Roy’s Fancy

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The sweat ran from my forehead to my nose, down my lips and to the floor. It was a scorching 103 degrees (so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk) outside and probably even hotter inside, let alone my sweaty pants. The AC was out, not that it mattered; even if it worked I wouldn’t have enough cash to use it.

I opened the boutique about 4 months ago, so it was still pretty new. My boutique was hidden somewhere at the end of a very random street, but an offshoot of a major fashion street. I didn’t get many customers so the mullah wasn’t running in so heavily. No cash = no car = no ass. My horniness was probably the only thing which bothered me since I was very thankful that I at least owned my own boutique. Well almost, the bank owned half and my father owned a fourth, but at least I owned a fourth of my boutique!

I didn’t really work with anyone. My only employee was hardly ever here, she wasn’t reliable, and never showed up on time. When she was here, we did have lots of fun, not the sexual type; she was just a hilarious person. But I had to admit, Dorit was pretty hot. Her Middle Eastern features were some what exotic, and I would be lying if I said I never fantasized about her long legs and her dark eyes.

I can’t even remember the last time I got ass. Between my job, paying the bills, and working out I didn’t have the time for it. I worked between 9am and 6pm, than I went to the gym for two hours. I took pride in my body. I didn’t want to lose my 4-pack and the V-shaped cleavage which lead to my manhood. I also took pride in my calves, which were thick like polish sausages and my arms.

I felt a puddle of sweat on my forehead and pushed it back in my hair to aid to its slickness. My brown hair is slicked back; it would probably pass my ears if I let it fall.

I was about to walk into the storage room to dress the mannequins when I heard the bell, which signaled an entrance, take its toll. I turned around to see who would possibly even think about outdoor shopping in such steaming weather but before I finished thinking about it my heart stopped and I started thinking about something else….

Possibly the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen before in my life walked into my own store. A smile lit up my face. I ran my eyes to her heels and slowly examined my way up. Her legs looked smooth like honey – something that I could only dream of. They even had the same honey color, matching the rest of her perfectly tanned skin. Her tight red dress was mid-thigh length and I could tell she had a perfect slender figure. Her breasts were perfect size; not too huge, but not flat as the floor. Oh how i wanted to touch them. Her straight hair looked natural – not frizzy. Her eyes were catlike and her skin was dark, with perfectly placed freckles to compliment her face. I couldn’t tell if she was half rize escort black half Chinese or a dark Filipino. Either way I wanted to make sweet love to her.

After a while I noticed that she knew I’ve been starting at her, I didn’t know how long though. She shook her head in disdain and began browsing through our selection of dresses. I noticed that I had a raging hard-on, my pants looked like the leaning tower of Pisa, leaning to the left like my boners always do. Thankfully i was behind the counter so I wasn’t embarrassing myself to the highest potential.

“What size is it?” she screamed across the room. I started to get even sweatier and uncomfortable. Why would she ask about my penis so casually?

“Umm, what?” I said very uncomfortably.

“And how long is it? I think I might need something longer.” This time I was speechless and just stuttered about an- “uhh ima, ima, im im-“

“Shouldn’t all this information be on the tag?” After she said this I felt like the biggest idiot. I can’t believe I actually thought she was talking about my penis. Why would such a beautiful perfect woman ever want a sweaty store owner?

I finally pushed myself to speak “I’m sorry, sort of just opened up and we haven’t really organized everything.”

“So, you’re a struggling storeowner?” She said with a smile on her face. Her voice was like one of the gods, the most beautiful of goddess. Probably the goddess of flowers because she made my hard-on bloom in my garden of fertility.

“Yeah, I actually am, and buying something would really help me out.” I laughed a little but in my mind I was cussing myself for every little thing i said and did. I didn’t want to look like a moron in front of a goddess.

She smiled and continued looking through. I could tell that she was holding a lot of clothes to try on so I thought about something gross to calm my raging hard-on and it sort of worked and walked toward her to help her with her things.

“By the way my names Amy,” she said “And thank you for helping me.”

I smiled. “My name’s Roy.” I felt my penis slowly rise like a hot air balloon, and hot it was. I quickly concealed the tent in my pants with the dresses.

“Woops,” she said as the few dresses she was holding fell straight to the floor, “I’m such a klutz!” she slowly bent over, her back facing my chest, I tried not to burst right there in my boxers when I saw her dress rise to expose her round firm ass. Her black laced thong was uncovered to my voracious eyes. After she picked up her things she leisurely walked over to the dressing rooms. Like a model, she walked perfect step by step, one foot in front of the other. Her legs made a two-way street to her sweet love hole. “You have to sit outside the dressing room and tell me how everything looks on me.” It didn’t sakarya escort matter what she wore though, I knew she’d look perfect in everything.

I handed her the clothes and shut the curtains which covered the doorway of the dressing room. I sat down on the large leather chair; there was no armrest so my hands just hung down freely, unlike my hard cock.

She came out of the room with a blue long sleeved wrap around dress. It was so elegant that I wanted to get up and dance with her, horizontally that is. “You look fantastic,” I said, maybe a little bit too enthusiastically. She smiled and walked back in.

The next one was a white sleeveless knee length dress; it had tiny white flowers along the hem, perfect for the goddess of flowers. “On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, what do you rate it?” she said.

I wanted to scream that it looked like a 15, no a 20, but I didn’t want to sound like a maniac so I lied and said “I’d say it was an 8.”

With every single dress she put it, it seemed like it was getting sluttier by the choice. Every one just unraveled more and more of her perfect tanned body. The last dress was a grey tube dress with a slit going up to her hip. I wanted to kiss and caress her thigh. She went back into the dressing room to change into her first dress. I didn’t want her to leave; I was having so much fun fantasizing about her.

She finally walked out after a long wait, I even started fidgeting. But when she did walk out it was all worth the wait and so much more. My jaws dropped to my dick and I felt light-headed as if I was getting something pierced. Amy walked out completely naked. Not a bit of cloth covered her body. Her perky boobs stood up on her smooth chest. Her well formed built stomach led to a voluptuous ass. Her thighs were like heaven and at their center was a shaved pussy cat. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I pinched my arm to find out if it was a dream.

She slowly walked over to me; she straddled my thighs which were quivering in anticipation. She held my arms about my head and stared at me for a few moments, I was breathing hard and I was sweating like a maniac but she was able to keep her cool and didn’t look the least bit wet. Her lips kissed mine and I reached into her mouth to taste her tongue, it tasted like a banana-strawberry smoothie. I wanted to suck on it for hours. She took my hand and moved it from the wall to her breast and slowly down south. I touched her stomach and her thighs until I finally reached her soft and smooth pleasure cove. I unhurriedly slide my middle and index fingers in; her pussy was warm and wet. “Oh uh,” I heard her moan. I proceeded to stick the sticky fingers in and out in a circular motion; I pointed them upwards towards her stomach in an attempt to reach her g-spot. She took samsun escort my shirt off and sweat popped off my face with my shirt. She took my fingers out of her vagina and placed them in her mouth and began to suck on it. We started to dry fuck in a slow and synchronized manner which eventually elevated to a crazed frenzy. In that time she hurriedly tore off my pants and ripped off my soaking boxers, my hard-on popped out and rubbed against her drenched vagina lips.

“Oh fuck me Roy! Fuck me like an animal!” She screamed.

“You like that you fucking hot slut?” I yelled.

We continued to dry fuck until I couldn’t anymore and wanted to shove my swollen red member into her cunt, but I was hesitant because I didn’t have any rubbers.

“It’s OK,” she said as if she could read my mind, “I’m on birth control.” I had a smile on my face and she got up and let my throbbing dick travel up her tight twat. It felt like heaven, her warm moist pussy wrapped around my cock. She started to ride it like a mechanical bull.

“Oh fuck me Roy, shove you hard dick in there!” she started sweating like a madwoman. Her warm sweat started dripping down on me. As she rode me, I sucked on her distended nipples. I decided I wanted to get on top of her so I picked her up, her legs wrapped around my back (and she continued to hump me) and turned around. Her back faced the chair and her legs were now tightly pressed around my back. I fucked her like an animal.

I finally couldn’t hold it in anymore, “I’m gonna cum!” I shouted.

“Shoot your hot steamy load inside me!” She shrieked.

I shot my load in her warm pussy; I felt the sizzling sperm run around my cock and her pussy. “Oh Jesus H. fucking Christ!” I screamed with my longest squirt.

We laid there for a while, panting from such a hard fucking. I looked at her and kissed her, my salty sweat leaked into our mouths, but she continued to kiss me.

“Uh, ugh,” I heard moaning, I turned around and it was Dorit standing in the corner fingering her cunt. “I’m sorry, it was just so hot, I couldn’t stop myself.”

Amy and I smiled at each other, happy that we were famous now.

We got dressed and Amy bought two dresses, even thought I thought she shouldn’t have bought any of them and walked around nude the rest of her life. She didn’t give me her number or last name or anything so I was scared I would never see her again. That was the best fuck of my life.

Business was going very well, I started actually getting customers. Months had passed by and still I never saw Amy. Months tuned into an entire year and it was around the same time that I first saw her perfect legs and hot ass. It was a scorching 104 degrees and the AC was busted which was pretty unfortunate since now I had the money to use it. I was about to walk into the storage room to dress the mannequins when I heard the bell, which signaled an entrance, take its toll. I turned around to see who would possibly even think about outdoor shopping in such steaming weather but before I finished thinking about it my heart stopped and I started thinking about something else….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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