his face, she grasped his swollen shaft.

“Let’s do it this way,” she murmured, preparing to pay homage to his formidable penis.

Larry needed no encouragement. Stabbing upward with his tongue, he again tasted the frothy drippings of his mother’s cunt. He gave a low grunt of pleasure, feeling his groin muscles tighten and his cock responding.

“Uuhhhhh!” she groaned, squirming wildly over his face, while he fucked his tongue in and out of her pussy.

“Mom!” Larry cried out suddenly, his body freezing in a paroxysm of raw ecstasy, His jizz blasted from his balls and shot out into the back of her throat. “Ohhhhh, fuck! Fuck!” he panted, chewing over the nub of her clit.

In concert with her son’s dousing of her tonsils, she felt the initial blast hit first, the first wave of sperm hitting the beach, as it were. Her pussy entered into the fray with abandon, her vaginal muscles tightened around his tongue, as her throat engulfed his spewing cock. She bucked and writhed violently, slapping her ass up and down vigorously. Her neck muscles were getting a workout as she gobbled up and down his cock.

“Aaaghhhhh!” she choked, unable to take all he had to offer. Thick, milky streams of spunk seeped from her mouth, covering his balls with liquid warmth. She clutched the hairless orbs and rolled them around her nostrils, then her cheeks. When she felt the sticky overture of his cum, she again flinched with another climax.

Larry pumped his body up and down, feeling the last of his cream ripple into his mother’s mouth. Finally, when the last glob had splattered from the end of his prick, he fell back, heaving. A delicious surge of warmth swept his entire body, leaving him satisfied, spent.

“Ohhhhh,” he whispered, nuzzling his nose into her vulva, inhaling the delicious spring fragrance of her pussy oils.

Marie stopped moving also, letting her climax subside. At last she pulled his cock from her mouth and nibbled his balls, lapping up the stray gobs of cum. When he was calm, she closed her eyes and ran her fingers into the soft hairs that surrounded the base of his shaft.

“Pussy,” he whispered softly, kissing the slick crack.

“How’s my little tiger?” Marie asked a couple of seconds later, as she pulled away from him.

“I want you,” the boy said, reaching for her tits. “I want to fuck you.”

“That’s exactly what I thought you’d say,” his mother giggled, lying on her back and spreading her legs. But as he approached her, his angry cock wagging at her, she thought twice. She might need a second opinion. She didn’t want to be, in Biblical terms, a lamb being lead to the slaughter. She had to talk to Cherie.

Chapter 2

The next day she called Cherie for a lunch date at a French restaurant on Newbury Street. She had two hours to kill before lunch so sat at her window overlooking Storrow Drive. There were ambulances and fire engines, firemen in full gear were hosing down the entrance, from Beacon Street to Storrow Drive where most collisions occurred. The crushed cars didn’t seem to faze college students lying across the street in the grass. Some couples were kissing and two women were wrapped in a 69. Same stuff every day. She was getting a bit horny watching those young people.

Larry as usual was in his room jerking off. She could hear him sloshing his pecker with baby oil, reminding her of mud pies she made as a child. Her cunt was throbbing now, and she was very wet. She was fighting back an almost irresistible urge to rush in and help her young Atlas pump out his fresh, mid-morning ablution.

Her clit was swollen and throbbing like a tom-tom; her thumb began flicking it as her fingers wiggled deep inside. She was about to cum and from the sound in Larry’s room, so was he. His hands were working faster on his straining, purple-headed cock, then he raised his upper body a bit to watch as the knob swelled and dribbled even more.

“Ughh!” she heard him gasp. “Uhhh! Uhhh! Uhhh!” One of the advantages of being home-schooled, he never had to worry about being late for class.

Her son’s eyes squeezed shut and he grunted loudly with each squirt. First, a thick gusher of milky cum blasted from the tip of his jerking prick, like a big silver comet, and landed on his chest. It was followed by several more hard squirts of white cream, each larger than the last. Peeking into his room, Marie had never seen so much cum at one time in her entire life. Her brother had shot a big load, but nothing to compare to this!

With a last disbelieving look at her son’s giant cock and the soupy cream dripping off his chest, she stumbled back towards her bedroom. She needed to get herself off. Leaning against the wall in the hallway, she fingered herself so hard she thought her clit would detonate.

She flopped onto her bed, exhausted by her tremendous orgasm, but lay awake for a long time thinking about the enormous cock only a few rooms away. She couldn’t help wondering if, when he was pulling it, he daydreamed of her sitting there watching him.

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