Prince Kyrhan’s Harem

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To really catch the intricacies of Kyrhan’s harem, it would be very useful to read my previous stories : Good morning India, Mother knows best and A cruise for Kira where the steps of the formation of Kyrhan’s harem are described.


Kyrhan was alone in his palace with his dear wife Kira. They had had a formal dinner together in the banquet room for the eighth anniversary of their marriage and of the beginning of the restoration of the palace under Kira’s vigilant guidance. With her team of Dalits who made all the hard work of restoration in the palace and worshiped even the place where Kira had just put her foot, the work was advancing quite fast. The former harem aisle where Kyrhan and herself were living had now all the amenities the Prince and his wife could expect.

There were a few wide reception halls where the former princes choose their partner for the night, private apartments for them to dine, work or sleep quietly and now nearly forty rooms to accommodate their children when they came home and all their friends. Each of the women who had shared Kyrhan’s bed since his marriage had her own room with a king size bed to receive their husbands or occasionally Kyrhan himself and a complete bathroom. The rooms had been attributed following the date Kyrhan had fucked them for the first time.

Their first names were painted on the door in elegant Hindi calligraphy with a European transcription underneath. Ranu, Kyrhan’s niece had the first room, just next to the main bedroom with its gigantic bed that could accommodate easily six women and Kyrhan together. If their husbands were invited, there was a very thick carpet that would be comfortable enough for any orgy. The second bedroom was for Leena, the wife of an English CEO, Peter who was Kyrhan’s oldest friend. The third was for Swapna, the pretty software programmer Kyrhan had used several times the capabilities before exploring the treasures of her body. The next room was for Sabrina, the American wife of John, initially customers of the palace hotel. Kira had seduced Sabrina and offered her to Kyrhan with the agreement of her husband. Sabrina was the only one who had kept her birth name so far. All the other girls had been given surnames usually by Kyrhan himself and the surname had sticked so completely that even their own husbands and children now used them. The last room was attributed to Preeti, an Australian blonde girl who never went to Kyrhan’s palace with her husband who preferred beers, surfing and Rugby tournaments to sexual activities. There were at least a dozen rooms ready for Kyrhan’s future conquests.

Dan was the only one to have a personal bedroom as the other men occupied their wives’ bedroom especially when they were fucked by Kyrhan. Dan was often invited in Kyrhan’s bedroom to share Kira, Leena or Ranu with the Prince. The other men were less intimate with him.

Kira was not jealous of the other girls. She could not be as she had been and was still the legitimate wife of Dan with whom she still spent about half her time in France.

– Kira pet, I would lik to speak with you about a project I would like to realize at the end of this year.

– Darling, You perfectly know that if I can help you, I will.

– I have always wanted to gather all my six women here and fuck them all until they are simultaneously pregnant from me. Imagine the six of them with their distended bellies on the same photograph. . . I would love it.

– Ahh. I see why you want it done at the end of the year: Even if some of them may be pregnant today, they could arrange to have their wombs idle in ten months.

– Just right but I would like your periods to be aligned perfectly. My wish is to knock up the six of you in a single week, just for the fun.

– Sold! I will contact them. I’m sure they will agree. They will ask their Gyn to be aligned with me.

Kyrhan French hugged and kissed lovingly Kira to thank her.

– It’s on such occasions that I’m so glad to have met you and for Dan to have allowed me to marry you. You are by far the best assistant I ever had in my life.

– My dear husband, your assistant would like you to exert your marital privileges, now. Do me, do me hard and deep, my beloved Lord and Master.

Kyrhan obliged immediately. Her last sentence was her coded demand for him to ass fuck her; Then he would clean his weapon in her mouth before rinsing it for a long time in her cunt. He would cum profusely in her three holes successively as usual. A less virile man could have had difficulties fucking a woman three times in a row without a respite but Kyrhan was much better than that. Kira had often tested him with the help of one or two women from his harem. They were used to accommodate him but Kyrhan had always been able to utterly exhaust three seasoned and rested girls. They were always forced to beg for mercy, their cunt and ass holes sore from overuse.

Ten months later, Kira was preparing to receive her French husband Dan, arriving from Paris with Ranu who replaced her with kürt porno her husband when Kira was in India. Kyrhan’s niece was wearing a very elegant brightly colored cotton kameez with black Shuridars. Kira kissed both of them on the lips and hugged closely Dan. It had been nearly a month since the last time they had met.

Kyrhan had arranged for a film to be made on the revival of his palace harem. So a scenario had been written and special dispositions were to be observed. Dan and the other husbands would not share as usual the bedroom of their wives but be installed in the former harem slaves quarters that Kira had had repainted and cleared of rubble as they had not been used for a century. She had also prepared Kurtas for all the men, copies of the uniform of the harem slaves of the grand father of Kyrhan. At that time, they were eunuchs but Kyrhan had decided that such a detail could be overlooked.

Dan would have a separate bedroom as Kyrhan had given him the role of Master of the harem. He would wear a big turban, a scimitar and a stick meant at the origin to punish the errant women of the harem. He was pretty impressive with this outfit. Dan had a wide chest and bulging muscles on his arms but he was dwarfed completely when he was near the splendid Kyrhan who could have been a wrestling champion.

Kira accompanied Ranu to her room to rehearse with her the future scenes. She had given to Dan the keys of the harem doors. After all, no woman should have the keys of the harem. It was plain logic that the great Eunuch would be the only one allowed to open the doors, even to the other women who were due to arrive.

Someone was just banging at the door. It was Peter with his wife Leena. Dan went to fetch Ranu. She would accompany Leena to her room while Dan showed Peter where he would live for a week. Peter grimaced when he saw the Spartan bed and the simple amenities. All the rooms had a remote controlled camera.

Swapna was the last to arrive, shortly before the dinner. The women were served in the main dining room. Dan, Peter, John and Rajiv occupied the four angles of the room, surveying the women with a stern gaze and reprimanding them when their manners were sloppy. Kira was the only one absent from the dining room. In the scenario designed by Kyrhan, she was to serve him his dinner in his bedroom. She was wearing her best belly dance outfit with a bolero with no bra underneath. The sheer fabric of her harem pants made it plainly evident that she had no panties underneath. The pants had deep slits at different positions. Kyrhan’s hands or cock would have no difficulties to reach her pussy. Whenever Kyrhan decided it, she could be impaled on his huge cock in a matter of seconds. She had ovulated the day before and would most likely be the first one to be knocked up this very evening.

Kira remained standing, serving food, water and wine to her husband like a slave. She tried to remain in the field of the camera which was following her moves. Kira didn’t try to elude his caresses. On the contrary, she did her best to provoke them and position herself to make Kyrhan’s movements easier. Kyrhan ordered her to feed him morsels of fruit, offering them to his mouth and licking the occasional drop of juice around his mouth. Their frolicking took its logical conclusion when he turned his head so that their mouths joined. Kira was for the first time in years very shy, trying not to break the kiss but also not to push him toward bolder acts. On the film, her shyness would be very pleasant to watch, she hoped.

Kyrhan pulled Kira to him and made her straddle him. He uncovered swiftly his cock. Kira sat on his lap and wriggled somewhat to position herself. As if she had rehearsed it many times, she felt the tip of his cock gliding along her twat, ready to enter and fill her. She choose the appropriate moment and humped forward. Kyrhan’s quite eager cock slid inside her pussy, pushing her internal walls aside. Kira gasped in surprise and soon after moaned in delight. Less than a minute later, she felt his cock banging against her cervix while his testicles banged against her ass. She was quite wet as always when her husband was near her and she had been ready to service him in any hole since they had been together in this room. His cock was quite hard and deliciously erect. He pushed it inside as far as he could go, pulled almost completely out until she moaned in frustration, before pushing himself back in. In two or three moves, he could have spurted his load against her cervix but he kept himself in controm until she reached her climax. When Kira screamed his name, he let himself relax and filled her womb with his seed. She laid on the bed, panting, with her heart racing madly as she felt him pulling away carefully. He had placed a pillow under her hips to heighten her and preclude his cum to escape her twat. She gave him a plug to force his potent seed to soak her eggs all the night. She was very proud to have been chosen by her master to be the first to be impregnated by him.

As soon ladyboy porno as he had recovered his senses, Kyrhan stood up, kissed Kira and went his way.

– You know, what you are to do, now?

Kira had nodded with a big smile on her lips. While Kyrhan went to the dining room to fetch a glass of refreshing fruit juice, Kira hastily rearranged the bed, changing the soiled sheets and cleaning the room. When she had finished, she went to the dining room, too.

When Kyrhan had entered, the four men in the corners bowed down to show their respect to the Prince. The five women were sitting on sofas around the room. Their sarees were in various states of disarray. Leena had let her pallu fall down and she was caressing her breasts under her choli, Swapna was standing in obvious respect. Sabrina had unhooked her choli and was showing her naked breasts. Ranu had fallen on her knees on the floor with her hand under the hemof her saree laztly caressing her pussy. Preeti jumped forward to dance lewdly for her master. She turned around him, kneading him with her breasts, then her belly or her legs. Kyrhan let her perform around the room, relishing her suow. Kira came back in the dining room. She nodded slightly toward Dan before taking away all her clothes in full view of the camera. When she was totally nude, all of them could see the handle of the plug protruding from her cunt, announcing she had been claimed by the prince. Dan smiled when he understood that Kyrhan’s sperm was swimming toward her two eggs that maybe were fertilized at that very moment. No one would be allowed to pull out the plug until the next day but Kyrhan to add a second load of sperm.

Dan thought that a few years ago that he would have divorced if he had discovered that Kira had an affair but now she has given him five children with so much sex that their little arrangements did not bother him at all. It would be even better in a few weeks as pregnant women are notoriously horny. Kira had also offered him so many travels to India, Cairo or elsewhere and allowed to fuck a good number of her friendsn far more than he would have expected in his life. In addition, Kyrhan was such a fascinating man indeed. Being among his close friends and sharing occasionnally the women of his harem was a very rewarding prize. All these women were extremely intelligent, had luscious bodies and somewhat submissive minds, a very intoxicationg cocktail, for sure. Some people would say his position of overt cuckold was shameful but he wouldn’t have exchanged it for anything in the world.

Kyrhan’s gaze went successively to the five remaining girls. He did not express his choice and instead went to Dan and whispered something to his ear. Dan nodded obsequiously and went to Preeti. He announced in a loud voice :

– Preeti, Our master has chosen you for the evening. Go to your bedroom to take a perfumed bath. I will come with Peter to massage you with fragrant perfumes. The other girls will go back to their rooms. I will check them in ten minutes and lock their doors. The prince wants princess Kira to remain naked at any time for the week!

The girls who had not been chosen grimaced in frustration. They would have to do better to attract Kyrhan’s interest the next day. Preeti, the pretty Australian girl beamed with pride to have been selected just after Kira herself. In her mind, there had never been any doubts that the princess would be chosen first but being chosen in second was boosting tremendously her self pride. She would be on her knees the next days along with Kira with a plug in her cunt, watching the other girls fighting to be chosen in priority. She had decided to play on the interest of prince Kyrhan toward belly dancing. So she had practiced two or three times a week at home and her efforts had paid.

After having locked the other girls in their bedrooms including Kira in his usual room, Dan came with Peter in Preeti’s room. Peter was carrying a jar of perfumed oil for the massage and Dan was leading Leena on tow with a leash fixed to her tied wrists. Peter had reminded Dan that Swapna had praised several times the massaging abilities of his wife. They would be of much help during the next days. Leena worked quite seriously on Preeti who purred in delight. Afterward, Peter led his wife on her leash back to her quarters while Dan worked on a perfect make up for the woman Kyrhan had chosen for the night. When she was ready, Preeti was led naked but covered with a hooded cloak to Kyrhan’s bedroom. When the prince discovered her artistically decorated face and henna delineated hand, he thanked profusely Dan and Peter. The two men bowed out and let the prince and Preeti who already exchanged hot kisses and caresses.

The two men had not reached the door of the dining room to clean it when Preeti’s first screams of bliss startled them. Dan was expecting them as the general mood of Preeti and all the harem girls was extremely sensual. Kyrhan was also a very well endowed stallion few men could surpass. So the women he was fucking always latin porno got very vocal. Dan reflected that few of the husbands present in these premises had heard their wives screaming in pleasure under Kyrhan’s ministrations. Knowing their wives were fucked at the very moment by the Prince and listening to their antics they would never be able to match would increase their stress to peak levels.

To prevent any incident that could mar Kyrhan’s dream, Dan would take care not to have a husband lead his own wife to Kyrhan’s bed and listen to her carols. He was at that instant totally in the role of Master of Kyrhan’s harem who did always his best for the sole benefit of the prince! Dan remained in the dining room until midnight waiting for the summon of Kyrhan to lead Preeti back to her bedroom. Dan had to half lead and half drag a weary Preeti to her bed. Kyrhan had filled her cunt with a big plug to advertise she had been claimed, too.

On the next morning, Kira and Preeti were sitting on a triumphal platform among plenty of pillows, on their knees with their legs wide open to proudly display the handles of the big plugs that secured their cunts. The other girls were happily chatting while taking their breakfast when Kyrhan unexpectedly turned in. Swapna was the first to react. She run to him and prostrated at his feet, kissing them in a slavish way. She was a very proud girl and everyone knew that her move had not been prompted by submissive feelings but on the contrary by her pride that pushed her to be the third chosen among the girls. Kyrhan smiled at her and summoned Dan to his side. A minute later, he made the announcement everyone expected :

– Swapna, Our master has chosen you for the morning. Go to your bedroom to take a perfumed bath. I will come with John to massage you with fragrant perfumes. The other girls may remain in the dining room or get back to their own rooms.

Dan told also to Swapna’s boyfriend that he was on leave until noon. That way, the young man would not have a fit watching his fiancZe walking nude under a hood to Kyrhan’s bedroom before listening to her screaming quite loud her passion for the Prince and encouraging him to fuck her again, deeper and harder, and to breed her at last. Two hours later, Dan was summoned in and Swapna got out of the bedroom silently, proudly naked. Just another plug was closing her cunt. It. could be seen by anyone when she positioned herself beside Kira and Preeti.. Kyrhan had already reached the first half of his projects. He celebrated this step by taking a long nap alone in his bed. He woke up just in time to take his dinner.

Although they had not been instructed to do so, the three girls Kyrhan had honored so far kept a complete silence at all times, bowing down their heads, even when they were addressed to by their own husbands. But the lesson offered by Swapna had homed in. When Kyrhan entered the dining room around 9 PM, Leena and Sabrina hurried to fall on their knees in front of him with Ranu, taken by surprise by his entrance was still standing. Kyrhan did not even try to choose between them. He felt able to satisfy easily these two hot wenches. Dan called shortly after for them. They went to Leena’s bedroom and the middle aged English woman massaged expertly her friend and teached the basic elements of her art. Sabrina had immediately afterwards a good hands-on opportunity to exert her new talents. In the interval, Peter had gone to the hotel to fetch just another hooded cloak, a red one.

To Dan’s bewilderment, the Prince had given the order that the girls were to be delivered in his room around 10 PM, with their wrists tied together on their backs, on a leash held by their true husbands. Peter would thus deliver Leena and John would Sabrina. When they arrived, exactly on the hour, Kyrhan did not try to reduce the stress endured by the two men when he ordered them to remain standing in the room while he knocked up both their wives. He began with Leena whose husband was less likely to revolt. He made her on her back with legs pointing to the ceiling before sitting just between her parted legs. Her position forced her cunt lips open and he had no difficulties filling her pussy with his juge cock. Before starting his back and forth movements, Kyrhan called for Peter and told him to hold her feet in the air so that her cunt was open and vulnerable, ready to service him.

Kyrhan needed just a couple of moves before he had Leena panting madly, then screaming as madly as he was fucking her. Her pitch grew to peaks when she began to cum herself with her husband clenching his teeth while he was opening her as completely as he could for the cum of her lover to knock her up. Her final screams were strident while his loads of cum splashed against her cervix. John hastily produced a plug he inserted swiftly to prevent it to be done by her own husband. It was now the turn of John to watch his own mother who still pretended to be his wife being mounted mercilessly by Kyrhan. The prince asked him to part her cunt lips open to facilitate his entry. John complied without a murmur and he was close by when his big plunger filled her cunt for the first time. She screamed in pain when he hit bottom and continued to scream as he was pounding her quite hard. John’s nails were planted in his palms but he managed not to utter a word.

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