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Big Tits

Jeff Foster lay on his back under the clear summer sky as a red-tailed hawk soared overhead towards the Susquehanna River a mile or so away. He watched it work the thermals in the morning heat, wondering what the bird was thinking as it flew by. Jeff himself felt great. He was flying high, too, on his first day of liberty in almost six months.

A few feet away, Jeff’s mom lay on a recliner in their yard, stretching as the sun warmed her body. His mom was wearing an old red bikini. She would not have worn it in public but this was their backyard and only Jeff and Mr. Cuddles could see her, so what the hell. The backyard of their duplex was small and covered with scrubby grass but it was private, unless the neighbor was peeking out the upstairs bedroom window. That wasn’t the case today because the other half of the duplex was vacant and had been for months.

Jeff was on the other recliner, and Mr. Cuddles the cat strolled around cadging strokes from them as he passed by. Jeff was in long swim shorts, bare-chested and wearing sunglasses dark enough to let him stare undetected at his mom’s body stretched out in front of him. She looked great. Jeff rolled over onto his front, just in case.

It was late June in Wilkes-Barre, upstate Pennsylvania and Jeff’s mom, a medical receptionist, had taken the day off to be with her son. She was feeling bad because she felt Jeff’s incarceration was partly her fault. But Jeff didn’t blame his mother. He had been the one caught trespassing in the empty building, not her. Expecting a couple of weekends community service, his mother had declined the assistance of an attorney to save money.

Unfortunately for both of them, Jeff was hauled up in front of Judge Ciavarella of the Luzerne County Court. Ciavarella would later be sentenced to 28 years in federal prison for taking bribes to keep a local privately run young offenders institution full. Preying on defendants without legal representation, Ciavarella had sent hundreds of young people into long term custody for trivial offenses. But this would all come out in the future. Right now his mom just felt guilty.

Jeff was eighteen and his mom was forty two. They were both single. An unwise affair with one of the married doctors at her practice had turned sour two years before and she had not dated since. It was the latest in a long series of unsatisfactory relationships for Jeff’s mom. Jeff’s father, of course, was long gone. Despite her passionate nature, the emotional roller coasters of so-called romance had left her anxious and bewildered more often than not. She was just too sensitive for her own good. Nowadays she spent a lot of time fantasizing because it was safer. She had her favorite movie stars. That way she didn’t get hurt.

Jeff wasn’t happy, either. After he was sentenced his girlfriend dumped him straight away, never even visited once, so the only female company he had in prison was his mother’s regular visits. Unfortunately, bottled up inside all alone, Jeff had developed feelings for his mother that a son shouldn’t have. This first day out at home, seeing her in a bikini was an erotic dream come true. Of course, his mother had no idea that he now lusted after her, and he had enough sense to conceal it.

He looked at her. A runner, she was toned, slim, and her face was still attractive. She was lying on her back and her body was oily in the summer sun. Her black hair was tousled and her face was upturned to the sky. He could see her breasts sagging a little out of the sides of her bikini top. Her belly was flat. Her delicious crotch an alluring hump gently rising above her thighs, leading down to her shapely legs, shaved and glistening in the light.

Jeff was horny as hell, although he couldn’t do anything about it but watch her. Well, watching was better than nothing and he could feel his dick hardening against the recliner underneath him. It was turning into a great morning. His mom stirred and turned on her side to look at him, squinting in the bright sun.

“It’s great to have you back at last, Jeffy. How about topping up my sunblock?”

He arose, crouching to hide his half-hard dick in his baggy swim shorts. His mom handed him the cream and lay down on her front, undoing her top strap to get an even tan on her back. The bikini straps hung down at the side, exposing a generous view of side-boob. With her face down buried in her folded arms she could not see his shorts, so he relaxed and started on her. As his hands worked the cream into his mother’s body he could not help but notice that she responded as if to a lover’s touch.

In fact, Jeff’s mom had not the slightest interest in him sexually. But pretending his hands were someone else’s hands was OK in her book. She imagined Chris Hemsworth was rubbing in the cream and she shivered slightly in her romantic dream world. Meantime her son thought about pushing his fat cock inside his mother as she lay beneath him stretching and moving lazily as he applied the cream. It would be so easy. But she would gaziantep yavuzeli escort never stand for it.

Jeff tried to take his mind off sex as he rubbed in the cream, at least until he could return to the safety of the recliner. Instead he thought about his future. A good student before he was put away during his final year at high school, Jeff had refused the education program in prison. In his bitterness he had lost all respect for authority, and now found himself eighteen years old without a high school diploma or any chance of a job. His childhood dream of attending Slippery Rock University was gone. He did not realize it, but he had been brutalized by the system that had treated him unfairly, and he had become an angry young man.

His attempt to think about other things was not working. As he massaged his mother and she uttered occasional moans under his hands, his cock stood up inside his shorts. Taking a big risk, he continued to rub in the cream with one hand while his other hand felt down inside the elastic waistband of his shorts and gripped his cock. His hand was slippery with the cream, of course, and he was unable to stop himself from starting to pump, ever so gently, ever so quietly. One hand was rubbing the cream onto his mom’s thigh, while he was fingering himself with the other when his mother spoke.

“Come on, Jeffy. I need both hands. Don’t be lazy,” said his mom as she wriggled her little ass for emphasis.

As Jeff watched her ass he could not help himself. He pumped harder and harder then came suddenly without warning. His cock shot a load inside his shorts and his knees trembled. He only just managed to stifle a moan. The cum messed his shorts and he wondered what he was going to do.

“Jeff. Both hands, please,” said his mom.

On an impulse he cupped his hand, filled with cum, and slapped it on his mom’s thighs. He worked it into her skin with both hands, hoping it would be diluted with the coconut tanning cream. It mixed well with cum, and even better it had a strong coconut aroma.

Then Mr. Cuddles showed up. For some unaccountable reason, Mr. Cuddles found this new smell on Jeff’s mom fascinating. He jumped up on her and Jeff moved back to give him space. He watched as Mr. Cuddles padded around on his mom’s back.

“Get him off me. He tickles. Ow.”

“He’s just being affectionate, Mom.”

Mr. Cuddles sniffed the air and made his way down south to Jeff’s mom’s thighs. There he hesitated and started licking her.

“He’s such a good cat,’ said Jeff, full of admiration.

“I wish he wouldn’t lick me. Now I need a shower.”

“Mom, this is the best day ever.”

“It’s my treat, Jeffy. Anything you want today.”

Jeff pretty much already had what he wanted, but was not above extracting more.



Later that night Jeff and his mom were watching basic cable, while the cat was prowling around looking for attention. She stroked him as he nuzzled up to her.

“You know, I’d do anything for this cat. I love Mr. Cuddles more than anything in the world,” sighed his mom as they ate pepperoni pizza in front of the TV

Jeff looked at his mom.

“Apart from you, Jeff,” she added hastily.

The local TV news was a piece on the arrests of men and women meeting in public locations for anonymous sex. Apparently it was called dogging. Jeff watched the piece with interest. Enthusiastic locals mixing with drivers from nearby I-81 made for an eclectic mix in the Wilkes-Barre dogging community. Jeff reflected bitterly that it probably wasn’t so different from any other upstate PA town, most of which seemed to be filled with perverts and evil judges.

He watched his mother making a fuss of the cat, again. He felt a little jealous.

Cogs started to whirr in Jeff’s brain and within minutes the germ of a really bad idea started to form. Jeff was bright but very horny, and horny trumps brains every time. He worked through the details in the next few days and then set the date. In his mind the plan was foolproof. It might not succeed but it had no chance of anyone getting hurt.

A week after his release Jeff returned home from the YMCA to an anxious mom.

“Mr. Cuddles never came back last night. And now it’s the end of the day,” she said, looking upset.

His mom ventured outside for a tour of the neighborhood and also spoke to people on the street. With enormous guilt, Jeff followed, making a show of looking for him. Tomorrow she would start putting up pictures and she had already spoken to the animal welfare people. She was optimistic. He had always come home before and his name and address was on his collar.

Mr. Cuddles was actually tucked up with food and water in the empty duplex next door. Jeff had made a copy of the key the neighbors left with them for emergencies, and never told anyone. Jeff hated seeing his mom upset and resolved to have the ransom note in place by the following morning. gaziantep yeni escort In the middle of the night Jeff sneaked downstairs to push the note under the front door.

His mom found it there when she went down in the morning before leaving for work. She nearly threw it out without reading it, but a picture of a cat on the envelope caught her attention.


She gasped in shock as she read the rest of the note spelling out detailed instructions. She knew she couldn’t tell Jeff. He’d want to do something foolish. She spent all day thinking about it at work, but told no-one. She Googled cat-kidnapping. It was quite common. Who knew?

The following day at dawn she drove the short distance to the river. To say Jeff’s mom was nervous would be the understatement of the century. She parked in a distant lot and made her way through the woods to the park restroom, a wooden shack beside an empty parking lot. It was dilapidated but open and in working condition.

She went into the women’s section and sat on the seat in the cubicle next to the dividing wall between the men’s and women’s restrooms, as instructed. The graffiti was shocking. Clearly men had been in here. Men interested in having sex with other men, even though it was the women’s restroom. On the dividing wooden wall was a series of holes plugged with repair patches. Jeff’s mom had no idea what these were. She was puzzled. She heard a knock on the wall. She summoned up enough courage to speak clearly. She was angry and afraid equally.

“I am Mrs. Foster. Where’s my cat?”

She heard a meow. It sounded like Mr. Cuddles but of course she could not be sure. A wooden slat in one of the larger holes disappeared with a sliding noise and a note popped through, falling on her lap. It was dark on the other side, she could see nothing through the hole. She picked up the note


Nervously, she put her hand and forearm through the hole. A hand took hers gently and placed it on a furry head. She felt around. It was Mr. Cuddles alright. His ear was shredded and he had the lump on the left side of his head where a dog had attacked him last summer. She was so relieved. He purred as she stroked him. She didn’t want to let him go. She wanted him back so badly. Then he moved out of her reach and she could hear him being put in a carrier.

A soft, almost tender hand grasped hers as she was about to withdraw and guided it to something else. She knew immediately what it was. An erect penis. She gasped in fear and shock. The kidnappers hand enclosed hers, making it wrap around his stiff warm cock. Then, he started to make her hand squeeze and pump up and down and she felt the throbbing organ quiver in her reluctant grasp.

The whole experience was unreal. She couldn’t see him, she couldn’t hear him, in a way she even felt safe as he was in a separate part of the building. As her hand was forced to pump up and down, she wondered about resisting. She could probably pull away suddenly, the kidnapper was holding her quite gently. But what would be the consequences for Mr. Cuddles? This act was the ransom, she realized.

It had been a long time since she had held a cock. She decided to go with the flow and grasped the cock with renewed purpose and kept pumping, although it was difficult with the kidnapper’s hand around hers.

“Let my hand go. I can do it better on my own.”

The hand moved away and she found herself gripping the perpetrator’s cock solo. She was in shock and woodenly pumped up and down, trying to bring this episode to a conclusion. It was so different to anything she had ever done before. Who was she dealing with? It could be anyone on the other side of the wall. Perhaps Chris Hemsworth had kidnapped her cat. The thought brought a tingle to her crotch and a little wetness started to form in her panties.

She pumped harder and faster. Two minutes later she heard a muffled moan and her hand and wrist became warm and wet. The kidnapper had come all over her hand. She slowed her action as she could feel his cock become limper. It was all gooey with sperm. Very slowly, to allow the kidnapper to stop her if he wanted, she let go and pulled her hand and forearm out of the gloryhole. She looked at the copious volume of cum dripping off her fingers and palm. With her other hand she pulled off some tissue from the roll and, trembling, wiped off all the cum from her hand. She needed to wash her hands of course, but now what? Money as well?

“I want my cat back,” she said quietly.

She was careful not to insult him. But she was hoping he would speak. She had a pocket recorder and she wanted evidence she could go to the police with. Instead of a reply she heard some strange loud noises through the gloryhole. A cubicle door banged, then some other sounds, gaziantep zayıf escort and it all went quiet.

She waited patiently. Well, not that patiently. She was just about to repeat her demand when the kidnapper knocked twice on the dividing wall. She wasn’t sure what to do so she repeated his knock back at him. She heard a grunt of approval and shortly thereafter the fat head of a large cock appeared through the hole.

So he wanted to continue. Well. Her mind was in overdrive. She could leave. But why do that now when she had already jerked the guy off? It would just put Mr. Cuddles in more danger. Now the entire cock was through the gloryhole and his balls too. She was fascinated. It was a good looking cock, large but not crazy-big. But it was black. Her fantasies of Chris Hemsworth went out the window.

“Suck it,” said the man in a gravelly voice through the gloryhole.

So he could talk. Perhaps she could get him to say more, for her recorder. Her hand, as if it were someone else’s, reached out and grasped the cock. It was stiff, and became stiffer at her touch.

“Well, will I get what I want?” she said as her face moved forwards to the man’s throbbing dick, her voice low and deep with the stress. Her mouth was so dry.

“Oh yeah. But make it snappy, Park Patrol comes around soon.”

She already knew inside herself that she was going to do what he asked. Why was this so easy for her? It should have been really difficult. But she had to fantasize. She cast around for a black guy she liked. Idris Elba. She also dismissed any lingering suspicion that Jeff was involved in any of this.

She suddenly realized how much she had missed the physical pleasures of a relationship. As she thought this her mouth closed on the glans, wetting it. Then she pulled back a little and the tip of her tongue darted around it, teasing the aperture where the pee comes out, seeking out the underside where the glans bulges over the main shaft.

“Hurry up,” said the kidnapper.

Annoyed at his lack of appreciation she held the glans inside her mouth with her teeth, biting at the knob end, and roughly pumped the shaft with her hand.

“That’s better. You were sucking like a woman. Here it comes, buddy.”

She yanked the cock out of her mouth just in time as cum spurted out and landed on her nice clean cotton top, soaking the thin material and wetting her breasts. How could he have so much when he had just come minutes ago? She held his cock in front of her face and watched the final spasms shoot onto her neck and chest. The sight and feel of the man’s sperm landing on her gave her a thrill of such intensity that she almost forgot about why she was there, almost forgot how angry and worried she was. With her other hand her fingers moved around her chest, spreading the cum out all over and she watched as her top became semi-transparent with the coating of semen. Then her cum-soaked fingers moved down to her pussy.

As she sat in the cubicle on the toilet seat, holding an anonymous cock dripping all over her, she felt the rush of an orgasm grip her, legs and ass shivering as she shamefully enjoyed the moment for what it was. Sex for sex’s sake with a stranger, and an enemy at that.

The door of the women’s restroom banged open and a voice called out.

“Anybody in there?”

It was the Park Ranger. Jeff’s mom was sitting in the cubicle with her front top covered in semen. The black dick, already shrinking, left her slippery grasp and disappeared back into the gloryhole pronto.

Jeff’s mom managed to keep the nerves out of her voice, and even sound a little outraged.

“I’m nearly done, sir. Is there a problem?” she said clearly.

The Park Ranger recognized the voice as a woman.

“I didn’t mean to disturb you, ma’am. Just checking. Have a nice day.”

The gloryhole wooden slat was already down and Jeff’s mom was on her own. She took her time cleaning up and went home, shocked at what had happened.

Jeff’s mom walked through the front door. Her son was sitting on the sofa staring into space. He had a cut lip and a black eye. She did not notice, being distracted by her experience in the park restroom. On the short trip home the reality sank in. She had prostituted herself but had not recovered Mr. Cuddles.

She was angry with herself and ashamed. But at least no one had seen her, or could identify her. She pushed the memories of pleasure back down into her subconscious, not yet willing to accept them for what they were. She threw her bag onto the sofa next to Jeff but did not dare to sit down next to him. She smelt and she needed to change and shower.

Jeff looked at his mom. He was very relieved to see her return unharmed. After her delicious hand had jerked him off he had suddenly been forcibly ejected from the men’s restroom by one of the regular pervs. He had been beaten, insulted and thrown out in fifteen seconds by some guy twice his size. It had never occurred to him that others might spoil his dream of anonymous sex with his mother.

At least he had returned safely with the cat and his mom had also returned safe and sound. Mom seemed OK. Now Jeff had to consider his next move. Mr. Cuddles couldn’t stay next door indefinitely. And Jeff wanted more than a tug job from his mom, he wanted the real deal. He wanted to fuck her. He thought about nothing else.

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