Rayne’s Wedding Day

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Rayne and Kade had been together for four and a half years. Now here she was standing in front of a mirror letting her mom and her sister put the finishing touches on her hair before leaving the make shift dressing room. This is it she thought to herself. She never thought the day would actually come when that incredibly intelligent, fun, frat boy in her introduction to chemistry class would be in the next room putting on a tux totally relaxed and nonchalant about spending forever with her. “I cant do this. I love him but; forever?” realizing she was talking to herself, she took off the veil walking to the door. She turned the knob but before she could open it Kade came in with one hand over his eyes.

“Hey baby! I know I’m not supposed to see you before you come down the aisle but I really need to tell you something. I love you, and spending the rest of our lives together… I knew from the moment I saw you that you were it for me.” Rayne began to cry. Kane dropped his hand stunned momentarily. “Wow you are gorgeous! Baby, what’s the matter?” Rayne stood there in her Versace wedding dress that she could only afford because she had found it at a second hand store with the tag partly cut off. Her long dark wavy curls hung down to the middle of her back. Her make up was nearly perfect, except for the mascara that had started to run. She always looked perfect in Kade’s eyes.

“I don’t think I can do this Kade. I’m scared.” She slumped on the couch with her hands over her eyes.

“What is it? Did something happen? kızılay escort Did you fall out of love? What is it? Please tell me because you’re really starting to scare me.”

“No, no it’s nothing like that I love you with all my heart, but…”

“Then what is it? You know you can tell me anything. What is it?”

“It’s just… anything?” Kade nodded unsure of what bomb she was about to drop right before their wedding. “What’s going to happen after we move in together? What if I’m a total nightmare and you can’t stand me? It’s not like you can just run back to your apartment.” Realizing she was having another one of her irrational girly moments, Kade laughed at her.

“Then ill buy you some Prozac.” He said trying to reassure her with a smile.

“That’s not funny Kade, I’m serious.” She looked up between the windows seeing a statue of the Virgin Mary, another excuse was brought to her mind. “What about kids? After I have kids my ass is going to get so huge, and my face is going to swell… I am going to get so old and…” Trying to catch her breath through her crying, “You’re going to find some hot young piece of ass, and you’re going to leave me.”

Kade knelt in front of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her big brown eyes glistening with tears; salty against her large lips. Pulling his shirt cuff from under his jacket he wiped her tears from her eyes and lifted her chin. “You are now, and will always be more beautiful than the day I met you. I could never love anyone the way I love you. etlik escort I don’t desire anyone else, and I will always, always remain faithful to you. I love you Rayne I always have, and I always will, nothing will change that.” Rayne calmed down a little as Kade put his hand on hers. She stopped crying and leaned in to kiss him.

His kiss always took her breath away. She wrapped her arms around his neck deepening their kiss. “Are you okay now?” Rayne nodded and smiled. She kissed him again, this time putting her hands on his chest sliding up and pushing off his tux jacket. Kade wrapped his arms around her waist. They loved kissing. It was always deep and full of passion. It also got heated and very intense quickly. Kade moved up to the couch to be at a better level. Rayne pushed him back on the couch unbuttoning his pants.

“Baby you know I love you, but we’re in a church. Tonight I promise you will be incredible but…” Rayne stopped him with another kiss lifting her dress up to slide down her white lace thong down over her carter letting it fall to the floor. She positioned her mouth over Kade’s hard throbbing cock dripping with precum.

As soon as she saw it she froze. They’d had sex many times before but never unprotected. They had both agreed to wait until their honeymoon. She smiled, licking the precum off the tip sucking his cock until it was nice and wet. She looked into his eyes smiling moving up to kiss him. As she did, she lowered her tight freshly waxed pussy over him. She had demetevler escort trimmed before but never had gotten the courage to wax. That was one of her little wedding presents for him.

Kade’s eyes fell to the back of his head as he turned away; he gripped her hips with his hands. He had never been more turned on by her. There was something about her in that dress, her hair, everything was perfectly done, something about her seemed so virginal. He thrust deep into her causing her to cry out. Kade quickly muffled her cries with his hand and pounded harder into her.

“Rayne dear?! Are you ready? Do you need help?” Her mom’s voice through the door didn’t stop her from grinding against her soon to be husband.

“I’ll be there in a minute mom. I just need to finish up.”

“Okay sweetie, just don’t be too long, the priest is ready and everyone is waiting.” As soon as she heard her mom walk away she ground against him harder, fucking Kade’s thick hard throbbing cock. She could feel her cunt pulse as she came so hard around him. Sensing he was getting close, Rayne clenched harder around him. Kade came deep inside of her pulling her into him for a kiss.

“Thank you” she got up readjusting herself.

“For what?!” shoving himself back into his pants.

“Calming me down” she adjusted her veil. “I love you Kade” He stood up, heading for the door. “Kade; ill see you down the aisle.”

“I love you Rayne. With everything I have and everything I am, I love you.” At that he left the room. Rayne giggled a little at what she had just accomplished; fucking her fiancée in a church while everyone is waiting for them to get married. She tidied up the room, flipping over one of the stained cushions. With one last look she smiled and headed for the door…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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