Ruth Ch. 1

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My house lay nestled in a wooded area, with the closest neighbors a few hundred yards away and hidden by trees, so I had both privacy and a sense of seclusion. However, when I got a pool put in a couple of years ago, I did the neighborly thing and invited them to feel free to use the pool at any time whether I was present or not.

My neighbors were the Slater family, Jack and Elsie and their teenage daughter Ruth and we got on quite well, occasionally having a meal together, but they only took up the pool invitation on a couple of occasions when there were a few of those really hot and uncomfortable evenings in the height of summer. It was therefore quite a surprise to come home from work one evening at the beginning of this summer and see a figure reclining by the pool.

Making an extra cool drink I carried it outside, intrigued to find out who was availing themselves of the pool, and was even more surprised to find it was Ruth – a considerably grown up Ruth! although she was wearing a one piece bathing costume that covered her fairly well, it wasn’t difficult to see that she had developed a fantastic figure, so I almost felt a little awkward as I handed her the cool drink, a feeling that perhaps I was intruding or trespassing in my own home, quite a strange sensation, but Ruth soon dispelled that as she talked animatedly about how great the pool was and how grateful she was that I was allowing her to use it, etc. I told her she was welcome any time, then went inside and left her to it.

Over the next week this became almost a ritual, I’d arrive home, make two cool drinks wander outside and talk to Ruth, then go inside and prepare my supper, and she’d go off home, but I got to know Ruth a lot better, felt more comfortable with her and even found myself liking her quite a bit. Then at the start of the second week there was a subtle change, when I walked outside with the drinks and she sat up to greet me, it hit me straight away that she wasn’t wearing her modest one piece any longer, but a considerably less modest bright blue bikini! a bikini that showed off considerably more of her ample physical charms, particularly her breasts and ass.

I found myself once again feeling a little uncomfortable, trying desperately not to stare at this rather gorgeous young woman, but not really succeeding, yet Ruth didn’t seem in the least concerned, and grinned and chatted as if nothing was different. Ruth was, I guess a fairly normal teenager, more bubbly than beautiful, and you were struck more by her personality than her looks, although she did have delightful blonde hair that fell all the way to her waist, and a great smile, but in that bikini I became very conscious of the fact that she had an absolutely stunning body! surprisingly well developed breasts, gorgeous long legs and a really tight sexy ass. She continued to wear that bikini over the next few days and my discomfort gradually disappeared and I found myself enjoying the sight of her gorgeous body – and even reacting to it in a sexual way – whilst being lulled by the fact that she didn’t seem to be at all bothered that I was seeing so much of her, and in fact suggested that I should change into bathers myself!

On the fourth day, things took another unexpected turn, I arrived home, changed into my bathers, which I’d taken to doing at Ruth’s suggestion, collected the two cool drinks and took them out to the pool. She was lying on her back, and I admit that I didn’t initially take a great deal of notice, but when I got close and she sat up to greet me, I stopped dead with shock and nearly dropped the glasses. Her bikini had become a one piece once again, but this one piece only hugged her hips! it was the bottom half of the bikini, the top half was no where in sight, and I found myself staring at her high, firm, ripe and totally naked breasts! as I stood there with eyes wide and mouth open, she just grinned up at me, reached out and took one of the drinks from my hand and began chatting as if nothing had changed at all.

She made absolutely no attempt to hide or cover her breasts and as my body went on to automatic pilot and I sat down beside her, I couldn’t take my eyes off them, they were absolutely gorgeous! the brief bikini had hinted at their ripeness and firmness, but that was nothing to seeing them totally naked, to seeing the glorious nipples that jutted out hard from them, slightly upturned as if eager to be licked and sucked, and my cock just about exploded through my bathers. My whole mind and body was in turmoil and I have absolutely no idea what she talked about or what I said in response, we went through the motions of our normal evening chat, but all I could feel was this incredible lust building up inside me. I just had to excuse myself early and go inside to make supper, but I had a raging hard on for the rest of the evening and had to manually relieve myself before I could get to sleep.

I thought it might have been accidental, that perhaps I’d come home a little earlier, or Ruth hadn’t heard me until Trabzon Escort it was too late and rather than draw attention to it by frantically rushing to put her top back on, she’d suffered through my rather crass staring. But when I came home the next night it was exactly the same, Ruth was topless and apparently totally unconcerned that I was seeing her naked tits and obviously reacting to them – you can’t really hide a massive hard on in a pair of bathers! it was crazy really, I didn’t openly acknowledge her naked tits and she didn’t openly acknowledge my erection, we just sat there carrying on a normal conversation as if we were both fully clothed. But another night of furious masturbating ensued with Ruth very much the central character of my lustful fantasies!

This went on for the best part of a week, until Friday night came around, I’d already mentioned to Ruth that I’d be leaving work at lunchtime and doing my weekly shopping so would probably be home an hour or so earlier than usual. When I arrived home I spent some time putting all the shopping away, having glanced briefly out of the window and seen a figure lying by the pool which I assumed was Ruth, then taken a quick shower and changed into my bathers, made up the two cool drinks and walked outside. I guess I was within a couple of yards of her when she lifted her head, called a greeting, then sat up and turned towards me, and I stopped dead in shock yet again, there was no one piece, there was no bikini, there wasn’t even the bottoms of a bikini, she was totally, completely, absolutely bare assed naked! not only that, but the way she’d sat up and turned towards me, she’d bent her left knee outwards and kept her right leg fairly straight down the towel, so her legs were wide apart and this gorgeous deep pink eye was staring up at me from within her blonde thatch, and I found myself staring bug eyed at her gorgeous pussy!

Once again she made absolutely no attempt to hide or cover anything, she just sat there grinning up at me, allowing me to feast my lustful eyes on every part of her body. This time she didn’t even make conversation or reach up for her drink, she just sat there, wide open, grinning at me. To say I was flustered would be an understatement! I didn’t know what to do, what to say or where to look, because although my eyes had zoomed in on her juicy pussy, my mind was desperately telling them not to!

Then the telephone rang! god, talk about being saved by the bell! the phone ringing shook me out of my shocked state and I thrust the drink into her hands and rushed inside. I was in such a state, my cock trying desperately to rip through my bathers and my mind in a whirl from the vision of naked loveliness outside, that the person on the other end of the phone had to speak my name three times before I responded, then asked if I was alright, I pulled myself together only to nearly lose it again when I realised that it was Ruth’s mother, Elsie on the phone, asking if Ruth was over here and could she speak to her. I said yes she was and I’d get her, then walked to the back door and without looking out called and told Ruth that her mother was on the phone and wanted to speak to her, then I returned to the front room and sat on the couch.

I guess in my mind I had assumed that Ruth would wrap a towel around herself when she came in to speak to her mother, so it was another eye boggling shock when she dashed in still completely naked, even then, she could have picked up the phone and talked to her mother with her back turned to me, instead of which, she picked up the phone, said “Hi mom”, then turned round to face me and stuck her tongue out at me! and I guess my jaw dropped another few inches.

It was a cordless phone, so she could even have taken it outside, but instead she stood there just a few feet away from me, a huge smile on her face almost daring me to look away! well I couldn’t, and I didn’t, through the whole telephone conversation I feasted my eyes on her naked breasts and her naked pussy, and as she shifted positions it was almost as if she was posing for me. Even though I was mainly ogling her hot little body, I was registering the changing expressions on her face, her smile disappeared and a look of concern came over her, then she nodded and smiled again.

When she finally put the phone down she looked pensive and even seemed to have forgotten the teasing, flirtatious game she’d been playing, and for a moment she was silent, then she looked at me and said “Nanna’s been taken to hospital so mom and dad are driving down to see her” I immediately jumped up, sharing her concern, “Do you want me to drive you home straight away so you can go with them?” I asked, she shook her head, “No, mom doesn’t think it’s all that serious, so it doesn’t need all of us, but they’re unlikely to get back until some time tomorrow, so she wanted to make sure that I could cope and make my own dinner”

Without even thinking I said “You’re welcome to eat here if you want to, it wont be much fun at Trabzon Escort Bayan home on your own, worrying” her face lit up with a smile, “But you always eat alone” she said, “I grinned, “Yes, but I’m used to it and you’re probably not” I replied, her smile widened even further and she stepped forward and lifted her hand to brush over my cheek, “and you think I’ll have more fun over here, is that it?” she asked quietly, and I felt the sudden rush of colour to my face “I didn’t mean…” I stammered, she chuckled deeply, “Oh I think you did” she said “and I think you’re right, I’ll have lots more fun over here” and with that she slid her arms around my neck and lifted onto her toes and pressed her lips onto mine.

What could I do?, I mean it’s totally instinctive isn’t it? as her arms slid around my neck and her lips pressed against mine, my own lips pressed back and my arms automatically went around her, my hands coming to rest on the swell of her naked buttocks, and then our bodies were pressing together and I could feel her firm breasts pressing into my chest and her hard nipples almost burning a hole through me, and she could feel my hard cock pressing through my bathers and rubbing against her naked pussy. Each individual thing compounding and building so that the kiss became deeper and deeper and more and more passionate and sexual, her hands began roaming over my naked back and mine over hers, so it was quite a shock when she suddenly ripped herself from my arms and stood back, wide eyed and staring and breathing heavily and unevenly.

For one terrible, ghastly moment I though I’d made the biggest mistake of my life, that I’d made a total idiot of myself, but it was too late for me to turn back now, so with a groan I reached down and leaned forward and peeled away my bathers, allowing my rampant cock to spring upwards and outwards into clear view. She gasped loudly and stared wide eyed at it, with a slightly glazed look on her face, much the same look I guess I’d had when I first feasted my eyes on her pussy. This was the moment of truth, the moment when she would cut and run, the moment when she would realize that things were going too far, moving too fast, and I made no move to touch her or to move towards her.

I don’t know how long we stood there like that, a frozen tableau of sexual desire, then the phone rang again, causing us both to jump, and breaking the moment. I quickly moved passed her and picked it up, it was Elsie once again and I passed the phone to Ruth, she nodded and grunted a few times, then said, “It’s ok mom, Derek’s invited me to have dinner with him – then she turned towards me and smiled – and I’ve decided to accept, and we’ll probably take a swim afterwards, so if you want to reach me tonight, you’d best ring here, you want to speak to him? ok, I’ll put him on”, then, grinning again, she handed me the phone “Hi Elsie”

I said, “Yes, it’s ok for Ruth to eat here tonight – I thought I heard a slight snigger from Ruth – in fact I’ll be delighted to have her – this time there was a definite snigger, and I realised the interpretation that could be put on those words! but fortunately Elsie didn’t, so I turned around and stared straight at Ruth as I said, don’t worry Elsie I’ll make sure she gets everything she wants, bye for now” and I put the phone down. For a moment we stared at each other then burst out laughing and literally fell into each other’s arms, and this time she was feeling my rampant naked cock pressing against her and she moaned as she moved to feel it against her pussy, and we were kissing again, deeply and passionately. Then she pulled away again, this time to arms length, and grinned up at me, “are you really going to give me everything I want?” she asked coyly, instead of answering straight away I asked “When did you say they would be getting back?”, she frowned, “Probably tomorrow afternoon” she answered, I grinned, “So there’s no real need for you to go home at all tonight, is there? which gives me plenty of time to find out exactly what you want – and to give it to you!” she gave me a huge grin, “Can I make a promise too?” she asked, and I nodded, “Then I promise to give you everything you want too” she said. I raised one eyebrow, “Wow, that’s a big call, are you sure you know what you’re saying?” I asked.

“Try me!” she said, and letting her hands slide from my shoulders, she cupped them around my stiff, swollen cock, “but first, I want you to fuck me with this gorgeous big cock of yours – she stared hotly up into my eyes – in fact I’ve wanted it from the first time I came over weeks ago!!” I groaned, “So have I, god, so have I!”, so I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom, our lips locked together in yet another deep passionate kiss. I lay her gently on the bed and my lips went immediately to her gorgeous firm tits, brushing over them and taking her hard nipples into my mouth and sucking and licking them, causing her to moan and writhe beneath me. Then my lips moved downwards, down to that golden Escort Trabzon blonde thatch of hair around her pussy, her legs moved apart, her knees lifting to give me complete and open access to her pussy, and I slipped my tongue inside, wow, she tasted so delicious and she was already dripping copious amounts of juices which I eagerly lapped up, and she moaned and writhed even more! “oh yes Derek, oh yes, that’s so good, lick my pussy, sip my juices” and she lifted her ass from the bed, almost languidly fucking her pussy into my face and onto my thrusting tongue, until a sudden, sharp orgasm ripped through her, and her juices became even more copious.

Then I moved back up her body, licking and lapping all the way, until I felt my swollen cock head brushing against the lips of her pussy, and I moved forward, feeling it slip inside her pussy lips, and she cried out, “Oh yes, Derek, give it to me, give me your beautiful cock, fuck it into to me, fuck me good”, then slowly, sensually I made love to her beautiful young body, thrilling at it’s firmness, thrilling at her unbridled passion, but most of all thrilling to the hot tightness of her eager pussy as my cock finally slid slowly inch by inch into her.

I was actually glad not to find the impediment of a hymen to worry about – she later told me she’d dealt with that herself with a vibrator because she didn’t want any pain interfering with the real thing! -, and as soon as her pussy had adjusted to the size of my cock, things really went berserk! I’m not real sure who fucked who, because she was thrusting herself onto my cock every bit as much and as forcefully as I was thrusting my cock into her pussy, but what was quickly apparent was that we were both as horny as hell and as hungry as hell, so we really fucked up a storm, over and over again. I lost count of how many times she exploded into orgasm or how many times I shot my load of hot juices into her threshing pussy, but it was like once we started we couldn’t seem to stop! We did at one stage, of course, to grab a quick bite to eat and take a swim, but even when we were still in the water my cock was deep in her pussy, our fucking almost turned the pool into a spa! then we were back into bed and really discovering what each other wanted! and we both kept our promises, nothing was too much, nothing was taboo.

What Ruth lacked in experience – she told me I was the first man she’d actually done anything with, other than a quick hand job for a boy that was trying to get into her pants at the drive in one night – she more than made up for in knowledge ( she read a lot of sex books and magazines ) and pure inventiveness, in fact in my 38 years I’d never met a woman with such an incredible sexual appetite in the variety as well as the amount. Fortunately – although it hadn’t seemed like that at the time – I’d been without sex in my life for almost a year, so my appetite just about matched hers, and we balled all night long.

In the bed, in the pool, in the shower, on the kitchen table, on the lounge room floor, we sucked and fucked like crazy, what an incredible body she had, I just couldn’t seem to get enough of it, looking, touching. Licking, sucking every single part of her, and she was doing the same to me, no shrinking violet this girl, she gave as good as she received, and proved to be quick to pick up on whether I liked or disliked something, and very adept at doing something about it. For someone so young and inexperienced, her cock sucking was mind blowing! perhaps because she was a natural tease she seemed to have the natural ability to hold me back just when I was about to come, and make me beg some more before doing it all again. Of course I was doing the same to her, and we both loved it. We did do some talking in between the action, and she admitted that she’d been trying to seduce me all summer! I told her I was glad she’d finally succeeded, and would she mind doing it all over again! so she slid down and took my temporarily sleepy cock into her mouth and woke it up in no time at all, and grinning impishly at me said “Now what do you think we should do about that?”, so I told her, and her eyes widened, then she grinned “You don’t mean?”, “Oh yes, Ruth, I’m going to fuck your tight sexy ass!”, a shiver ran through her, and her tongue came out and wiped across her lips, then she bounced around and thrust her ass up in the air and looking back over her shoulder said “I Dare you!!”

Well, who could resist such a dare! certainly not me, so I fucked sweet Ruthy’s ass long and hard, god it was so tight and hot, and she screamed, not with pain, but with unadulterated pleasure, and when my cock finally spewed it’s load of hot cum juice deep into her ass, she exploded so hard that she passed out! but she didn’t stay out for long, and when she came to she left me in no doubt whatsoever that she wanted that again! and again! and I was all too eager to oblige, I’d never known anything so hot and tight! but not straight away, I was just too exhausted, so we agreed that we’d leave that until the next time she came over! as we finally fell asleep, we both agreed that the rest of the summer was going to be very special indeed, a veritable fuck fest!! and it was! she never bothered with her bathers again, and neither did I, that sure was some summer!

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