Road Trip

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I sit in the front seat of your car and glance nervously about. You’ve had to help me into the car as I am tied up. My ankles are bound as are my hands in front of me. My clothing is very brief. My short skirt is pulled up so my ass sits on the seat and I have no panties on. I’m wearing a very tiny top which shows off my pierced nipples and of course I’m wearing no bra. I’m also barefoot at your insistence.

I want to ask you where we are going but you’ve told me it’s a surprise. I look over at you and you smile at me, melting me within. You grab my hair and pull me towards you kissing me deeply. You tell me what a good little girl I am for you and I blush. You reach into the back seat, pulling out a gag and a blindfold. I smile knowing this turns us both on tremendously. After both are secure, you fasten our seat belts and start the car. I am nervous about this trip. I know we’ll be gone for a while today as you packed us a lunch in a cooler. We have tinted windows but they aren’t a dark tint and I’m very aware of how well truckers especially can see in the windows. You sense my nerves and place a hand high up on my thigh, squeezing it firmly. You altyazılı seks murmur how good I am before you turn the music up. I trust you with everything I am so I try to relax and enjoy the ride.

I can tell by our speed we’ve entered the interstate. I feel the air conditioning come on and my nipples harden as it hits me. I feel you tapping my inner thigh, and I immediately open my legs enough to allow you access. Your hand is cool and firm as you push my skirt up to my waist. I gasp as you gently touch me. I know I am wet and you feel it now too. You swiftly slide a finger inside me and remove it. I long for you to touch me again and I squirm a little. I hear you laugh lightly and know you are both amused and very turned on. I feel a rush of warm air and realize you’ve opened the car window. I am suddenly shocked as I hear a trucker’s horn honk. You laugh again as you plunge your fingers inside my now soaking wet pussy. I groan through the gag. I am torn between embarrassment and pleasure.

You continue to fuck me vigorously with a few fingers as I start getting close to having one hell of an orgasm. I am not anal porno sure whether or not the trucker is still watching and frankly at this point, I don’t even care. The wind blows my top a bit revealing my now rock hard nipples. I am now squirming around in the seat and you lean over just a bit to tell me I can cum. I do so with pleasure, coating your hand with my wetness. Just then I hear the trucker honk again and the window is rolled up.

I flush with embarrassment knowing you have just shown me off to a total stranger. Again, I hear your laughter. You tell me what a very good girl I am as I hear and feel the car slowing down. The car stops and you turn off the engine before removing my blindfold. I am happy to see the look on your face of both excitement and pride. I look around us and see we are at a rest stop. It looks completely deserted.

You get out of the car and come around to my side, opening the door. I look at you with questions in my eyes. You smile at me and tell me it’s time to get out. I look around for people and see none as you help me wobble from the car to stand on the grass beside the car. brazzers porno We are shielded from anyone who would drive through by your car. You whisper to me that you are going to fuck me right here in this parking lot. I am excited and nervous as you turn me around and bend me over slightly, allowing you enough room to enter me. I hear you behind me unzipping your jeans and I can barely contain myself. You grab my hips and pull me back onto your hard cock. You fuck me with such force I nearly fall over. One hand fists my hair as you repeatedly slam into me. You know I am close to exploding on your cock and you tell me to just wait a moment as you pound into my pussy a few more times. I can feel you tense up and you quietly tell me to cum in my ear. We both have an orgasm and fall slightly against the car. You laugh again as we straighten up. You remove my gag and untie my ankles and I fall to my knees licking your cock clean.

I lean against the car for a few moments while you reach into the back seat producing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt for me to put on. After you untie my wrists, I sit on the seat and put them on. You point out the picnic tables nearby I hadn’t noticed. Since I am still a bit wobbly, you help me to the tables and return for our cooler.

For the next hour, we enjoy a nice picnic in the bright sunshine. I sit eating and smiling at your gorgeous face as I wonder what you have planned for our next road trip.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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