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It wasn’t an official sorority event. It wasn’t mandatory. You could go and just watch. You could stay home. Maeve went anyway.

She sat in the second row from the back on a metal chair, pink tank top and blue jeans, long pink hair trapped in a ponytail. She wanted to look cute, but also wanted to blend in. Just in case she decided to run.

Maeve watched the presentations. It was educational but not in the normal way. The theme of the party was to give a presentation on something you were passionate about, weirdness was encouraged. She’d seen PowerPoints about card tricks, juggling, monster-fucking, and even fashion in the 1920s.

When Maeve heard about the party, she decided not to go. Then one night she opened Powerpoint and started fooling around. It started with two slides and some funny art. Then it grew into acronyms and descriptions, evidence and examples. A part of her impossible to explain became a final-worthy presentation. When she woke up the next day, she read it over. Almost deleted it. Then she signed up for the party.

The crowd cheered after a brunette finished a presentation about Beer Pong being a real sport. She’d been playing it earlier and she seemed sober, so she must know her stuff.

“Okay, Maeve? You’re up!” One of the organizers called. Maeve stood up on shaky legs. She walked to the front of the room, in front of the bright screen. A laptop sat on a crate to her left, a stool to her right. She put her flashdrive in the computer, and took a deep breath.

Still time to run.

“You’ve got this!” A voice called out, a few people clapped for her. She closed her eyes, then opened them.

“Okay,” she took her ponytail out, and shook free the long pink hair. The crowd cheered. She opened the file on the computer, and played her PowerPoint.

A title slide read FOR THE LOVE OF WEDGIES in big pink curly letters.

“I love wedgies, and you should too,” she smiled. The room went silent. Maeve clicked to the next slide:







She explained how Wedgies were fun and unexpected, how they were fun to watch, how they dominate whoever gets them, how pretty it is to watch a pair of cute panties climb into the air, how there are a million kinds of wedgies that can happen anywhere, and how anyone can pull it off.

“It’s not for everyone, but I love giving them, and getting them can feel good if it’s the right lady behind you,” she clicked ahead in the slide show and went over the different kinds.

Classic Wedgies, cute and simple.

Hanging Wedgies and their benefits, the DIY nature and the power of a good rope.

Atomic Wedgies, how good stretchy underwear feels going over your head.

She included a few images and gifs from some adult films, she saw a few girls blush.

“I love wedgies because they’re fun and they’re hot and I know that’s weird,” Maeve bit her lip, “But everything’s weird. We all like weird shit, that’s why we’re here today.” She clicked to the last slide, one that read DEMONSTRATION.

“So, can I have a volunteer?” Maeve looked out into the audience. The room was quiet again, nervous. The air was strange. Before she was quiet and unassuming. Now she was the Wedgie Girl, she had a brand, maybe that would bring another freak to her, maybe it would bring her good luck.

“I volunteer!” She yelled. Long straight red hair, big green eyes. She wore black yoga shorts and a tight red tank top.

“Come on up,” Maeve nodded, nervous. She ran to the front of the room, the crowd cheered.

“Sidney,” she stuck out her hand.

“Maeve,” she shook Sidney’s hand.

“Where do you want me?”

“Put your hands on the stool and bend over.” Sidney did as she was told. A few more cheers. Maeve wiped sweat from her forehead. She cracked her knuckles and walked behind Sidney. She stared at her ass.

“Ready when you are,” Sidney shook her ass. A girl in the audience laughed.

“You grab the waistband, obviously,” Maeve grabbed the back of Sid’s shorts. She pulled them down a few inches, then grabbed the waistband of the white underwear beneath. She pulled them upward, very slowly at first, then fast and hard.

“Ouch,” Sidney yelped. The audience laughed. Maeve marveled at the small fistful of undies in her hand.

“You good?”

“Oh yeah,” Sidney smiled, “Keep pulling.”

“You want to be close to your target, plant your feet firmly on the ground, bend your elbows and PULL,” Maeve pulled with all her strength. Sidney’s panties climbed high into the air, sinking into her ass, the leg holes stretching far out of her shorts.

“Fuuuuck,” Sidney groaned, her hips were carried upward, her feet left the floor. She gripped the stool hard.

“You can bounce your victim,” Maeve offered, giving Sidney’s panties a few quick bounces, “If you want to make her squirm.”

“She’s…such a…good bully,” Sidney dangled over the stool as

her ass jiggled with each bounce. The crowd laughed and ogled. bursa escort Maeve lowered Sidney to the ground, her hands let go of the underwear, and she turned to the audience.

“I hope that was informative,” Maeve bowed to the audience. It was a big mistake. She felt hands on the back of her jeans.

“No!” Maeve gasped, but before she could even lean up, Sidney’s hands were on her waistband and she was done.

“Let’s give them a show,” Sidney laughed, and pulled Maeve’s pink panties into the open.

“Shit!” Maeve laughed, she nearly fell over, her panties surged up her ass. She reached behind her, trying to grab back her undies. Sidney pulled harder, the audience cheered, Maeve was on her tiptoes as the pink slipped up her ass.

“You forgot about the Yo-Yo Wedgie,” Sidney shook her head, “that’s my favorite.” She pushed Maeve forward, she went flying across the floor, then Sidney pulled Maeve back by her underwear.

“Owww!” The pain was hot and sharp, and perfect. Sidney pushed Maeve forward again, then pulled her back, the pink panties stretched far in her hands.

“This one is pretty self explanatory,” Sidney laughed, looking at the audience, “Keep a firm grip, push her just enough so she stumbles, then catch her and haul her back.”

Sidney pulled the panties a few inches higher and enjoyed the soft moan that escaped Maeve’s lips. Then she shoved her forward, catching her right before she fell, pulling her back by her undies.

All Maeve wanted that night was to catch someone’s attention. Anyone that loved what she loved, and now she had it. She had given a hard wedgie but now she was being thrown around by her underwear, underwear that was not showing any sign of tearing despite being drilled into her.

She caught Sidney’s smile behind her, confident and dominant, her arms full of fabric, her hair nice and smooth while Maeve’s own hair was flying wildly around her with each push.

Sidney pushed her forward again. Time slowed down. Maeve took in every detail. The crowd, laughing at her and cheering Sidney on. The soft lights of the room, the beer pong table and the paddles on the floor, the fan lazily spinning in the kitchen.

After a couple more yo-yos, Sidney pulled Maeve close, bringing her pink waistband to the back of her neck.

“What now princess?” Sidney whispered in her ear. Maeve shivered. An atomic would be wonderful, Sidney was a goddess, but she had a wilder idea.

“Anyone else?” Maeve looked out at the audience, out of breath, trying not to drool. She thought it was a long shot, what were the odds that another wedgie-lover was out there, but when would she ever have a chance like this.

Things were quiet, Maeve’s shoulders slumped. Then a tall girl at the back of the room stood up, she wore khakis and a black vest like a 1920s gangster. She whispered something to a blond with short hair and a surfer tee. The blond nodded and stepped out of the room. The tall girl walked up the front of the room.

“I’m Jess,” she smiled. Maeve noticed her large arms and broad shoulders.

“Pleasure to meet you,” Sidney smiled.

“May I?” Jess reached out with her left hand.

“Of course,” Sidney stepped to the side and held out Maeve’s panties like a prize. Jess took them with a soft grip and turned to the audience. Maeve waited, Sidney turned to leave, excited to watch the fireworks.

“Wait one second little lady,” Jess chuckled, her right hand struck out like a viper. Sidney’s white panties were still sticking out of her shorts, an easy target, and Jess snapped them up.

“Wait!” Sidney gasped, turning to stop the coming wedgie.

“Double Wedgie!” Jess shouted, pulling both girls by their underwear.

“Fuck!” Maeve yelped.

“Shit!” Sidney’s legs went rigid as her white panties surged back up her ass. She was on her tiptoes, she had been so powerful seconds ago and now she was just another nerd. She looked over at Maeve, her pink hair fell down her shoulders and her pink undies covered her back. Maeve looked over at her, the white panties perfectly stretching, pulling the yoga shorts up her ass. They shared a smile.

“If you can’t hit the gym, find a couple cute nerds, grab their panties, and get to work,” Jess pulled harder and both girls left the floor, dangling by their underwear. She then bounced them both, curling her arm as she wedgied them.

“Go Jess!” A girl in the audience shouted.

“Nerds!” Another girl laughed. Maeve felt her face go red, even though she sent the invitation. She had been so worried at the start of the night that no one would like wedgies, and now she’d created a mob.

“Ahh,” Maeve moaned after a hard bounce. Sidney tried to keep her composure but after bounce number seven, the noises slipped out of her, each bounce sent earthquakes across her body. She kept a hand to her chest, worried her tank top might come loose. As she was bounced she could see Maeve’s body, her jeans were cute before, but now an explosion of pink spilled out bursa escort bayan of them, showing her asscrack and each bounce shook her boobs with perfect force.

Maeve was watching Sidney too, trying to hide it by looking at the crowd, but Sidney caught her eyes drifting toward the black yoga shorts and Jess’ right hand coated in white. After a few dozen bounces, the blond girl stepped back into the room, she flashed Jess a thumbs up.

“Okay girls, time to kick this up a notch.” The crowd parted, some of the girls shared knowing looks. Jess walked forward, carrying Sidney and Maeve with her.

“How the hell?” Maeve gasped.

“I’m going into wrestling,” Jess smiled.

“You’re incredible,” Sidney laughed.

“I try,” Jess shrugged and kept walking, never letting Sidney or Maeve touch the floor, keeping the wedgies perfectly in place. They reached the end of the room and turned into the kitchen, a few bowls of chips and a bottle of soda sat on the table. A black haired girl sat on the counter, she winked at them. The sliding glass door to the backyard was open, and Jess stepped outside.

Maeve looked up at the giant backyard tree, the branches stretched high into the air. Two ropes hung from a tall branch. The blond girl stood with one rope in hand, beside her a girl with blue hair held the second rope.

“We’re fucked aren’t we?” Sidney turned to Maeve.

“Big time,” Maeve nodded. Jess walked them toward the tree and lowered them to the ground.

“This is Grace,” Jess nodded to the blond with the rope, Maeve noticed a surfboard tattoo on her shoulder.

“I like your tattoo,” Maeve smiled.

“Thanks.” Jess let go of Maeve’s underwear and then Grace grabbed her and spun her around. Her hands grabbed her underwear, but she didn’t pull them, instead she carefully threaded the rope through Maeve’s leg holes and tied a tight knot.

“This is Mac,” Jess nodded toward the blue haired girl.

“I like your hair,” Sidney complimented.

“Thanks, it took forever to settle on this color.” Jess let go of Sidney’s underwear and Mac took her by the shoulder and spun her around. She pushed a rope through Sidney’s legholes.

“What kind of knot did you use?”

“Square,” Grace answered. Mac nodded, she tied a square knot, and backed away. Sidney reached for Maeve’s hand, Maeve took it.

“Hanging Wedgie!” Jess shouted. For a second, nothing happened, then Maeve felt the rope tickle her back as it was pulled up. Sidney squeezed her hand and Maeve squeezed back. Stretched as they were, the pink and white underwear stretched even higher as the rope pulled hard. Maeve left the ground first, then Sidney.

“Ahhhhh,” Maeve cried out, she kicked the air as the rope pulled her higher.

“Fuuuuuck yooooou guuuuuys,” Sidney swore, still holding Maeve’s hand. They both looked up, their panties seemed to stretch for miles, the rope had no mercy. After all these wedgies, Maeve still felt the pain as she soared into the air, Sidney’s hand helped, a nice firm grip just like the one the rope had.

The rope stopped, just below the leaves, bouncing the girls slightly. Maeve locked eyes with a frisbee on the roof, they were two stories in the air. After taking in the view a few seconds longer, Jess clapped her hands.

“Alright, have fun ladies,” Jess twirled her hand and the other girls turned. They walked inside and closed the sliding door.

Sidney let go of Maeve’s hand, and grabbed the rope with one hand to steady herself. Maeve did the same.

“You okay?” Maeve asked.

“Yeah,” Sidney shook her head, “Can’t believe she got both of us.”

“We didn’t even touch the ground,” Maeve still couldn’t believe her night.

“The bitch planned this before she even had her hands on us, fucking genius, I’d be furious if I didn’t feel so good,” Sidney let go of the rope and kicked her legs swinging in her wedgie. Maeve did the same, she enjoyed the burn of the wedgie as she gently swung in the air. She looked at the ground far below, the small piles of leaves and a few lawn chairs. She saw a small light in the sky, a helicopter in the distance.

Please don’t fly over here. She had just told a room full of girls her kink, and had been given a dozen wedgies by them, but she wasn’t quite ready to make the news. They were quiet for a few minutes.

“Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Wanna get a slice at Josh’s?”

“Josh’s? That’s not pizza.”

“But it’s good.”

“But it’s not pizza.”

“Does that really matter?” Maeve threw up her hands.

“Yes, it’s a pizza place.”

“Let me buy you pizza.”

“It’s not pizza.”

“Let me buy you not pizza,” Maeve gave her a playful shove.

“Usually it’s dinner and a wedgie,” Sidney shoved her back.

“It’s an unusual night,” Maeve cocked her head and smiled.

“True,” Sidney considered. She was quiet for a moment. Maeve looked up at the sky, the moon was half full and she could make out a few stars.

“Here’s the plan,” Sidney waved her hands, escort bursa “We swing up somehow, climb the tree, and drop onto the second story.”

“And then pizza?”

“Not yet, we climb through the window, quietly. Step into the hallway, I’ll take down Grace and you take down Mac, then we both take down Jess.”



“You’re crazy.”

“I can take them.”

“No you can’t,” Maeve looked at Sidney’s underwear, being held tight by the rope.

“I kicked your ass didn’t I?”

“You jumped me!” Maeve defended.

“So? I had those frilly panties wrapped around my fingers, you were helpless.”

“And I bounced you by your tighty whities,” Maeve bragged.

“Whatever,” Sidney turned away, “I’m going for it. I’m taking on the whole party.”

“You can’t.”

“I’m gonna,” Sidney reached up with both hands and grabbed the rope. She started to pull herself up, she reached for the branch that was way above her head.

“Stop!” Maeve reached for her. Sidney burst out laughing.

“I’m fucking with you,” Sidney let go of the rope and dangled. “We can’t fight Jess, she’s a tank. Besides, it’s good to get your ass kicked from time to time, it builds character.”

“I guess,” Maeve laughed, “I’m still gonna beat you up for making fun of me.”

“I’d love to see you try,” Sidney licked her lips.

“After pizza.”

“It’s not pizza.”

“Ugh,” Maeve groaned.

“Let’s go,” Sidney cupped her hands, “I’ll spring you up, grab the branch, then help me.”

“Gotcha,” Maeve swung her feet and Sidney grabbed her ankles. Maeve bent her knees and jumped for the branch. Her hands wrapped around the wood and she pulled herself up and threw her leg over it.

“Good?” Sidney asked. Maeve gave a thumbs up.

“Ready?” Maeve grabbed Sidney’s rope.

“Yep.” Sidney braced. Maeve pulled the rope up with both hands, Sidney yelped as it carried her undies higher.

“So stretchy,” Maeve teased as Sidney’s ass reached the branch.

“Watch it Princess,” Sidney grumbled, she reached behind and grabbed the branch. Maeve let go of the rope and took Sidney’s hand and helped her over the branch.

They both caught their breath.

“I’ll get you if you get me,” Maeve touched her rope.

“Thanks,” Sidney leaned forward and Maeve reached down her back for the rope. The knot was tight but she kept clawing at it until it came loose, then she pulled the rope out of her underwear. Maeve threw it to the ground.

“Now me,” Maeve leaned forward, “And no funny business.”

“I promise,” Sidney reached for the rope around Maeve’s panties. She felt her fingers brush her back and shivered as Sidney worked.

“Thanks,” Maeve laughed as Sidney untied the knot and freed her. She threw the rope to the ground. Even though her pink panties were still lodged up her ass, it was peaceful up there. She looked at Sidney, their eyes met. A soft breeze rustled the leaves around them.

Maeve wanted to lean forward, wanted to take Sidney’s hand, and taste her lips. She scooted closer, so she was right in front of Sidney.

“Hi,” Sidney said, her face red.

“I don’t know how to make the first move,” Maeve blushed.

“You already made the first movie, you told the world you loved wedgies,”

“You’re the one who volunteered,” Maeve pointed out.

“And you’re the one who called me,” Sidney leaned forward. Maeve tilted her head and they kissed. Above the party, above the bullies who had trapped them in the great tree, they kissed. Maeve’s right hand traveled to Sidney’s chest, dipping into the red tank top, giving a gentle squeeze. Sidney’s hands grabbed Maeve’s waist and pulled her closer. They kissed again, then Sidney leaned back, rubbing her backside.

“I’m gonna get splinters in my ass.”

“Oh okay,” Maeve dropped her hands to her sides.

“Don’t worry,” Sidney put a hand on Maeve’s chin, “I’m just pressing pause.”

“You’re a goddess,” Maeve swooned.

“Come on,” Sidney offered her hand, Maeve took it. They climbed down the tree and stood on numb legs.

“Want help?” Maeve touched Sidney’s back where a mass of white fabric sat.

“Sure,” Sidney dropped her yoga shorts and turned, the wedgie still tight, her ass in full view.

“Wow,” Maeve marveled.

“Yeah yeah, I know, help me out.” Maeve grabbed the leg holes and pulled down, slowly pulling the panties out of Sidney’s ass. She kept pulling down until the last bit of fabric was free. Then she pulled the stretched white panties back up around Sidney’s hips. Maeve did her best to smooth the fabric.

“You’re good,” Maeve let go. Sidney pulled her shorts back up. Maeve turned around. Sidney grabbed the back of her jeans and pulled them down. Maeve shivered.

“Wow they’re really up there, you might be stuck like this,” Sidney teased. Maeve rolled her eyes. Then she felt fingers on her back, fingers on her panties. Sidney pulled the pink fabric out of her ass slowly, she brought the undies down to Maeve’s knees then gently back up around her hips.

“That’s the worst wedgie I’ve ever gotten,” Maeve laughed.

“So far,” Sidney raised an eyebrow.

“Night’s still young,” Maeve pulled her jeans back up.

“Let’s get some not-pizza,” Sidney offered her hand, Maeve took it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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