Satisfaction with a Stranger

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Emily was hiking the trails, and she heard a noise. She went to the tree line and saw him working in the garden.

He was weeding the garden in just a pair of shorts that hung low on his hips. He was tan all over so she assumed that he went shirtless often. He had a slim waist and broad shoulders. He had short dark hair graying on the sides, and hair on his chest that glistened with sweat. She couldn’t see his face but she just knew he would be handsome.

She felt that she was cute– not drop dead gorgeous, but she could make heads turn. She was full figured and had curves in all the right places. Her measurements were 40x36x38 with a C cup bra size. She had short auburn hair, with big brown eyes, very pale skin and lots of freckles (that she was not all that fond of).

She stood there and watched him work for a few minutes. He then went into the house. She was very disappointed with herself for not getting up the nerve to go talk to him. She waited a few minutes to see if he would come back out, but he didn’t. She decided to go back to the cabin she had rented. When she turned around he was standing behind her with a smirk on his face. She jumped from being startled. He asked her, “Do you like what you see?”

She turned red in the face from embarrassment. Then squared her shoulders and said, “Yes I do very much.”

He was taken aback by her honesty. The smile on his face grew, and his beautiful blue eyes lit up with laughter. He asked her, “Are you lost?”

She responded, “No I was just out for a hike and saw you in your garden as I was passing by.”

He stepped closer to her, “What are your intentions?”

She simply smiled, she then asked him, “Do you have a wife, girlfriend, or possibly a boyfriend?”

He replied, “None of the above, but if I did it wouldn’t be a boyfriend.” They smiled at each other.

He asked her, “Do you want to go up to the house for a cold drink?” She nodded her head.

As they were walking to the house he asked her, “Do you have a boyfriend, husband, or possibly a girlfriend?”

She replied, “None of the above.” His smile grew bigger….

When they got to the porch he offered her to have a seat, that he would be right back. She sat on the porch swing waiting for him with anticipation. He came right back out with two glasses of lemonade. He asked, “Is the lemonade okay?”

She replied, “Oh yes, lemonade is my favorite drink in the summertime.”

He sat on the top step and looked at her. She started to get nervous because he was just staring at her. She started to fidget. She asked, “Do you like what you see?”

He replied, “Most definitely.”

She asked him, “What is your name?”

He smiply stated with a smirk “John”

She reached out to shake his hand and she introduced herself “My name is Emily.”

John shook her hand. “Nice to meet you Emily.” He said with a smile.

They made small talk while they finished their lemonade, Emily remarked how beautiful his property was, and that she loved the lake.

So John asked Emily, “Would you like to go for a swim?”

Emily replied, “I would love to take a swim, but I don’t have a suit to wear.”

John looked at her and told her, “You don’t need a suit here.”

Emily blushed, and asked, “Are you going to wear a suit?”

John smiled, then replied, “I never do in my lake.”

Emily was nervous to get undressed in front of John. She watched him take off his shorts, he did not have anything on underneath them. He stood there with his back to her and he was tan all over just like she imagined. She stood there admiring his ass. He turned and looked over his shoulder at Emily smiling. He went into the lake, and started swimming.

Emily kept debating if she should get naked and go into the water. She stood there for a few minutes. John called out to her, “Is there a problem?”

Emily blushed and stated “I am not used to being naked outdoors.”

John told her “It is the best feeling ever! Come on in, the water is great.”

Emily decided to get undressed and join John in the lake. As she was taking off her clothes John stood in the lake watching her. When she was naked she ran to the lake and jumped in. The water was cold which caused her to have goosebumps that hardened her nipples. They started swimming around, splashing one another.

John swam over to her and put his hand on her cheek. John told her, “I am going to kiss you now.”

Emily nodded and waited in anticipation. John gently touched his lips to her’s and ran his tongue along her lips. Emily opened up for him and his kiss became more demanding. John pulled Emily up against him, so she wrapped her arms around his neck. John started nuzzling under Emily’s ear and on her neck. He whispered in her ear, “I am going to make you cum so hard you are going to scream my name.”

Emily shivered not from the cold, but desire.

John Uşak Escort reached under the water and started rubbing Emily’s clit and pussy lips. Emily started moving her hips back and forth. John continued to kiss on her. He moved down to her tits he starting sucking on her sensitive nipples. Emily started breathing harder and moaning. John inserted one finger then a second finger into her pussy. Emily flung her head back feeling John’s fingers moving in and out of her pussy while his thumb was rubbing her clit. Emily started thrusting against John’s hand, so he started moving faster. Emily hung onto his shoulders while she came. She had not cum that hard in a long time with someone else.

As Emily was coming down from the wonderful sensations she was feeling, John was kissing her and rubbing her tits. John was backing Emily up, to be in shallower water. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees in the water. He directed his beautiful thick 7″ cock to her mouth. Emily started by wrapping her hand around the base of his cock moving her hand up and down to get used to his size. Then she put her lips around the head and started giving him a blow job.

John grabbed Emily’s hair and started thrusting in her mouth until she felt the head of his cock at her throat. She gagged a little but then got used to him. She would change her pace while sucking his cock, and every once in a while Emily would scrape her teeth along his shaft. John started breathing harder and thrusting faster into her mouth. Emily knew he was going to cum. She tried to pull off, but John would not let her. She had no choice but to swallow his cum as he came in her mouth. She could not swallow it all so it leaked out of sides of her mouth.

When John finished cumming he pulled his cock out of Emily’s mouth. John went down on his knees in front of Emily and whispered to her, “That was fantastic! I can’t wait to see what else you can do.”

Emily smiled replying, “Oh you won’t be disappointed.”

John stood up and helped Emily to stand with him, he didn’t say a word. John grabbed her hand, and walked to the house. When they got into the house he walked straight to the bedroom. John told Emily, “Lay down and get comfortable.” “I have to do something.” John walked out of the room.

When John left the room Emily could not believe this was happening. She loved sex and never seemed satisfied. She anticipated that John could be the one to satisfy her.

John came back into the room with some oils. John wanted to give Emily a massage. John asked, “Emily would you like to lay on the bed and I will give you a full body massage?” She readily agreed and turned onto her stomach.

John started rubbing Emily from the feet up. She was getting completely relaxed, then he had her turn over on her back. Again he started at her feet and worked his way up. When he got to her arms he lifted them over her head. He had straddled her stomach while he was rubbing her arms. All of a sudden she felt him tying her wrists to the headboard.

Emily started squirming to get loose. She told him “untie me now!”

John smiled,”Relax and enjoy the sensations you will feel.”

John started kissing down Emily’s body, when he got to her breasts he paid a lot of attention to them. Her nipples were ultra-sensitive from her orgasm earlier. She thrusted her breast upwards so that John could suck on them some more. He then moved down to her stomach and inserted his tongue in her bellybutton. No one had ever done that to her before, and it felt amazing! John then bypassed her pussy and was kissing on her legs. Emily groaned and John Chuckled, “Have some patience.”

He continued down her legs to her feet. He was sucking on her toes. It was driving her crazy, he was giving her sensations that she had never felt before. He then crawled up to her pussy, he spread her legs looking at her and whispered “beautiful.”

John started licking and sucking on her clit. Emily started moving her hips so John put his hands on her hips to keep her still. He then inserted a finger in her pussy while he was sucking her clit. Emily was moaning and calling his name. She could feel John smile against her pussy. He then inserted a finger into her ass. Emily went nuts with all the sensations going through her. She wanted to grab his hair, but her hands were still tied.

Emily started to cum but John stopped licking her, got onto his knees and thrust his cock into her pussy. He lifted her legs to his shoulders thrusting hard and deep, making Emily cum again screaming his name.

John was on the verge to cum and asked Emily, “I’m going to cum, where do you want it?”

Emily groaned and said, “Cum in my pussy!” John thrust one last time before he came, which triggered another orgasm for Emily.

John rolled off her and laid next to her on the bed. After his breathing calmed Uşak Escort Bayan down he got up to clean himself up in the bathroom. When John came back into the bedroom, he laid down next to Emily. She asked, “Could you untie me now?”

John looked at her and replied, “Nah I like you just like that.”

Emily looked at him, “Are you serious?”

John put his arms under his head, “Yeah I would like to keep you like that for a bit.”

She got angry, “I have to pee!”

John shrugged his shoulders, “I am not untieing you yet.”

John fell asleep next to Emily, she was completely frustrated. John started snoring. He would not wake up to Emily calling his name. So she shifted got her feet up against his side and shoved him off the bed. She started laughing as he sat up immediately on the floor staring at her. John asked her, “What the hell was that for?”

She simply stated, “You were snoring and would not roll over.”

She asked him again, “Will you please untie me?” Emily squrimed, “I really have to pee, plus I was not going anywhere for a while.” John untied her so she went into the bathroom.

When Emily came out of the bathroom she asked John, “Are you hungry?”

John said, “I’m starving.”

Emily asked John, “Do you have a shirt I could put on?” John gave her one of his tee shirts to wear. It was a little snug on her and barely covered her bum. John thought it was very sexy. He threw on a pair of shorts and they went to the kitchen.

They were able to find some things to put together a meal. They sat and made small talk while they ate dinner. Emily asked John, “Do you always keeps ties on your bed?”

John smiled, and replied, “No I put those on the bed before I snuck up on you outside.” Emily laughed.

After dinner they cleaned the kitchen together. Emily looked at John with a smirk on her face asking him, “Are you up for another round?” John smiled and led her to the bedroom.

They undressed each other and crawled onto the bed. Emily suggested that John lay on his back which he did. Emily straddled his waist. She started rubbing his chest and kissing on him. Emily lifted his arms up over his head. She was kissing on his neck and then moved to his arms. Emily then grabbed the tie on the headboard and tied his left wrist. John started jerking his arm, “What do you think your doing?” Emily wrestled his other arm until she was able to get it tied up.

She smiled at John, “Like you told me, lay back and feel the sensations.”

Emily moved down John’s body and started kissing him all over. She bypassed his cock and was kissing on his legs. John groaned and Emily smiled. She then went back up and started sucking his cock and balls. She would alternate between his balls and his cock. Emily moved her hand to his taint and ass.

John tensed up and said, “No don’t go there.”

Emily looked up at John, “Why not?”

John replied, “I am not a fan of my ass being played with.”

Emily smiled and replied, “Oh you haven’t been with the right person then.”

Emily spread John’s legs further apart and laid on her stomach. Emily started licking his taint at one point was licking his asshole. John sucked in his breath and groaned.

Emily got up and straddled John’s hips and sat on his rock hard cock. Looking at John, Emily asked, “Did you like what I did to your ass?”

John replied, “You were right, I haven’t been with the right person, that was fantastic!”

Emily proceeded to ride his cock hard until they both came again saying each other’s names. When they were done Emily laid on John’s chest to catch her breath.

He asked, “Will you untie me now?”

Emily smiled and said, “Nah, not yet I like you like that.” She started laughing and got off him and went to the bathroom to clean up.

While Emily was in the bathroom John kept twisting his wrist and was able to get one hand free. So he untied the other hand. Emily got into the shower. John walked into the bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain startling Emily.

John had a look of mischief on his face. He stepped into the shower with Emily and closed the curtain. Emily just stared at him. “What are your intenstions?” She asked.

John stepped to her and moved her back against the wall of the shower. He leaned into Emily and whispered in her ear, “I am going to show you who is in control.” He kissed her hard and Emily responded to his kiss.

John lifted Emily’s leg onto the ledge of the bathtub as he continued kissing her. When Emily least expected it, John thrust into her and it made her suck in her breath from the suddenness of his cock in her pussy. John then continued to thrust deep and hard into her.

When John felt that Emily was getting ready to cum, he pulled out. Emily whimpered and asked, “Why did you stop?”

John just smiled at Emily and turned her around. John ordered her Escort Uşak to touch her toes. When she did John thrust into her pussy taking her from behind. He started rubbing her pink hole and she tensed. John told her to relax, she tried but was nervous that he would try anal with her. Emily never had much success having anal sex with other partners.

John kept thrusting in her pussy. When he felt Emly gettting ready to cum he pushed a finger into her ass. She sucked in her breath and came extremely hard. He leaned over her back and whispered to her, “You just haven’t been with the right person for this.”

John wanted to cum so bad but he was holding off, he wanted to be in Emily’s ass. While she was coming down from her orgasm, John kept moving his finger in and out of her asshole. Then he added a second finger to help stretch her out to accept his cock. When Emily was getting worked up again, John pulled out his fingers and put the head of his cock at her hole. John pushed until it popped into her sphincter. Emily inhaled and held her breath while John was working the rest of his cock into her ass. When she felt his balls touching her pussy he paused so she could get used to him. When Emily released her breath John knew it was time to move. John started out slow and easy and Emily whimpered a few times. But then she started pushing back against him. John started moving faster and harder. Emily reached down and started rubbing her clit and then inserted a finger in her pussy while John was fucking her ass.

John’s breathing got heavier and he was ready to cum. He was moving faster in and out of Emily’s ass–builing up. She felt him explode into her rectum, which caused her to have another orgasm. When John pulled out of her ass Emily went to her knees in the tub trying to catch her breath. John stood there for a minute catching his breath, then he started cleaning himself up. He helped Emily stand up.”Are you okay?” John asked her.

Emily smirked and said, “I have never came so many times in one day, thank you.”

John smiled at her, “I am more than happy to accommodate you.”

When they were done getting cleaned up they dried each other off then went into the bedroom to lay down. Emily rested her head on John’s shoulder.

John was playing with her hair. “What are your near future plans?” John asked her.

Emily replied, “I have to leave for home tomorrow so I can get back to work.”

“How far do you live from here?” John questioned.

Emily replied, “About an hour south from here.”

“Would you like to stay here with me tonight?” John asked. Emily agreed.

They laid in bed and talked, asking things about each other. They laughed and were having a great time together. Emily started yawning and asked John, “Will you spoon with me?” John shifted positions so he was was behind her. Emily pushed her bum into him as he wrapped his arm around her cupping her breast.

They fell asleep for a bit. Emily woke up to John’s hard cock up against her ass. She started grinding against him. John shifted both of them and rolled Emily on top him. John proceeded to insert his cock into Emily’s pussy. He just laid there for a few minutes before he started thrusting. Emily laid on his chest and slid her legs down his so she could wrap hers around his to meet each of his thrusts. John was kissing Emily and sucking on her tits. Emily’s nipples were hard and overly sensitive. Emily had an orgasm and John followed right behind her. They laid still joined together until John’s cock softened and slipped out of Emily.

Emily started kissing John’s chest, moving down his body– putting John’s flaccid cock into her mouth to clean him up. While she was licking on his cock John got hard and turned Emily over onto her back. John spread her legs and started licking her pussy. When she was on the verge to cum John crawled on top of Emily and thrust his cock into her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and held onto him tight while he was pounding into her. They both came together, collapsing in a heap on the bed breathing heavy. They needed to catch their breath. John rolled off of her, whispered that she was wonderful and threw his arm over her stomach and fell asleep.

Emily slept for a while. When she woke up John was still sleeping hard. She knew it was time to go. Emily slowly got out of bed. She was looking for her clothes and remembered they were still outside. She went into the kitchen and found some paper and a pen. Emily wrote John a short simple note and put it in the middle of the table. She then went outside found her clothes and got dressed. Emily walked back to her cabin, got her things and drove home.

When John woke up he was alone. He thought yesterday was all a dream. He got out of bed and went to look for Emily. He did not see her in the house or outside. John went into the kitchen and found her note.

All it said was “John, thank you for a wonderful experience and I hope you will come see me sometime. Here’s my number to give me a call.” John sat down and thought about all that happened between them in the last 24 hours. He knew he would be paying her a visit real soon.

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