Reaphair Ch. 1

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I had gone to the shopping mall to get back my DVD player. I had given it for repair. It was my holidays and I had time on my hands as I spent the day watching blue movies on my DVD player. I was heading back in a double decker bus when I looked out of the window. It was a sight I could never forget a woman must have been middle-aged was giving a blowjob to a man at the back of a car. She was bent over him and his big cock was sticking out rigidly from his fly and she was bent over sucking his cock. His eyes were closed and she was licking the length of his cock. I had a clear view as the car and the bus were more or less going at the same speed. I was immediately aroused and there was a huge lump in my pants. I was a virgin and while I had seen many XXX movies I had not had a blowjob or any kind of sex till then. My eyes were transfixed to the scene below. I was disappointed as the car pulled away as my aching penis wanted to se more of the “live action.”

I let loose a loud sigh and then I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and was face to face with a brunette who was sitting in the seat behind me. She was older than me surely in her mid thirties and she said “Liked what you saw darling.” I turned away embarrassed as she added, “that sure was a big cock that woman was sucking.” My cock was bursting and threatening to declare independence from my trousers as it stood forming a tent in my pants. She leaned over and said, “Your cock seems very big lad.” I gathered some courage and said “why don’t you try me and was shocked with her reply “son you sure have attitude” as her hands grazed my tent like trouser top.

She signaled me to follow her as the bus stopped and I got off the bus with her. I followed her as she came to a row house and slid a key into the door. Before I knew it I was in a living room of a well-kept house Şerifali Escort and my pants were removed. She knelt in front of me, a wanton look in her eyes. My arousal was evident, straining at the fabric of my boxer briefs. She lightly kissed the bulge as she hooked her fingers in the waistband. She slowly pulled my briefs down to reveal my swollen member. Her tongue ran along the length of me. She swirled her tongue around the spongy head and then worked her way back down the shaft, covering every rigid, inch of my wet penis. I moaned loudly, my hands running through the thick long black hair on her head.

My hands were running over her ample bosom, pinching at her hardening nipples through the thin fabric of her blouse. My fingers urgently worked the buttons on her blouse and soon her massive breasts swung free and to my pleasant surprise I saw her armpits were unshaven. I have a fetish for hairy armpits and seeing this buxom brunette leaving her armpits untrimmed was a complete turn on. Her armpits were glistening with sweat as a thick growth of jet-black underarm hair adorned her furry armpits. My hand slowly slid up her thigh and beneath her skirt. I could feel her bushy pubic mound through the silky sexy material of her damp panties. She began to moan now and I kissed her hairy underarms. The soft silky hair in her unshaven armpits was pungent and hot as my lips touched the thick furry hair in her bushy underarms.

“Fuck me, young man,” she breathed into my ear. “I want your swollen prick in my hairy pussy.” I had no idea that my seemingly innocuous bus ride would put me in a situation, which comes once in a lifetime. I was about to fuck a woman. I hesitated for a moment but seeing this fecund hairy woman seeking my hard penis I had little option but to do as she said. I certainly was powerless and Göztepe Escort in no position to bargain nor did I want anything else in the world.

But I needed to get my cock sucked first and I sat on the couch with my dick pointing straight to the ceiling. The woman crawled on her knees and grabbed my cock and jacked it a few times. I told her “Do it like that woman in the car you hairy bitch.” Then she gave the tip of my cock a long nice lick with her tongue, and she pulled down the skin of my uncircumcised dick and licked the sensitive underside of my swollen penis. Then she got faster as she crammed more of my massive cock in her mouth as she started licking and sucking my cock. She grunted and moaned as I fingered the long bushy hair of her matted armpits. She licked all the way from the top of my cock to the base and then licked my sensitive balls.

Then she said “laddie, get up. I want this thing in my pussy” She pulled me off the couch and she led me into the bedroom. It was there I saw him. A man was in her bedroom and he was jerking off and surprisingly it looked a lot like the man in the car. I suddenly remembered that the car parked outside was the same as the one that I had seen from the bus in which I had viewed he blowjob. The woman seemed oblivious of the big man with the huge cock sticking out of his pants viewing us from the bathroom and since she was not complaining I was not going to raise an alarm and stop the action. I had no wish to see my dreams turning into dust.

I kept rubbing my penis across her ass and stroking her wet slit with my fingers. She had a thick covering of hair on her mons veneris. Along with the thick tufty hair in her underarms her pubic hair was very furry. I had not noticed but her eyebrows too were very thick and bushy. I was excited as I was within moments Ümraniye Escort of the most momentous action of my life. I was about to fuck a woman and I was feeling a rush of adrenalin course my veins through into my swollen cock as I thrust my cock into her.

“Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I am inside you” I screamed as I entered a woman for the first time. “I will fuck you hard you hairy slut aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh” I moaned as I went in deep surprisingly without any restriction. She was obviously a pro as she hardly made a sound as I thrust wildly in and out of her warm hairy pussy. “Please, take it out, young man “urged the stranger as I sprung around and saw the man stroking his penis. He must have been joking why would I ever take my cock out of her pussy. The man was focused intently on the display of my huge ramrod inside the hairy woman. He had no effect on her and by contrast he irritated me. He was spoiling my initiation into sex. The woman was on her back her arms behind her head with her bushy armpits glistening with her sweat. I resisted the need to tongue the jet-black hair in her luxuriant armpits as I thrust into her hairy pussy. The woman then exploded and I had just sent my first woman into an orgasm. This made me bolder as I pushed further into her pussy.

I was now on the verge of an orgasm myself and much as I tried to delay it I could not. I started shooting my sperm into her. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I am cuuuummmmmming” I screamed as I spurted into her. The lubricating effects of such an outpouring of viscous fluid allowed me to dislodge my ejaculating glans from her orgasming pussy. The withdrawal of my knobhead had left behind a gaping hole out of which my thick cream was constantly pouring.

The man behind me was jerking off his penis as the woman had another violent orgasm. She turned to the man and smiled at him. She said to him “Jack did you enjoy watching me being fucked by this young lad” He nodded as the woman added “Meet my husband Jack, and I am Kate.” It seemed strange that I was being introduced to the person who had been my first fuck after having cum inside her and then I…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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