Rio, The Marvelous City

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Angela White

Bené Meirelles was thirteen years old when he first met Tereza Valerio.

As a boy from one of the poorest slums in Rio de Janeiro, Bené had very little choice in how to lead his life. The only way to survive the slums was to turn to crime, or to the police. Otherwise his options were pretty slim. Fishmonger, vegetable seller… all professions that would keep him at the bottom of the slums.

Despite the contrary belief, crime did pay in Rio de Janeiro. And that was the route that Bené chose to take. The police force had never even been an option. The police were cruel, manipulative bastards. Bené didn’t want to be like them. He wanted to own them.

So by the time Bené was six, he was running around with the more established hoods of the slums. And by the time he was thirteen, he was a more established hood.

Bené would steal, mug, and participate in a lot of drug smuggling and selling. It wasn’t for one of his more serious crimes that he got sent to a juvenile detention centre, though. He’d been found vandalising government property, and when he first saw Tereza, a girl of his age with bright green eyes and wavy black hair, he was waiting in the reception area of the court where he had his hearing, she was on the other side.

Maybe it was bring your kid to work day. Maybe she was there with a relative, but the pretty girl which clearly didn’t belong to the slums was definitely not there because she was a juvenile delinquent.

That didn’t stop her eyes from finding Bené’s, though.

If Bené believed in love at first sight, that would have been it. But of course he was a thirteen year old boy. He forgot about the pretty green eyed girl after a few weeks. Maybe even a few days.

But when she came back into his life at eighteen, Bené instantly recognised her.


At eighteen years old, Bené Meirelles was a well distinguished slum gangster. He and his two best friends controlled what went in, and what went out of the slums.

They no longer wanted to leave. They were in control and had everything they wanted. Bené had given up on education when he was ten, so he didn’t have any friends from school. All of his friends were gang members and slum rats, and of course girls that were interested in him because of his dangerous status and good looks.

Bené wasn’t bad to look at all. He was always dressed in the best fashions, always with expensive accessories. Nothing ever seemed to look bad on his 5″10 form, his slender but muscular body well built. But Bené looked especially attractive on the beach, in his long swimming shorts and oversized sunglasses. The young man’s skin was a naturally dark colour, and his face was soft, almost childlike, with very intense brown eyes. His hair fell in black baby dreadlocks, well kept and always looking perfect.

It was very easy to understand just why Bené never had a problem with girls.

This summer had been a lazy summer, Bené had spent almost every night on the beach. Most of the high school students had recently graduated, so a lot more of the city kids were coming down to the slum’s closest beach, a lot of kids he’d never seen before. On this particular night, Bené had been there with a group of about thirteen other boys. Some had been rich kids from the city that he’d met through clubs, and some were kids from his gang. He was never alone, though.

A group of high school kids from the city had apparently been planning an overnight stay on the beach. Like Bené’s gang, they had spent the entire day at the beach, and now it was night time. Both groups stared small bonfires, not paying any attention to each other. Bené hadn’t even paid any attention to the other group until a small female form, no taller than 5″1, began to walk towards their group, apparently just taking a walk, with her feet in the water.

The young hood watched her curiously, her face shadowed by the night. But the girl had a good body, he could tell from a distance. She was dressed in a short skirt, coming mid thigh, and a loose tank top shirt. It was getting a little colder now, but the water was still warm so she walked with her feet in the waves.

Bené watched her smooth, tanned legs get closer and closer, and grew quiet as the rest of his gang continued to laugh, and smoke, and drink. It was only when he looked to her face though, that Bené got completely silent.

Shoulder length black curls framed a pretty face. Familiar, but more grown up than the face he’d first seen five years ago. Bright green eyes, and a pretty mouth… Bené recognised her instantly.

The girl he’d seen at the court, the girl he’d ‘fallen in love with’ for a whole seven days afterwards.

She was looking back at him now, too, the water washing over her feet as she squinted her eyes. He had changed a lot since then, but surely she’d recognise him from close up. Now she just looked a little confused as to why this hood was staring at her with his mouth wide open.

“Hey, hey, urfa escort wait a minute!” Bené called out almost impatiently, the hoods around him growing quiet and watching their charismatic ‘leader’ jump to his feet in the sand, and walk over to the petite girl as she looked back at him shyly.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” he asked, smiling an adorable dimpled smile at her as he ran a hand over his hair. “I’m Bené. We never actually met or anything…but years ago…I mean YEARS AGO,” he grinned, and his dark cheeks coloured a light pink. “You were sat near me..and um…oh man this is embarrassing. It was in the court… I dunno, maybe one of your parents works there?” The thought that this might not be the girl suddenly hit Bené. Well, that would be embarrassing. And if it wasn’t her, he’d probably made such an idiot out of himself that even this pretty girl wouldn’t be interested…

“Oh my God, about five years ago?” Bené grinned at her response. So she recognised him. He smiled and nodded as the pretty girl brought a hand to her mouth and laughed, shaking her head in disbelief. “Yeah, I was waiting for my dad to finish work. I can’t believe you remember me though. I can’t believe you recognise me!” She looked up at him shyly, her eyelashes unconsciously batting a little bit more. The boy was so attractive. He had been really cute to her thirteen year old self, and now he was there, tall, tanned and so very sexy.

“How could I forget! You still look kinda the same. I mean…you look older… but you’re still really pretty,” Bené felt a little intimidated by his friends watching them now. Of course all of his friends assumed that he was just trying to get into this girl’s pants… which he kind of was, but this was different! She was ‘the pretty girl from the courtroom.’ “What’s your name? I’m Bené,” he grinned a charming smile and moved to take her hand, squeezing it lightly. The informal handshake soon turned into him stroking her fingers as the young woman squirmed, embarrassed, but apparently not minding the attention.

“I’m Tereza,” she smiled back, eventually pulling her fingers back. “Are you gonna be here for long?” Tereza asked, her pupils dilating as she looked up at the boy’s handsome face.

“Yeah… you and your friends should totally join us,” Bené nodded, and moved his fingers to point at his own group, who seemed a little more rowdy than the people Tereza was used to. But still, Bené had an obvious bad boy quality that the girl was attracted to, like most girls were. So she nodded slightly, tilting her head to the side.

“I’ll have to ask my friends…”

“Oh come on, I’ve waited for you for five years!” he joked, and caught Tereza’s hand as she began to walk towards her group of friends. Tereza only let him hold the tips of her fingers as they approached her group of friends, all of who looked at her with a sly smile now as the tall hood moved behind her, clearly watching her body as she told them of how Bené was an acquittance.

Bené grinned and waved, introducing himself to everyone individually, and insisting that everyone come to join his friends. They had beer, and cigarettes, and loads of food. Everyone eventually agreed, and began moving towards the group of boys, who instantly became very interested in Tereza’s available female friends.


Four hours later, all of the teens were feeling much more at ease with one another. The class divide had almost vanished, thanks to the crates of beer that both groups had brought with them. Some of Tereza’s friends took a special liking to Bené’s gang, just like Tereza took a liking to Bené. By two am, she was sat between his legs with her back to his chest as Bené stroked her waist and placed gentle little kisses on her hair. She touched the smooth, exposed skin of his knees and calves a little more shyly, but it was clear that the two teens were very attracted to each other.

“I can’t believe I’m with the courtroom boy,” Tereza laughed and tilted her head to the side.

Her male companion grinned against the skin of her neck, and kissed her there gently. He was a little more forward than what Tereza was used to, but she’d also never met a boy quite like him. He was definitely the most likeable person she knew. His personality, charisma and good looks made impossible to dislike. Even though he sold drugs, and his friends actually had guns with them.

“What did you think of me?” Bené asked in response, moving his head back so he could look at her. The bonfire they made was still burning, so the heat and light from the flames played over their bodies.

“I thought you were really cute,” Tereza smiled, and moved her hand to take his. She stretched their linked fingers out and looked at their hands as she spoke. “My dad said you were one of those ‘bad kids’ that would probably be dead before they’re eighteen. But you had those little dimples, and such big eyes. You were definitely the cutest boy I’d ever seen.” uşak escort When her little body shook from laughter, Bené only shook his head and kissed the back of her neck.

“I hope I still am… and your dad was wrong,” the brown eyed boy smiled, as Tereza turned around in his arms and shyly cupped his face.

“I’m glad,” she whispered, hoping that nobody was watching them as they moved close together, her eyes closing and her body trembling as soon as their lips touched. Bené’s touch was gentle on her waist, and he pulled the black haired girl into his arms, allowing her to relax there. Tereza stroked his hair and ran her nails over the skin of Bené’s defining cheekbones as his tongue gently parted her mouth, massaging the pink muscle that came out to stroke his own tongue in response. Bené lapped at Tereza’s lower lip when he drew back, her lips glistening and stretched with a smile.

For a moment they only focused on each other but the noise of their friends finally brought them back. Tereza clung to Bené’s shoulders, with one of her legs pressing between his unintentionally as they both turned to look at one of Bené’s friends who was now insisting that everyone go skinny dipping.

“You want to?” Bené asked the pretty girl in his arms. Tereza giggled, and slid up his body so she was sitting up now, watching in shock as her drunk friends, along with Bené’s drunk friends effortlessly stripped their clothes. They were all young, all a little bit intoxicated, so not many of them felt very much shame. Even Tereza was feeling very tempted by the ocean, especially as the others began to splash around, the boys yelling excitedly as the girls screeched.

“You have to go first,” she grinned, before standing up and holding her hand out to Bené. The boy took it and pulled her to him again, his fingers sliding underneath of the shirt that she wore now to protect her from the cooling night. Tereza bit into her lower lip as Bené ran his long, masculine fingers up her sides, and slid the shirt off her body, tossing it onto the side. He was still only wearing his swimming trunks, so the city girl just ran her fingers and nails over his broad shoulders and muscular arms as the teen moved down onto his knees, making her giggle.

Bené’s fingers undid her shorts, sliding them down her smooth, tanned legs and watching as Tereza stepped out of them, now only in her bikini pants and vest like bikini top. “Go first!” she insisted, laughing as the other teens yelled for them to hurry up.

With a grin, Bené ran towards the water now, stopping only to slide his shorts down past his hips in one swift motion. Tereza laughed, following him now and watching his naked body being embraced by the water. She was a little more cautious about undressing, but the darkness was comforting. Plus the only person that was truly focusing on her was Bené.

He grinned and mouthed for her to come on as he stood waist deep in the water, stroking his toned stomach as Tereza self consciously slid her vest top off, exposing her breasts to a boy she didn’t even know that well. A few whistles from some of the others came from the water, but most of the other boys were occupied with wrestling Tereza’s naked female friends. So the city girl removed her pants with a deep breath, doing it as close to the water as possible so she wouldn’t have to walk too far completely nude.

Tereza gasped, her body not prepared for just how cool the water was against her skin. She was used to Bené’s body heat and the warm flames of the fire, and although the ocean was still warm from the sun, it certainly was a shock. Of course, her attention quickly returned to the beautiful Brazilian boy that licked his lips and walked towards her, not saying a word.

Bené grinned as he pulled Tereza against him, the two of them practically oblivious to anyone else as their mouths teased each other. Naked arms wrapped around each other and Tereza moaned gently as Bené’s growing erection pressed against her stomach. They kissed again, over and over, sharing the heat of their mouths as Bené walked backwards in the water, not paying attention to anyone that he bumped into.

Bené’s lips were certainly the softest Tereza had ever kissed. She hadn’t been with many boys, she had slept with only two and kissed no more than ten. Bené was the best kisser. She melted against his mouth as he grabbed her bottom, trying to force their bodies harder against each other.

“Bené,” Tereza whispered, drawing away from him for a moment. She still clung onto his shoulders, and stroked his wet back with trembling fingers. “It’s cold,” she whispered, and he laughed against her warm skin.

Bené moved his hips against Tereza’s stomach, his cock twitching when she pressed herself even harder to him. Most of the others had already got out of the water, since it was cool, but both Bené and Tereza were on fire. His fingers slid under her bottom and he picked her up, encouraging her legs to slid van escort around his waist. The water made it easy, and Tereza felt almost weightless in the boy’s arms. Her fingers ran over his damp dreadlocks as she pressed her chest against Bené’s neck, not expecting him to bend his head down and capture one of her darkened pink nipples in his mouth. She gasped, feeling her whole body charge with electricity. She was wet now, aching for his touch.

“Bené, lets stop…” Tereza whispered, despite her body begging her to go on, especially when the slick head of Bené’s cock traced her entrance. “People are watching…”

The boy leaned back and let her slide down his body, so they could kiss again. He smiled and parted his lips to kiss her. Bené understood. When he looked up he did notice the eyes of several of the boys watching them rather intently. They motioned for him to carry on but the light haired boy shook his head, even though underneath the water, his finger traced Tereza’s slit, making her moan into his mouth. “Come on then. Lets warm up.”


It had just gone six am when the noise around him made Bené shift around in his sleep.

Birds, the sea, people talking… he groaned, nose twitching in displeasure. The morning sun felt good on his skin, but the air was fresh and cool still so he shivered before slowly opening his eyes, blinking a few times. Bené was greeted by a head of dark hair, and for a moment, he lay quite confused, before the previous night’s events unfolded and the young hood smiled. He kissed the girl’s hair and stretched his arms, bringing her closer to his own body. Some of his gang had left already, some were still sleeping. He lay with Tereza, wrapped up in two thin blankets by a burnt down bonfire.

“Hey, Tereza,” Bené whispered, and threw the blanket back from his shoulders. It wasn’t long enough anyway, his legs had been exposed all night. “…baby it’s morning. Lets go. We’ll go back to my place, you can sleep properly.” Tereza was clearly reluctant to wake, but Bené stroked her hair and lower back, eventually causing her to groan and roll over onto the sand, her eyes squinting at the rising sun.

“Mmm… what time is it?” she asked sleepily, and extended a hand to idly stroke at Bené’s stomach and chest. When she started to wake up, she suddenly remembered last night very clearly, and embarrassment hit her. Bené laughed at her reaction, and wrapped his arms around her shoulders once again, bringing his mouth to her’s in a brief kiss.

“Come on, don’t go shy on me now,” he laughed against her smiling mouth, and their movement started to stir everyone else to life. “…I don’t know the time though. Lets go before the morning crowd rushes in. Come back to mine,” he insisted again, before sitting up and reaching for his bag. Bené slid on a shirt, and tied up his sneakers before whacking one of his snoring friends on the shoulder. Tereza sat up too and pressed her cheek to his back momentarily. He smelt good, and he felt good too. Even now, without the alcohol influence, Tereza was still very much attracted to Bené. And she was also very tired, too tired to wait for the bus to go back into the city. Although she didn’t believe that she would sleep very much, either, if she went to rest at Bené’s apartment.

“Okay, lets go,” Tereza whispered, more to herself than anything as Bené pulled her to her feet, and they stood for a moment, lost in a gentle kiss. The young woman licked her lips as she pulled back eventually to wake her friends, and explain to them what was going on. Bené, in the mean time, picked up Tereza’s bags to carry them. Then he, and nine sleepy boys waited as Tereza said goodbye to her friends, all of whom seemed reluctant to let her go back to the slums with the hoods. But Tereza was persistent, and after countless promises of a telephone call to tell them off her safety, Tereza and Bené began to walk off, hand in hand.

Tereza didn’t realise that she held onto Bené’s hand that much tighter as they neared the slums. There was barely any room to move, and so much noise came from the little shanty houses. The city girl had never been to a place like this. Certainly Bené knowing everyone was a relief but she was frightened, intimidated by a world she’d never known. Tereza didn’t know what to think or what to expect of Bené’s home either. So when they reached a block of apartments and Bené said goodbye to his ‘men’, she held onto him even tighter as he opened the door, and walked in laughing.

“Stop looking so scared,” the hood whispered and kicked the door closed before he focused all of his attention onto Tereza again, and captured her face between his hands, leaning his head down to kiss her. “Look at my home, it’s not so scary… Forget about what’s outside. You’re with me, it’s okay.” Tereza smiled against his lips, embarrassed at reacting so nervously. She lifted a hand to stroke her fingers over his, and kissed him back as she stood on her toes. The apartment was indeed, something she hadn’t quite expected. It was a new block, one of the very few the government had forced into the slums. Bené had furniture, a television set, electronics… the decoration was horrible, but it was clear that he had the money, unlike the rest of the slum’s occupants.

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