Public Incest Ch. 07

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Public Incest 07

By : DickThePimp

“Yeah, mama. I’ll take care of it. No problem…… (Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)…… I promise. Don’t worry…… (Umph…. Lalalalala….. Slurp)…… Anything for you, mama. Love you too. Bye.”

“GOD….. is she bugging you about collecting the rent? Mmmmmmmmm.”

“(Slurp….. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)… Yeah. It’s cool though. I’ll handle it. You can help me, you nasty slut. Ha.”


Sucking my sister Gina’s cumming twat from behind. Mmmmmmm. So tasty. Streams of sweet milky pussy nut shooting into my mouth as I lap at her palpitating clit as suck harder and harder on that delicious cunt.

I SLAP her wide ass. Gina coos happily, still cumming in my mouth. I SLAP it again. She coos again, wiggling her ass all over my happy face. I SLAP it, hard, three more times in a row, leaving a red hand print on that lilly white skin. She lays her head own on the bed, smiling sweetly and moans with pure, sex fueled delight.

I spread those big cheeks wide and slide a finger up her butt as I tongue fuck my sister’s throbbing cunt, rolling my tongue around in it, lapping at her pink walls non stop as I finger bang her rump. Gina screams and shakes her ass on my face, droplets of sweet pussy milk still dribbling out onto my over active tongue and face.

I speed up my finger banging. It thrusts in and out of that tight rump with blazing speed. Gina’s ass clamps down on it and violently squeezes, very much adding to the mutual, ass fingering delight of both of us. In and out, faster faster faster faster…. God… it feels so damn good. My finger throbs with sexually charged sensations. Gina’s pussy throbs too… pounding on my rolling tongue. She’s gonna cum again… and I’m all in on it.

I suck that cunt hard and fast, deep and relentless. Gina shakes it all over my face, her big butt pumping my fast thrusting finger with cum welcoming enthusiasm.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!! EAT MY CUM, BABY! EAT ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!” Gina squirts again, pumping my mouth beyond full with her delicious, milky cream. I gulp it down and keep sucking, her thumping labia quaking gaziantep ucuz escort hard in my mouth, vibrating my lips as Gina keeps squirting.

I end up ass fucking my sister right there on the bed. I just climb up on top of her and ass plow her doggy style. My rock hard seven inches throbs relentlessly as I drill it up her tight, pumping rump. Harder and harder, such intense ass pounding love and desire driving me to pound the living fuck outta my sexy sister’s large rump. The bed almost collapsing from the intense force.

My hands assault her hanging 36Ds, squeezing and pulling on them so damn hard. My thumbs rub across the tips of the pounding nipples as I roughly abuse my sister’s gorgeous, super soft titties. I can’t get enough of her awesome jugs. Sucking, squeezing, slapping, fucking them as much as possible, as often as possible.

Gina cums three more times as I violate her ass, banging it so hard that the bed finally does break. She squirts all over the walls, launching her creamy pussy seed ten feet across the room. FUCKING AWESOME SIGHT!

I finally cum dump in her mouth, me straddling her gorgeous chest. I squeeze her titties as she does all the work, bobbing away on my thumping cock, spitting on it and slurping it so fucking great. She looks right at me as she sucks out my cum, swallowing it down in no time flat. She keeps sucking, draining me totally of any sperm I have in me.

As a matter of fact, I cum again… ten minutes later. Gina keeps sucking, bobbing and slurping on my cock, gulping down every last drop of creamy dick milk I pump down her throat.

Our mom Beth runs the trailer park where we live. She’s outta town for a couple of days… and it’s rent day… so hence, the earlier phone call. She wants me to collect the rent. And as I said, I’m gonna get a slutty sis to help me.

We head out, walking around the joint and have a beer. Gina’s ass in those dark blue yoga pants is driving me crazy. Those 36D fun bags of hers in the same type of top, dark blue spandex, hugging those gorgeous cans… AWESOME!

My hands on my sisters wide butt as we walk and talk to the tenants, collecting rent gaziantep ukraynalı escort as we go. They’re all really good about the rent. They always pay on time… most of ’em… and you never… pretty much never… have to bust their balls about it. Cool peeps.

I can’t fuck my sister enough. She just turns me son so fucking much. The whole taboo incest angle is so fucking exciting. Incest rocks! I fuck my sister and our mother as much as humanly possible and the fact they’re related to me makes it ten times hotter. God… I LOVE INCEST!

I pull Gina behind one of the trailers in the back of the lot and yank down her yoga pants, pushing her against the trailer. She chugs the beer and tossed it, grinning wide as she puts her hands on the side of the trailer. She wants my dick as much as I want her pussy.

No words. I just slam my duck up her pussy and fuck away. My hips slapping her thick white ass non stop as I pussy pound my sexy sis senseless, right there behind the trailer. People. Walk by and wave. They all know about me my sister… and our mom. We just wave back and keep fucking. Gina’s large titties flopping as she bends over, perfectly taking her pussy pounding. She tightly grips the side of the trailer, cooing and moaning hysterically, her eyes rolling back in her head as I take her, owning my sisters leaking pussy. MY PUSSY. MY BITCH! AND SHE FUCKING KNOWS IT!

We cum together, kissing and tongue sucking as we both flood her cunt with loving, brotherly/sisterly sex cream. Such an amazing feeling. Dirty kissing your sister while you both cum together… while you’re friends walk by and watch you… AWESOME… ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

I suck Gina’s titties for a little while, her milk… she’s pregnant with my kid… shoots down my throat. I gulp it all down, stuffing as much of each 36D jug into my mouth as possible. Her rock hard nips tickle the roof of my mouth as I gorge myself on her super luscious breasts and divinely tasty milk. Gina hugs my face to her heaving chest, smearing my happy face all over those awesomely lush cans.

We keep collecting rent. Getting invited inside several times. Mrs gaziantep üniversiteli escort Anderson sucks me off on her sofa while Gina films it with her phone. Great tits on that older broad. F cup beauties. I semen splash her fucking face and film Gina licking it clean while I film it with her phone.

Mrs Anderson even gives us brownies to take home. Such a sweet lady. Her husband doesn’t know about her sluttiness. She invites the mailman in as we leave. I just laugh and wave to her as Gina and I head out.

I piss in Gina’s mouth while a crowd of trailer park tenants watch and cheer us on. Gina’s squatting by the fire pit in the back of the park… we have bbqs over there all the time… while I stand there and feed her my tangy dick liquor. She smiles, throws up the double deuces, and pumps her fists as the crowd chants her name, drinking all of my yellow ball wine with the happiest look ever on her slutty face. Such a sexy bitch.

We double fuck Ms Thompson on her front porch while everyone walks by and films it. Gina uses Ms Thompson’s… a former teacher of mine… strapon to ass fuck her while I mouth fuck her silly. It’s a squirting dildo so we both get to cum all over that big titty slut’s smiling face. We get a big, raucous cheer from the crowd of ten, super horny people watching. That’s always a nice thing. I love the admiration. Awesome.

When we get back to our trailer and count the money, Gina and I dump all of the cash on the floor… and fuck on it. God… I love that. Gina rides me, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I fuck her doggy… in the pussy and ass… then titty fuck her while I suck the Budweiser that I dumped up her pussy out with a massive straw I got as a gift. It’s like six feet long and red. It’s a sex thing. Hahaha. I slurp it all out and cum dump all over my sister’s heaving 36Ds. She smacks my hard dick all over her cum covered, milk dripping jugs, then ravenously sucks me clean. She smiles up at me as I smile down at her, drinking all that Bud while she sucks down my dripping cum. Our mutual love permeates the air all around us. God… I love my slutty sis!

I ass fucked mama and Gina when mama got home. We filmed it and posted it online. We fucked in our hot tub out back, then mama and Gina both got piss facials from me. I fucked my mother’s 38Fs for two hours straight while I tossed Gina’s very tasty salad and sucked her trembling twat.

I have the most awesome mother and sister. They keep me balls deep in sweet pussy… and I keep them labia deep in hard dick and smooth, creamy cum. Haha. God… I love incest!

By : DickThePimp

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