Pool Boy Ch. 48

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With no sleep last night, both Alexis and I slept on the flight home. Alexis slept turned slightly toward me with her head on my shoulder and a hand on my crotch and I fell asleep with my head resting on her head. I woke with a start about an hour from home. My mouth was hanging open. I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone had caught that undignified posture. We were in the second row back in coach on the starboard side. A stewardess was looking at me when my eyes opened. She had a little smile on her face and I figured she was amused by my mouth hanging open. Then I realized that she was looking lower than my face and I looked down. Alexis was drooling on my shirt. At some point, she had pulled my zipper down and pushed her left hand inside my pants clutching my cock. Her hand wasn’t moving and my cock remained in a flaccid state.

I looked back up at the stewardess and she was looking at my face. She smiled and then moved down the aisle. I leaned over and kissed Alexis on the forehead. She groaned and pulled her head off my shoulder. She sucked saliva into her mouth and wiped off her chin. She looked up at me and said, “How much longer?” I told her about an hour. She pulled her hand from my pants and looked up and grinned. I zipped my pants back up.

There was no one sitting beside Alexis on the window so she lifted the seat dividers and positioned herself so she could lay down with her head in my lap. I ran my fingers through her hair massaging her scalp. She looked up at me and mewed her pleasure with the massage. She rolled her head and kissed my cock through my pants and smiled up at me. She giggled as my cock hardened from her kiss and the pressure of her head.

The same stewardess stopped at our row and said, “Do you have any trash I can take?” I looked at her and shook my head. She looked down at Alexis again and said, “Your girlfriend is very lovely.”

I smiled at her and looked down at Alexis before saying, “She is isn’t she.”

The stewardess said nothing more and resumed her position standing at the partition between first class and coach like she was guarding the inner sanctum until the pilot announced our descent and ordered seatbacks and tray-tables to their upright positions. The stewardess stepped forward and asked Alexis to sit back in her seat and put on her seatbelt. She had drooled into my lap and I had a big wet spot on my crotch when she sat back up. She saw it and giggled as she apologized for the mess. I brushed the spot but there was nothing to be done about it.

First class passenger departed the plane first followed closely by Alexis and me. We collected our bags from baggage claim and got the bus to the parking lot. We found our van and heaved our bags into the back. I was exhausted as we drove into the city. Alexis kept yawning, which set me off. Why is it that if you see someone yawning, you yawn too. Alexis and I were quiet and I turned on the radio. It was cold and neither of us was wearing winter clothes. The van heater barely gained a comfortable temperature before we drove into the parking garage of our condo in mid-city.

I carried the bags to the elevator being held by Alexis. She opened our front door and I dropped the bags just inside. We were glad to leave and glad to be home. Alexis dropped herself onto the sofa like she was in a WWE match. I collapsed in a chair beside the sofa. I was starving. We had slept through the meal on the flight home. I don’t even know what they served. My stomach growled so loud that Alexis looked over at me. She said, “There’s not much here to eat.” Alexis reached over her head and grabbed the phone and started dialing. I figured she was ordering pizza. I heard the other end of the call buzzing a couple times and then stop. Alexis said, “Hi. We’re home and we’re starving.” A few seconds later she said, “You’re a live-saver, thanks. We’ll be right up,” and hung up. We were going up to the penthouse was the only conclusion.

I looked to see if Alexis’ drool-stains on my shirt and pants had dried and they had. I stood up and helped Alexis to her feet. We’d slept for the better part of three hours and we both looked like we’d been pulled through a knot-hole, one leg at a time. Alexis grabbed the keys. The elevator was waiting for us and we rode express to the penthouse.

Olivia was waiting in the foyer as the elevator doors whooshed open. She was immaculately dressed as usual in a leather mini-skirt and a tight V-neck buttoned sweater that enhanced her huge breasts and showed a lot of cleavage. Her platinum blonde hair must have just been professionally done at her salon. Her makeup was perfect. After only a week, I was instantly reminded of how spectacularly gorgeous she was. Alexis rushed out of the elevator ahead of me and embraced Olivia in a passionate kiss. I felt my cock pressing to get out of its confines. I stepped out of the elevator and the doors whooshed shut behind me.

Sophia hurried into the porno izle foyer to greet us. She was dressed just as high-fashion as Olivia. I went to her and wrapped her up in my arms and hugged her tightly. She stretched up to kiss me and I bent low to receive it. I said, “We’re glad to be home. We missed you guys.” Olivia and Alexis broke their embrace and we switched as I hugged Olivia, pulling her massive breasts tight to my ribs. My cock pressed a little more firmly on my pants.

Olivia took my hand and Sophia and Alexis walked with their arms around each other’s waists through the living room to the dining room. One end of their table was covered with a loaf of bread, sliced turkey, ham and roast beef. Bags of various types of chips sat in the middle. It wasn’t a gourmet meal but it sure looked good to me. Sophia brought a few beers from the kitchen and we all sat down. Sophia and Olivia didn’t eat but they drank a couple of beers along with us as we made sandwiches and chowed-down.

Between bites, Alexis said, “I’m sure you heard the news about Dee and Jarrod.” Both Olivia’s and Sophia’s faces lit up.

Sophia said, “Yes. Amazing news. We are so happy for them.” Sophia’s broad smile turned sad when she looked at the sullen look on Olivia’s face. We looked back and forth from Sophia to Olivia. They wouldn’t look at us as they sipped their beers and stared at the table. Olivia stole a glance at me but it was a fleeting one. I looked at Alexis with concern and Alexis shrugged her shoulders.

We finished our sandwiches and Alexis said, “I get it. You’re happy for Dee and Jarrod but it just reminds you of your desires to have a family.” Both Sophia and Olivia burst out crying at the same time. They were both sobbing. Tears cascaded down their cheeks to the table. I went to Olivia and Alexis went to Sophia. We held them to us until their sobs subsided. Olivia dobbed at her eyes with a napkin trying not to destroy her makeup.

Olivia said, “We truly are thrilled for Jarrod and Dee. You’re right though. We feel sad whenever we are around parents with children.”

Sophia snuffed her nose and added, “We feel so embarrassed to react this way.”

I looked at Alexis as she looked at me. I knew we were thinking the same thing. We were right on the edge of a conversation we wanted to have with Olivia and Sophia and others too. Alexis imperceptibly nodded at me wanting me to start. My mind flashed back to how I had thought Pia and Linda communicated with each other without words. I just occurred to me that we did the same thing.

I separated from Olivia and offered my hand to her. She looked at my hand and back up at me with a confused look on her face. I offered my hand again and she took it. I helped her out of her chair and led her to the living room where we could be comfortable. Alexis helped Sophia up and led her into the living room too. We all sat down with Olivia and Sophia sitting on one sofa and Alexis and I sitting across from them on a matching sofa.

Sophia, ever the host, asked if we wanted another beer. We declined. They sat there with their eyes cast toward the floor as though they were sure they were going to be scolded by a man ten years their junior but who seemed so much older at the moment.

I started by explaining how I had immediately reacted to the news from Dee. “My first thought was ‘is it possible that I’m the father’. I was relieved when I did the math. Then Alexis and I began thinking about the fact that we have all assumed that we are all protecting ourselves. I’ve never raised the subject with anyone I’ve had sex with. That’s stupid I suppose but it’s not a very romantic topic to raise in the heat of the moment. We have all been together since the beginning and I love you both dearly.” Both Sophia and Olivia raised their gaze from the floor and smiled at me.

Olivia was getting the jist and spoke up. “I’ve been on birth-control pills since I got married to Ron. As you know, he didn’t want any children. I’m still on the pill because I don’t want to put you in the same dilemma you thought of when you heard about Dee. You’re the only man I’ve been with since last summer when I hired you to clean my pool.” She stopped and thought for a few moments before continuing, “And Noah too, after you went back to college. I haven’t seen Noah since the pool was closed. Any sex with Ron was always oral.”

Sophia said, “Pretty much the same for me. I’m on the pill too, but I want a child before I’m too old. Olivia and I have talked about you getting us pregnant but the conversation always seemed inappropriate whenever we got together and there was Alexis to consider too after you guys became a couple. Any decision to go off the pill would only be after a conversation with you guys.

Alexis said, “All of this came flooding out when we heard Dee’s news. We haven’t even figured out how we would feel if we discovered that one or the other of you guys announced that you amatör porno were pregnant, and there was a possibility of Hunter being the father. In spite of everyone’s due diligence there is still a possibility that the efforts will fail.”

I said, “I know you both want a family and I know you feel your clocks ticking. Are there any men in your lives?”

Sophia looked at Olivia and then said, “We’ve dated a few times but I haven’t met anyone that rings my bell. They all seem to want to head for the sack on the first date.”

Olivia giggled and said, “Same here. I had one date where the guys sat there staring at my boobs the whole night.” I chuckled as Olivia put her hands on the sides of her breasts and pushed them together to enhance the considerable cleavage exposed by her low cut sweater. She smiled at me and continued, “I suppose that doesn’t make him all bad.” We all broke into laughter which lightened the mood considerably.

I finished up the heavy part of the conversation. “Well, you’re all on the pill so we don’t have to come to a conclusion today. I promise, Alexis and I will think more on the subject and get back to you so you can make some critical decisions. That is if you want to continue as we have in our merry little sexual family.”

Olivia grinned and licked her lower lip. She said, “It’s been a while and I’ve had this scratch I can’t reach.” The sultry look on her face told me that she was reminiscing about her sucking, fucking and hand-job session with five of my football buddies after we got home from Houston.

Sophia smiled at Alexis as Olivia started unbuttoning her sweater. She still had that far way look on her face until she pulled back each half of her sweater and let it drop to the sofa. Her bra struggled to contain her breasts. Her chest heaved as she was already breathing hard. My cock reacted as expected and pushed hard on the crotch of my pants. Olivia reached around her back and struggled with the bra hooks. She became visibly frustrated because the additional stress caused by her heaving chest prevented her from unfastening it.

Sophia got up and went around behind the sofa and assisted Olivia. When Sophia released the hooks, Olivia’s bra sprang forward with force as her huge tits came free. She yanked the shoulder straps down her arm and let the bra fall to her feet. She slid forward to her knees on the Oriental rug. She was concentrating on my crotch as she crawled on hands and knees to me and then sat back on her heels as she fumbled with my zipper and belt buckle. I sat back on the sofa to watch. Even with her makeup, her face was flushed from anticipation.

Alexis got up and went to sit beside Sophia in the same spot vacated by Olivia. They both were in much better control of themselves than Olivia was. They started kissing and caressing each other’s tits through their clothing. Olivia was getting frantic. She tried unbuckling first but gave that up and went to the zipper. Her hands trembled and she went back to the buckle. For the first time since she sat back on her heels she looked up at me with a pleading look on her face and I reached down and gently assisted her efforts by unbuckling and then unzipping my pants for her. I was going commando as usual and my cock forced its way out of its confines.

Olivia grabbed my cock and lowered her head so she could rub my fatty all over her face. She paused to kiss the shaft and wrapped both hands as far around it as she could and dragged my glans over her forehead and down over her nose and pursed her lips and kissed my velvety crown and flicked her tongue around the ridge and ‘spot’. Her desperation was growing as she dragged my glans along her chin and then up one cheek and then across her eyebrows and down the other cheek. She was savoring the sensation which I admit was electric.

I noticed that Alexis was pulling Sophia’s tight sweater over her head. She buried her face in Sophia’s cleavage and inhaled her perfume. My concentration was yanked back to Olivia as she started jerking both hands up and down the shaft as she caressed the glans with her tongue before stretching her lips over the knob and started bobbing up and down on my glans as she continued her two-hand, counter-rotating hand-job. She was looking up at me with a smile on her face. That platinum blonde wavy hair framing her gorgeous face was extremely erotic. She looked so happy to have my cock in her mouth again and that smile made the whole scene even more erotic.

Olivia displaced her hands with her mouth as she pushed her lips down my shaft. I knew she couldn’t deep-throat me but that never mattered when Olivia was blowing my cock. I groaned hard every time she pushed back down my shaft and my hands went involuntarily to the sides of her head. They just rode her head back and forth. She grinned up at me with my cock still in her mouth. I dropped my head back against the sofa and luxuriated in the sensation anal porno of Olivia’s blow-job. She mixed things up with a quick tempo, shallow penetration that simulated my short-stroke, piston-fucks that she liked so much. Fuck, so did I, and her simulation now was incredible. I could feel my climax building rapidly as my cock surged harder. I looked back down at her face as she pulled her lips back to the ridge and locked her teeth in place and grinned at me again. She knew I was getting close and she wanted my load deposited somewhere else.

She popped her lips off my cock and giggled at the sound as she stood up and unzipped her leather mini-skirt and let it fall to her feet. She had probably removed her panties when she invited us up. She wasn’t wearing any as she stepped out of her skirt. She placed her knees on either side of my hips and pulled my shirt up over my head. She pushed her face to my chest and licked whatever perspiration she could find. She was mewing like a kitten as she dragged her face around my pectorals. Her fingers tweaked my nipples before tracing down my chest to my stomach and bounced her fingernails over each washboard abdominal muscle. She flicked her tongue around each nipple and sighed as she savored the taste and texture.

My cock was granite hard and bounced incessantly from one of her thighs to the other just below her pussy. I humped up my hips so my glans pushed against her clitoris and she emitted a groan that was muffled because she pinching my right nipple between her lips encased teeth. She released my nipple and kissed me hard on the lips as she breathed heavily into my mouth.

Olivia adjusted her position over me and moved her hips lower. She reached down with one hand and took my cock and guided it to her pussy. She was desperately in-heat as she pushed herself onto my fatty and groaned hard into my mouth as my glans penetrated her. She pulled her face back from me and her mouth hung open with her ultra-white teeth clenched. Her eyes were glazed over as she peered into mine. She lowered herself slowly all the way to the base of my cock and sat down hard on my balls.

I reached forward and cradled her huge tits in each hand and she groaned again from the contact. She hadn’t moved for a few moments so I flexed my cock as hard as I could and that seemed to bring her back on task as she lifted herself up my shaft with her legs and then let herself fall quickly back down again. We both groaned hard as I rolled my hips upward to meet her descent. Olivia muttered, “Oh my fucking gaawwdddd. I’ve missed this.” She completed another cycle and another before she muttered, “I’m going to kidnap you and tie you to my bed.” I chuckled at the thought. Her pace quickened and I could tell she was close to her climax. She drove herself up my shaft and clamped her vaginal muscle tight on the fattest part of my cock and held her tension as she quickly slid up and down over the fattest inch or two before tiring and dropping herself back down again. That was new and she was enjoying the sensation as much as I was.

My orgasm was becoming insistent as my balls pulled up. I was trying to hold it back until Olivia climaxed but couldn’t and my lungs seemed to surge up into my throat and my toes and fingers involuntarily curled in and I heaved my hips up driving my cock as deep in Olivia’s pussy as I could. Olivia smiled at me. She was obviously amused by my contorted facial expression. She started grinding her pussy on my cock and I lost the battle. Cum exploded out of my cock into Olivia’s pussy. The smile on her face was gone as a mask of pure bliss replaced it. She fired her hips hard as she launched into her orgasm. She clenched her teeth and seethed air in and out through them. Then she opened her mouth and screamed out, “YES. YES. YES. I’m cumming. Oh my GOD. I’m CUMMING .” She collapsed her face to my chest and started driving her pussy on and off my cock as I continued launched ribbons of cum into her. I wondered if I would ever stop but I finally did. Even after I was done spewing cum, my cock continued to spasm in Olivia’s pussy.

I could feel Olivia’s clenching pussy going on well after I was done. Whenever she clenched on top of one of my spasms, we both let out a groan. Olivia’s face was pressed to my collarbone and her tits pressed to my stomach. I lightly grazed my fingertips along her side-boob and she trembled with each touch. As we gradually stopped our mutual spasms, my cock began to soften. Olivia manually clamped her vaginal muscles as she tried to keep my cock in her. Cum was leaking out of her pussy and down my shaft to my balls. I grabbed my shirt from the sofa and stuffed it under my balls.

Sophia and Alexis had stripped and slid onto the floor in front of the sofa. Alexis was on her back on the rug with Sophia in a sixty-nine position on top. Alexis had grabbed a pillow off the sofa and shoved it behind her head so that her face was buried in Sophia’s sex. Sophia was on her elbows with her face between Alexis’ upraised thighs. I had a good view but Olivia was sitting back to them. She randomly shuddered in my arms with her face buried in my shoulder. She was oblivious to the existence of Alexis and Sophia.

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