Putting the Sub back in Suburb Ch. 03

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Miss Enna was disappointed in my conduct when I was away from her at school teaching.

I had allowed myself to become the pet of my daughter’s dance teacher. Miss Enna had captured me almost effortlessly. I don’t know how I could have allowed myself, the most conservative teacher, wife, mother, and feminist to become a pet; a plaything.

I do know that having been her pet, having been broken, degraded, and taught my place at her feet, I would rather be her pet than a billionaire. I tried to keep my play with her away from my family, away from my job.

Miss Enna was asked by one of my daughters dance class mates about the rumours she heard. Was it true that Ms Enna was having sex with frumpy old Mrs Thomas?

It was the frumpy that was unacceptable. A pet reflects upon its owner at all times. Her posture, her bearing, her manner, her dress and speech. In all things the conduct and appearance of the pet show to the world the quality of the owner.

A frumpy, unsexy, unladylike pet meant a poor mistress. The owner of a pet escort shelter mongrel, not an envied pure bred show dog.

Miss Enna dressed me for school. Black stockings, and heels. A black dress that buttoned down to the knee. Well, it did until Miss Enna had me sew the button holes from mid thigh down shut, so my legs would be displayed, and my stockings could be glimpsed.

My bra had drawn criticism. “About as sexy as burlap bags” was the remark the dance student had made about my old bra. I have 48G breasts and bras are both expensive and hard to come by. I had two comfortable tan (not burlap) bras that fit and were low contrast with whatever I wore over them. A third sexy bra was hardly ever used since my husband lost interest, but Miss Enna used the proceeds from the party I performed at to outfit me properly.

I thought I looked fine, and my confidence in being dressed as her pet went a long way towards making me move less like Delorus Umbridge and more like Jessica Rabbit. I noticed students and staff giving me a lot more bursa eve gelen escort space, a lot longer looks, and a whole lot of whistles and remarks as I bounced past.

That was the good part. The bad part came at lunch. I got a phone call from Miss Enna. She wanted to know how I was doing. I told her I was doing very well and her outfit was getting lots of reactions.

That is when Miss Enna asked if Connie was there yet. Connie was one of the women from the Fetish-wear party I performed at. She was also the secretary of the school I taught at.

Connie walked through the door with a smirk. Younger than both Miss Enna and myself, Connie was only in her early forties, but she was no more than five foot two, and shaped like an overstuffed panda doll. She was smirking as she came in waving her phone, and locking my door.

Miss Enna told me that Connie was going to take a series of photographs of me in my outfit, and out of it, in the classroom. It was important, Miss Enna görükle escort noted for her pets to be aware that no matter where they were, no matter what they were doing, Miss Enna was always there. Miss Enna was always watching, and Miss Enna was always obeyed.

Connie began posing me like her very own Barbie doll, as Miss Enna told me that she expected Connie to tell her what a good pet I was. I was to do whatever Connie asked, and make sure I thanked Connie.

Connie’s eyes were fever bright, and the way she was licking her lips let me know the punishment for being a disappointingly prudish pet at work would forever change what I accepted as my classroom duties.

I thought I had my life compartmentalized. Miss Enna at the center, family, career, volunteering arrayed around the star of my beloved owner.

My life was compartmentalized. One collar closed around my throat at my humble request. Everything inside that collar belongs to Miss Enna. Mother, wife, teacher; pet. My life is compartmentalized by my collar. Choice is outside the collar, obedience in inside.

I must thank Miss Enna for her kind instruction. First, I must thank Connie, so she will tell Miss Enna that her pet is the prettiest and most devoted pet a woman could own.

I will excel in this, as all my more traditional classroom duties.

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