Room Ch. 05

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Clothed Female

**This is Room 5. You may wish to read Room 1, 2, 3 and 4 to follow Jay’s experience in the Institution. I welcome feedback and ideas, so feel free to get in touch.**


The service elevator jolted to a halt and Jay found himself back in the Institution foyer.

David, who Jay had ascertained was the current owner of the establishment and the latest in a long line of caretakers, was still in the foyer and playing with his new toy.

He had the girl backed into the wall, still wearing the spreader-bar connected to her collar which held her wrists at shoulder-height away from her body.

Her waist was bound in a tight corset which stopped just below her bust, leaving her breasts to sit out from her body. They were a little distorted by the weighted nipple clamps. Her legs were straight pushing her hips back against the wall and her body leaning away from it. On closer inspection, she seemed to be strapped to the wall at the hips.

Jay realised her arse and cunt were most likely in a glory hole, explaining her heavy breathing, drool and rhythmic slight jolt forward against the restraints.

“I think she’ll do nicely,” David said, turning to Jay.

Jay ignored the statement.

“What the fuck did you do to me,” Jay asked. His cock was positively throbbing and given how much cum he’d already spilled today, the only explanation was interference.

“Remember the whisky you drank? I took the liberty of spiking it with Solution X.”

“What the fuck?” Jay knew the Institution made permanent biological changes to its slaves, resulting in increased breast size, erogenous-zone sensitivity and duration of orgasm. He had not been prepared for his own biology to be interfered with.

“Calm down. It’s a temporary — albeit significant — increase in sperm production rokettube and erectile function. It also results in a huge proportion of x-chromosome sperm. I have a task for you,” David said.

“I think you’ll like it.”

Jay took a deep breath and followed David who walked through the door marked “Five.”

Another dark corridor, this one quite similar to Room 1 lined with fine black carpet on the walls, roof and floor which absorbed sound and light.

As they walked, David explained:

“Some of the girls who were born here are not be sold — they spend their whole life on site, usually dedicated to assisting to train new slaves, run the operations and as companions for staff,” David said. “They are our most advanced practitioners. And they have one other role.

“The girls you are about to meet are the fourth generation of this Institution, great-great granddaughters of the original women who lived here. Their cycles are in synch so while we could just use artificial insemination to bring the fifth generation to us, it seems a wasted opportunity.

“Hence the need for Solution X: we need a big proportion of girls. We of course have use for our boys – they become the bulls that oversee much of our activities – but that’s not our core business.”

David pushed at the door at the end of the corridor, and stood aside to let Jay pass.

“The solution will wear off in an hour or so. In the meantime, don’t hold back.”

Jay walked into the room which was lit by gentle downlights from the ceiling. The room was empty of furniture, although there was a deep waist-high ledge on the far wall that ran the length of the room. The only thing Jay could see were two buttons to his right: one green, one red.

His cock continued to have a mind of its own, the pressure was almost unbearable. asyalı porno He capitulated and hit the green button, giving in to the construct around him.

A door slid open to the right and the woman who entered the room was dressed like most at the institution: she wore a tightly-laced corset that stopped below her busts, leaving her tits unrestrained. She wore the tell-tale collar and cuffs.

She walked towards him and Jay could already see her glistening pussy — he wondered if she, too, had been drugged for the experience and was already wet.

She whispered: “Please fuck me”, as she put her hands on the inside of the waistband of his jeans and undid the top button. He could smell her hair — it was long and blonde.

Jay couldn’t hold back: she wrapped her legs around his waist as he picked her up under the buttocks and put her on the ledge at the far end of the room. In moments his cock had found her pussy — as he suspected, she was already incredibly wet – and he thrust violently into her, sending her into convulsions.

It was mere moments he felt himself cum, an impossibly huge amount. For a blessed moment he could not see or hear, just had the sensation of release.

He withdrew, and watched as a river of cum poured out of her and trickled down her leg.

Jay backed away until he could feel the wall behind him and rested for a moment, considering the implications of what had just happened. He didn’t get far — within minutes his cock twitched again and he looked down almost in disbelief.

The girl moved herself back down off the ledge and approached. She hit the green button, then dropped to her knees in front of him, cupped his balls in her hands and wrapped her mouth around his shaft.

Another girl — she had short, jet-black hair – came azeri porno in through the opened door and the blonde moved over to give her room, each of them working one side of his shaft each. Jay placed a hand on each of their heads as they worked. The black-haired girl lay back, spread her legs before him, and Jay let himself be guided into her by the blonde. He enjoyed the novelty of old-fashioned missionary and the movement the position gave as with each thrust forward, he pushed the woman little across the floor. As he climaxed, Jay felt the breasts of the blonde against his back as she knelt down behind him and brought her hands around him to reach either side of his cock and under his balls, pressing into his perineum which forced more cum out of him.

It was an orgasm of such intensity that Jay’s vision clouded and he wondered for a moment if he would black out.

He shook his head to clear his mind and get his vision back. He was done with this, got up and hit the red button.

A door to the left opened and the two women got up and left.

Jay took another deep breath. What the fuck.

And looked down: His cock was already recovering, ready for another round.

“You can’t be serious” Jay muttered, as he hit the green button again.

More than an hour later, Jay was dozing – his mind was replaying the kiss he had shared with the auburn-haired Valkyrie he had met in the previous room, it was so vivid he could almost smell her.

He opened his eyes to find a girl’s head on his stomach and for a moment he was confused as to why she was not Asteria, and the hair he could see was blonde. Then he remembered where he was and he noted the girl was curled up on his left with her hand under his cock. Another girl was on his right — make that two, he realised as he raised his head and gently moved the women off him. He could see the tell-tale snail-trail of cum running down each of their legs. He stepped over a fourth girl on his way back to the exit door.

“Fuck this,” he thought, as he went back through the door towards the foyer.

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