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We went out to dinner at a nice restaurant. Nothing really fancy, but it gave us an excuse to dress up some. It was my last night in town and I wanted to make it special. I wanted it to be a night to remember. You wore a slinky black dress, a fact that I greatly appreciated as it showed off your wonderful body.

Our waitress was a petite, young blonde. I admired her but felt no temptation. Being with you was enough. But she had eyes for you. I smile at that and at the fact that you seemed oblivious to her flirtations and attentions.

When the waitress left, I mentioned it to you and you smiled. You asked me if I would like her to join us and I merely shrugged. I was interested, as any straight man would be, but felt I had no need to pursue it. To me you were more than enough. You smiled and leaned over to kiss me.

We got up to leave. As we neared the exit, you excused yourself and asked me to pull the car up. Nodding, I went to do so. I was only waiting about five minutes before you finally showed.

You climbed in and kissed me. We drove off, heading to the club for some drinks and dancing. As we were dancing, you phone rang and you excused yourself. You returned with a Cheshire cat grin. Kissing me, you whispered that maybe it was time to return to the hotel. The way you ground yourself against me left no illusions as to what you wanted.

We climbed into the car and drove off. As we drove, you grinned and leaned over. You unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock. You began to stroke me slowly, knowing how it would drive me wild. Escort bayan Then you lowered your mouth down, slowly taking my length into your soft mouth.

I groaned as you expertly fellated me. Whenever I came close to climax, you backed off, not allowing me that release. I groaned at the torture you were forcing me to endure. You kept up this torturous, yet pleasurable, give and take right up until we arrived at the hotel. Thinking you finish what you had started, I was surprised when you tucked me back in and grinned instead.

You exited the car, still grinning. I groaned but quickly followed, knowing it would not be long before relief would be found. We entered our room and you disappeared into the bathroom. Groaning again, I began to strip out of my clothes.

You stepped out into the room, wearing very little to cover you, but enough to stimulate a man’s imagination. You walked over and began to kiss me, your tongue sliding into my mouth as you pushed me back into you the room. I was instantly hard again and tried to maneuver to the bed but you had other ideas.

You pushed me back, finally sitting me down in a chair in the far corner of the room. I shrugged to myself. Here was as good as anywhere. You quickly stripped me, yanking my pants off and throwing them across the room, carelessly.

You quickly took me into your mouth, continuing your earlier endeavors from the car and I groaned. I loved the feel of your mouth on me, your tongue sliding along me. You stroked me as you sucked, enjoying the throbbing of my cock, enjoying the Bayan escort knowledge that I was throbbing for you.

A gasp caught our attention and I looked up to see the waitress from the restaurant. While you glanced up at her, a smile trying to form on your face, you never stopped sucking me. You must have given her your room key at the restaurant. I groaned again as you finally slid away from me, leaving me hard and unfinished once again.

You walked over to the blonde and kissed her deeply, wrapping your fingers into her hair. She was hesitant at first but quickly fell into the mood. You stripped her quickly, removing her clothes with the same lack of care as you had for mine.

We both admired her beautiful body for a moment before you finally led her to the bed, laying her down while you spread her legs. You kissed her lips again, slowly trailing your tongue along her body, in all those places that I knew you enjoyed my tongue. The soft moans coming from her was all you needed to know that she enjoyed them as well.

You took each of her nipples into your mouth in turn, sucking them and gently biting them. Before long, her entire body had been covered with your kisses and explored with your tongue. All save for one. You gazed down upon her beautiful, clean shaven pussy and grinned, sliding your tongue inside her just seconds before following with your fingers.

Her hands flew to your head, pulling you in even deeper as she exploded in her first orgasm. Not knowing what else to do, I began to stroke myself, watching and enjoying Escort the show. When her orgasm finally subsided, you looked up at her and grinned, sliding up to kiss her again.

The you switched positions, you on your back and her with her face buried in your beautiful pussy. She looked up for a moment, turning her head to me, and begged me to come fuck her, that she needed to be filled. Without hesitation, I complied.

My thrusts into her tight pussy only served to drive her face deeper into you, causing you to moan in delight. Soon enough, with me hammering away into her as she fucked you with her tongue and fingers, you both climaxed, you for the first time that night and her second.

Then came another position change. The two of you slid into a 69 with you on top, your pussy and ass staring at me and begging to be fucked. Unable to resist, I slid myself into you, groaning at your wonderful tightness. As tight as the blonde girl was, you were ever so much tighter. As I thrust into you, I could feel her tongue, every now and then, slip up and lick my length or feel her lips as the wrapped around my sensitive balls.

I pounded away, unable to control myself, knowing I would soon near the edge of my limits. The she exploded once again, the thrashing and moaning setting off your next orgasm. I fought to control myself until you were both finished and I pulled out. Suddenly, you were both in front of me, taking turns licking and sucking me until I exploded in the blonde’s mouth. She swallowed me, all but a few drops. Turning to you, she kissed you, sharing the last of my cum with you, savoring the taste of herself on your lips and allowing you the same.

I collapsed, enjoying the sight and knowing that we had the rest of the night and the morning to continue this new adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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