Reuniting with my Cuz

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There I was, 33 years old, recently divorced, and partially depressed. I had just moved back to my home state of New York to be closer to my family after a disastrous breakup with my ex-wife. I was not doing very well mentally. My self-esteem was at an all-time low, mainly due to the fact that my ex-wife left me for someone else. I didn’t know what I could do to break out of that rut. All I did was go to work at my new job, come home, watch TV for hours, and then fall asleep. I couldn’t even masturbate. My mind would constantly bring up pictures of my ex-wife having sex with other men. Yes, I’m a cuckold, but that was not helping. The memories I had of our happier days together when we would have threesomes and invite other people into our bed would always invade my masturbatory sessions. I loved watching her with other men, but now that she left me for another man, I didn’t want to think about it, nonetheless get turned on by it. My own mind was torturing me.

I was back in town for a few months when I got word that my uncle passed away. He was my dad’s brother-in-law, the side of the family which we usually never kept in great contact with over the years. They lived three hours away from me, so I never went to the funeral. I was so depressed at that time that it was rare that I ever went out of the house other than to work. It was two months later that I began feeling better and decided that it was about time I went to see my family and offer my condolences. It was a long drive, but I knew it was something I needed to do. I called my aunt, my dad’s sister, to let her know I was coming the next week, and plans were made for me to stay overnight.

When I arrived around three in the afternoon, my aunt, who I had not seen in over ten years, welcomed me with open arms and plenty of love. We sat and talked for over an hour before Tina arrived. Tina was my Aunt’s daughter, my cousin. She was 37, divorced for a number of years, and gorgeous. If you looked at her, you would swear she was a model for one of those swimsuit magazines, she was that hot looking. She was just returning from her time at the gym, so she was wearing leggings that accentuated her legs and hugged her ass cheeks. She was also wearing a near see-thru pink work-out top that emphasized her small breasts. Her long reddish-brown hair ran down her back, over her shoulders, and hung down long enough to partially cover her breasts. My mind began thinking thoughts that were better left alone.

The three of us sat around talking and catching up as my aunt prepared dinner. My cousin’s boyfriend, Jason, got home from work just before dinnertime and joined us. He was a rugged kind of man, almost hillbilly-ish. He didn’t seem to me to be the brightest bulb in the batch, but he was interesting to listen to, with his funny stories and idiotic political views. We had dinner and dessert while continuing to talk and reminisce about family and a lot of people that I never met or heard of. I found out a lot of information regarding my parents and the family that I knew so little about before. Around eight o’clock, my aunt said that it was about time she got ready for bed. Tina, her boyfriend, and I went out to their camper, which was where they lived. The camper was parked outside on the street in front of the house.

Tina owned the camper while her boyfriend only stayed there every now and then, which turned out to be almost every night. Tina admitted that she didn’t want to live with her mom again after her divorce, so she bought the camper. I totally understood that point. She wanted her privacy while she also didn’t want to live too far away since her mom was sick. So, she bought the camper and parked it out front of her mom’s house. Her boyfriend was constantly butting in trying to tell us how nice the camper was and how it was a great place to live. No wonder he stays over most of the time, this was paradise to him. Jason, was 45 years old, married and divorced 3 times, a chain smoker, and a real live white-trash loafer. Throughout the night, he would stay outside the door smoking as the three of us talked. Eventually, he went to bed around midnight because he needed to get up at six o’clock to go to work. I wasn’t sad to see him leave. Tina seemed to unwind after he left.

My cousin and I stayed up talking until four in the morning. We spoke about everything, and I do mean everything!! We discussed our marriages, our break-ups, our kids, and our lives in general. I didn’t hide anything from her and neither did she. We each opened up so much about ourselves that I felt closer to her than I had been to anyone in a long time. We seemed to just let go of our stresses and relax with each other. We revealed adventures that we each had with our ex-es. The talk had also turned sexual after a while. Even then, we didn’t hold anything back. We discussed nudity, threesomes, and affairs. We debated on how we felt sex helped to cause the downfall of our relationships. And anything else that happened in our relationships. By the time we were ready to say our ‘good nights’, Onwin giriş Tina and I seemed like old friends more than cousins. She was the friend that I really needed in order to help me break out of my depression. I hadn’t felt down or sad all night just by being around her and talking to her.

As I left the camper to head to my room in the main house, my cousin followed me outside. Her and I shared a hug that didn’t seem to end. We were just holding on to each other, gently and lovingly. It went on for almost 5 minutes, neither of us seeming to want to break it. I was smelling her hair, appreciating the arms wrapped around me, and enjoying the feel of a woman pressed up against me again. Out of nowhere, I had a thought about kissing her. With all the conversation we had, it’s no wonder. However, with her being related to me, I pushed those thoughts down and away. They would come back later, but just that moment I controlled myself enough to just enjoy what was offered freely by my cousin. The hug eventually broke. I walked slowly away, occasionally looking back at her smiling face before I entered the main house and went to my room.

I was finding it hard to sleep due to all the memories Tina and I shared with each other, especially the sexual ones. I also couldn’t forget how much I stared at her breasts in that pink work-out bra all night. And then that never-ending, unforgettable hug. There was an overflow of wetness in my underwear from all my pre-cum. My thoughts were so filled with sex and my cousin, yet those were two things that I was trying hard to keep separate. I was horny as hell, yet also disturbed that I was thinking of Tina. It felt weird wanting to masturbate because I knew Tina would invade my thoughts. Therefore, I avoided doing it, not only due to the fact that I was in someone else’s house, but mainly because my thoughts were on my cousin of all people. One positive is that it was the first time I got horny without thinking of my ex-wife. That night, Tina had replaced her.

The next morning, I was in the shower when my cousin knocked on the bathroom door. I couldn’t understand her, so she opened the door and came in to tell me breakfast was almost ready. I’m quite sure she could see my silhouette through the glass shower partition, which was disturbing and exciting because as soon as she walked in, my cock had jumped to full height. She knew this shower was near transparent, yet she stood there talking to me like it was normal. My missing self-esteem had just then spiked anew. I kept showering normally knowing that the glass was not hiding my hardness. I knew it would be noticeable to her if she was looking. I was pretty sure she had to be eyeing my silhouette as she stood there talking to me, yet I soaped and rinsed myself as if nothing were unusual about the scene. As I finished showering, I asked her to pass me my towel. As I opened the sliding door slightly, she handed it to me, never turning her face away as respect for my privacy. Instead, I was certain she had nudging the door open more to get a better look. She waited a second before excusing herself so I could dry off and get dressed. No time to take care of my hard dick and masturbate then and there, it would have to wait until I was home tonight.

My aunt cooked breakfast for us which included more talking, reminiscing and family secrets that I never knew. I didn’t start home until after the noon hour, two hours later than I expected. I said goodbye to my aunt in the house while my cousin walked me out to my car. She and I shared another extremely long hug next to my car. It lasted a few minutes. Again, neither of us wanting to break it. She gave me a quick peck on the lips as we broke the hug and moved away from each other. She smiled a sad smile and said, “Don’t be a stranger. 10 years is too long.” I looked her in the eyes and saw a small glint of happiness. “I’ll call you in the next few days, ok?” I responded. I leaned in, took a chance, and placed a longer kiss on her lips before I turned away and got in my car. I heard a final “Drive careful. I love you.” as my car pulled away. I gazed in the rear-view mirror and saw her standing there watching me drive away, wiping away her tears.

The entire drive home I was feeling like a fool for that last kiss and for creating fantasies in my head. I felt like I was making mountains out of molehills. Those two incredible hugs, her peck on my lips, her final “I love you’, and then her tears; were they really just signs of affection from a lost cousin finding a new relative? Then there was the shower episode… did she stand there just to talk to me or to watch me or both? I was confused, but at the same time the memories were making me extremely horny. I couldn’t wait to get home so I could bang one out. And I did… with pictures of my cousin flowing behind my eyelids the entire time. My fantasies and masturbation sessions were all of her for the next two days.

The third night after I got home, my cousin called me shortly after midnight. My stomach did a backflip when I saw her number come up on my phone. Her boyfriend had gone to sleep over an hour ago and she was bored watching TV, so she decided to call me. I told her that I had just gotten home from work five minutes before, so her timing was perfect. She admitted that she remembered me mentioning what time I got off of work in one of our conversations. I asked if I could call her back, as my normal routine was to take a shower after arriving home. She told me a ringing phone would wake her boyfriend and asked if she could just stay on hold while I showered. I thought of a better idea. With hesitancy, I told her I would put the phone on speakerphone so I could take a shower while we spoke. She playfully mentioned that it wouldn’t be the first time we talked while I was taking a shower. My dick jumped as I snickered at the memory.

I kept the phone in the shower with me, safely on the windowsill where it wouldn’t get wet. I don’t know how she heard me over the running water, but I tried to hurry through my washing. My dick was hard the entire time knowing I was naked and wet as we spoke again. Memories of that morning at my aunt’s house ran through my head. My imagination was adding on fantasies of her stepping in to join me as well. I teased her by asking for my towel, in memory of that morning. She laughed and coyly added “If I was there, I would give it to you.” Was that a Double Entendre, I wondered?

We spoke on the phone until four in the morning again that night. We continued sharing so much and so many secrets. Sometime around two o’clock, we took a sexual quiz together that she had found in one of her “Cosmopolitan” magazines. They were questions based on your sexual history and things you tried or never did. The questions started calm and normal and moved to improper and sick. You received points for the things you tried before and no points for things never done. Out of 120 points, I scored a 96 to her 95. We were very nearly matched in our sexual thinking and experiences. The magazine called us “Sexual Deviants” but at least neither of us reached “Slut” status. That made us laugh.

After that, the rest of that night was devoted to sex talk. We took turns asking the other to describe one of the answers to the quiz and a story involving their experience. We started with the calm and normal but quickly jumped to sexy and deviant. She had to describe her first use of a vibrator while I was asked about my first fully naked romp in a public area. She described a sexual time with someone of the same sex while I had to describe one of my many threesomes. We each answered about three questions before we realized the time. Neither of us wanted to get off the phone that night, but reluctantly we did.

The next night, she called just as I walked into my apartment. Again, I told her that I needed to shower since I was just out of work. If I didn’t know better, I’d say she timed her call because now she knew my routine. Her next comment almost confirmed this for me. She sounded excited as she exclaimed “OK, let’s go shower.” Immediately, my mind raced with fantasies of her actually joining me in a shower. My cock was a steel pipe with the thoughts before I even got into the bathroom.

As I was under the water, she just talked to me about what she did that day. As I washed and soaped up, I returned the gesture of filling her in on my day. What she didn’t know was that as I lathered myself up, I made sure to clean my dick and ass extra well, stroking and fondling, all the while listening to her voice. I had planned on masturbating tonight since I hadn’t done so last night due to how late we were awake and on the phone. But now, in that shower, with her on the phone, I wanted to do it, without her knowledge.

Something she said, stopped me. Was it her instincts to say it at that moment or was it something else? But when she said it, my hand paused in mid-stroke. I lost the urge to masturbate here, now, alone. “You got quiet. Are you touching yourself?’ she said playfully, ‘…Because if you are…” her voice paused before growing softer and sexier “…then I would love to know.”

I was at a loss for words. Like a child found with his hand in the cookie jar, I stammered my way out of it, denying it. Like a fool!

Afterwards, as I lay naked in my bed talking to her, she told me that I was in her dreams last night. I asked what the dream was about, but she kept it hidden. That made me wonder what happened in that dream. She answered my question by saying that her guess was that the dream was just residue from our conversation last night and taking that quiz. That made me wonder even more! Quickly, she changed the subject, but I didn’t forget about it. Eventually, One day soon, I wanted to know what that dream was about.

Near the end of our conversation that night, we were just about to hang up for the night when she said she needed to tell me something. She sounded mysterious, which almost scared me. Taking her time to get it out, she admitted that she was turned on knowing I was naked in the shower while we talked the last two nights. Without letting me get a word in edgewise, she continued by also admitting to seeing the image of my hard dick through the steamed-up glass the morning I showered at my aunt’s house. I thought to myself, ‘I knew that was why she didn’t leave the bathroom right away.’ I stayed silent as she persisted in her admissions. Cautiously, with an embarrassed tone in her voice, she voiced her past desire to want to join me in the shower that morning. And she would have if her mother weren’t in the house.

When she finally stopped, we were both silent for a minute. It seemed as if there were more waiting to come out, but she held it in and remained silent. She then prodded me for a response. “Ok, my turn.” I started. Without second-guessing myself, I let loose. “That morning… if you would have asked to join me, I would have invited you in! If you would have opened up that door, I would have grabbed you and pulled you in. I knew my dick was hard and visible to you, but I didn’t know how to hide it, and I really wanted you to see it. Last night and tonight, I wished we had used video calls so I could really have invited you into my shower.” I hesitated before I said the next part, “And I must tell you that I lied to you tonight. I ‘was’ touching myself in the shower when you asked me before, but I stopped out of embarrassment. But, more so, because I really wanted to share my release with you instead of hiding it from you”

Tina was silent now. I wondered if I overstepped my bounds. When she exclaimed, “I think it’s time for us to get off the phone, its late.”, my heart sank. I didn’t know what to say or how to respond. Within the minute, we were off the phone. I believed it to be more from her embarrassment than from either of us actually wanting to get off. Or so I thought. I really didn’t know what to think. I was actually getting mad wondering what I said wrong. Was anything I revealed so much worse than what she admitted? I was perplexed. And to top it off, my desire to masturbate went right down the drain.

For some reason, I didn’t think she would call the next night, possibly still embarrassed over her admittance the night before. Or maybe she was upset over my own admittance. Or maybe out of fear for where we were headed with those spoken words, the now revealed desires. Beyond my ruminations towards possibilities, she surprised me when I heard the phone ring.

She was right on time again. I had just gotten undressed and was lazing around for a few minutes watching TV in the nude before going into the bathroom. No sooner did I turn on the water than I heard the phone ring. It made my heart leap in my chest with enthusiasm.

As I answered, I barely heard her on the other side of the line, “I’m sorry.” My heart sank with sadness that she thought she needed to apologize to me. “Tina, are you ok?” I worried about her. Without answering my question, she averted the subject and softly asked me her own question, “Did I miss ‘our’ shower together?” She almost sounded as if she was crying prior to calling me. With those words, she possessed me, body and mind. We moved on without ever discussing the night before or what had happened before she called. I was sure there was something wrong, but I would wait on her to talk to me about it.

As I was showering that night, with her again on speakerphone, she became bolder than the last two nights. Something in our admissions the night before gave her confidence to become bolder and unguarded. She asked me to describe every part of my body that I was washing so she could get a better mental picture. I started with my hair and worked my way down. I went across my face and neck, down my arms and chest, and then, bypassing my groin area, finished with washing my legs. She playfully mentioned that I missed an area. I teasingly said that I saved the best for last.

With minuscule descriptions, I worked the soap in my hands, rubbed it between my ass cheeks, and lathered up my crack and hole. Laughing, she said, “Either get to the good stuff or put your finger in that hole. You’re making this movie is too suspenseful.” I laughed so hard that the soap fell from my hands onto the shower floor. I knew what she wanted to hear and where she wanted me to go. But I loved the playfulness we shared. As I bent down to pick up the soap, she pondered aloud what the view would look like from behind.

Beginning again once standing erect, I slid my hand down my ass and over my taint. She let out a “mmmm” as I passed my taint and headed towards the front. “From here, I’m heading into the land of milk and honey” as my hand skated across my hairy, soapy ball sack. I didn’t leave anything unmentioned. From my balls to the tip of my dick, she heard every movement of my hand. Describing in detail how each movement made me feel, adding in a few loose comments of how it would be nice to have someone else help bathe me. Another “mmmm” was heard with no words coming from her. I wanted to slide my hand up and down until I came but I kept control for now. Neither of us was inclined for me to move towards a sudsy climax just then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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