Public Indecency

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It started as in innocent compliment. It ended up clearing the parking lot and being threatened with public indecency by the local cops. It started as a casual encounter that left two people strangers no more.

It started as I was walking down the street. I always look down the sidewalk to see who I should meet up with. Any female will hold my attention longer than a male and any with hair down beyond the top of her shoulder will get an even longer glance. The sidewalk was clear and I assumed it would stay that way. Then she turned the corner and I had a new person to view.

Her hair was beyond her shoulders, curly, and dark brown. It looked as though she was lost or exploring. I watched as her eyes flitted this way and that and finally landed in my direct gaze. Her lips smiled that polite smile that I have grown to hate. Not that I hate smiles, but the whole “polite smile” makes it so obvious that the person is trying to shield themselves from the outside world. How foolish. My own opinions are not always this vehement, but sometimes I must vent.

I smiled back and then as she passed me, a breeze suddenly kicked up and blew her hair into her eyes. I turned my head as she passed and watched in wry humor as she hurriedly caught her hair and swept them out of her eyes. Feeling my gaze, she turned her head and held my eyes. I stopped walking. There was something about her eyes that drew me. She stopped walking but kept facing the other way.

I couldn’t will myself to look away. At some point, the thought whispered to me that it was impolite to stare. Was it just as impolite to politely smile? My logic was full of mystery, but so were her eyes. I started to walk towards her as iron is drawn to a magnet. She finally turned in my direction and this time, her lips turned up in the corners. By no means a “polite” smile.

In the whole time that this took place, we might as well have been on a stage. No cars passed by, nor people. In fact, I can’t remember who it was that called the cops. They had every right to for what we were doing. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

To my left and her right was a brick wall. I started walking her way and she towards me. We stopped two feet apart and I nervously ran my tongue over my lips which seemed to be dry as sandpaper. My breath stopped as her tongue did the same, only she licked her lips as a dog would its chops. As though she was anticipating more than just talking. As though she wanted something *personal* to happen to her. Looking back, I have to wonder whether “personal” and “public indecency” were the same thing to her.

Her eyes left mine and ran down the front of me. She grinned and then bahis siteleri with one hand in a motion that I should do nothing, she took the other and placed it lightly on my chest. Then, she stepped closer as she let her fingers drop down, down, down and stop just above my groin. My response was already there and she slyly touched the budge. What was I supposed to do??

I watched as her tongue flicked out again and I began to wonder if her thoughts were the same as mine. Then, my logic (what was left of it) kicked and informed me that this had to be a dream because no woman in her right mind would walk up to a total stranger and begin fingering him. What if she was watching me? What if she’d been watching my computer. What if she’d hacked into it and found my stash of stories about meeting up with women on the street and seducing them….NO, it couldn’t be. I kept it safe, private, and offline a lot.

A pressure on my chest. I snapped to reality. She was pushing on my chest. Pushing me against the wall. We were the same height and about the same width. Could I defend myself from her? Did I WANT to defend myself from her? So many questions. Her pushing continued until I stepped against the wall Then, she stepped up so that I could feel her body heat. Her desire seemed real, but what were her intentions. My chest made contact with her breasts and I discovered that her nubs her hard as rock. She leaned to my ear and I thought she was going to speak. Instead….

Instead, she raised her lips to my ear and her tongue flicked out and began to suck on my ear lobe. I almost crumbled. She MUST have been reading my stash. Only there do I reveal that tongue contact with my ear makes me go weak at the knees. And rock hard elsewhere. In an instant, my budge became bigger and I heard her breathy giggle in my ear. My hands were still “unresponsive” to this point, but my own nubs were turning to little pebbles and my cock must surely be putting out precum.

She moaned softly and then to my shock, took her hand and pushed down *inside* my pants and fondled me. Her fingers circled around my cock and then found the hole to be moist. Suddenly, her torture began. She let loose of my ear only to raise my shirt with her other hand and settle onto my chest with her gorgeous lips. That killer tongue of hers didn’t just flick out this time. No, it came out broad and glistening. She attacked my left man nipple and sucked on it as though it were a lollipop. And her force made me wonder if I *was* going to pop. I staggered a bit and then my stamina kicked in and I delivered an upward thrust into her groin. For all points and purposes, I was fucking her on the street. And canlı bahis siteleri then, it didn’t matter that I was on the street.

With a rush, I unzipped my pants and directed my cock up over my underwear. Her hands dropped as well as she quickly raised her skirt and revealed bare skin. Skin that was so white and fair that I took her body in my hands and drew her towards me

It took only a bit of guiding on her part before her hands led me into her. Her tongue was still on my chest, but her concentration was down below. The result was that her tongue was resting against my chest but doing nothing more. I closed my eyes and let my cock and hips do the work. Which wasn’t hard. A quick thrust and I was in her honey pot. I will never forget what it is like to be inside a woman, but never will I get over the feeling of slippery, hot flesh surrounding my own cock. And at the very end of the canal that I was in were the familiar folds that seemed designed especially to make me cum quicker than I wanted to. Like right then.

But I had to hold off. Couldn’t do it here in the street. Or could I? At some point, my pants must have dropped, but I was oblivious. All I was aware of was that I was deep inside a woman and I was starting to thrust in and out. Her moans and tightening grip of her pussy let me know that I was doing the right thing. I started to faster and faster which was inconvenienced only slightly because I was pushing up and out against her and she had me against the wall. I became aware of a car stopping, but I didn’t care anymore. I turned her around and shoved her both with hands and hips against an unmoving brick wall and began to fuck her in earnest.

Her head raised off of mine an I finally got the chance that I was looking for. As her head was on the way to rest on the wall, I leaned forward and caught her lips with mine. When my tongue flicked over her lips, she came to life and her tongue came rushing out to meet me. With tongues dueling and hips meeting, I became completely one with her.

But as quick as I had started, my control began to fade. I started to grunt into her kiss and she moved her hands down to my buttocks to help shove me into her. She came just shortly before me and as she started to collapse, I made one final thrust into her and seemed to impale her insides. Then, I shook like a leaf and then emptied into her.

Wave after wave passed through me into her. I managed to reach down and catch some of the runoff. I stayed inside of her while my fingers became wet with our combined juices. Just as I was starting to fingerfuck her from her ass, I heard a voice behind me.

“Alright, that’s far enough. If canlı bahis you two know what’s good for you, you’ll get off the street and into a car or bed or house.” The voice carried command. I started with surprise and looked over my shoulder. And looked into the amused look of a cop. “I let you finish, but if you’re going to give her anything else, you’ll do it in private or I’ll have to lock you both up for public indecency.” The officer finished speaking but remained in place.

I quickly pulled my pants up and she lowered her skirt. I led her down the sidewalk away from the cop. I pointed to my car (which just happens to be a big Buick. I opened the car door for her and then got in the driver’s side. No sooner had I closed the door than she reached over and undid my zipper. I knew what she was after, but I wasn’t ready for it.

One thing that I’ll always remember is being *inside* but the feeling of a tongue running over the hole of my cock is a new feeling every time. She licked that thing and I came again into her mouth. She slurped up every bit of it and then I watched as she swallowed it. When I’d recovered, I drove out to a deserted spot next to the road and parked the car.

I told her to lie back on the seat and scoot back as far as she could. She moved into position and then I got down into the assumed position and began to eat her out. Her saltiness was still leaking out along with my creamy cum. I slurped up a mouthful and then rose up and kissed her on her lips again. Her tongue sought out mine and we both savored in the saltiness of each other. Since I was on top of her and quite ready, I entered her again. This time, I was in total control.

I slowly pushed in until I was crammed against her and inside of her. Then, I slowly moved back out until I was completely out. I reached down with my right and slid two fingers deep inside of her. I started back out and then stopped just inside the inner lip. I used my index finger to make a “come here” motion and she arched her back as the feeling rippled through her. My fingers were now very wet with her juices and I inserted them into her ass. I found it to be tight, so I didn’t go in again. My cock was starting to get cold and I reinserted it. All the way in and then I started moving back and forth.

I leaned on the seat while she raised her hips to make my thrusts more lateral. I started moving faster and faster till I could stop myself no more. With a hard thrust that had me deep inside her, I let loose my load. Instead of moving out like I’d had to do on the sidewalk, I stayed in her and forced my cum to stay inside of her. Only when my cock started to shrink did the cum begin to leak back out of her.

Her fair white skin had blotches of red and she had a sheen of sweat on her face. Her tongue once again licked her chops and I had to laugh. This was the best stranger I’d ever met on the street.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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