Sam’s Infatuation Ch. 03

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A week had passed since Sam and Stacy’s first fuck, since then they had done it more than a dozen times, sneaking to empty movie theater’s, in the handicap toilets of the mall even making an excuse to Toby so they could get a hotel suite and fuck all night. This morning Sam woke up naked after doing Stacy last night while Toby was at a Law Event. Stacy had stopped having sex with Toby making various excuses. Now she was lying next to him, her ripe ass was being poked by his hard on, she woke up and turned to face him, they kissed softly.

“Morning.” She yawned turning back around.

“Hey.” He laughed, he wrapped he arms around his back and drew her closer to him.

“You know you’re the only guy who cuddles.” She said affectionately.

“Baby, I’d do anything to get my hands on you.” Sam said kissing the back of her neck. She giggled

“Stacy, I don’t know how much longer I can do this, I’m in love with you, my brother’s girlfriend.”

“I’m telling him today and I’ve got a plan to get him together with a friend of mine I know he likes.”

“That’s you always thinking of someone else.” Sam said kissing her neck and moving down her flawless back. His touch sent shivers up her spine.

“Now let’s have a quickie before he gets home.” She said climbing over him sitting on his stomach.

“Definitely.” Stacy stood up the quilt fell off her back, Sam picked his cock up, it was amazing it was even hard he had fucked Stacy more than he had ever had sex with anyone. Stacy lowered herself into their favorite position, cowgirl. She started to ride him squeezing her cunt muscled together again. Stacy was drinking a special herbal tea that tightened her pussy no matter how much Sam’s fat meat tore it up. After a quick ten minute fuck Stacy and Sam made out for a few minutes before she departed for a shower.


Across campus Toby woke up in an unfamiliar bed. He looked to his left to see a gorgeous blonde girl her 34B escort ataşehir tits exposed.

“Oh fuck.” He said. She woke up.

“Yeah we did, wanna go for round 6?”

‘I FUCKED HER 5 TIMES?!’ Toby thought.

“What happened last night?”

“Well you got wasted hit on me and told me about your girlfriend not putting out anymore.”


“By the way, I’m Kim, Stacy’s best friend.” She pulled the covers back, Toby couldn’t resist he climbed on top of her. His 8 inch cock throbbed, he pushed inside her.

“Fuck! You’re tight!” Toby said. Kim’s tight pussy was wet. Toby looked down at her she looked beautiful, Toby had never felt this way about anyone not even Stacy and he thought he loved her?

“Fuck me.” She moaned, he picked her up and slammed her against the wall. She screamed in delight. After they fucked for half-an-hour, they collapsed on the bed.

“I want to leave Stacy.” Toby said.

“And do what?”

“Be with you.”

“You know my rep?”

“Kim Slutmason?”

“Yeah, you be with me I’ll be prim and proper you’ll be the only cock in me.”


Back at the flat, Stacy was on the counter in the middle of breakfast before Sam came out and they started to kiss and make out, now her legs were wrapped around his waist her arms draped around his neck, his hands were on her hips.

“No matter how much I like fucking you, I love kissing you.” Sam said. Stacy pulled away.

“Wow, why didn’t I go out with you first?!” Stacy laughed.

“I was taken, you met my brother.” Sam said kissing her neck.

“That does it I’m telling him today I wanna be with you.”

“Who’s your friend that you’re setting him up with?”

“Kim Mason.”

“That blonde one?”

“Yeah, she’s a bit of a slut but she told me once if she had a guy like him she’d settle down.”

Was it fate? That Toby fucked the very girl he would be set up with?

An hour later after both coupled had fucked, Toby returned kadıköy escort bayan home dressed in the same suit he wore last night, determined to tell Stacy he wanted out. Stacy and Sam were in the living room.

“Toby we need to talk.” Stacy said

“Yeah, we do.” Toby said.

After Toby was seated, Stacy took a deep breath and clasped hands with Sam.

“I fucked your friend Kim.” Toby said before Stacy could say anything.

“And I want out.”

“Well that’s good I want out too and I was gonna set you up with her.” Stacy said

“Wait why do you want out?” then he noticed Stacy and Sam’s hand.

“What’s going on?”

“Sam and I want to be together.” Toby looked up.

“He’s been normal lately.”

“Yes.” Sam said.

“It’s cause you’ve been fucking her isn’t it?” Toby asked.

“I’m sorry bro.”

“Hey it’s all good.”

“You’re ok with this?”

“Hey I’m getting some I’m all good.” Toby said he stood up clasping his brother’s hand.

“Stacy, for what it’s worth I had fun with you.”

“It is worth it, but I love Sam.”

“Love? Hahaha. Ok guys.”

“What’s gonna happen now?” Sam asked.

“Stacy’s your girl, Kim’s mine, Stacy moves in your room.”

“That’s good.” Stacy grinned.


Sam Roland drove his Range Rover through the metal gates up the driveway to a large, luxurious mansion. Sam had graduated from University starting his own business, making him the third richest man in the USA. He parked his car next to a dozen other luxury cars. Sam stepped out, the once young man turned into a rugged good looking man, he had a dark stubble wearing a black suit. He jogged up the huge stone steps he walked through the giant wooden doors.

“Hey! Dad’s home!” Sam yelled into the large hall. Stacy walked out of a side door holding hands with a young boy who looked about 5. Stacy hadn’t changed she was still as sexy as ever

“Will, it’s Dad.”

“Hey baby.” Stacy escort bostancı and Sam kissed like it was twelve years ago and they were still sneaking behind Toby’s back. Stacy and Sam ended up with the perfect life.

Next door Toby got out of a BMW running into his own house.

“Kim!” Kim Mason Roland walked in holding a two year old daughter.

“Hey sweetie.”

Toby had a happy life as well. All in all life turned out well for these two brothers. And some may now ask what of the boys’ missing sister Rose? Why she was still doing ‘charity’ in Europe.

Next door again. A babysitter had taken over watch of William Roland. Upstairs of the Roland Mansion, Stacy and Sam were naked again. Stacy was up against a wall her legs wrapped around him his cock throbbing in her tight pussy.

“Twelve years and the sex is still amazing!” Stacy groaned as Sam fucked her against the wall. His hands were on her ass he was kissing her neck. Stacy’s 36C tits never looked better as Sam threw her on the bed, then got on her Missionary style. His cock entered her pussy with some difficulty.

“Oh fuck me like I’m your wife.” Sam laughed and fucked her hard and fast for twenty minutes before she came.

“OH MY GOD! YES YES!” she breathed heavily as he fell on the bed.

“Wanna try something new?” she asked?

“Baby we’ve fucked in every way possible.” She snuggled up to him and whispered a single word into his ear before nibbling on his lobe.


“You’re not serious?” Sam asked his cock twitched hopefully.

“I love you, you’re my husband you should be the first.” She got on her back.

“Lube it up first.” He said. She turned around and spat on his cock jerking it till it was nice and slick. She wrapped her legs around him again he put the tip on her asshole. It wouldn’t fit in easily.

“Mmm I’m gonna be torn apart.” She laughed. Sam took 10 minutes until he finally in her. After a few minutes of hardcore german-style hardcore anal fucking, Sam exploded in her.

“I love you Sam Roland.”

“I love you Stacy Roland.” Sam laughed they fell in bed and passed out cuddling.


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