Saints to Sluts Ch. 02

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Salma was in her room putting on her Hijab as her mobile beeped to notify her that she had a message, but before she could see the message she heard a knock on her door and she asked them to enter it was her younger niece Mehwish, who was there with her breakfast.

Salma told her to come in and they both sat there talking as Salma had her breakfast. She liked Mehwish very much, despite being fifteen. She was very sharp and had a bit of humor in her as well. They chatted until Salma had finished her breakfast, and then both of them went out of the room while Salma’s mobile was still there on her bedside table.

Ayesha woke up and she saw her cousin was missing and she scanned the room to find Mariam setting her hair straight but she was naked and Ayesha could see her Butt, which made her cunt shiver she got up and kissed her Butt as Mariam turned around.

“Well Good morning to you too.” She told her as she brought her up, and they both kissed, and she sensed Ayesha was going a step forward, so she stopped her.

“Now now control yourself we are already late your mom has knocked on the door two times.” Mariam told Ayesha, trying to get away from her.

“Just let me eat your pussy one time and then I will get ready.” Ayesha said pleadingly as she tried to open Mariam’s legs, but she stopped her

“No my slutty cousin not now you need to learn to be patient. Get ready now and you’ll get your reward later,” and she got free of her

“You promise!!” Ayesha said as she accepted defeat and Mariam nodded and Ayesha went to the bathroom to take a shower. Mariam was surprised that her step-mother had not responded to her message. But she forgot about it as she went out to sit with others, as Ayesha also came after sometime, and a plan was made to go and see the museum.

All the cousins went as elders stayed in the house and that is when Salma came back to her room and lay on her bed and she picked up her mobile to check her messages and there was this message from Mariam and as she opened it her jaw dropped as she saw the gorgeous body of Ayesha lying there naked and she got turned on just by looking at her.

It had been almost a month since she had sex and she hadn’t played with her pussy in over two weeks and this picture just made her more horny and she got up and locked her bedroom door and then started to take off her clothes and getting naked she lay on her bed and opened up her legs to play with her pussy as she looked at the naked picture of her niece.

She rubbed her cunt and pinched her nipples imagining what her Niece and Step daughter would have done last night and what she would do with her niece and her moaning increased and she pushed three fingers inside her pussy finger fucking herself as she rubbed her cunt imagining Ayesha to be the one doing all this and this made her increase the speed of her finger fucking and now her moans were quite loud as her orgasm drew nearer and nearer she added another finger in her pussy and this had the desired effect as she orgasmed in no time and screamed as she got the pleasure she wanted.

She continued to finger fuck herself to extend her orgasm as much as possible and slowly her orgasm subdued and she came back to her senses and took out her fingers from her mouth and licked them and loved it. She always believed her pussy tasted very good, and no one to this day had disagreed. She was in these thoughts when she heard a loud knock on her door.

“Salma are you alright?” Zubiya asked from the other side of the door.

“Yes şişli escort I am fine I am just changing clothes.” she replied in a panicked voice.

“Ahh but I heard your scream. you sure everything is alright??” Zubiya asked again

“Yes I just hit my foot on the bathroom door nothing else.” she replied, hoping her sister-in-law would believe her

“Ohh ok I have made Tea so come down after getting dressed,” Zubiya said, and she went back. Salma sighed with relief and the went to her mobile and replied to Miriam’s message.

“I want to taste her as well!!”

It had been two days since Mariam had first messaged her step-mother pictures of Ayesha and this continued and the pictures got more and more naughty close ups of her pussy, her clit and even her butt hole as Ayesha and Mariam continued to fuck every night, and Salma had to contend herself with the afternoon masturbation sessions, but she was getting restless and then her luck finally helped her.

The entire family planned to go out for the picnic apart from Ayesha as her college was starting from tomorrow and she was behind in completing her assignments when Salma heard this she acted like she was sick and was not going to be able to go. Zubiya suggested staying back but Salma said there’s no need she will just take a medicine and sleep and besides Ayesha is here she will take care of her if needed so the decision was made the whole family went and Salma took medicine in front of Ayesha and went to her room to sleep.

Ayesha waited a good half an hour and then came to check on her aunt and as she opened the door she saw that she was sleeping. Salma on the other hand, was waiting for this exact moment, and she waited for five minutes after Ayesha went back to her room before getting up, she took off the nightgown. And underneath she was just wearing Bra and Panties and she started moving towards her niece’s room.

By the time Salma got there, Ayesha was butt naked, watching porn with her headphones and rubbing her clit. Salma laughed at how lucky she was. The little slut was so horny she forgot to close the door to the room. She came into the room as quietly as possible and got a look at the laptop and Ayesha was watching Lesbian porn which made Salma more happy.

Ayesha, on the other hand, had no idea what was happening. She was so horny and needed to cum as soon as possible that she had been reckless. but she was sure she would not get caught when suddenly someone put a hand on her right breast and pinched her nipple, and she turned around to see her aunt standing there in her Bra and Panties.

Ayesha’s mind went numb as she had no idea what would happen now and what her aunt would do but even in this state she didn’t fail to notice how sexy her aunt was looking, those B-cup tits and that big Ass that Ayesha had noticed on the first day she had arrived. She was in these thoughts when her aunt said

”So this was the special assignment you needed to do,” Salma said angrily. Ayesha had no answer to this and just bowed her head down, waiting to get slapped or some other way of punishment.

“Aren’t you ashamed doing all this HARAAM things what would your parents think when they find out their daughter does all this HARAAM things?” Salma continued in a bad tone, and Ayesha, without looking at her, said

“Please don’t tell my parents,” she said, wailing

“OK I won’t tell your parents, but you need to be punished and I will have to do that.” she said still in a stern tone. Aysha looked up, wondering taksim escort what she would do to her. Salma moved the laptop away and sat on the bed and beckoned Ayesha to come forward, and as Ayesha did, she made her lie in her lap with her face down and ass facing Salma.

“A girl like you deserves some hard punishment,” Salma said, and with that she spanked Ayesha’s Ass. Who screamed in surprise, but Salma didn’t stop and spanked her four to five times, and Ayesha, for some reason, started enjoying it, and Salma, realizing this ordered her to turn around. As she looked at that gorgeous body

“You are a Hot Slut aren’t you?” She said, caressing her body playing with her nipples, and Ayesha moaned in pleasure. Salma’s hand started moving down toward Ayesha’s pussy and stopped at her cunt and she touched it sending shivers down Ayesha’s body and she moaned.

“Ohh Yesss!”

“You like it don’t you when I touch you there?” Salma asked in a slutty voice. Ayesha didn’t respond but continued to moan

”I asked, do you like it when I do this?” Salma said angrily this time and she rubbed her cunt faster and Ayesha screamed in pleasure.

“Ohh yes I love it when you do I just love it please continue to do it!”

Salma did it for some time but then stopped as she put Ayesha on the bed and opened her pussy to look at it and smell it and then she licked it, resulting in Ayesha’s moan. She then put her middle finger in her mouth, made it wet, and was about to put it inside Ayesha’s pussy when she stopped her.

”You can’t do this. I want to remain a virgin,” she said hurriedly.

“Don’t worry about that and just enjoy it,” Salma said calmly with a smile.

And she pushed her finger inside that virgin pussy and Ayesha screamed like she had never done before. Salam took out and then pushed it back in and she started to slowly finger fuck Ayesha while rubbing her cunt with the other hand. Ayesha was in another dimension

“Ohh yes yes keep doing that OMG that’s so good yes make cum rub my clit yes oh my god yes why do all HARAAM things feel so good why oh yes do it faster i am gonna cum i can feel it do it faster FASTER!!”

Ayesha screamed and Salma obeyed her and increased her speed of finger fucking, and then she felt it as Ayesha’s pussy tightened around her finger and Ayesha screamed with pleasure

“Yes, oh fuck, yes I am cumming, I am cumming, I am cumming!!”

She kept on saying that as her body trembled and she shook violently as if she had the biggest orgasm of her life. Salma slowly removed her finger from her pussy and licked it to taste her pussy juices as she started to take off her Bra and panties.

Ayesha was still panting from that orgasm but when she saw Salma’s beautiful body, she got up quickly and attacked her like an animal kissing her violently and she kissed her boobs, playing with her nipples taking turns from one to another as Salma kept moaning and Ayesha finally went down and opened her aunts legs to see a mature pussy. It was not as tight as her’s or as Ayesha’s. But still very beautiful, and Ayesha leapt at it, going up and down the big woman’s pussy, making Salma moan, but as Ayesha was doing this she remembered the finger fucking she had received, so she stopped, looking up at her aunt with a devilish grin. She licked her middle finger. Salma understood what she was going to do and smiled at her before saying

“Make it nice and wet if you are going to finger fuck your aunt,”

Ayesha did that and she slid her finger inside beşiktaş escort Salma’s pussy and started fucking her, but Salma ordered her to put another one. Ayesha put her index finger in her as well, and fucked her ferociously and licked her cunt, and it was having the desired effect as Salma’s moan would suggest

“Yes, you nasty little bitch, fuck me, fuck your aunt, ohh yes lick my clit while you fuck me, make me cum, make your aunt cum, ohh yes, just like that put another finger in do it now, i said put it in!!” Salma screamed

And Ayesha did it even though she was astonished, she loved it and made it her mission to make her aunt cum as soon as possible, and without asking she put her fourth finger inside her aunt’s pussy and started fucking her with no mercy and started cursing her

“Take it, you bitch, you want it right, you want my fingers fucking you, say yes and I will fuck you like crazy.”

Ayesha was lost in the moment and so was Salma, and she couldn’t get any words out because of the sensations she was receiving and as her orgasm came near, listening to Ayesha say all this took her over the edge and Salma cummed with an earth-shattering orgasm, screaming like crazy

“Yesssss, oh yesss, i am cumming, i am cumming!!” and cum she did.

Ayesha made to get her fingers out but she screamed at her to keep them there for a bit until her orgasm subdued and then Ayesha took them out and licked the first three fingers and took the fourth one to her aunt to share with her and then they kissed passionately and Salma pushed Aysha on to the bed and got on top her in a sixty nine position and said I still haven’t eaten that pussy and there is no time for doing it separately so it’s a race to see who makes the other one cum first

Ayesha was in heaven she had that beautiful Ass in front of her face and gorgeous pussy still wet with pussy juice from her aunt’s recent orgasm and she started kissing her aunt’s pussy and started eating her out as did Salma licking her cunt and pussy making Ayesha moan in her pussy both of them kept on it and Ayesha realized she was going to lose but then she did something she had seen in the porn movie last night she opened Salma’s ass and licked her asshole and Salma moaned like crazy and Ayesha didn’t stop she tongue fucked her aunt’s butt hole and Salma was moaning like crazy but did not stop her licking.

The room was filled with their moans, and with the sound of licking. Ayesha really wanted to win and she now pushed her finger inside Salma’s asshole and started eating her pussy, which changed the game. Salma was now beginning to lose control as both her holes were being played with and she stopped licking Ayesha’s pussy and bent backwards to get her finger fucked in her ass and Ayesha saw that she was winning; she increased the speed and within moments Salma shouted

“Oh my god, yes, yes, keep doing that. I am CUMMING, I am CUMMING yesss!!”

And she came and Ayesha’s face was covered with her Aunt’s pussy juice and as Salma calmed down she got off from Ayesha and kissed her.

“You won you nasty little slut and now your reward,” she said.

And she picked Ayesha up and put her against the wall and started eating her pussy out like there’s no tomorrow. Ayesha already was so close to cumming and seeing herself get like this in this situation she couldn’t hold on much longer and she cried in pleasure as her orgasm hit her and she come all over her aunt’s face who put her down and kissed her and smacked her on the butt once more before breaking the kiss.

“Well I think you passed that test. Now get cleaned and clothed the others are about to come back,” she said. and took her Bra and Panties, kissed Ayesha one more time and went back to her room as Ayesha fell on her back, smiling and tasting her fingers which still tasted like her aunt’s pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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