Sarah’s First REAL Man Ch. 03

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Saturday simply couldn’t come fast enough for me. I was totally excited about having some of my friends over for a little spa party. My parents were gone away for the weekend, and thank god my older sister was gone away for college. So I invited a few of my friends from school over.

The first to arrive was Lizzy. She’s been my friend for some time, but I don’t get to see a lot of her. But that’s why I invited her and my other friends over. She’s shorter then me (I hate girl’s that are taller then me) about 5’3, nice small waste, pretty blonde hair that comes a little past her shoulders. She had brown eyes but they were a lot darker then mine. She has some nice boobs, their not DD’s like me, but probably a big C. She also had those huge volleyball legs and the volleyball butt to match. I never really did many sports myself, but Lizzy has loved Volleyball for as far back as I’ve known her. My favorite thing about her was she was pretty ditzy like me so we could just laugh about stupid stuff together for a long time.

I only got to talk to her for like 10 minutes before Jen showed up. She was a nice girl, she was kind of quiet and shy like the rest of us, but she was smart and still fun to talk to. Jen was just about as tall as Lizzy. However, where Lizzy probably weighed a good 150lbs with those giant legs of hers, Jen weighed probably all of 110lbs. She was pretty skinny, had nice green eyes and a little bit of breasts and a butt, about as much as you could for her size. She had a much darker shade of blonde then me or Lizzy.

The last to arrive (of course) was Nicky (Nicole). She had a super big ego and she has like the richest parents ever. I totally hate her! Well not entirely she is my friend, but still. Anyway she is taller then me (like 5’9) and she has a nice solid body. Her butt is about the same size as mine (hers is more toned; mine has been kind of blowing up with cellulite lately.) She has a very heavy tan, brown hair, and brown eyes. And yes, about her boobs, their huge. I don’t know her size, but I’m a 36DD, and even still her boobs are bigger yet. I don’t know, bigger boobs bigger ego I suppose.

We fucked around for a little while, just kind of chatting and bullshitting. The real purpose was for us to get drunk. My parents had ample alcohol available we certainly shy about using it. We were getting pretty wasted (especially Lizzy), before stripping down to our bikini’s and heading out back to our hot tub.

My backyard is pretty nice. It’s not like Nicky’s (bitch), but we have a big yard with a pool and hot tub and a nice patio area to just kind of hang out in the sun. We had a good bit of land, neither of our neighboring houses were that close to us and even then we had a fence.

We were chatting in the hot tub when Lizzy’s cell phone started to ring. She drunkenly tried to reach around for it behind the hot tub before finally finding it. It was her boyfriend. Big surprise, that guy was always all over her. He was dating way out of his league, and I have been trying to tell Lizzy that for awhile, but she must see something in him I guess. Seems like a nerd to me. Anyway it wasn’t too long before my cell phone was ringing too. Mine was up on the patio table, so I had to get out of the tub to get it. I stumbled my way out of the tub and over to the phone, but was fairly surprised to see that it was Brian! I quickly stumbled to get my phone open. I hadn’t seen much of him lately, he had been busy with other girls and seemed to be not as interested in me. I had been picking up the occasional boy toy here and there escort bayan in the mean time, but how I sincerely missed him.

He asked about what I was doing, and I told him about the party and about my parents being gone. He said that was perfect, he and a few of his boys happened to be in the area and he was thinking of stopping by. I quickly agreed he should come on by, and without much else he hung up the phone.

I decided to keep the call secret from the girls for now, they’d find out soon enough. As we sat around in the hot tub, the sun was high in the sky beating down on our drunken bodies. We had calmed down slightly, except Lizzy who was hyper like all get out, and were trying to let the hot tub jets just relax our bodies.

Finally the speaker above the back door started ringing. That meant someone was at the door. I told the girls I’d get it, and stumbled my way back out of the hot tub. I could hear them giggling at me, but I was overcome by drunken horniness.

I flung the front door open, and there he was. Brian, looking all hot and sweaty in a beater and some basketball shorts. With him was his best friend Wendell, and my favorite other black guy Jabari.

I brought them out back to where the girls were chilling in the hot tub. They turned around and I could instantly see Nicky’s eyes light up. Jen looked uncomfortable, and Lizzy just looked a little shocked.

After the initial shock we all introduced ourselves. I told the boys they should come cool down with us in the hot tub.

As the boys and me climbed back into the hot tub I could tell Jabari had taken an instant liking to Lizzy. He slid in right next to her and put his arm around her. Lizzy forced a confused smile at him.

We started talk, mostly about Brian in sports, and a little bit about how we met. I know it wouldn’t be long until the conversation turned to sex, but Jabari jump started us down that road. He had been fooling around with Lizzy for like 5 minutes, before caressing her hand and sliding it into his shorts. Lizzy quickly put her hand over her mouth in shock and gasped out “Oh my god!”

Jabari just smiled and laughed at her “Yeah baby, ain’t never felt anything like that have you?”

Lizzy looked dazed down at her hand in his shorts. “I have to see this!”

Nicole never being one to miss an opportunity hopped on her chance “So Brian, Mr. everything what are you packing? And how about your friend over there?”

Brian and Wendell stood up and slid off their shorts revealing their now semi erect masterful works of art. Jabari had already slid off his shorts and sat up on the edge of the hot tub, his fully erect cock staring Lizzy right in the face.

Nicole smiled at Brian “Wow you guys are huge.” She inched herself over to Brian and started to slowly rub on his dick.

Across the hot tub Jabari continued working on Lizzy.

“But I have a boyfriend…” She stuttered, her eyes firmly locked on his dick.

Jabari laughed “But you’re a fucking retarded white girl aren’t you?”

Lizzy’s eye grew huge, she tripped all over her words “But…ummm…I’m…ughhh.”

Jabari caressed the back of her head “Come on, I know you like sucking dick. It’s probably what your best at. Look at that big ol’ ass you got. White girls with phat asses like that love black dick.”

Lizzy seemed dazed “Well you do have a really hot body…..and a really big dick…”

Jabari comforted her “And you love sucking dick don’t you?”

Lizzy nodded and smiled big “Well yeah, I really like sucking bursa vip escort dick. Plus I have always kinda fantasized about sucking a big black dick before.”

Jabari chuckled “Yeah they all do, I just hope you don’t plan on going back to your pussy boyfriend after this. Fat assed white girls fall in love with sucking the black dick.”

Lizzy started feeling really good about this “Jabari I need to suck your dick, bad. I need to drink your cum, please, PLEASE allow me to drink it.!”

Jabari teased “What about your man?”

Lizzy couldn’t help herself “Fuck him! I want you to blow your hot cum into my slutty fucking mouth.”

Jabari pretended to think it over “Well I suppose since your a useless blonde white bitch, with no use in the world other then draining my nuts into your mouth.

Lizzy anxiously contiued “Okay but I’ll warn you, I have this horrible tendency to swallow every last drop.” She teased.

Jabari smiled as his caress turned into pulling her head to his giant man meat. “Oh shut the fuck up already and suck it you dumb whore.”

Lizzy was pretty amazing. I always considered myself a good cocksucker, but what she could do was astonishing. As she started to lick on Jabari’s fat cockhead, his hand quickly forced her head all the way down his shaft. Lizzy surprised him when she snaked her tongue out and started licking his balls. Encouraged by this he grabbed a big handful of her hair and puller her head up and down his dick as he pleased, all the while Lizzy expertly slid back and forth without gagging.

By this time Brian had forgone any foreplay with Nicky and simply bent her over the side of the hot tub and rammed his dick inside of her. Nicky screamed, not prepared for this.

“You wanna get fucked? Huh?!!! You wanna get fucked you dumb dipshit?! I show you getting fucked?! Your dumb ass won’t be able to walk straight when I’m done with you. Brian yelled at Nicole. He grabbed her hair and began mashing into her helpless pussy with long powerful thrusts.

Jen hopped out of the hot tub and put a towel around herself and snuck off into the house. I could tell this was all a little too much for her to handle right now, but right now I had much larger concerns. Chiefly Wendell’s monster cock.

Wendell pulled himself up to the edge of the hot tub. “You ready to get fucked or what?”

I smiled at Wendell, he never had seemed to care for me too much, but I could tell that I was starting to grow on him some. “Well how do you want it big daddy?”

Wendell serious as always ” Why don’t you come over here and sit on my dick?”

I leaned forward an smiled up at him. I deepthroated his cock and bobbed back and forth a few times before standing up and hovering over his lap “Mmmm sounds good to me.”

I lowered myself onto Wendell’s dick feeling his mammoth member slowly penetrating into me. He grabbed my hips and pulled me the rest of the way down onto his dick. It caught me off guard and sent a surging combination of extreme pain and intense pleasure. Still holding onto my hips he forcefully pulled me up and down his shaft.

Suddenly Lizzy’s phone began to ring. She made no attempt to answer it as Jabari continued to force her head up and down his shaft. However Jabari reached over and answered it for her.

“Who the fuck is this?” Jabari snarled “Oh her boyfriend, well yeah she’s busy sucking my dick right now so stop fucking bothering us you little dicked pussy!” He then tossed the phone aside and continued fucking bursa elit escort Lizzy’s mouth.

Lizzy seemed totally unfazed by the incident, all she wanted to do was milk that precious sperm out Jabari’s large nutsack.

Over next to me Nicky continued to fucked viciously by Brian. He seemed intend on hurting her bad. And he seemed like he was accomplishing that. Nicky kept slapping and flailing her arms wilding her pussy being beaten and torn. There were lines of blood now dripping out down her leg in between Brian’s ferocious thrusts.

As for me, Wendell picked up one last time giving me one last big thrust before tossing me off him.

“Suck it!” He demanded of me.

I wasted no time sliding it back into my mouth. I bobbed up and down as fast as I could. I knew he was on the brink, Wendell usually liked to finish in my mouth anyway.

Wendell started grunting “Aww fuck!!! Fuck!”

He firmly held my head in place and deposited a thick, gooey reward into my mouth. Each spurt of his cum was quickly swallowed, to keep from missing any. He kept cumming and cumming, but it simply couldn’t last long enough for me each blast of his sperm filling my mouth with his delightful taste, as well as filling my stomach with that blissfully warm sensation.

Brian had no such intentions. He kept up his tenacious pace, pummeling the remains of Nicky’s pussy. With one final huge thrust he shoved his prick as deep as it could go into her and let out a big roar. He emptied his large seed deep inside her womb, undoubtedly filling her up.

Jabari also started grunting right around this time “Awww fuck baby, I’m gonna blow my nut down your fat assed stupid fucking white throat. It’s a little present from me to your boyfriend!”

Jabari, still hold a big handful of her hair, held her head right on the end of his dick, to maximize the amount that would go into her mouth. “Don’t swallow til I tell you, I want you to hold every last drop of this into your mouth until I tell you. I swear if you swallow before that I will kick all of your fucking dumbass teeth out of your slutty skull.”

Lizzy just “mmmhmm’ed” on his dick as Jabari began to let loose his fat load of cum into her eager mouth. Spurt after spurt blasted into her mouth, her cheeks now bulging with his thick black cum. It looked like her cheeks were about to burst when finally he pulled the tip out of her mouth, his grasp still firm on her hair, pulled her face up to the head and let a couple more blasts go across her lips and cheeks.

Jabari picked her up by her hair and tossed her out of the hot tub. “We don’t want any of that washing off now do we? It’s definitely and improved looked, I call it fat assed white ho in her essence.” He then began to laugh.

We all sat around the patio table joking and laughing. Nicole could barely move, she was very obviously in a lot of pain and felt very uncomfortable. Lizzy did her best to push the cum that was on her face into her mouth an continued to hold it in her mouth. We all drank some more for about a half hour.

Jen then opened the back door and called out to us “Lizzy, your boyfriend is here to see you.”

Jabari laughed “Why don’t you go ahead and swallow that now. I think your mouth is probably nice and cum saturated by now.”

Lizzy smiled at him and gulped down his hot black sperm. She gave him one last big smile before rushing into the house. Through the sliding glass door I could see her talking to her boyfriend at the door. He looked really upset. First he gave her a hug, then moved in for a huge kiss. Lizzy, the dirty slut, gave him a big deep passionate and long tongue kiss. Her boyfriend now seeming somewhat more comfortable about the situation walked out the door with his slutty girlfriend. I got a text message shortly after saying she would be back for more later.

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