Room 112

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Horny Mums

The knock on the door wakes them from their slumber. Just in time too. John gets up and Diane tells him that maybe he should put something on before he answers the door. Sheepishly, he agrees and grabs one of the terry cloth robes provided by the hotel.

As he opens the door, a beautiful woman walks in with a tray full of food. Lobster tails, crab legs, hoer d’oeuvres with loads of the finest caviar. Cheese, crackers, a bottle of bubbly and a six pack. White chocolate covered strawberries are for dessert.

As she goes through the motions of showing them their meal, she looks at her lying in the bed, still naked and raises her eyes approvingly. She says with a smile,

“Hmmm, I’m sure you’ll enjoy, this, um, dinner. If you two need anything, anything or one at all, just ask for me. My names Simone.”

Diane sits up on the bed, allowing Simone to see her naked body in full and smiles telling her,

“No thanks, I think we’ve got everything we need. But if we change our minds, You’ll be the first to know”.

Simone smiles a knowing smile as she exits the room, saying,

“Again, my names Simone. I hope you’ll call on me”.

John shuts the door and gives Diane a raised eyebrow, looking at her voluptous body and with a sly grin asks,

“What’s on Your mind?”

She replies just as he suspected by saying nothing, mecidiyeköy escort instead she gives him a devilish smile.

Famished, they take a moment to eat dinner, hungrily devouring the lobster and crab. Diane avoids the caviar and opens one of the bottles of beer.

After they finish, they take some time out to drink the rest of the beer. Diane asks John why he got the champagne if he was going to drink beer. He tells her that there’s nothing better than having a little champagne with white chocolate covered strawberries for dessert.

She thinks that he meant to eat and drink, until he pushes her back on the bed and grabs the strawberries and uncorks the bottle of champagne.

Diane laughs as the cork pops off the bottle and champagne spills all over. John does his best to suck it up and quickly rushes to the bed and lets the rest spill on her body, promising to lick her clean.

He takes a strawberry and traces it all over her, across her cheek, down her neck over her left breast and down her belly. The white chocolate melts against Dianes hot skin and he licks that off as well. He takes the bottle again and pours more champagne on her belly, letting it puddle in her navel.

Her laugh becomes more of a low groan as she feels herself becoming merter escort wet again. Her excitement making her wetter with each time touch of his hands and tongue.

Johns teasing turns subtle, his eyes lock on heres. Its the look that shes seen already this day and she knows that she will succumb to him again. She cannot resist his touch and she doesn’t want to.

The intensity in his eyes bores through her, as if he knows exactly what shes thinking, what she wants, what she needs. Diane pulls him down to kiss his lips. Their mouths part, their tongues twirl and are the first things to touch. As they kiss, John lets go of the bottle, letting it’s last drops fall onto the floor.

Diane thinks to herself that this is the most virile man shes ever been with. How can he keep up such intensity each and every time he touches me she thinks silently. Lost in the moment, her concentration waivers. Her body forcing her to concentrate on the sensations of his touch.

This time she tells herself that shes going to control the pace of things, but his kiss, his touch and the words he whispers in her ear again breaks down what ever defenses that she might have put up.

Losing control of her ability to contain herself, to prolong her impending orgasm, she tells him to touch mutlukent escort her pussy again.

Johns hands move down her body, its soft but sticky from the strawberries and champagne. He reaches her incredibly wet pussy and tells her how wet she is. She only nods as she tilts her head back and closes her eyes.

“Oh God, that feels sooo good”.

Dianes body shudders as John kisses his way back down to her perfectly trimmed pussy. His tongue touches her clit for the hundrenth time, and for the hundrenth time, Diane lets out a loud moan of satisfaction telling him,

“Fuck, I can’t believe it, but I’m going to cum already”.

Not wanting to hurry her, John stops and begins to lift his head, but Diane hands hold his head down telling him,

“It’s too late, I need your tongue on my pussy”.

Only moments later, her body convulses and shakes with a powerful orgasm, her breath comes in short gasps as her hands hold his head still, not wanting him to stop, but unable to withstand the pleasurable sensations.

Finally, Diane returns to earth as her orgasm subsides and John slides his thick cock deep into her waiting pussy. She rolls him onto his back and climbs on top saying,

“I’m gonna have the ride of my life and your the one who’s going to do me”.

They fuck for another twenty minutes with her having two more orgasms. Finally they both collapse from complete exhaustion and pure satisfaction.

Diane leans over to John whispering,

“Maybe next time we should invite Simone.”

John rolls over on his side, a satsifactory smile on his face. He lifts the hotel phone from its cradle and dials room service.

“Hello?, Simone? This is room 112.”…….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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