Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 2

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Note: This story is a continuation of “Poolside: Ch. 03, Pt. 1.”

Originally appearing on Literotica on 09/03/03, but recently edited to correct several typos and other careless errors.


The first step seducing Angie proved to be ridiculously easy. Later that same Wednesday I was on duty at the pool when Angie and her mother arrived. Angie joined a group of her friends, and I eavesdropped but I didn’t hear them talking about her near-rape of the evening before. Doris had signed them both in on the clipboard under my chair and she had whispered, “I told her to keep what happened a secret so that YOU wouldn’t get into trouble. Angie didn’t completely understand, but she’ll keep quiet. She likes you, for some reason!”

“The short news story on the radio was sure vague. Nobody could figure out that Angie and I were involved by hearing it. What about tonight’s paper?” I had whispered.

“The editor is a close personal friend.” She had answered softly. “He’s also Angie’s godfather. As long as you and Angie keep quiet it’ll probably die down. Bud certainly isn’t going to talk to reporters about losing his balls!” .

I was getting a more and more clear picture of the way things worked in my hometown. Connie had told me that these people were dangerous, and I was rapidly learning that her opinion was right on the money. She had also warned me to stay away from their daughters, but I’d ignored that advice – big time! On the other hand I had no doubt I would wake up in the hospital with my balls cut off – or worse – if Angie’s father ever found out where I had been dipping my wick. God! His wife AND his daughter! That was the plan!

Five minutes later Angie came over, and we talked quietly, whispering to one another. Looking at her from my chair I could see her nipples as she leaned over to get close, and I got hard. Fortunately I was sitting down!

“Don, I’m just so . . . grateful for what you did last night! You could have gotten killed! How can I ever thank you enough?” She blushed. Maybe she had the same idea I had! “And thanks for the shirt! I could smell you when I was wearing it and I really, ummh, liked that!” She blushed deeper and looked away.

“Angie, that’s OK! I’m just glad I was there. But could I ask you for a favor?”

Angie turned back to me, her eyes wide and bright. “Sure! What?” I could see several strands of her dark pubic hair peeking out from the sides of her bikini bottom. She saw me looking but made no attempt to cover herself. She grinned.

“I don’t think your dad would approve, but would you go out with me on Saturday night? Maybe catch a movie or something?”

Angie’s grin disappeared. “You’re right about my parents! I KNOW they think you’re too old for me! They thought Bud was, too, and he’s younger than you! But I’d really like to go out with you! I’ll even sneak out if I have to!”

“I don’t know about your dad, but I think you’re misjudging your mother!” I said. “Why don’t you go over and see what she thinks? If she says you can’t go out with me, I’ll understand, and we’ll just have to figure out some way to get together without them knowing.”

Angie got a “You’ve got to be kidding!” look on her face, but she walked over and flopped down beside her mother. I could see them talking, and then a surprised look came over Angie’s face, and she came running back to me. I loved the way her breasts bounced inside her bikini!

Angie was really excited, but she leaned over me showing her breasts, and spoke in a whisper. “She said YES! But definitely not to tell Dad! Or anyone else ’cause he might find out! She’ll even help me sneak out to see you! I don’t BELIEVE it!”

“I think you’ve misjudged your mom, Angie! She doesn’t think I’m too much older or that I’m dangerous!” I glanced at Doris and she winked at me. But her eyes looked calculating, not amused.

“I’ll call you tonight when Dad’s not around and we can make plans!” Angie said.

I grinned and told her my telephone number and said I’d be home by 10:00. Angie repeated it, then ran back to her friends. About an hour later she came up to me again. “Is there another one of your special parties here tonight?” She asked in a soft, coy voice.

“No, I was going to skip my swim since nobody was going to be here. Why?”

“I’ve got my own car. I’ll come watch you swim! We can make our plans then!”

“Great! Thanks, Angie! That means I can do my whole workout! And it will be easier to talk face-to-face!” Angie gave me a funny look and blushed, deeply. What was on her mind? Was she remembering her nudity from the night before? I was!

A few minutes later Doris came walking up and whispered, “Just don’t go too fast! I’m setting up a hotel for you, but it’ll be just before we go to Europe. I want it to be really nice for her first time. None of this backseat-in-a-Volkswagen nonsense! Understood? ” I nodded. A few minutes later Angie and Doris packed up and left. Angie didn’t wave, but she did look at me and grin.

Everyone had exited Esenyurt Escort the pool by 7:30, and I cleaned and straightened the pool area, dumped in some chemicals to adjust the acidity, set the chlorinator for nighttime levels, and locked all the gates except the one near the pump room. I went down to the pump room and changed into tennis shoes and gym shorts. I was in the middle of my weight routine when Angie drove up. She sat on an overturned bucket and watched me. She was wearing shorts, a blouse, and sandals. Her bikini was wrapped in a towel.

“You sure sweat a lot when you do that! What’s this exercise called?” She asked.

I nodded. “Eighteen . . . Nineteen . . . Twenty! These are bench presses. Two more sets and I’m done! I’m working on repetitions tonight, not strength. Good for developing the upper chest.”

Angie giggled. “Looks like they work!”

Before I did another set of bench presses, I drank some water. After the presses I changed to arm curls and squats.

Finally the workout was done. I drank more water and walked around for a couple of minutes, swinging my arms and trying to cool down a little. My muscles were pumped up from the workout, and I was drenched in sweat. My shorts clung to my legs. Angie just sat and stared at me, watching everything I did. She seemed to be lost in thought, but she never took her eyes off me.

“I’ve got to change into running shorts and my boots. My run will take a little more than ten minutes, and you can change while I’m doing that.”

“Sure. OK!” Angie said, absently, as if she had barely heard what I said.

I went down the stairs into the pump room, took off my shoes and socks, and peeled off my soaked shorts and jock. I used a towel to dry myself off, and when I turned around, there was Angie.

“It’s not so big tonight!” She giggled and pointed at my limp penis.

“Angie! What the hell are you doing down here!” I felt my penis beginning to swell.

“Oh, did I do that?” She asked. She pointed at my rising erection and giggled again.

I turned my back to her and got into a clean jock and my running shorts. Then I pushed past Angie and carried my wet stuff upstairs, washed it under a faucet using a bar of soap, hung everything on the fence, and then sat down and put my socks and combat boots on. Angie just watched me, her eyes now sparkling brightly. She had an enigmatic smile on her face.

“See you in a few minutes!” I said, and I took off for the two-mile cross-country course which was laid out across the fairways. Angie and I had never even gone out, and we’d already been awfully intimate, physically at least. As I ran I thought about her. What was she like? I was planning to have sex with her, and she was still a stranger. But she was really attractive, and I loved the way she smelled! And the way her breasts bounced would corrupt a monk!

I made good time even though my cock kept getting stiff! Ten minutes and 32 seconds later, I returned. Angie was still completely dressed. She walked with me twice around the pool while I cooled down. I was still sweating, but at least my breathing was almost normal. She didn’t seem to mind the smell of my fresh sweat.

“I’ll change with you so we can swim.” Angie declared. I didn’t know how to tell her I didn’t want her to undress herself in front of me, particularly since that’s exactly what I wanted her to do! I felt my temperature rise, and more sweat poured off my body. I sensed that she was offering herself to me. But what if I had it wrong? And what about my agreement with Doris?

She followed me down into the pump room. “Where can I leave my clothes?” She innocently asked as she kicked off her sandals.

I opened a folding chair. “Just stack everything there. Anywhere else is damp.” My voice had a strange, choked sound. The anticipation of watching her disrobe almost caused my penis to explode. I was barely in control.

Angie stood facing me and began to unbutton her blouse. She was looking right into my face and smiling. She pulled her blouse off, and folded it neatly on the chair. Then she looked at me again and pulled her shorts off. She put them under her blouse.

I hadn’t moved. I could feel myself switching from rational human being to primitive male animal. Angie was facing me wearing only a light-blue bra and panties. She was blushing, and it even colored her chest. But she was looking right at me and smiling. “Aren’t you going to change, Don?” She asked in a thick, husky voice. I couldn’t stop my eyes from moving up and down her body. She was incredibly attractive. The underwear merely accented the secrets it covered, and I was starting to lose myself in her.

“Angie, what the hell . . .”

She reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She shrugged it off, adding it to her pile of clothes. She had her mother’s areolae and nipples, but Angie’s breasts were perky and larger, and they jutted out. Her nipples and areolae turned dark red and began to protrude as I stared at Esenyurt Escort bayan them. I was breathing through my open mouth.

I felt really hot, and there was a roaring in my ears. I pulled my shorts down, leaving me in my jock, facing Angie in her bikini panties. She slipped her panties down her legs, and I stared at the thick, dark triangle of curly hair that I had only glimpsed the night before. She was so much like her mother! She put her hands on her hips, and said, “Well?” I felt an incredible desire to squat down and press my face into her furry mount. I could smell her sweet scent, and I wondered how it would taste.

I pulled off my jock, and my prick snapped to attention. Angie and I stared at each other’s bodies. There was about a foot between the head of my twitching penis and her stomach. I could feel my penis throbbing. We were broth breathing fast. All I had to do was step forward and she was mine for the taking. I knew it with absolute certainty. So did Angie.

Somehow I got control of myself. I quickly turned around, grabbed one of my swim suits, and pulled it on. I had trouble getting it over my penis. It was sticky with pre-cum.

When I turned around, Angie was still naked. “Do we really need suits, Don? I know you have skinny-dipping parties up here! Why don’t we do that?”

I had trouble speaking. “Unh . . . Unh . . . No, not tonight, Angie. I really need to swim my laps, and I can’t do it very well dragging an oar!”

Angie laughed, and her breasts bounced. “All right, but you need to dress me! Otherwise, I’ll swim like this!” I knew that I wouldn’t stop once I touched her. The carnal desire I felt was now nearly beyond irresistible. I ran my eyes over her breasts and down to her dark, bushy pussy. If it were possible, my penis got even harder. Somewhere, hidden among those thick curls, was what I disparately desired. “You can swim any way you want, but I’m wearing my suit. And I’m not going to dress you!” I finally managed to say, momentarily beating back the testosterone rush.

Angie looked a little hurt. She pulled her tiny bikini bottoms on, then put her breasts into the top. She turned around and said, “If you want me to wear the top, you’ll have to fasten it for me!”

Yeah, sure. I gave her a little victory and fastened the two snaps at the back. Angie turned back to face me. She looked as if she was getting ready to cry. “Don’t you like my body?”

“Angie, I like your body too dammed much! But you’re playing a dangerous game with me, and if you get me any more worked up, I’ll rape you just like Bud tried last night.”

Angie paled for a few seconds. Then she softly said, “You wouldn’t have to rape me, Don. I’m yours if you want me.”

Ohmigod! I fought for her and won, and she knew she was mine! “Yes, I want you, Angie.” I grabbed her shoulders and turned her toward the door and gently pushed her up the stairs. “First laps, then we can talk about other things – like sex!”

It was almost completely dark. The moon had not yet risen, and the only illumination came from a few street lights a half mile below us and from the trillions of stars overhead. There was a gentle breeze. It was incredibly romantic. Faint lightning flashed far off to the north, well over the horizon. I entered the pool in a racing dive and began to swim my laps. My erection gradually subsided.

I had left an old plastic abacus on the end of the pool, and each time I swam four lengths, I added one to the total on the abacus. A good part of a half hour later the total on the abacus was sixteen, so I had done my sixteen-hundred meters, or about a mile. I swam down to the shallow end and walked around, trying to get my breath back. Angie jumped in and splashed me.

I didn’t mind. I kept dipping myself in the water to rinse of my sweat. Angie swam over and wrapped herself around me, face-to-face. “Aren’t you going to kiss me?” She asked and pouted.

Inside the pool it was almost completely dark. Angie was little more than a dark gray female shape wearing a pale yellow bikini which was now pressed against my body. I couldn’t tell if her eyes were open or closed. I kissed her and began to nibble on her lips. Her hands ran up and down my back. She made happy sounds in her throat.

Her tongue burst into my mouth, and I began to gently suck on it. Angie moaned. I released her tongue, and pushed mine into her mouth. We tongue-wrestled for a couple of minutes.

Angie began to rub her hands down to my buttocks and thighs, feeling my muscles, enlarged now because of my exercise. She was obviously getting very aroused. I again felt a nearly overwhelming desire to peel her suit off and take her, so I put both hands on her waist and tickled her as hard as I could.

Angie shrieked and she jumped off me. We began to play childish splashing and dunking games in the pool, laughing and giggling like little kids. She would let me catch and tickle her, then she would pull away from me, giving each of us plenty of Escort esenyurt chances to touch each other’s bodies. It was kid stuff, but I began to feel the familiar urge to mate with her rising stronger and stronger. If I didn’t stop soon . . .

I quickly swam to the side and hopped out. I sat on the side with my feet in the water. Angie came over and I lifted her out by her hands, almost popping her breasts out of her top, and sat her down beside me. The night air felt refreshing on my wet body.

“Don’t you want me?” Angie asked. Apparently having sex with me was uppermost on her mind. Well, it was shoving caution aside on its way to the top of my mind, too!

“Angie, I want you more than I can say. But let’s take it easy, OK? We hardly know each other! And last night you were almost raped right here! This just isn’t the best time or place for us to get too, uh, friendly!”

“Last night I’d decided to have sex with Bud. Then he got rough and nasty, and you beat him up. Now I really want to have sex with you!”

“Angie, I didn’t beat Bud up. I tricked him and I got lucky! Besides, we weren’t fighting to see who got your body!”

Angie just sat there for a minute. Then she looked at my face. “Know what’s funny? When we were necking and I let Bud take off my bra, when he looked at me undressed . . . he made me feel like I was doing something wrong. But with you last night and downstairs just now, I didn’t feel guilty at all! I just wanted you to touch me and hold me!”

“Angie, you’re incredibly sexy and I want to make love to you. But this is just too dammed fast! You’re not just some prize I won in a fight!”

“I have the feelings and desires of a woman, and I’m tired of being a virgin! I want to know what it feels like to have your penis . . . “

Angie abruptly got to her feet and walked quickly away. I could barely see her in the darkness as she stared into the distance, facing away from me with her arms crossed. “I’m not a little girl, dammit! And I’m taking the pill, so you don’t have to worry about that!”

I hopped up, took hold of her upper arms, and turned her back to face me. “Nobody’s going to accuse you of being a little girl, Angie!” And I kissed her. She molded her body to mine and we kissed for a long time, standing by the pool in our wet swim suits.

I broke the kiss. “Saturday. Movie. How about . . .” And I named one. “It’s showing here in town and also in . . .” I named a city about an hour’s drive away. “If we drive there, nobody from around here will see us, and your dad will never find out you went out with me!”

Angie grinned. “I forgot to tell you! Mom’s going to tell Dad that I’m babysitting for Aunt Karen. That’s the town where she lives! Where the movie is! Aunt Karen will cover for me if anyone asks. You can pick me up there! I’ll give you directions the next time I come to the pool!”

“Isn’t she married? What will her husband say?”

“Aunt Karen will think of something clever! Uncle Jack won’t figure it out! She fools him all the time!”

I was struck by the self-assured ease with which these women manipulated their men. Earlier Angie was making full and effective use of her body on me, and here were Doris, Karen, and Angie scheming together to deceive two fully mature males and, most likely, me. Even though I knew that Doris and Karen were also deceiving Angie, I was still impressed.

Thinking about the ease with which women manipulated men, I was not entirely surprised when Angie suddenly reached into the top of my suit and undid my drawstring. In one motion she pulled my trunks to my ankles allowing my erection to slap into her arm. Then she unsnapped her top and shook it off as she pulled down her bottoms. She clung to me, pressing herself against my naked body. I could feel her wet pubic hair against my thigh and penis. It was already hard, but now it began to get even harder.

We stepped out of our suits. Angie kissed me for a long time. I could feel her heart pounding against my chest. The scent and taste of her skin made me moan with excitement as I kissed and licked her face. My penis was throbbing against her crotch and thigh, and I could tell by the movements of her body that she was aware of its pulsing. Her nipples pressed hard against my chest. Again I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy. No matter what Doris wanted, I knew that I was going to make love to Angie in a matter of moments. Angie was seducing me, and there was no way I was going to stop until I felt her screaming in orgasm with my penis buried completely inside her.

I slid my hands up her back and around to her breasts. I began to rub her nipples, and Angie began to moan. I slid one hand between us and began to rub the front of her crotch, and she spread her legs apart, letting me rub between her legs. She gasped. “Please! I want to be a woman with you!” I pressed a finger on her clitoris, and she moaned, “OOOOH!”

Angie took hold of my hand and moved it to several places on her crotch. “I like it when you touch me there! Bud bruised me and it hurts, but not when you’re so gentle!” My fingers were quickly sticky with her juices. Angie began to make soft moans and I could feel her labia spreading open as my fingers moved around her vulva. She was completely unashamed to have me explore her body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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