Riding Lessons

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“Ouch! Damn it Rocky, cut it out, that hurt!”

Tanya’s skin burned where the wet tail had slapped onto her arm and back. She was in a foul mood already and her bay gelding’s uncharacteristic fidgeting was making it worse. She aimed the cool water at his tail which immediately clamped firmly between his legs.

“You big baby, the water isn’t that cold.”

She ran her fingers down through the tail, breaking the snarls and checking to make sure that she had rinsed out all of the soap. Confident that her horse was clean, she rinsed the soap from her arms, shut off the hose and began to squeegee the water from his back with a shedding blade.

“You have a lovely boy there.”

Tanya looked up and saw a beautiful blonde lady standing next to the wash rack. Tanya recognized the lady as her primary rival in today’s Championship round. The lady was perhaps a few years older than Tanya. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a French braid. She had taken off her riding coat and was wearing a light mauve silk blouse with her gray riding breeches and boots. The lady had undone her cravat and opened the blouse to the center of her firm, ample breasts which, Tanya was surprised to see, were swaying freely against the silk, unsupported by any bra. Tanya had never looked at another woman in a sexual way, but this woman was intriguing.

“You know you really beat me.” The lady held out her hands to Tanya. They clasped hands and shared a quick European style air kiss.

“Hi, my name is Lauren and I have no idea why the judge placed you fourth. I knew that you were my only real competition and was watching you. You had a fantastic ride.”

“Hi I’m Tanya. I lost my concentration for a second just before the last trot. I miscued him and we started on the wrong lead. I got him corrected right away, but it happened right in front of the judge. I was watching you too; your ride was perfect.” Tanya looked down and shook her head.

“Don’t be ashamed.” Lauren said. “I had a lead break too. I was just lucky enough to do it when the judge wasn’t looking at me.”

Tanya finished grooming Rocky and led him into her trailer. As soon as she had tied him he contentedly began to pick at the alfalfa in the hay net hanging in front of him. It was time for Tanya to have a quick snack before she started the five hour drive back to her house.

“I’m going to grab something to eat before I head home. Would you like to join me?” Tanya asked.

“I’d love to. But…” Lauren chuckled and shook her head. “As much as I’m enjoying the look, I think it might be a little bold for some of the folks at the concession stand.”

Tanya followed Lauren’s eyes down to her own body. She quickly realized what Lauren was talking about. After her ride she had stripped off her coat and blouse and had bathed Rocky in her riding boots, breeches and a white cotton sports bra that, to her embarrassment had turned nearly transparent when Rocky had splashed water on it. Her dark nipples were straining against the thin covering. She quickly grabbed a tee shirt from the trailer’s tack room and pulled it on. They started towards the concession stand.

“It’s too bad. I was enjoying the view, you’re very beautiful.” Lauren stated.

Tanya blushed, her golden skin darkening a shade. She never really thought of herself as pretty. She had inherited her slender five foot body from her Thai mother, while her larger than average breasts and rounded butt spoke of her American father’s ancient African heritage. Her normally mid-back long black hair was in a French braid, pinned to the back of her head where it would fit beneath her riding helmet.

They made small talk while they ate their burgers and soda. Tanya tried, but couldn’t keep her eyes from returning to the sight of Lauren’s lovely breasts softly brushing against her blouse.

“I’ve got to ask.” Tanya finally worked up her courage. “How can you ride without a bra? Doesn’t the bouncing bother you?”

“I’ve done it most of my life.” Lauren answered. “The biggest problem I have is when my nipples rub against something soft like this blouse I sometimes start to get excited and it’s hard to keep my mind on my riding.”

“Oh God!” Tanya laughed. “That’s what happened to me today. We were doing the last canter and my saddle was bumping me just the right way. I was so close to getting off when the judge called for the walk. I was really trying to keep my mind on the ride, but my body was screaming for ten more seconds at a canter. When she called for a trot I pushed too hard and Rocky took off on the wrong lead.”

“It sounds like somebody is a little horny.” Lauren joined Tanya in the laughter. “Are you having problems finding your Prince Charming?”

“Actually, I found him. It’s just that it turned out that Prince Charming is really a princess.”

“Oh shit!”

Lauren covered her mouth and blushed when she realized how loudly she had spoken. She motioned that she was sorry to a group of mothers who were ankara escort glaring angrily at her. “This s]ounds like it might take a little more time than just lunch. Do you need to be home for work on Monday?”

“No. I don’t have anything planned for the next few days, but I need to get Rocky out of his trailer and it’s a five hour drive down to my house.”

“Well then this is what we’re going to do.” Lauren stated in a matter of fact voice.” I’ll have Ramón take my truck home and I’ll ride with you and we can talk on the way there. It’s only a bit over an hour from here. When we get there we can put Rocky in one of my stalls and you can stay for as long as you like. I’m sure that I can help you with your problems.”

Tanya looked at Lauren. She wasn’t sure exactly what Lauren was proposing, but the mystery only intrigued her more. She knew that any sensible person would politely decline, but a feeling in the back of her mind, or perhaps between her legs, took control.

“Okay, that sounds like fun.”

They walked over to Lauren’s truck. Ramón already had it packed and ready to go. After a few words and a quick kiss on the cheek from Lauren, he jumped into the truck and headed off. Lauren helped Tanya finish cleaning up her site and loading everything into the trailer. Twenty minutes later, after a final check on Rocky, they too were headed to Lauren’s house.

“Okay, so start at the beginning and tell me all about your prince who’s now a princess.”

Tanya began her story. She was the third of three children in her family. Her mom and dad had met and married while he was stationed in Thailand with the Air Force. She had grown up as a military brat, on bases around the U.S. and Europe. When she was starting college her father had retired and turned his years of experience into a quickly thriving light aircraft repair business. Her two brothers had joined into the business and it was looking like the family was heading for happy days. She was in her senior year of college when the family’s luck suddenly changed. Her dad’s heart attack was completely unexpected. Her brothers kept the business running and supported their mother, but the hole that her father’s death had made in their family left her devastated.

It was in this dark period that she had met Gerald. He was tall, handsome and witty. She was studying chemistry and he was finishing up his studies in political science. They had bumped into each other at a crowded coffee shop when he offered to share his table. By the end of the cup she knew that they fit together. He had tickets to a play that evening and asked her to join him. By the end of the play Tanya was smitten. Gerald was kind and caring; not only a gentleman, but a gentle man.

They had married a month before graduation. Luck had smiled on them and Tanya got a job with a research company in Tallahassee while Gerald was hired by a lobbying firm. Within a year they were able to move from their apartment into a ten acre farm on the edge of the city where Tanya could indulge her love for horses. They had both risen In their careers and a couple of patents in her work had left Tanya not rich, but at least comfortable enough that she could leave the nine to five world and work her own hours as a consultant.

Their love life had never been overly passionate. Gerald was a tender caring lover who pleased her, but he rarely initiated their bouts. After seven years of marriage he began to make excuses when she wanted to make love. The next year he had confessed that he was gay. He said that he still loved her but, he just wasn’t interested in the sexual part of his relationship with her. She had tried a few times to stimulate him with her lips and then jump on top and get herself off, but it wasn’t satisfying for either of them. He had finally moved into the second bedroom and had given her his permission to seek satisfaction from other men. She had considered it a few times, but was never able to find anyone who could fill Gerald’s emotional place in her life so she had resigned herself to living without sex. It was over a year now since she had had a man between her legs.

“You poor thing. Well don’t worry, we’ll take care of everything once we get home.” Lauren sounded slightly out of breath.

Tanya looked over and realized that Lauren was sitting back, eyes closed, her shallow breaths timed to the rhythmic bumps of the highway’s uneven slabs that bounced Lauren’s hard nipples against her silk blouse every few seconds. A wave of heat burst from Tanya’s core. She fought the urge to drop on of her hands from the wheel to the hot spot between her legs.

“Oh my God, what am I doing? I’m driving with a woman that I’ve known for a couple of hours and she’s getting off next to me and it’s getting me hot.” Tanya’s thoughts confused her.

“Ooow!” Lauren’s breath caught as her head snapped forward.”I’m sorry, I sort of zoned out there for a bit. I love this section of road; I hope antalya escort they never fix it.”

Tanya looked over at Lauren she was unapologetically smiling, still flushed and, when Tanya looked down, did nothing to hide the small spot of wetness in the crotch of her breeches.

In a bit they reached the exit and wound through the gently rolling countryside.

“I should tell you that we’re very informal here at the farm. Once we’re in the gate feel free to wear, or not wear, as many clothes as you wish.

Tanya was still thinking about what Lauren had said when they arrived at the gate. Lauren pushed a button on her key fob and the gate swung open. After a short drive down a winding road through the woods they arrived at the house. Lauren directed Tanya to the barn. As they arrived Lauren unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it off.

“Umm, it’s great to be home.” Lauren said as she stepped out of the truck.

Tanya stepped out of her truck. The sun was warm as it beat down on her.

“What the hell.” Tanya thought as she stripped out of her tee shirt and bra.

The sun on her bare breasts made Tanya feel nice, but it also felt naughtily, exciting. She walked to the back of the trailer and unloaded Rocky. By the time she was finished unloading, Lauren walked up with a tall, muscular man in cut-off jeans. Tanya’s breath caught as she looked at him. He was six foot six with broad, muscled shoulders, rock hard abs and a tight rounded butt. His red hair curled down to his nape and matched his short beard.

“Tanya this is Scott, my ranch foreman. He can take care of anything that you need, can’t you Scott?”

Lauren hooked her hand around his neck, rose up on tiptoes and kissed him while squeezing his crotch with the other hand.

“Whatever you need Tanya.” He chuckled.

“Thanks Scott, but I might need a lot.”

Tanya hooked her arm around his neck and pulled him down to her lips. She let her tongue passionately explore his mouth while her hand explored the growing bulge in his shorts.

“Oh,Oh! I’m sorry!” Tanya had suddenly realized that she was nearly raping this stranger in public.

“Nothing to be sorry for ma’am, I certainly enjoyed it.” Scott chuckled as his huge fingers lightly fondled Tanya’s hard nipple. “I’ll go make sure that Rocky is bedded in.

Lauren was smiling as she looked at Tanya.

“Tanya I think that you’re going to fit in just perfect here. Come on, let’s go to the house.”

They walked back to the house. Tanya was intrigued. The front of the house seemed to be a rough, cut rock wall built against the side of a hill with a door set to one side. They walked through the door into the hill. Sunlight poured in through a huge skylight over the central atrium which was filled with lush tropical plants. In front of them the large living room was filled with comfortable overstuffed furniture. The room continued into a well equipped, open kitchen and dining area. On the other side of the garden a glass wall enclosed the master bedroom. A balcony with rooms leading off of it ran around the second floor of the atrium. Lauren led Tanya across a small bridge over the creek toward the bedroom.

“It looks like Max is going to be tied up for a while.” Lauren nodded toward a man swimming in the endless pool to their left. “Let’s get out of these pants and get a shower. I’ll introduce you to Max when he finishes exercising.”

Tanya looked over at the man swimming smoothly against the current in the pool. She was thrilled by the sight of his naked form. She stopped for a moment, staring hungrily at the muscles rippling in his back and tight butt as he swam. She was looking forward to seeing the rest of him when he finished.

They helped each other pull off their boots and then slipped off their breeches.

“I’m going to have a quick drink. Would you like one?” Lauren asked..

“Sure, what are you having?

“I was thinking of a dirty vodka martini.” Lauren lifted the bottle and a jar of large olives.

“Umm, that sounds good. Make mine really dirty.” Tanya said with a chuckle.

Lauren mixed the drinks and handed a glass to Tanya. Tanya hesitated. She thought about the last time she had drunk alcohol when she was feeling this horny. She had woken the next morning naked and spread-eagled on her bed with a large cucumber in her hand. She looked at Lauren standing naked next to the small bar. The feeling of lust again surged from her core overwhelming any attempt at a rational decision. Lauren was beautiful. Tanya felt an overwhelming need to touch her. She took a large gulp from her drink and told herself to calm down. The salty taste of the olives brought back memories of Gerald’s tang as she swallowed him. She moved closer to Lauren, who stood sipping her drink and looking intently back at Tanya.

Tanya tossed back her drink in one large gulp. A warm feeling rose from her stomach and swirled around her head. Tanya knew gaziantep escort that she wasn’t drunk, but her inhibitions had melted away. Tanya reached out and softly ran her fingertips along the warm curve along the bottom of Lauren’s breast. Her fingers continued up between Lauren’s breasts spiraling in to the nipples. Lauren moaned and set down her drink as Tanya began to squeeze the hard bud. Lauren’s eyes closed, her lips parted and her breath became ragged. Tanya continued to fondle Lauren’s breast with one hand and with the other reached out and pulled Lauren’s lips to her lips.

Lauren wrapped her arms around Tanya, pulling their bodies together, while their hot, wet lips devoured each other. Tanya moved her hands to Lauren’s tight buns, pulling their cores together. Tanya could feel the heat blasting from Lauren’s mound as it ground against her. Tanya desperately needed more and could tell that Lauren was just as much in need.

“Oh yes! Yes!” Lauren panted when Tanya began to run her fingers up and down Lauren’s steaming slit.

Lauren quickly mirrored Tanya’s fingering. They stood, each with one arm around the other’s waist, while the other hand plunged into each other’s dripping tunnels. Tanya screamed and slumped against Lauren as her orgasm exploded. Tanya was ready to collapse, but instead quickened her pace until Lauren too erupted. They leaned, supporting each other, while their breathing slowly returned to normal.

“Oh!…My!…That was good!” Lauren panted. “You’re a tiger. I don’t normally find women who are as sexually aggressive as I am.”

“I don’t know what came over me, but I certainly enjoyed it!” Tanya rested her head on Lauren’s shoulder and kissed her one more time.

They walked, arms around each other into the bathroom. They were soon enjoying the gentle aftershocks of their lovemaking, triggered by the warm water and the touch of each other’s hands. They finished their shower and helped each other towel dry. They slipped into stiletto heeled sandals and started for the atrium. Tanya paused to look at herself in the full length mirror. She was thrilled by the naked, lithe, softly rounded woman looking back at her. Her hard brown nipples pointed skyward, while a soft liquid glimmer from her lower lips showed that her excitement still hadn’t ended.

Lauren led Tanya through the lush vegetation in the atrium into the kitchen. Max was busy turning a cut of meat on the barbeque grill. A thrill ran trough Tanya’s body when she looked at his broad shoulders, sleek legs and tight butt. He turned to face them. He had a short mane of blonde hair, just beginning to silver at the temples. His smiling eyes were steel blue with a friendly intensity. His broad shoulders tapered into a slim, athletic waist. A small black apron protected his most tender parts from the spitting grease on the fire. Tanya was mesmerized. Max moved with a panther like grace as he finished moving the meat to the cutting board.

“That looks delicious dear.” Lauren pulled Max into her arms and gave him a long deep kiss.

“Dear this is Tanya. She’s going to be staying with us for a few days.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Max said.

“I’m sure that the pleasure will be all mine.” Tanya didn’t even try to fight the lust burning in her. She wrapped her arms around Max filling both of her hands with his deliciously firm buns. Tanya lifted her lips and melted when Max pressed his warm lips against hers. Max’s tongue probed deeply into her mouth. His strong arms pulled her into his hard chest. Tanya was breathless when Max finally broke the kiss. She stood slumped against him, her head resting on his chest, unwilling to let go.

“Be careful dear. Tanya is a very hungry girl, and I think she’s the kind who likes to skip right to dessert.”

“Umm, I’ve always enjoyed dessert.” Max chuckled and fondled Tanya’s breast.

“Speaking of dessert, would you mind if I took a peek?” Tanya didn’t wait for Max to reply. She pulled on the apron string and let it drop to the ground. She licked her lips as she looked at the mouth watering package hanging between his legs.

“Umm! Dessert looks absolutely yummy.” Tanya sighed.

“Food now, dessert later.” Lauren kissed them both and steered them to the table.

Max sliced the lovely, medium-rare London broil and dished it onto the lady’s plates. Asparagus with hollandaise sauce and a tossed salad completed the meal. They talked as they ate, explaining Tanya’s problems to Max. When they finished, Max mixed them drinks while the ladies rinsed the dishes and stacked them into the dishwasher. They walked into the living room, sitting down on the comfortable couch with Tanya between Max and Lauren. Tanya caressed Lauren’s breast and shared a lingering kiss.

“Please ma’am, may I have my dessert now?” Tanya’s voice was filled with mock innocence.

Lauren slowly slid her hand up the inside of Tanya’s thigh. Tanya squirmed, her breath catching when Lauren’s fingers entered her wet tunnel. Lauren slowly probed Tanya, lighting the fuse to her explosion. Lauren pulled her fingers out and held them up to Max’s lips.

“What do you think dear? Is she ready?” Lauren asked.

Max sucked Lauren’s fingers into his mouth savoring the taste of Tanya’s juices coating them.

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