Sarah’s Dream

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This story initially started as a chapter within my series ‘Messy Riding Lessons’, however I felt it was a story which more people may enjoy as it is a little less extreme than some of what my characters have to endure! Therefore, I have created it as a stand-alone story, I do hope you enjoy it.


Sarah slept soundly. She was 19 years old with messy brunette hair and a lithe body formed from many years riding and working with horses. She had become Hilary’s groom three years previously, straight out of school and excited to be working for one of the UK’s leading event riders. What started as a purely working relationship had slipped into something more as the powerful equestrian stole her heart and desires. Now as much as looking after her horses she was her willing slave, the plain steel collar worn around her neck, the engraving stating that she was under Hilary’s protection. There was not a day or night that went by when she did not feel the weight of the steel and be reassured that, whatever happened Hilary would be there for her.

Clare had joined the team just six months before, she had been a livery customer who had lessons with Hilary that had been up to the faithful night when she had been found by Hilary in the tack room late at night, Clare had been bound up by her own hand and had become an unpaid groom, slave and lover to Hilary. There was no jealousy, this was a perfect relationship and Sarah loved Clare and shared a close friendship. The money which Clare brought in from some app she had developed in her past ensured that they could work and play to the limits of their dreams.


I woke with a start, glancing at the clock I could see I was late but there was a note sitting on my bedside table. I picked it up and unfolded it, reading the familiar handwriting.

Hello Sarah,

You looked tired so I’ve let you sleep, I’ll do your horse’s so please sleep and relax, come to the yard when you are ready.




I smiled, I had been exhausted but now felt fully rested, I got out of bed and pulled on a clean pair of white jodhpurs and a white blouse, finishing off my look with a pair of shiny black leather riding boots. I caught a sight of myself in the mirror and whistled under my breath, ‘wow… looking good’, it was a silly thought and I laughed at the notion.


The stable yard was quiet, I looked around the horses were hanging their heads over stable doors the sun was warm and the sky a clear blue. It was a dreamily perfect day. There was a movement behind me, hands closed over my eyes.

“Guess who?” I smiled, it was Clare, I could feel her breasts pressing softly into my back.

“Hello Clare!”

“Correct!” She spun me round and kissed me warmly.

“Thank you!”

“Don’t thank me yet.” Clare giggled. “I haven’t tayland porno given it to you yet.”

“Eh? Given me what?”

“Do you want it?” She smiled teasingly. “You have to tell me you want it…”

“Let me have it!” The moment the words left my lips the softest, gooiest pie struck me full in the face, I saw a fleeting glance of chocolate and cream before my world went dark. The filling was sweet as it dripped from my cheeks. I laughed.

“Oh… Did someone like that?” I cleared my eyes and saw Hilary standing before me, I took in how she looked, skin-tight jodhpurs, long boots the tightest top and clearly no bra. I felt my knees weaken at the sight. “Give her another Clare!”

Clare span round and slapped a second pie, this time blueberry, into my face, blinding me again. As I sucked the sweet cream from my lips I felt a weight engulf my head, I resisted clearing my eyes but could smell the sweet melted chocolate and feel its warm weight cover my head. Not that I could see myself, but the chocolate slowly covered every inch of my features, soon I looked like a bronze bust with a human body below. I could hear Hilary and Clare giggling, it was a beautiful noise.

I was gently manhandled backwards sitting down heavily, my jodhpured bottom sunk into a sloppy cake which had been left on the chair, I felt the cool cream spread across the thin fabric and seep through the fabric, what a day to go commando I thought as the cream and frosting started to engulf my burning pussy.

I blinked, clearing my eyes to see my two tormentors before me, each holding a bucket. “After you!” Hilary smiled and gestured to Clare who stepped forward and tipped her bucket over my head. There was a flow of pink liquid, the sweet smell told me it was more frosting to cover my chocolate, I spilled across my shoulders and flowed into the neck of my blouse sliding across my hardening nipples before pooling in my lap.

Once the bucket was empty Hilary approached, she took her bucket and, deftly pulled open my blouse tipping the white creamy froth across my breasts. I shrieked as I realised it was melted ice cream, my nipples stood instantly to attention and I slithered around in the chair, sinking further into the gateaux which was beneath me.

Hilary laughed, leaning in and kissing me deeply. She tasted of mint and lip gloss but the overwhelming scent of sweet food and her perfume was intoxicating. With one hand she unbuttoned my blouse and started to run her fingertips through the ice cream on my chest, running circles around my sensitive parts. I shuddered longing for more of her touch. The kiss ended and she sunk lower, taking my left nipple in her mouth, the warmth was delicious and her tongue swirled bringing involuntary moans of pleasure from me. She looked into my eyes smiling before running tecavüz porno her teeth over the nipple, I almost came right there, as she broke free and started on the other side.

Clare was sliding my boots from my feet, starting to massage warm jam onto my left foot before grasping it and sucking on my big toe. I quivered, so wanting their tongues within me. Clare caressed my feet, sucking and massaging the jam and then custard into my feet, it was pure bliss and I was becoming overcome with sensation.

Hilary stood me up, I was shaky on my bare feet, she stripped off my soiled blouse and threw it down before opening my jodhpurs. I gasped, holding my breath. “Ah ah! Not yet!” She smiled, grasping a jug filled with golden honey. The jug’s contents poured into my jodhpurs, I gasped as I felt the sticky honey slowly seep towards my pussy, engulfing and embracing me. Clare took a jug too and started to fill my jodhpurs, forcing more and more into the stretchy fabric. I could feel the honey seeping down my legs as jug after jug filled them to capacity and beyond until my entire lower half was a gooey mess.

Satisfied HIlary unbuttoned the ruined trousers and started to ease them from me. I was soon left naked except for a layer of transparent honey which looked like clear rubber leggings. Clare lept forward, throwing a bowl of brightly coloured sprinkles over my honeyed legs. They stuck fast leaving me looking like a sweet cake ready to be eaten. Hilary took the hint, pushing me down into the chair and taking a position kneeling between my legs which she gently pulled apart, licking her lips she approached, her tongue running down my sticky slit, sliding into my sex before settling on my clit. I gasped as she sucked and teased me. Clare leaned in a sucked my nipples, I was out of control, my breathing deepened and I soon exploded in a body shaking orgasm.

The women smiled, standing before me before embracing and kissing each other, they started to tear each others clothes off until they were naked before me, kissing and caressing each others bodies. Hilary broke free and faced me. “Oh we are so clean…” She giggled. I took my cue, grabbing two pies I approached them both as they stood side by side before me. “Oh pie! Can I have pie please?” I pushed the pie in Hilary’s face slowly, twisting the pan and ensuring that it glued itself to her features. I let the pan drop and the crust stayed on her face, just her nose breaching the pastry.

“Oh let me have it!” Clare squealed and I obliged. First with a cherry cream pie to her face and then a sandwich of chocolate cream pies totally removing her senses. She shuddered as pie dripped from her face.

Before Hilary could move I took two more custard pies and slapped them onto her breasts, again twisting the pans and rubbing the thick goo into tombul porno her sensitive body. I grabbed an icing bag, kneeling quickly I slid the nozzle into her soaking pussy and squeezed the bag, Hilary moaned as she felt the frosting fill her.

“Oh wow!” Clare gasped. “Miss… May I have some?” She looked coquettish. I ushered her to lie face down. I took a second bag and smothered the nozzle with butter before sliding it into her anus. She writhed as I filled her with sloppy frosting. They were messy inside but visibly still far too clean. I grabbed two buckets, quickly lying Hilary down and instructing Clare to turn over. I stood above them, drinking in the sight of their perfect naked bodies. I slowly poured a bucket of thick custard down each of them, tipping the thick liquid over their faces before slowly going down their bodies. I replaced the buckets with two more, this time melted chocolate which covered their bodies thickly until they were brown statues.

I lowered myself over what I guessed was Hilary, placing my quim above her face and my own head in position to attend to Hilary’s hungry sex, I dived in, nibbling and sucking as Hilary did the same, we both writhed in the sloppy chocolate until they both came explosively before I slumped to one side exhausted.

It was sometime before I woke, as I tried to move she found that I was unable to move more than an inch. Looking around I saw that I had been hogtied with rough baler twine, a smile played on my lips.

“Oh hello sleepy head!” Hilary smiled, Clare and her were sitting on chairs beside her, they had cleaned up and were both wearing brilliant white jodhpurs and blouses again while I was still naked and gooey. I pulled against the tight bindings and quivered with excitement when I found I was unable to move.

“Oh it is good and tight. Just as you like it!” Clare stood up holding a small remote control, a moment later it was obvious what it controlled as vibrations started to tease me from within my sex. My breathing became laboured as the power touched every nerve in my body, I was on the brink of orgasm when the vibrator switched off. I glared at a sniggering Clare who toyed with the remote. “Go on, beg me!” Sarah laughed.

“You bitch!” The vibrator suddenly burst into life at full power. “Oh shit!”

Hilary and Clare laughed as I gasped and moaned before writhing as another orgasm hit me. They knelt beside me, hugging me warmly.


“Oh she looks so peaceful!” Clare smiled. “Come on let her sleep, I’ll do her horses.”

“You are too soft you know!” Hilary slapped Clare playfully on the shoulder.

“She deserves a break.” Clare picked up a pen. “I’ll leave her a note… I wonder what she is dreaming about, she has such a big smile on her face.”

“Who knows… ” Hilary smiled. “Right you have to work, and doubly hard now!”

“Yes Miss!” Clare saluted, earning another slap from Hilary.

“Cheeky!” Hilary paused. “You know what, maybe Sarah deserves a treat later. Let’s get the stables done quickly and then.” She paused. “Well, we can have some playtime and spoil our little sub rotten!”

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