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Freshly out of the military and 21 I knew I had to get a good job and was looking in earnest. My finances were OK but not finite so I was in conservation mode and because I was my social life was all but non-existent. Luckily there was a cheap movie within walking distance I went to a couple times a week and after I would go to an all-night diner, sit at the counter nursing my coffee and watch the world go by. Then she walked in and my life, whichever way it was going would never be the same.

She was very pretty, a natural blonde, fresh and wholesome looking and she sat down cross-corner from me at the counter and smiled. She was wearing a skirt and V neck sweater which she filled out perfectly. I learned later she was 5′ 7″ and 125-130 pounds, the perfect body for me. I struck up a conversation and it went very well. I learned she just turned 18 and just graduated high school and was working in a buffet restaurant and had just gotten off work. After talking for about an hour or so we agreed to meet the next evening.

Laying in bed that night I could hardly get to sleep she infected me so much. The next evening she was there right on time and sat next to me. I was in very good spirits learning I had just landed a very good job and would start the next day.

After a couple more evenings I began to walk her to her bus stop and one evening I kissed her before the bus came, it was a long kiss and remained on my lips for hours before I fell asleep. My first day on the job was a struggle to keep my mind at work and not on her. At the end of the day, I sat in my room watching my clock until it was time to go meet her. And so it went except her days off which were agonizingly long. One day she asked if I would like to meet her parents, apparently, I was the first boyfriend she had kept for more than a week.

I’m not sure when I fell in love with her but when I finally told her she jumped on me and showered me with kisses telling me how much she loved me. Ever since puberty I had little trouble having sex with girls I dated but with her, she wouldn’t let me touch her until we were married. It did make me uneasy because of an old adage I had in my head for years about trying the shoe on before buying it but I loved her so much I didn’t care.

After a few months, we got married and her body naked was more than my mind imagined. Perfect C cup tits and her upper body flowed smoothly into her waist and on through her hips and down her legs. A more beautiful body I never saw, at least in my mind. She picked up sex very quickly and loved to suck and fuck me silly as often as she could.

In about a year my company wanted me to transfer to my home state and city and she took it as an adventure. Little did I know how disastrous that would be.

After moving we lived well in a new six-unit apartment, three above and three below and all the other tenants were in our same age bracket. Sandy worked as a receptionist and we had a good life. One day some tenants got up a party, and all were invited including some friends of some of the tenants. The party was on a Friday night and while I didn’t work weekends, the boss wanted a few to come in for a special project with overtime the next day.

A couple hours during the party one girl was having trouble with her boyfriend and I talked with her awhile trying to calm her down. We were in her and her roommate’s apartment and anyone could have come by to see us talking but when my wife asked if anyone had seen me and some asshole said I was fucking some girl in another apartment. Mind you he didn’t know and didn’t care he thought he was just being funny, or so he said later.

Morning came around and I went to work sans sleep but instead of being gone all day it was only half a day so I got home early. A friend standing outside waiting for me said I shouldn’t go into my apartment which compelled me to go in. I found my wife sleeping soundly next to guess who, the same jerk who told her I was fucking another girl.

I was both angry and devastated; my entire world just came crashing down. Sandy was angry as she told me she cheated because I did. I helped the guy tell her the truth and I also had the girl I talked to tell her that nothing happened.

Now she was panicked and said she loved me and was so, so sorry and didn’t want to lose the life we’d built together but I was inconsolable and kicked her out.

A few weeks went by but I would not budge and told her to file for divorce which she eventually did because I signed the papers. My life went south and so did I, literally, to another state as I tried to escape the pain but in a couple years, I came back home and put my life back together, bought a house and remarried again four years after Sandy. During that marriage, we became swingers which may sound strange given the infidelity of my first wife but I had learned there was a world of difference between the two dynamics.

Marriage to my second wife was an impulse that shouldn’t have happened as we were actually escort ataşehir just friends and let it go further but we parted on good terms and we remain, friends, today. Being unattached in the swinging world is a whole different ball game as single men aren’t as welcome as married men but I struggled on still in good stead with my friends. One Friday afternoon as I busied myself doing housework the doorbell rang and when I opened the door four or five emotions must have hit me at once. There, framed in the sunlight behind her was Sandy, ya THAT Sandy.

(Don’t leave yet the good part is just around the corner!)

She asked if we could talk which jerked me out of my shock and I invited her in. Nearly 20 years and she looked like she did when we parted, the years barely noticeable on her face. We engaged in a little small talk as I looked her over head to toe. She still had the same figure despite having had a child who has lived with his father for the last couple of years.

Her dress fit her body like a glove, flowing down over her still perky looking tits and flared out below her hips ending maybe 6 inches above her knees. Her legs were as picturesque as ever perfectly sculpted down to her low heels. Memories long gone began flooding back, more so the good rather than the bad.

After a somewhat lengthy pause, she asked if I ever got the divorce. In disbelief, I said,

“You got the divorce…I signed the papers, so what are you talking about?”

“I never filed them so I thought you did because you got married again.”

“Ya, but I got divorced too and anyway how did you know?”

“An attorney friend of mine found out for me.”

I asked why she never filed them and she said she didn’t know and by the time she decided to do it the filing deadline expired. Another pause;

“So we’re still married?”

“It looks like.”

We chatted a bit about that and moved on to what she had been doing. It seems she moved from man to man living with one then another and none of them the right one. She got pregnant by a guy she met shortly after we split up and while she worried how it would affect her son, having different men around but he had a good relationship with his dad who also rose to his responsibilities. She said her son thrived with no ill effects with her “men hopping.”

She also said that living with so many different men made her much better at sex as if giving me her resume`. I told her she was never bad at sex, just inexperienced. She was quiet a minute and finally said,

“I do have something to tell you, I don’t want to but you need to know.”

What’s that?”

“The time you caught me wasn’t the only time.”

“No?” I said, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“There were five times in total”. She said hanging her head.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t help it, it was like I was driven or something.”

I waited for my anger to rise but it didn’t. I guess having been a swinger with my previous wife my mind had changed and I saw things differently, not so black and white. I have a galley kitchen and we had been standing there drinking coffee as we talked, her leaning against the stove and me against the opposite counter not more than 3 feet away.

I must have pushed stop, changed eyes and pushed play again because I began looking at her differently. I remembered her body, the feel of her skin, the kiss of her lips, the firm suppleness of her tits, succulent nipples and her sweet little pussy. My mind remembered fucking her and my dick began to get hard and harder. She noticed, and a tiny smile grew on her lips.

“So what’s on your mind?”

“Huh? Nothing I lied.”

“Uh-huh, well your nothing seems to be growing.”

I laughed, “You sure noticed quickly enough and I see your nipples are hard through your dress.”

“That’s not all that’s hard.”

Everything that had happened in the past seemed to fade away and the only thing in the world was what was happening right then. My little head had taken over and I was a slave to its desire.

“Are you trying to say your clit is hard too?”

“It’s been hard the whole time I’ve been here, almost since you opened the door.”

“Maybe I should check it out?”

“Maybe you should.” She said with a sly smile.

I stepped up to her and slid my hand under her dress and felt her bare pussy and her hard clit about the size of a tiny finger, not huge but bigger than most. Memories of sucking her clit flooded my mind.

“No panties,” I said almost as an afterthought.

“I don’t wear panties except during my period.” She said teasingly. I kept feeling as we began kissing more and more passionately. My other hand went up to her still firm tits.

We went purposefully back to my bedroom, and I unzipped her dress and she had it and her bra off before I got my pants off. She was on her knees with my shorts off and my cock in her mouth almost before I realized. In her mouth and down her throat it went with the ease of an expert. kadıköy escort bayan I pulled her up on the bed where we made out as we explored each other’s bodies. I slipped my face between her thighs licking and sucking her sweet pussy and clit and it wasn’t long before she was cuming repeatedly.

We must have fucked in six different positions and in everyone she was as tight as the first time. In the cowgirl position, she never moved her hips but her pussy was milking me like I never felt before until she stopped and began sucking me until I came in her mouth a few seconds later. This wasn’t the girl I remembered, she was far better and what made it even better was the passion she put into it.

We lay together in the glow of the lovemaking we just had because that’s what it felt like, lovemaking. We didn’t speak for a while just lay looking at each other and caressing each other’s bodies. I finally asked how long she had been shaving her pussy and she said about five years. I said it was beautiful and she should keep it shaved and she said she intended to.

“So, how many guys have you lived with?”

She looked at me a minute and asked, “Are you sure you want to know this? Because if you ask me questions I’m telling you the truth so don’t ask if you don’t really want to know.”

“Fair enough,” I said honestly. “So how many?”

“27.” She said mater-of-fact.

“27! Wow, that’s like more than one guy a year.”

“Yes, some were a little more than a year and others just a few months. I had to live somewhere, and I never made enough money to have my own place and support us too.”

“Well, I guess you had to survive somehow. Did you pay rent?”

“Mostly just fucked them, cooked and kept house. Some I paid a little, what I could afford. I paid my own way.”

“Did you cheat on any of them?”

She knew that was coming. “Yes, I did, almost all of them but then I didn’t love them either.”

“What if you had?”

“I probably would have. Like I told you, I can’t help myself.”

“Why, why can’t you help yourself?”

“I went to a doctor to see if something was wrong with me after you kicked me out. He said I had Hypersexuality disorder and he could treat it but I didn’t have the money. Later I found I enjoyed being this way, sexual not cheating, so I never did anything about it.”

The more she talked, the more I understood that she was a free spirit traveling through no-strings-attached hookups with various men she met. She could not live a tethered marital life, it just wasn’t in her and treatments for Hypersexuality disorder were basically the same as for alcohol and drug addiction.

She said she would rather be a slut.

I asked; “Is that what you are, a slut?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am a slut. No surprise to you I’m sure.”

“Well it is a little, but lucky for you I like sluts.”

“One man,” She said, “Called me a whore, his whore, he still does. He said a whore is much better than a slut because they do more with more people.” She explained that a whore in her world wasn’t a hooker. She said a slut might have vanilla sex with a few people a year, maybe even 10 or 12 but a whore has sex with that many every week or two or at least every month. She also said she lived with that man for over two years and he shared her with everyone he could. I asked if she liked it and she said she did, that’s why she stayed with him so long.

“He’s also black just so you know.”

“Really? I shrugged, “That’s fine with me. How do you enjoy fucking black men?”

“I love it; black men are more dominant and just better lovers. Besides, their cum tastes so good!” She admitted with a big smile.

I think she threw zingers in like that just to see my reaction.

“So just out of curiosity, how many men have you had sex with?”

“I don’t know for sure, a few hundred.”

This is not the girl I remember, THIS Sandy was much more mature and much sexier and I found my love for her swelling up inside of me despite myself. Her sexuality, her love for and her outlook on sex were very appealing to me.

“You said he still does, does that mean you still see him?”

“We hook up now and then and sometimes he brings a friend or two.”

“For maybe a year or more after you kicked me out, I went fucking every guy I could get hold of until I finally settled down. By then I knew what I was.”

I looked at her, touching her body, caressing her face. “You know – we’re still married.” I heard myself say.

“Ya I know, so what’s your point?”

“I don’t know, it just popped out there… I guess I mean, well if things were different back then you could have been faithful to me and still fuck whoever you wanted however many you wanted.”

She straightened up and looked at me, her lips quivering but not saying anything.

“I just mean that if we had been free of any fear or worry about potential cheating by being able to fuck who we wanted and still be faithful of heart, we could have escort bostancı treated each other with trust and openness.”

She sat there still absorbing my words as I was trying to make sense of what I was saying. Was I talking about yesteryear or here and now?

She was serious when she spoke.

“When I came here, I didn’t know what to expect but what I thought might happen didn’t include any of this. As soon as you opened the door, I knew I was still in love with you and almost everything I had planned to say went away. If you mean what I think you might mean I’m there, all the way, all in.”

“I’m not sure what I mean. Hearing you talk about your sex life just makes me wish I could be part of it. I guess I was thinking that we are still actually married and if you moved in here, maybe we could have a new life, one we might have had before.”

“You were my first love, my only love and I want that again so much I do but can you be OK with other men fucking me, me having all manner of sex with them. As much as I now know I still love you that is also part of who I am.”

“I don’t know, I really don’t, but I feel I want to. I want to experience your sex in all that you do and just enjoy you. I guess the only way is to be with you as you fuck someone else.”

Sandy showered me with hugs and kisses and crying at the same time saying it will work, we can do this and so on. After she settled down I asked how can we do this, does she know someone who will do this with us. She said she knew the perfect person, Aaron, the black man she lived with. I told her I wasn’t sure how I would feel and it could all backfire but I wouldn’t make trouble. After talking things over some more she called him up, gave him the 411 and he was all for it.

She went to her small apartment to gather a few clothes and HABA and came back in an hour. She would spend the night and all the next day and Aaron would be here tomorrow night.

“I just want you to know,” she said at one point, “I love his sex and I will suck and fuck him as good as ever I can so you will know what to expect if you are good with it or not.”

“I hope so, I hope he fucks you like the whore you are,” I said smiling. I was getting excited every time I thought about it and she kept my mind on it by teasing me crazy.

“His cock is like 9 inches long and I love it down my throat. I want you to put your hand on my throat so you can feel it in there.”

“You are a little whore aren’t you?” I teased.

“I am and I want to be your whore. Really, I do.”

This was an entirely new Sandy and I was loving her a lot. I marveled at how she could say things like fuck, whore, cunt, asshole and they didn’t sound nasty. The doorbell rang Saturday evening announcing the arrival of Aaron and a cold sweat and bolt of excitement when through me as Sandy opened the door. He was a nice looking 6-foot tall Black man of a darker complexion than most and well built but not muscle-bound.

I had almost lost my load when I saw she was ready to answer the door in a white sheer baby doll with no thong. She had teased me some more just before he arrived so I was already half hard. As she closed the door they embraced in a passionate lip and tongue sucking kiss as he felt up her pussy then she introduced us as they paused. Then she sank to her knees, took out his cock and began sucking it lovingly, passionately.

He said it was how a white whore should greet her Dom. I watched as his cock went down her throat and she motioned me over, took my hand and put it on her throat. I could feel his cock as it went in her throat and it was very hot. I whispered in her ear how nice it felt.

Aaron said to me, “So you two have been married all this time huh, over 20 years and you never knew it?”

I nodded, “Ya it’s strange I know and we’re just getting to know each other again. It’s a whole new experience.”

“How do you like seeing your wife suck my cock?”

“I do, she’s very good at it and I enjoy feeling it in her throat.”

“That’s good so why don’t you show me to the bedroom so I can fuck your wife.”

“First we go in the hot tub.” She said. “You’ll really like it.”

One the way and as he and I undressed, he told me how he used to have her fucking the brothers, even strangers and how she liked it. After being in the hot tub a while we all went to the bedroom where he had her lay across the bed with her head over the edge so he could fuck her mouth and throat as he toyed with her pussy. He suggested I get down there and make it wet and ready for him and he didn’t have to say it twice. I saw him fucking her mouth as I ate her pussy and it made me hard as a pipe. I wasn’t mad or jealous just wildly turned on.

He pulled out of her mouth and told her to show me her other favorite things to do. He lay on the bed with his legs apart as she lay between them, spread his ass cheeks and began rimming him with a passion I never saw before. She had me come closer so I could watch her tongue and lips work him over, see her tongue work on his asshole and her lips pucker and massage his ass and kiss his asshole passionately. It was all I could do to not cum early. At one point I even held her head firmly in his ass and told her to lick and suck it good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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