Research Assistance Ch. 03

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It was only a matter of minutes after receiving the text from Felicia that Alice’s doorbell rang. It didn’t ring just once. With Alice and Dan entwined and naked on the bed, it took five or ten minutes before Alice could throw on her robe and get to the door. The doorbell had buzzed three times, seemingly more insistently with each succeeding push, the final time sounded like a swarm of angry bees.

“Alright, alright, hold your horses,” Alice called as she reached the door.

“About time,” Felicia replied, as the door cracked open.

Best friends and neighbors, Felicia and Alice had a longstanding rule that when one of them was getting some, they shared every last detail. The two had met in a feminist theory class in grad school. Although their relationship had gotten physical more than a few times, that was simply an added bonus to an increasingly deep and loving friendship. They were both large, intelligent, passionate women with a lust for life … and for lust, actually. Kindred spirits.

But Felicia had never interrupted when Alice was with a gentleman caller like this, and the pleasantly nosy neighbor did not look like she had come over for a bull session.

Felicia had on a large trench coat and was carrying the bag that Alice recognized as her sex kit. The neighbor looked both peeved and determined as she pushed the door open wide and let herself in. “Don’t mind if I do,” she said brusquely.

“Felicia, to what do I owe the pleasure?” Alice said, feigning innocence.

“You know damn well what,” Felicia snapped, “and the pleasure is going to be as much mine as yours.”

Alice knew that it had been a long time since Felicia had been with a man. Felicia was not man-crazy, but because she confided nearly everything in Alice, it was almost as if the sexual frustration had been building in both of them given how much they talked about their lack of action. Maybe that was why Alice had jumped Dan’s bones in the library after their chance encounter in the stacks.

“Aren’t you going to introduce me formally to your beau,” Felicia said, gesturing toward Alice’s bedroom.

“He’s, uh, indisposed at the moment,” Alice responded demurely.

“I minyon porno know. I heard you dispose of him. Now, I believe it’s my turn.” Felicia waltzed toward the bedroom. She stood imposingly in the doorway, casting an intense gaze at the thin, muscular figure sprawled in the four-poster bed.

Dan had tried to cover himself as best he could with Alice’s sheets, but they were mostly tangled at the foot of the bed. All he could manage was to pull them up to his abdomen. He looked chagrined, to say the least.

“Sorry about the noise,” Dan croaked. “We’ll keep it down. Promise.”

“I certainly hope not,” Felicia said, leering at Dan. She shifted her bag from one arm to the other as she let her coat fall to the floor. Beneath the coat had been nothing but a negligee. “It was hot tonight,” Felicia laughed in answer to Dan’s inquisitive look. “And you to weren’t helping to cool things down. So I decided to come over and take matters into my own hands.”

At this, Felicia sauntered over to the foot of the bed and yanked down the covers. Dan immediately moved his hands to cover his privates.

“Oh, we don’t have any secrets here,” Felicia said. Then she beckoned to Alice. “Come on in, the water’s fine.”

Alice came to the door. She knew that Felicia liked to play the dominatrix, while she, on the other hand, could play it both ways, submissive and dominant as the situation required. Alice hoped Dan was equally amenable. It looked from the growing size of his cock that he was. “Felicia, you remember Dan from earlier,” Alice said, by way of introduction. “Dan, this is Felicia. Something tells me you won’t forget her.”

Felicia’s braids hung down to her broad shoulders. Like Alice, her full-figured body was shapely. But whereas Alice had pale, freckled skin, Felicia’s skin was the color of milk chocolate. Her baby blue negligee only accentuated the contours of her hips and bosoms.

“Turn over and let me see that skinny little ass of yours,” Felicia ordered Dan.

Dan’s body responded to the command almost involuntarily.

“Now, get that ass up.” Felicia said, as she gave Dan a little spank. olgun porno Then she reached between his legs and grabbed his cock roughly. “You like that, don’t you? You like taking orders?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“That’s more like it,” Felicia said, stroking Dan’s cock while she gave his rump another slap. “Don’t just stand on the sidelines, Alice, get in the game.”

Alice dropped her bathrobe and put her glasses back on the bedside table. She climbed into the bed from the side and whispered in Dan’s ear. “I hope you’re up for this.”

Dan managed a wan smile, before he was interrupted by another yank from behind. “Ahhh.”

“No conspiring, you too,” Felicia warned. “This circus has only one ring master. Now, get on your hands and knees beside your man, Alice.”

Alice obeyed. Having a sense of what was coming, she stuck her ass in the air as well.

“I know you have gotten dirty already tonight,” Felicia said. “Time for some tidying up. Get in their, Dan. Lick the platter clean.”

Dan moved behind Alice, grasping her hips. He tentatively tongued her pussy. Alice sighed appreciatively. Felicia slapped both Dan and Alice’s backsides, and then lifted her negligee to begin fingering herself.

“Don’t just focus on the muff, mister.” Felicia pulled Dan’s short, curly hair with surprising gentleness and repositioned his face between Alice’s cheeks. Although he had never done it before, Dan understood what was expected. He spread Alice’s cheeks further apart and used his tongue to moisten the rim of her anus. As he did so, Felicia rewarded him by accelerating the stroking of his cock. Dan’ moaned into Alice’s backside, and noticed that Alice had begun fingering herself somewhere below his chin.

“Keep it up you two,” Felicia said, as she pulled away from them and went back to her bag. Dan couldn’t see what she was doing, but when Felicia returned a few minutes later, she had lost the negligee and found a dildo to strap on. “Move over, baby. It’s my turn. Are you ready for some of my attention, Alice?”

“Yes, oh yes.”

“Yes, what?

“Yes, mistress. Fuck me with your big, fake phallus!”

“That’s şahin k porno better,” Felicia crooned, angling Alice’s ass upward and positioning the dildo at the lips of her dripping pussy.”

Dan was in shock, but he had enough of his faculties to take over stroking himself where Felicia had left off. In his wildest dreams, he had never imagined that his evening would turn out like this. The pace of his hand quickened as Felicia began to piston in and out of Alice. The two women were beginning to move together, building toward an obvious orgasm. Dan’s eyes were laser focused on Felicia’s ass as it rose up and down behind his paramour.

“What are you waiting for, Dan?” Felicia called, somewhat breathlessly. “My pussy … ah … wants some cock too!… Ah yes, yes. Get a rubber … out of that bag over there and … oh, oh … get to work!”

Dan didn’t have to be told twice. The two big and beautiful women slowed to a stop while Dan worked his way inside Felicia. If he hadn’t already cum twice that evening, he would have lasted about two seconds. As it was, he didn’t think he could last long.

“Fuck me, Dan!” Felicia ordered, spanking her own ass with her one free hand. The other was pulling her hips toward Alice, sinking the dildo deep inside her best friend. Dan was surprised by how tight Felicia’s pussy was given her expertise in the bedroom, but he wasn’t complaining. He grabbed Felicia’s ample bosoms and drove his cock deeper and deeper into her.

It should have been awkward. It shouldn’t have worked. But somehow, the three found a rhythm that suited each of them. Alice came first and her legs gave way beneath her, both from the weight of two lovers and her spent passion. When Felicia dropped onto Alice, Dan’s cock pulled almost all the way out of her. She grabbed him as she fell to the bed, and he plunged deeper than he had been the whole night, sending her careening over the edge of her own orgasm. When Dan’s body folded onto Felicia a final time, his cum exploded inside his new lover.

The three of them fell like dominos into one another, sated and exhausted. Dan eventually rolled over onto his back, stared up at the starry canopy covering the bed, wondering what he had done to deserve this. He closed his eyes in reverie.

“Well, that wasn’t bad for your first threesome,” Felicia purred. Then, her tone shifted into a mock pout. “But I didn’t even get to use my whip and riding crop.”

Dan’s eyes snapped open.

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