RV Road Trip Ch. 02

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Packed up the RV and moved on down the road, next stop San Antonio Texas to see the Alamo. I felt awkward with these two young people but they reassured me that all was ok. We just fucked each other’s brains out, had my first threesome, my first blowjob from a guy, kissed a guy, and fucked a girl a third of my age. My life changed. I didn’t want to drive more than 8 hours a day so wherever that brings us is where we stop, all of us agreed.

We drove until noon when I pulled over to a rest stop for lunch. We stretched our legs and made sandwiches. These two young kids always included me in their conversations and not only asked my advice but honestly took it in. I decided to let Ben take the wheel so I could ride shotgun for a while. Ben got behind the wheel and slowly maneuvered around the parking lot before easing onto the highway. Driving a RV on the highway was a good way to get the feel of the vehicle. We drove along and talked. We all decided to not run the air and enjoy the heat, which also meant stripping down to bare minimum of clothes. Ben and I had on only shorts, and Jen was wearing shorts and a very sheer low cut top which made her dark nipples clearly visible through the material. If we were driving at night I know we would all be naked.

I looked over the map and found a secluded road off the highway that we could take and park for the night, with some privacy. My RV was totally self-contained so dry camping a night would save money as well as give us some privacy. Ben pulled off the highway and we continued to drive for about five miles before we found a nice shaded area along a nice rock formation. I showed Ben and Jen how to level off the RV and pull out the pop-outs, we extended the awning for shade, rolled out my twelve foot by twelve foot imitation grass, and pulled out the lounge chairs.

We decided to not do a fire and only ate leftovers in the fridge. We were really out there and could not see anybody as far as our eyes could see. Jen walked out of the RV naked as a Jay bird. She sat on one of the lounge chairs and spread her legs to show us her glistening pussy. Ben dropped his shorts and crawled between Jen’s legs and started lapping at her pussy. “Oh god I’ve been waiting for this all day. Lick that pussy good. I want two horny boys and I need it hard and rough. Ted, lose the shorts and get over here and bite these tits. Come on Ben harder damn it, get that tongue in there deep. Oh ya baby that’s it.”

Quick to start having sex, I dropped my shorts where I stood and stepped up next to Jen, bent over, and started licking her nipples. I blew on them to get them nice and hard before I bit down on one of them. I flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue. Jen placed one hand on the back of Ben’s head and held it in place as her other hand wrapped around my head and held me tight to her tit as her entire body shook with an orgasm. Jen screamed at the top of her lungs knowing that nobody was around to hear her. That was so hot.

Jen came down off her orgasm and quickly had me lay on my back on the lounge chair, which was set in the flat position. She straddled the chair facing my feet. I looked up into her swollen pussy lips and felt my mouth water. She sat on my chest and leaned forward. I felt her hot mouth suck in half of my hard cock. I watched as she presented her pussy to my mouth as she pushed back against my face. I grabbed onto her hips and pulled her pussy into my face. My tongue searched out her hot hole as I sucked her swollen pussy lips into my mouth.

Jen was sucking my cock and I was tongue fucking her pussy when I felt my balls being sucked into Ben’s mouth. I felt my cock being sucked to my pubic hair as Jen’s nose ground into my bush, at the same time Ben put both of my balls into his mouth. The pain of my balls being sucked, along with the pleasure Jen was providing, made me lift my ass off the chair and scream out.

Ben released my balls as my potential orgasm subsided from the pain. Ben stepped up behind my head. I looked up between Jen’s legs, up the crack of her ass to see Ben’s hard cock pointing up to the stars as he straddled the lounge chair. Ben leaned forward and his cockhead pushed along Jen’s pussy lips spreading them open. Jen lifted her ass up to allow Ben better access. Ben’s cock head spread her pussy lips open. I watched as her lips sucked in his cockhead. Ben pulled back out, his cockhead wet with pussy juice. Her juices created a long clear thread of nectar Escort bayan leading to the end of Ben’s cockhead. I flicked my tongue up and broke the strand.

Ben pushed forward again sinking in his cock about two inches into Jen’s pussy. Ben’s balls rested on my forehead as he slowly gyrated his cock in her pussy. Her pussy lips stretching around his shaft as Ben slowly entered her. “Oh god Ben fuck me, stop teasing me and shove that cock in me.” Jen pushed back against Ben, but he pulled back at the same time. He was in control.

Jen’s pussy juice was dripping down on my face. I started to lick her pussy and Ben’s cock. Ben started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her pussy. Jen’s pussy lips were swelling as her orgasm was building. Ben’s thrusts became faster and longer as I knew he was about to shoot his load. Ben pushed in hard and deep as he held his cock still. I could see his balls pumping his cum into Jen. Jen bit down on the shaft of my cock pushing me over the edge. I could feel her body against mine as it trembled through her orgasm. I opened my mouth wide and covered her pussy as Ben pumped his load. I reached my arms around Ben’s legs and held him pressed into Jen’s pussy.

Ben’s cum started to seep out of Jen’s pussy and down into my mouth. The thick white cream mixed with Jen’s pussy juices was pure liquid lust. It was still hot from his balls as it drained down into my mouth. I started to swallow as his cum began to squirt out. My face and hair was covered in cum. Ben pulled his softening cock out and let it fall into my mouth. Ben pushed his soft cock into my mouth were I cleaned their cream from his cock.

Ben still had thick cum dripping out of his cock and I greedily sucked it out of his cock. What a messy fuck session. I couldn’t even tell if I came or not, my focus was on them. I must have cum because my deflated cock began to become over sensitive as Jen’s sucking was coming to an end.

We all were frozen in time as their cum dripped down my face and my cum dripped down the crack of my ass. Ben stepped away “Holy crap that was intense.”

Jen slipped off of me, trying to stand on shaky legs, “My body feels like Jello.”

I rolled off of the lounge chair and stood next to them. I watched a drop of cum drip from Ben’s cock and land in the sandy dirt, “Let’s hit the hay shall we?”

We all passed out with that well fucked smile on our faces. Jen in the middle and us guys flanking her as sleep took over.

The next morning we cleaned up our site and hit the road. We traveled in the heat wearing very little and making sure the truckers got eyefuls as they passed by. We know they enjoyed the scene by the loud long horn blasts and by the number of truckers that seemed to come out of nowhere to slowly pass by.

Jen lost her top long ago and as a trucker would pass and look through the large windows she would juggle her tits or let Ben suck on them and take long licks of his tongue up and down her stomach.

We pushed it a bit and arrived in San Antonio around 6pm that evening. We checked into our campground. The couple checking us in was younger than most I’ve seen as hosts of a campground, but this was a private one and not one of the big franchised campgrounds. They looked to be in their mid 30’s. Their badges had BJ and Sandy on them. BJ was about 6 feet tall, dark curly hair, brown eyes, weighed about 190, and by the thick tuffs of hair sprouting out and around every opening on his tank top, I would say this guy is a perfect double of Chewbacca. Sandy looked to be about 5 foot 8, maybe 170, nice healthy size 10, very short light brown hair, with the prettiest green eyes. Her boobs must be size 40DD with very large nipples sticking out the front of her top that looked about the size of marbles.

Sandy seemed adamant about putting us in a nice secluded site close to the river. The grounds were pretty deserted for the time of year, but it was a weekday. We hooked up the RV and rolled out the awning and pop-outs. After a quick dinner we grabbed our shower bags, clothes, and strolled down to the showers. The water was hot and it felt good to rinse off the day’s sweat.

It was getting late and I could tell Jen was getting horny by the way she was massaging Ben’s crotch through his shorts. I told them to go on into the RV and I would dowse the fire. They played slap ass all the way in while I grabbed some dirt. I heard someone coming through the trees. Sandy Bayan escort and BJ walked up to our camp site, “We thought we would make sure ya’ll are ok here. We put you on the edge of the campgrounds where nobody would disturb you.”

“Good evening. It’s so peaceful out here, we haven’t heard anyone.” I turned to finish covering the fire with dirt. There was some giggling and the RV started to rock a bit.

“Well someone is having a good time in there.” Sandy quickly pointed out. It was then I noticed that they changed. Sandy now had on a tank top, no bra, very short shorts, and flip flops. BJ had no shirt, very tight shorts that outlined a very impressive cock, and flip flops. By the outline of his cock, the camel toe with her pussy lips sticking out, and no bra, it was obvious that they were not wearing anything underneath. I love hot summer nights.

I looked at Sandy and BJ and figured I would shock them or entice them, “Youth, they fuck like rabbits every chance they get.”

Sandy didn’t flinch, “So are you just a voyeur or do you join in the fun?”

My cock sprang to attention “We feel the more the merrier.”

Sandy was quick, “Five is a merry number.” Then she stepped forward and placed her hand on my hard cock and kissed me on the lips. Her tongue swiped across my lips. I opened them out of habit and let her tongue slither in. I felt BJ come up behind Sandy and started to kiss her neck. I could smell his manly scent as our faces were so close we were almost kissing.

I pulled back from this over-arousing kiss, “Why don’t you come and join us?” They followed me into the RV. The door no sooner closed before Sandy pulled off her top and was wiggling out of her shorts. Sandy was very attractive. Her tits were not too large and held up nicely, but those nipples were so big my mouth was watering.

BJ dropped his shorts to the floor and my jaw soon followed. I’ve never seen a cock this big. I’ve heard about ten inches but I thought those guys were only in porn. This cock looked like a third leg, or at least an arm hanging between his legs. Sandy came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me. I felt her hot breath against my ear “Like what you see Ted? He can turn any man with that cock, but he likes to take it in the ass like a pussy boy as well. Ever fucked a man’s ass? Ever been fucked by a man before?” I nodded and moaned at the same time.

Sandy pulled my hand behind my back and pressed it into her hot wet pussy “Men on men action makes me so horny, feel my juicy pussy Ted? If you want to put your tongue and cock in my pussy you’ll get on your knees and suck BJ’s big cock. Make it grow. Then we can join the kids.” I slumped out of Sandy’s arms and fell to my knees.

BJ stepped up to me and offered me his cock. It was so big. The head was perfect, pink with a flared mushroom head. His shaft was long and the veins puffed out and spiraled around it. BJ dragged the tip of his cock across my lips, painting them with the drop of clear precum the was oozing out. His balls were the size of two golf balls hanging down his smoothly shaven ball sack. His pubic hair was trimmed very short and was manicured to form a landing strip patch that went from his hip line down to where his cock protrudes from his body. I could smell his cock. I opened my mouth as BJ fed me the head of his cock. It was so soft. I stretched my mouth wide open to allow the intrusion. I was sure to cover my teeth with my lips as my tongue explored his head.

I gently explored the slit at the tip of his head. I felt more precum ooze out. It was so smooth as it dripped out and I smeared it over his head. I pushed my head forward and allowed an inch more into my mouth. I took another inch and he was pressing the back of my throat. I held his shaft with my hand, partly to just touch it and the other part to control the monster from forcing its way down my throat. I fought the gag as I began to bob up and down on this cock.

BJ was moaning softly boosting my ego and encouraging me to keep it up. I used my other to explore his body. I ran my hand up his legs, raking my fingers through the thick hair. I went up to his very furry ass and rubbed my hands over his cheek. Then I ran my finger up and down the crack of his ass. I found his rosebud and gently ran the tip of my finger around the edges, feeling each puckered ridge. As I did this the head of BJ’s cock would flare up in my mouth and another drop of precum would Escort seep out onto my tongue.

I was only able to get about four inches and the head of his cock in my mouth. My jaw was getting sore. BJ pulled out and lifted me up. Sandy was gone, already joining the kids. BJ grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to him, kissing me just like his wife. His hands found my ass and squeezed my cheeks hard, pulled away from me and said “Such a nice ass.”

We stepped towards the bedroom. I still don’t know how I just didn’t shoot my load right then. Sandy was standing at the foot of the bed bent over with Ben standing behind her fucking her. Sandy was bent over the bed with Jen lying on her back, legs spread wide as Sandy ate her pussy. Jen was pulling on her nipples and her head was tossing back and forth in pure ecstasy.

Thank goodness for a pop out RV with a walk around King size bed. BJ walked around one side of the bed, climbed on top of the mattress, and knelt next to Jen’s head. Jen’s eyes went wide as BJ’s cock was offered up to her. She took no time at all grabbing hold of it and directing it into her mouth. Seeing Jen with that massive cock and pumping into Sandy was too much for Ben as he started to pump his cock hard and fast into Sandy’s pussy. I stepped up next to Ben and placed my hand on his ass. My middle finger slid between his cheeks until I found his puckered hole. I leaned in and kissed Ben hard as my finger wiggled its way up into Ben’s hot hole. Ben melted into me as he screamed into my mouth. Ben unloaded his balls into Sandy’s pussy. Ben’s ass clinched my finger like a vice grip as I felt the spasms of an orgasm course through his body.

Ben stepped back and let his deflating cock fall out of Sandy’s pussy. A stream of cum oozed out and dripped onto the floor. Sandy lifted up off of Jen just long enough to order me to fuck her. I stood behind Sandy and easily slipped into her pussy. It was hot from getting fucked mixed with Ben’s fresh deposit. Sandy’s pussy lips were swollen adding another layer of excitement as I began to drive my cock in and out of her. Ben’s cum was lathering up all over my balls and it continued to ooze out of her.

Jen was taking more than half of BJ’s cock down her throat. The girl had skills. Ben moved to the other side of the bed and was sucking on Jen’s tit. After my earlier play with BJ I wasn’t able to last more than 10 minutes before I was gripping Sandy’s hips and plunging my cock deep into her pussy. I shot my load adding to Ben’s and making a nice white frothy mess all over me and her. I let my cock fall out coated with cum.

Sandy quickly took over. “Jen let’s switch places.” Jen hesitantly released BJ’s big cock from her mouth. The girls swapped positions.

“BJ get behind Jen and fuck her long and hard. Jen you’re going to eat my cunt.” I never thought that Jen went both ways as well, but we hadn’t had that opportunity come up. Jen put her arms underneath Sandy’s legs and pulled her pussy into her face. Jen lapped up that cum like a kitten with a saucer of milk. Ben and I stood on either side of the bed, leaned over and started to lick and suck Sandy’s tits.

BJ entered Jen’s pussy, “Oh my god. Shit that’s big. Take it easy until I loosen up. Oh ya that’s it. Holy shit are you in all the way yet?”

BJ chuckled, “Just a couple more inches and you will have it all.” BJ was giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘long dicking’.

“I’ve never felt so full before. Go harder now. Fuck me with that pole. OHHH MMMYYY GGODDD YES YES YES.” Jen was going crazy. Then Sandy placed her hand on the back of her head and shoved it into her pussy. Jen started eating pussy like I’ve never seen. She was moaning and screaming into Sandy’s pussy.

“That’s it boys suck those tits. Come on and bite down on my nipples, chew on them. Pull my nipples hard, ya, that’s it. MMMMM” Sandy now had her arms wrapped around Ben’s and my head, holding us to her tits as we roughed them up. They were going to be sore later.

Sandy was the first to cum as her head flew back and she screamed out. She squirted a stream of pussy juice into Jen’s mouth and all over her tits. I’ve never witnessed a woman squirt like that before. Jen was soaked. That pushed BJ over the edge as he ram rodded that cock into Jen sending her into a screaming orgasm “HOLY FUCK! AAGGHHH!!” BJ pumped his load into Jen before he fell onto her back, his cum draining down her legs.

We were all pretty spent. BJ and Sandy left and said they would be back tomorrow night after their shift. Jen was already falling asleep as Ben lapped up BJ’s cum from her pussy. I snuggled up next to her and fell asleep.

Can’t wait until tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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