Reunion Ch. 04

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Jennifer did sing for us and she wasn’t bad. I told her to shower and dress and I drove her home. I told her she was to give her husband the most incredible night of sex he’d ever gotten and that I would know if she didn’t. I had no idea how I would know, but she didn’t ask. It was as if she’d given up thinking on her own.

The next morning I picked her up again, and drove her to the airport. I’d told her earlier to leave a detailed letter for her husband explaining how she knew it would hurt but she had to leave. She was very sorry. I felt bad for her husband but I didn’t think he would ever be really happy with her.

She didn’t take many clothes with her. I made it plain that she was to go to the address I’d given her and she was to put her life in the hands of the man who lived there. The man was a promoter I knew. He worked with a lot of bands. He would train her and it would be hard work. I made no promises but if she had enough talent, she would be successful. I told her what else was involved. I told her she’d probably have to suck a lot of dick. It did not deter her.

At the airport, in a matter of fact tone of voice, she offered to blow me again. I let her. She’d never be as good as Alexis but she was getting better. I came in her mouth and she licked me clean and got out of the van and never looked back.

She might make it, at that.

I drove back to the motel and the cop was waiting in the parking lot. He looked a little flustered. He wanted to know where Alexis was. I told him I didn’t know. I thought he was going to attack me. I didn’t tell him that Alexis was with Kyle. She seemed to really like Kyle.

I walked back to my room and I had a visitor. I was jolted. I hadn’t seen Laura since I’d left and she was the last person I ever expected to see waiting outside my room. My feelings were a little confused. She was my first love. With her, my fantasies had been more about being married and white picket fences and children and less about sexual gymnastics. The rest of the cheerleaders had been my fantasy playthings but Laura was the girl I put on the pedestal.

She hadn’t changed. Her hair was still the same soft brown, although a little shorter. Her figure was still the same and she showed it off in a pair of form fitting jeans and a green sweater top. I had once dreamed that I would come home rich and famous and Laura would throw herself prostrate at my feet. Well, I was rich and famous and here was Laura but suddenly it seemed as if time stood still and I was still the awkward, pimply faced teenage boy who had stupidly blurted out that he loved her loud enough for her friends to hear and giggle.

“Hello, Bobby,” she said, and she shook my hand and her fingers felt surprisingly strong and cool.

There were a hundred things I wanted to say to her, to ask her, but instead I mumbled some inane “glad to see you, ” and “how are you,” and then silence because I could not think of anything else to say.

“Are we going to stand out here talking, or will you invite me in?” she asked.

I couldn’t invite her in, not with what had gone in the room the night before. I knew she would know as soon as she opened the door and she would be disgusted.

“How about some coffee in the restaurant?” I asked.

She nodded and we walked next door to the little restaurant that was part of the motel. We sat in a back booth and ordered coffee and I spent a long time just looking at her. She didn’t seem to mind. I asked about her parents and she told me they had moved to Florida. She told me about her children. I told her about being on the road and living in Los Angeles. We seemed to run out of things to talk about and then the rest of the band showed up, along with Alexis.

I wasn’t happy to see them. To be honest, I could have stayed in that booth with Laura for hours.

They crowded into our booth and into the booth adjoining. Alexis and Laura greeted each other coolly. Kyle greeted Laura as if he had known her all his life, grabbing her around the shoulders and kissing her on the cheek. The rest of them flirted outrageously with her and she flirted back. I was surprised that she did, and she didn’t seem to mind the bold comments about her figure and her hair. In fact, she seemed much more relaxed than when she had just been sitting talking to me.

I felt a couple of twinges of jealousy.

Alexis saw it in my face and, as we were leaving the restaurant, leaned over and whispered to me, “do one, do us all.”

It made me angry. I knew my anger was unfair. I had not given Alexis choice and it was our rule but I couldn’t help think Laura was different. I thought I was going to attack Kyle, as we walked back through the parking area, and he leaned over and casually patted Laura on the bottom as if she were already his possession. And I noticed Laura didn’t try to move away from him.

As I said already, women liked Kyle.

Fortunately, masturbasyon porno Laura had to leave for another appointment or I’m not sure what might have happened. I had to go in my room and take a long shower and even then I still felt an unfair rage against everyone, especially Laura for not behaving like I wanted her to behave.

We had practice at lunchtime in the old high school where we were going to have the reunion on Saturday night. Practice did not go well. I was surrounded by ghosts of the past and I was still irritated at myself for my reaction over Laura’s visit. The rest of the band didn’t know why I was so irritable but Alexis did. She waited until after the first rehearsal and met me in the hallway.

‘You’ve got to lighten up,” she said.

“Alexis,” I said.

“No, know what’s wrong with you. You still think that butter wouldn’t melt in Laura’s mouth, but she’s a normal flesh and blood woman like every other woman. Just relax and think of her that way and you’ll be okay.”

“Leave me alone, Alexis.”

The rest of the rehearsal time did not improve and finally the band had enough of me. Alexis said she would give them the grand tour, and I think they were happy when I said I would walk back to the motel. It wasn’t that far and I needed the air and time to get my thinking straight. They all piled into the van and took off and I started the walk.

I was not out of the parking area before a blue BMW pulled in. The woman who got out took a long time getting out. I think it was mostly for show and she had a lot to show. She was slim but with firm, shapely breasts and long, beautiful legs. She wore a skirt and jacket that was unbuttoned just enough to show something frilly underneath. She had long red hair and green eyes and she was drop dead gorgeous.

“Hello, Bobby,” she said. “I was hoping we’d get a chance to talk.”

“Hello, Elsie,” I said.

She was the hottest thing in our high school. She was head cheerleader, homecoming queen, and every boy’s fantasy. Oddly, enough Elsie was one of those that I seldom fantasized about. She just acted like she knew she was better than everybody else. I wondered what it would take to knock the complacent smile off her face.

“So are you out here by yourself?” Elsie asked. “Do you want a ride?”

“Sure,” I said.

I got into her car. She made sure that she was showing just the right amount of leg as she started the car. Perhaps I was being unfair to her because I was still irritated but she still seemed the same manipulative bitch she had been in high school.

I remembered a rumour about her that nobody could ever prove. It seems in high school she had been falling behind in one of her courses, with cheerleading practice and all the clubs she belonged too, and she really needed at least a high B in the course. It seems she made a deal with the teacher to service him for the B. It was one of those ugly stories told about popular girls that nobody really believed and yet I did believe her capable of such a thing.

She didn’t take me to the motel. I didn’t expect her too. Instead she turned onto a side road and I found myself sitting in front of the old Compton Mansion. It was a really ugly place that had belonged to one of the families that had owned one of the mills. The builder had no taste. It looked like something out of a gothic horror movie and should have been torn down long ago.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Elsie said, lying to me with those big green eyes. “I have to pick up something here. Maybe you’d like to come in and look around? It’s really something inside.”

I shrugged and followed her. I didn’t know what she had in mind but I willing to play out here scenario. Inside the house was even uglier than the outside. She gave me the full tour and I noticed she was really good at accidentally brushing herself against me or giving herself an extra wiggle as she walked up the stairs. It was all tease and it probably worked with a lot of men. It only irritated me more that she thought she could play this kind of teasing game.

When I didn’t show any interest all in the house, she started getting a little more desperate and she was brushing against me more. Finally, we had seen the entire house and I told her I was ready to go back to the motel.

“Don’t you love this place, Bobby,” she said breathlessly. “Just think how it could be fixed up. And I could come over and help.”

It was an obvious offer to sweeten the deal, and one she would never follow through on once the papers were signed. I was right. She was the same manipulative bitch she had been in high school and I started to wonder just how greedy she was.

“How much commission do you get from a sale like this, Elsie,” I said.

Her face hardened. She didn’t like the direction the conversation was going. She started giving this spiel about how it wasn’t mature porno about the money but her love of people and real estate and I shook my head and laughed.

“That’s a crock, Elsie,” I said. “It’s about the money. How much?”

I could see her calculating things in her mind and then she shrugged. She stopped with the teasing as she realized she wasn’t going to make a sale. “I think probably close to thirty five thousand dollars on this one,” she said finally. “That’s what I’m hoping for. I got the office to make me a deal. A much bigger percentage if I sell this piece of crap house.”

I grinned. She was being honest.

“So what were you going to do?”

“I don’t understand.”

“How far were you going to go to get me to buy?”

Her green eyes narrowed and then she laughed. “You’ve changed, Bobby. Hell, I was going to go back to your room if that’s what it took. I was hoping just to shake my ass and get you breathing hard. It usually works and I don’t have to go much farther.”

“You’re a greedy bitch, Elsie,” I said.

“Yes,” she said, laughing again. “I am.”

“I’ll give you two hundred thousand,” I said. “Two hundred thousand and you can leave this town and set up your own business and hire a bunch of agents to do the work. Two hundred thousand free and clear and nobody will ever know.”

She licked her lips. “Why would you do that?”

“You have to entertain me and the band,” I said.

“By entertain,” she said, “I guess you don’t want me to sing and dance.”

“No,” I said.

“There are five of you?” she questioned.

“Yes,” I answered.

“That would make me a real whore, wouldn’t it?”

“A woman who does it for money is considered a whore,” I said bluntly.


I thought she would tell me to go to hell. Instead she was very matter of fact. I should have realized she would be this way. She thought of her body as a useful tool and there was no romance in her soul. But that was all right. I didn’t want romance.

“Let’s start now,” I said. “Show me your tits.”

I was really still irritated by what had happened that morning with Laura, and I was taking it out on Elsie. It didn’t seem to trouble her. She shrugged her shoulders and undid her jacket. She carefully arranged her jacket on a nearby chair. She unbuttoned the frilly thing to reveal a white bra underneath. Quickly she released the hooks on the bra and her tits fell free.

“Shake um,” I said.

They really were a nice looking, perky pair of tits. Her nipples were large and brown and jutted out as the air touched them. She made a face at me but she moved her body so that her tits shook. I told her to do me a cheer and though it was a little tough, while in heels, she managed to do one that really shook her tits.

I felt myself getting aroused but I picked up my cell phone and called Kyle and told the boys where I was and they needed to get here tight away. Elsie never said a word, not even when I told them to make sure Alexis came along for the party.

Elsie did me a few more cheers while we waited. I found a nice comfortable seat and thought about the impossibility of this happening. Even in my wildest fantasies, I never would have dreamed it. Elsie showed no emotion. She didn’t even stop doing her cheers when Alexis and the boys showed up.

“Hot damn,” Danny said. “That is fine.

“Get up there with her, Alex,” Kyle said. “Both of you cheer.”

Alexis didn’t hesitate. She stripped off her top and then they were both dancing and doing cheers. It was a wet dream come true. In a few moments Kyle started suggesting they rub themselves together. It was even more incredible to watch the tall, slender Elsie with her perky tits rubbing against Alexis and her fuller pair. It got me hard as rock.

The other guys were getting into it, rubbing themselves and licking the lips. Kyle suggested they kiss and there was no hesitation. I saw Elsie was breathing harder and trying to rub her leg against Alexis and I started thinking that Elsie was a little more into this girl-girl thing. I got up and walked up to them and they got on each side of me in a girl sandwich. Alexis reached down and unzipped me and took my cock out and she started doing this little dance which kept me pinned between the two of them, their sweet tits pressing me and my cock leaking into Alexis’s hand.

Another hand touched me, caressed me and then Elsie was gripping me and moving her hand up and down. Kyle came and got Alexis, pushed her down on the floor and she started hurriedly unzipping him to reach his prick. I looked into Elsie’s face and she nodded and went down on her knees and took my cock into her sweet wet mouth.

She wasn’t a very good cock sucker but I found a way to make her enjoy it more. I took her hand and pressed it against one of Alexis’s tits. I only pressed her fingers against her flesh milf porno and then dropped my hand but Elsie kept squeezing and feeling and her head bobbed faster on my prick. Yes, I think Elsie liked girls.

I pulled her up and turned her around. Her skirt came off easily and the lime green panties and I shoved my prick into her fuck hole. I wasn’t easy and she gave a shout and then her mouth was full of Danny’s cock. Alexis was making sucking sounds as she sucked Kyle and Kyle grabbed her head with both hands and whispered, “suck it, babe. Oh yes, suck it.”

She started swallowing as he emptied his load into her mouth. Then she did something which really surprised me. She scrambled around on the floor until she was beneath us. Her tongue licked at my balls and at my cock when it slid into Elsie. Then her tongue was touching Elsie and Elsie began to go crazy. She was gobbling Danny’s cock like she couldn’t get enough and her ass was pushing back against me like a savage. Alexis knew exactly what she was doing, her tongue a wet hot probe that was touching the bottom of my cock and the outside of Elsie’s cuntlips.

Elsie came and I think it was a shock to her. Alexis’s tongue had done it but now she had a flood of juices soaking my cock and Alexis’s tongue. I gave her a couple more hard shoves and then I felt my balls tensing and I shot my cum into her cunt hole again and again. Almost before my cock grew soft and I slipped out of her, Willie had taken my place.

Alexis moved away and she started cleaning my cock with her tongue. For some reason she loved doing that. She cleaned up my balls and my cock and then turned her attention to Elmo, getting him even harder under her tongue’s administration.

Danny was shooting his load into Elsie’s mouth and she was choking but trying. A lot of his load was dripping down her lips and chin but she gave it all she had. Willie finished in her pussy and then it was Elmo’s turn.

Elmo took his cock out of her and stretched out on his back and pulled her on top of him. She began to bounce up and down on his hard prick. Alexis crawled around to her head and pressed one brown nipple against Elsie’s mouth. Elsie sucked on the nipple like she was a starving babe. Alexis was smiling as she looked up at me. She started stroking Elsie’s soft hair. “Do you know what they’re going to do to you now, Elsie,” she asked. “Kyle is going to fuck your ass. He loves fucking ass and you’ve got a nice one.”

Elsie tried to stop sucking but Alexis pulled her back. “Don’t fight it. It’ll be better. And you can have my pussy to suck.”

Alexis sat before her and opened her eyes and Elsie went after her pussy. I could hear the sounds her tongue made as she sucked and licked. It was giving me another hard on and I was still angry about the morning. I decided her ass would be mine instead of Kyle’s.

Kyle saw my expression and stepped away. I had no lube but my cock was still wet from her mouth and I pressed it against her tiny hole and started working it in. It was really fucking tight and Elsie started squirming. I know it was uncomfortable for her but she never stopped licking Alexis’s pussy so it couldn’t have been that uncomfortable. I shoved a little harder and my cock was slowly filling her. One more shove and I was in her all the way. Her body pushed back against me. I left it there for a few minutes to let her get used to it and then I started fucking her ass.

I was gentle for only a little while longer and then all the frustrations of the morning started building up and I started fucking her ass like a pile driver. Still, Elsie pushed back against me with every stroke and she was eating Alexis like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue made loud slurping sounds that turned me on even more.

I rammed her hard again and couldn’t hold back and my cum filled her ass. Alexis came at the same time I did but Elsie couldn’t or wouldn’t stop eating her. Finally, Alexis had to hold Elsie by the hair so she could get her breath.

My cock slipped out of Elsie and Elmo took my place. And when Alexis moved back, Willie grabbed Elsie by her thick red hair and pushed his cock into her mouth. Elsie was earning her money. It didn’t take long before she was swallowing Willie’s cum and taking Elmo’s cum into her ass. Kyle was stroking his cock and he got between them and positioned Alex and Elsie so their heads were together and then he beat off in their faces, a couple of thick spurts of cum that landed partially in Alex’s mouth and all over Elsie’s face.

“Now lick it off,” he said, and we watched the two women lick the cum from each other’s faces and then started deep kissing, rubbing their tongues together. Alexis moved her face down and sucked on Elsie’s nipple and then went between her legs, licking the cum from her cunt and stabbing her tongue at Elsie’s clitty. Elsie screamed and pulled on Alexis head and started coming with great convulsive gasps.

“I think Elsie kind of likes that,” Kyle commented.

“That’s an understatement,” I said.

I figured Elsie had gone all her life in denial of her true needs, but now that she had tasted pussy, I expected it wouldn’t be long before she would have her head between somebody else’s legs.

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