Ride of Her Life

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The elevator doors closed and Layla could feel her panties getting soaked from all the sexual tension in the air. It’s what happened to her anytime HE was around. Just a look, a touch, or the sound of his voice could send her right over the edge! Being this close to him in the small elevator was almost more than she could take!

He, in this case, was her co-worker Trey. He was tall, handsome and he had a smile that made her melt! Layla had been fantasizing about him for quite a while now but it was one of those situations where she believed she had a better shot of winning the lottery than getting with him.

Having said that, Layla was more than happy that she had been chosen to go to this conference in Las Vegas along with a few of the other law enforcement personnel she worked with. She was even more pleased that Trey had been chosen also!

Right now they were the only two in the elevator, much to Layla’s delight! The others in their group had decided to go to another session that hadn’t interested either Trey or Layla much, so they made beeline back to their hotel rooms to relax from the busy day.

“Man, I can’t wait to get out of these clothes and relax in that huge tub for a while” Trey said, as he leaned against the side of the elevator, arms crossed in a relaxed manner which showed his muscles to a T.

An image of Trey naked in a tub flashed in Layla’s mind and her breath caught in her throat. The thought of Trey naked was almost more than she could bear. Fortunately she found her tongue before she looked like a flaming idiot.

“That does sound nice.” She stuttered, her tongue not wanting to work properly. “I haven’t decided what I’m going to do yet. I thought about maybe going out to the pool.”

“Now that sounds intriguing” he said as he grinned wolfishly. “The chance to see you in a swimsuit sounds much more appealing than what my plans were.”

Layla stumbled for words. She always did when Trey said stuff like that to her! He flirted with her constantly but most of the time she just chalked it up to it being his personality. He was a ladies man and knew exactly what to say the make them melt. She was positive there was no way that he could ever be attracted to a girl like her.

Just as she was getting ready to respond, the elevator stopped with a sudden jerk and the lights went out. The suddenness of it all caused Layla to scream in fright. She flattened herself against the wall terrified to move.

“Fuck! What the hell just happened?” she heard Trey mumble into the darkness.

“Emergency phone is out…I guess we ‘hang’ out here for a while.” Trey laughed at his little joke.

Layla was beyond thinking this situation was funny. Elevators had never been her favorite place, too claustrophobic for her taste. Even now it seemed as if the walls were closing in on this flashy, complete with mirrored ceiling, Vegas elevator.

“Hey, are you okay?” she heard Trey ask.

“Uhm, well, no, not really………don’t do well with small spaces and the dark ataşehir escort bayan is starting to freak me out” Layla responded, hating the fact that she sounded like a wimp.

“Layla, it will be okay…here, take my hand.”

Layla reached forward in the dark and felt the hand that Trey was offering. He grabbed hold and slowly pulled her into his arms for a hug.

Her senses were reeling, first from the fright and now from the feel of Trey’s strong arms wrapped around her. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think she would be this close to him. Sure this would never happen again; she took advantage of the situation and snuggled into him, breathing in his wonderful scent.

Trey gently stroked her back, helping to calm her but yet at the same time igniting her barely restrained desire for him.

“Here, let’s sit down, okay?” he said, gently pulling her to the floor with him. Trey situated himself in the corner of the elevator and then positioned Layla in between his legs, cradling her to his chest.

Layla, her fears long forgotten, was now in seventh heaven as she snuggled in closer to Trey. The feel of being close to him was ten times better than she had ever imagined and she wanted to make sure she remembered every moment of it.

His hands stroked her arms and shoulders, sending shivers of delight coursing through her.

“Are you cold?” Trey asked.

“No” Layla replied breathily.

“I didn’t think so” he said as he chuckled softly to himself.

Layla stilled at his words. Is it possible he knew how she felt about him or even that he was attracted to her also? It was then that she felt something hard pressing into the small of her back.

“Is…is that your gun?” she asked

“Baby that is definitely not my gun you feel. Care to find out?”

Layla was too stunned for words. His revelation left her totally speechless.

“What? Are you afraid little girl?”

“N…n…no” Layla finally responded, not sure what to say or do.

“Then relax and let me take care of everything. I work well in small spaces” he replied as his lips touch the sensitive skin of her neck.

Layla was immediately on fire from the contact of his lips and tongue as they played over her tender flesh. All the while his fingers began stroking the skin of her chest moving slowly father down until he cupped her breasts in his hands.

He began gently sucking on her neck as his fingers found her erect nipples through the material of her dress. The contact made Layla groan and she parted her legs giving him full access to her quivering body, wanting to feel his fingers, lips and tongue everywhere.

With one hand Trey captured her head and turned her to look at him as he captured her mouth in a kiss. Their lips met and the kiss started soft and sweet, tasting each other, exploring ever so slowly. Then Trey took his tongue and traced Layla’s lips before entering her mouth with one long stroke. The longer they kissed the more passionate it became.

“Little escort kadıköy girl, you taste divine” Trey said after he broke the kiss. His hands roamed he body as he continued to speak in hushed tones into her ear. He told her how hot and sexy she was, how he had often thought about her, had much he had fantasized about being with her, being inside her, fucking her.

His fingers found their way under her dress and into her panties as his other hand continued to fondle her breasts, working on the closure of her bra. Trey got it unhooked and was able to push the v neck of the dress low enough, exposing her tits.

Layla’s body was aflame from the attentions of his talented hands. His fingers playing with her wet pussy were almost more than she could take and she could feel her orgasm building.

“Stand up and turn around little girl” Trey said.

Not wanting to disappoint, Layla immediately obeyed.

“Take off your dress and bra” he commanded and Layla complied.

Trey pulled her in closer and buried his nose in the v of her thighs, inhaling her scent. He hooked his fingers in her underwear and pulled them down her legs and tossed them aside.

“And what do we have here…are you wet baby girl? Are you wet for me?” he said as his fingers traced the outline of her pussy.

“Yes, I am…I’m a dirty little girl.” She gasped as she felt his tongue flick across her clit.

His tongue was magical. The long slow strokes, sometimes so soft she could barely feel them. It was as if he was eating the best dessert in the world and wanted it to last forever. Layla loved being licked and the fact that it was Trey licking her made it even better, more than she could ever have imagined.

“Fuck baby, you taste so good” he said, inhaling her sweet perfume.

Trey’s fingers found the entrance to her wet pussy and slowly pushed their way inside as his tongue continued its tender assault. The combination of fingers and tongue was incredible. It wasn’t long before her orgasm threatened to overtake her, and when it hit; the sheer force of it brought Layla to her knees.

Her body quaking from the intensity of her climax, she landed one knee on either side of Trey’s lap. He grabbed her head and kissed her passionately. She could taste the evidence of her arousal on his tongue and it turned her on even more than she thought possible. She ground her hips

Trey opened the zipper on his pants and freed his cock. Layla could feel it pressing into her stomach. She raised herself up on her knees as Trey began to move his cock back and forth over her soaking wet slit. Finally, when Layla thought she could take it no more, the head of his cock pushed inside her.

Layla groaned as she eased her way down onto his cock, enjoying every single second of sensation. He was huge and filled every inch of her tight damp pussy. Just when she thought she couldn’t take any more of him, Trey’s gorgeous cock was buried to the hilt inside of her.

They moaned simultaneously as Layla began to bostancı escort slowly ride his cock. Up and down in long fluid movements, Trey’s hands on her hips guiding the tempo. The feel of his long hard cock inside her was amazing. It sent rushes of pleasure coursing through her body.

Trey grabbed her head with one hand and brought her in for a savage kiss, their lips and tongues battling, matching the rhythm of their hips. Layla could feel her second orgasm building and her body ached for release. Her hips moved faster as Trey’s kiss brought her to a fevered pitch.

Suddenly without warning he broke the kiss and lifted Layla of his lap. Standing, Trey pulled her up with him and placed her against the wall, stood between her legs and entered her in one quick thrust.

Trey buried his face in her neck and began to suck and bite her sweet flesh as his cock pounded into her. Layla wrapped her legs around his hips, her body supported by the force of his thrusts. The pace of their love making was fast and feverish as they both raced towards their impending orgasms.

“That’s it baby. Your pussy feels so good. Cum for me. Cum for me you dirty little girl.” Trey whispered in her ear. His words pushing her over the edge and Layla spiraled out of control.

Layla screamed as her orgasm hit her, the intensity stronger than anything she had felt before. Wave after wave of pleasure consumed her body as Trey found his own release deep inside her willing body. She could feeling him cumming inside her body as her as his cock reached to her very core.

Breathless and weak, Layla clung to Trey as they recovered from the strength of their shared passion. She was staggered by the intensity of the experience but she had known that it would be this way. How could it have been any other way with a man like Trey?

Reality crashed back in as the lights in the elevator came back on and the car began to move. Quickly Layla and Trey disengaged and went about redressing. She just finished sliding her dress into place as the doors opened. The hotel maintenance men greeted them and apologized profusely for the inconvenience.

“Really, it was no problem” Trey told them. “It was the best time I’ve ever had in an elevator.”

Layla blushed profusely as the maintenance men looked at her and Trey quizzically. He just looked at her and winked as he took her by the arm and walked with her down the hall towards her room.

They reached her door and she fumbled with the key to try and open it. Grabbing it from her hands, Trey took the key and opened the door. She turned to him, unsure of what to say.

As if sensing her predicament Trey broke the silence.

“That was incredible and I worked up quite sweat, I really need a nice long soak now…care to join me?” he grinned wolfishly at her.

Layla offered no refusal as Trey went into the bathroom and started the bath and then undressed. The sight of him naked was almost more than she could bear. She stood there staring at him until Trey looked up at her winked, and crooked his finger in a ‘come here’ motion.

The whole situation seemed so surreal. What she had fantasized didn’t even come close to the reality. All Layla knew was that she had just been given the ride of her life…and she wanted more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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