Red Pt. 02

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Please read Red part 1 before reading this chapter.


Having Helen

“Go for it Red. I am going to as well and seeing as I am currently off limits you should too. She is a very tasty little number. So why not?” Hope had said, and so I did.

We met for coffee a few days later. I had worked with Hope one more time in between and found out that she had hooked up with Helen again after one of Hope’s real porn shoots.

“Hope was almost like she had been starved of sex for an eternity, but she was very gentle with me and continued to teach me how to please a woman, by the time I got down to lapping at her pussy she was so wet and dripping. She came so quickly. Made me feel like I had really accomplished something quickly. What Hope can do with her tongue, her fingers, TOYS, is incredible. We did things I never could have imagined. I have never cum so many times in one day, and Hope can be so very tender.”

Helen also filled me in on what had been happening with her since we had fucked.

“I started looking for proof that my husband was fucking around on me. I went through old credit card statements and worked out that sometimes he had not been where he had said he was hauling to. There were charges for a $200 dinner when he should have been eating at a truck stop in an entirely different state. I called a lawyer, and then I called him. He was pretty nonchalant about it all. He said “okay” and that he would be happier without me. He would be happier without me? Fuckling asshole.”

“So, you are divorcing him then?”

“It will take a few months, and he will not contest it, but yeah. So unofficially, I am free.”

“Would it be too cliché for me to say that just knowing you that are ‘single’ makes me hard and that I could fuck you right now?”

Helen laughed. “Yeah, it is pretty cliché, right out of some old porn movie. Am I supposed to say ‘fuck my hot wet cunny right here on this table, stud. Make me cum with your long, hard rod ‘?”

“And I would say, “yeah baby, but first I want you to suck my cock and let me cream your face, and then everybody in the coffee shop starts fucking.””

“Why do I have to suck your cock first? Why not eat my pussy first? Anyway, you are hard already. Don’t you want to eat my pussy? Do you not like my wet, hot, tight cunt?”

“I said it was like a cheesy porno, I did not say that you really had to suck my cock now, and I love your ‘wet, hot, tight cunt.’ It is a lovely, beautiful cunt, and I can’t wait to make you cum with my tongue; licking and sucking your delicious cunny.”

“Well then, why don’t we just go back to your place and you can eat and fuck me there,” retorted Helen with a smirk. “Though it would be fun to do it here, with everyone watching.”

“Yeah, that works for me, we’ll go back to my place.”

We headed back to my apartment and talked along the way. Kind of good to start to get to know each other a little beyond the sexual thing. It was obvious that she had a sense of humor. I told her about my family background and how I was the radical by breaking away from the family tradition of being an engineer. How I had decided to be a journalist and then been advised to take photography as well. All about Hope being my advisor and everything.

“Yeah, I know all that part. She talked about you a lot when her face wasn’t buried in my cunt or when she wasn’t fucking me with a dildo. I’m not sure if she was selling you to me or herself. I think it was a lot of both. But that girl really knows how to fuck, so as long as she is willing to send me to the moon and back, I really don’t mind if she starts fucking you too.”

“She won’t do that as long as I am a student, and anyway I have a pretty hot woman right here.”

“Why thank you my man, but you will need someone closer in age than me to love and honor for the rest of your life. I don’t mind being a dalliance now that I am basically single.”

“I think you are more than just a ‘dalliance.’

We talked about how early on, her and her husband had tried to have kids, but eventually found out that while he had many sperm to give to the fight, she was incapable of bearing children. Helen figured that was probably when he started looking elsewhere for his wild romps.

“He has a beautiful, sexy, loving woman, who also seems to be very talented in the sack, and that he supposedly ‘loves’, and continuing his DNA is more important? I am more than glad that you are divorcing him.”

“I watched a lot of porn when my husband was on the road. Always trying to learn new tricks to entice him more. It helped to get me off when he wasn’t there, and in the end has prepped me for life after him. I may have only had one cock, well now two, but at least I know what to do with one. And now I am learning what to do with a woman as well. I even practiced with bananas and sausages and the like.”

“Bananas and sausages?”

“Yeah baby!! How many women can deep throat a real Polish Kielbasa?”

As soon as we arrived at my place, Haramidere escort bayan we headed to my bedroom, and quickly stripped down. We both wanted this to happen and happen now. Being the ‘guy’, I was just in a pair of plain boxers. Helen being a woman on the start of her sexual freedom wore a lovely black lace bra and panty set. The bra had open cups to reveal her, now hard, nipples. Her matching, black lace, panties were crotchless exposing her swollen and dripping labia. I could tell that she had also fully shaved her pussy all except a little landing strip of red.

We stepped close to each other, the waft of her perfume was nice and delicate, and not enough to overpower the natural scent of her arousal. It was obvious with all her preparation that she had been looking forward to this encounter. The best that I had to offer was a copious amount of precum dripping from my penis, but she seemed pleased and stroked me through my underwear. My cock gave a twitch.

“Do you like?”

“You are beautiful. I do like.”

I stroked her cheek and leaned in to kiss her. Helen tilted her head to meet mine and our lips merged, opened, and our tongues met. I was learning quickly that she loved to play a duel of tongues. Kissing her was incredible.

My hand slid slowly down her side to her firm ass cheek, and I pulled her closer to me. I felt her hard nipples against my chest as I battled it out with her tongue. My other hand made the journey down her side to her other cheek as I broke the kiss and went for the nape of her neck.

Helen moaned.

I moved my lips up to her ear lope and gave a little suck and nip.

Helen moaned again.

I felt her hand squeeze in between us and grasp my very hard member.

I returned to her neck and nuzzled, licked, and kissed. She shivered and increased the grip on my cock and began to purr.

I found her ear lobe again and nibbled.

She stifled a little gasp, and I knew that I were to see her face, she would be biting her lower lip.

I moved to her shoulder with little kisses, and then softly nibbled at the curve of her shoulder. She began to slowly stroke up and down on my shaft through my boxers.

As I worked my way down to her beautiful breast and deliciously hard nipple, I had to move her away a bit, at which point she decided to free my rigid member from the confines of my underwear. Helen dragged her fingers over the head of my leaking cock and used my pre-cum to lubricate my shaft. I was in heaven at the deftness of her touch, amazed that any man would refuse her.

I licked her nipple and blew on it lightly.

Helen shuddered.

I licked her nipple again.

She sucked in her breath in anticipation of what she knew was coming.

I blew on her wet nipple again, and again she shuddered. She slowed the tempo on my cock.

I gently sucked on her nipple and rolled it with my tongue and teeth. A soft moan escaped her lips.


Continuing to nibble on her nipple, I moved a hand down to the V of her legs. Instinctively she parted her legs enough for me find her soaked crotch. Her panty clad pussy radiated heat. My middle finger found its way between the opening of the crotch and slid between her labia, parting her lips to her opening. I gently moved my finger up and down through her swollen folds spreading her dew over her freshly shaved pussy. The nub of her clit was swelling under my touch. I applied more downward pressure on each stroke.

“That feels so good…….yes….. right there……..feels so good….yes harder…..”

My soaked finger moved over her cunt exciting her engorged clit more and more. Her hips began to move in time with my finger. Helen began to pant as the sensation became more intense.

“Yes Mike…..yes…..keep fingering my clit….so good……fuck….yes…..getting so close.”

I did not want her to cum so quickly as I wanted to taste her juicing pussy. I wanted to eat her to her first orgasm. I wanted her dew on my lips and tongue. I wanted to feel her cunny on my mouth as she exploded in orgasm.

I moved my hands to her hips and guided her to laying down on my bed. There was a pout on her face which I kissed away as I moved my body down hers. My lips moved slowly from her lips to her neck, to her shoulder, to her nipple. While my lips and teeth played with one nub, my fingers played with her other nipple.

Helen was purring again as I toyed with her swollen nipples and her breathing slowed down. I moved further down her body with my lips and tongue and gave some attention to her belly button. Helen gave a giggle.

“You are such a tease. Are you going to let me cum anytime?”

“Yeah, some time. But it is so much fun playing with you,” I said jokingly.


“I think you will be happy in the end.”

I decided to start putting her out of her misery and moved down to between her slender legs. Obligingly Helen opened her legs. I gazed down on the beauty Escort İkitelli that was her pussy lips peeking out through the opening of the lovely black panties she had chosen to wear. Her labia was swollen and wet.

I parted the crotchless undies with my fingers and gently sucked each of her engorged lips. Helen’s purring started up again. I slid my tongue delicately up her slit and received my first taste of her desire. The true taste of a woman in heat. I repeated the slow motion of my tongue through her folds, each time lingering longer and longer at the tip of her man in the boat.


Tonguing her cunny was heavenly, from her taste to the aroma that wafted up from her hot box. Using my tongue as a small cock, I started fucking it into her dripping hole. Helen reached down and grasping my hair, pushed my head deeper into crotch.

“Yes Mike……fuck me with your tongue……fuck yes….fuck me…..”

My tongue darted in and out of her hole, lapping up every bit of juice I could. Her hips pushed harder into me to my tongue jab for jab. I gave her clit a flick with my finger as my continued to work her box. Helen shuddered. Her clit was so sensitive. I had her where I wanted her.

I replaced my finger with my mouth over her swollen nub and slowly pushed my index finger into her pussy. I moved my finger in and out of her as I flicked out at her clit with tongue. My finger and tongue worked in concert to elicit more moans and purring from my beautiful lover.

“MMMM……Mike… good…..” In short staccato bursts from Helen.

I sucked her clit between my lips and gave her a gentle nip with my teeth. Helen sucked in her breath each time I did this. I knew, if I could see, that she was biting her lower lip. I sucked and nibbled at her clit more. Moving my finger from her soaked gash, I wanted to see how she would react to a finger in her dark hole.

While still sucking on her hard nubbin, I pressed my wet index finger to her puckered star, and gently pushed into her.

“Mike…..” was all that escaped her lips as I slid into her ass.

With slow deliberate movements I began to work her ass, while licking and sucking at her enflamed clit. Helen responded by meeting my fucking finger by undulating her hips. I stayed on her clit as best as I could. My lover answered my anus fucking finger by clamping down with her sphincter muscle to get as much possible sensation as she could. I could tell she loved a little something in her tight back door. My mind jumped to the possibility of using my cock there some time.

“Yeah that’s it baby……..fuck my ass…..fuck me good……oooh and my clit….yeah work it……”

I think the lady was open to being fucked in the ass at some point. Good to know, as I continued with my finger reaming her ass and my mouth diligently working her clit.

Again, her breathing was building up and she was fucking my mouth and finger harder and harder. And then she came. Hard. My tongue and lips were rewarded with her nectar, her body spasming and her starfish clenching down on my finger. Helen also vocalized her orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck……yeah…….cumming…..fuck…..yes……god…..fuck…….don’t stop.”

I had her writhing on the bed as she shook and screamed. I had a hard time keeping a lock on her cunny but was able to keep my tongue working her clit. Helen tried to squeeze my head with her legs, the sensations so intense. I kept working as long as I could, and I knew that her orgasm had been good.

Helen let out a sigh of both pleasure and relief. She was smiling. I moved up her body. Her breathing was flattening out. As I slid up along her side, I devilishly placed my hand on her still trembling quim. My finger hit her throbbing clit and she shivered and shook. Her legs snapped tight on my hand. I smiled down at her.


I kissed her as I lay alongside her.

“Wow……that was nice……”

“My pleasure, my lovely.”

“I really liked your finger in my…….ass. My husband would never have done anything like that. Hope used her finger and a small toy down there in my ass. Made my orgasm more intense. Would you ever like to fuck me with your cock back there? Maybe after I repay you with my mouth a little first? Would you like to fuck my old lady ass with your lovely cock?”

“I would love to, and your ass is not an ‘old lady ass’. It is quite lovely and firm. I am always glad to fill any of your beautiful holes.”

“Mmmmmm… know how to say all the right things…….now let me take your delicious cock into my mouth.”

As she slid down my body, Helen grasped my cock and gently stroked it. I was leaking pre-cum. Her tongue darted out and lapped up my fluid from the tip.


Helen then just sunk her mouth down on my member, taking me as deep as she could in one gulp. She swallowed. Her throat stroked my cock head. She pulled up her head, dragging her tongue along my rigid shaft Çapa escort to the head. Immediately she dropped her head again, this time taking me further down her throat and swallowed again. It was an intense feeling as she deep throated me, each time further and further. I was in heaven. She did this a number of times and then pulled up to dance her tongue over my cock head alternating that with gently sucking on my head. She stroked my cock to pump up more pre-cum that she seemed to devour with relish.

It was my turn to moan. “Those were some very lucky sausages and bananas you practiced on. I’m glad your husband was not interested in the results.”

Helen came up long enough to laughingly replay, “Lots of protein and vitamins. Can’t wait to taste your protein,” and her mouth was back down on my cock, bobbing up and down.

Her ass was close enough to me that I reached out and tried to play with her cunny while she expertly sucked my hard member. I found her pussy and sunk a finger up to the knuckle and stroked a few times. She seemed to like this and increased her tempo on my cock. I decided to see what reaction she would have if I gave her clit a pinch. Obviously, she was still too sensitive there as slapped my arm with her free hand and lifted her mouth from my pole.

“Behave!!,” and she sunk her mouth back down, taking me deep.

I went back to caressing the inside of her cunt with my finger, having been duly reprimanded for trying to play with her clit.

“Mmmmmm……nice…….” from around my cock as she responded to my finger. Maybe if one finger in her wet box was allowed, maybe two? I added another finger to playing with her. Helen’s head stopped moving, and I felt a little bit of teeth on the underside of my cock head. I removed one finger, and she went back to pleasuring my cock with her mouth.

She was really very talented, and I soon found myself in that situation where I was about to cum. I started to move my hips intime with her mouth and Helen got the message and speeded up her strokes on my shaft. I could feel my need to cum rising. Helen raised her head, so her mouth just held my cock head and sealed it off with her lips. She continued stroking me with her hand.

My cum erupted into her waiting mouth as I watched her cheeks fill out. She swallowed the first load and then as my cum kept filling her mouth, she released the lock of her lips and allowed my cum to flow from her mouth and down my shaft and over her fingers and hand.

She looked back at me and smiled and stuck out her tongue to show that it was coated with my seed, and then sunk her mouth back down on my still hard rod, sucking and licking up as much of my cum as she could. Then she proceeded to show me her cum covered fingers and began to lick them clean for me to see and smiled.

“Yummy…..very…..enjoy it?”

I just nodded and pulled her up to me and looked into her gorgeous ice blue eyes. Then I kissed her and tasted my cum as our tongues danced around each other. We talked for a bit with her casually stroking my cock to keep me hard and me toying with her still hard nipples.

“We had always talked about traveling when we were young and going to great places, but early on we did not have the money and after we found out that I could not have children, we just stopped talking about it, or doing anything really for that matter.”

“Now that you are free, you can do anything you want; travel, anything you want.”

“ANYTHING?” as she continued to stroke my still hard rod.

“Yes, anything, you have already had sex with me, and a woman. That was a first for you.”

“I never had ever imagined I would be attracted to another woman, let alone have fucking great sex with one.”

“Fucking great was it?” as I toyed with her tits and nipples.

“Yeah, it was fucking great, and she tasted incredible.” She tightened her grip on my shaft and gave me a devilish grin. “I know you want to taste her too. You want to fuck her. You want to pump her full of your cum. You want to make her scream in orgasm,” Helen grinned as she tried to needle me while at the same time more seriously, trying to nail down her own position.

“Not while I am with you. You have all of me……cock and mind,” I retorted, and then with a smile, “though I would be open to fucking both of you at the same time.”

“Do you think you can handle both us at once?” as she took a firmer grip on my penis.

“I would love to see how that worked out…..I would try to keep up with you two,” as I gave her nipple a little pinch.

“Well lets first see how you handle fucking my ass. Maybe then I will put in a good word for you. But first, go get something to lube this thing up a bit. A finger is one thing, but I think this guy is going to need a little help,” she said giving my manhood a shake.

Helen let go of my member and I got up and headed to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of olive oil and then headed to the bathroom and picked up a hand towel. When I got back to the bedroom, Helen was waiting for me on all fours on the bed with her ass at the edge of the bed. She saw the bottle of olive oil and laughed.

“Are we going to make a salad? I do hope that is Extra Virgin… know I have never had a real cock up my back door before,” as she smiled and batted her eyelashes at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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