Saturday Morning

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We had been going out for a few months. I called her my girlfriend in front of my friends about a month ago. I didn’t even realize i was going to say it. Going to make it official but then I did. I immediately looked at her after the words came out and all she did was smile back at me. My friends didn’t know how big of a moment that was for us and how much her smile meant to me. To them it was a just a group hang and me and her were acting more like a cute couple than usual.

Last week I took her to dinner and a movie. I don’t even remember the movie, but I do remember her hand sliding up my dress while she sucked on my neck. Which made it very hard to concentrate on the plot, not that I minded her attention. This weekend I invited her over to have a relaxing night in. I order thin slice cheese pizza and I had a couple of cool beers to have in the fridge. She came over and I began rubbing her back while we watched reruns of Friends. We were both exhausted from the week and ended up falling asleep on the couch at around eleven. I woke up in the middle of the night to find my arm draped over her, hugging her close while her butt was pressed closely to me. I didn’t want to wake her up because she looked so peaceful when she was asleep, but we would be more comfortable in my bed. I gently woke her up and when she understood what had happened she shifted so I could carry her into my bursa otele gelen escort bed. I opened the covers for her and tucked her in but she didn’t fall asleep until I crawled next to her and she pressed her but against me. I passed out almost immediately and I’m sure she fell asleep quickly after me.

We were in my bed. My eyes fluttered as I felt something tickling my butt. Realizing what it was I relaxed and shut my eyes again, smiling. I felt kisses and her hands on me. Softly touching me, trying to be as gentle as possible as she placed kisses on my ass. It tickled but I tried not to move, I didn’t want her to know I had woken up yet. After one more kiss I just couldn’t take it anymore and rolled over to be on my back and look at her. This was my mistake. It placed her directly between my legs and she wrapped her arms around my thighs making sure I had no escape.

“Good morning,” she said with a devious smile on her face.

She looked up at me. God she was so beautiful. She had these big brown eyes and messy brown hair from the night before. Sometimes I just couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that she was actually here with me in my apartment in my bed on this Saturday morning. She pulled me out of my train of thought. She was sucking on my inner thigh. From the way her head was positioned, I could feel her bursa eve gelen eskort hair gently brushing against me. I am fucked, I thought to myself. I closed my eyes and relaxed. What time was it? How long had I been asleep for? I felt her do one final lick as she stopped on my left thigh. I opened my eyes again to watch her. She turned her head towards me lingering for a second before moving to my other thigh to give it the same treatment. Once she was satisfied she stopped and looked up at me. I could feel her breath on me.

“Sorry for waking you up babe, I just got a little hungry,” she said looking at me.

“Oh, um, do you want me to make you something to eat,” I said back to her, stumbling over the words.

“No, I’ll be alright down here for a while,” she said as she lowered her head back down.

She always started so slow, using her tongue to part the lips, gently sucking on my outer labia. She was teasing me. I took deep breaths and closed my eyes, watching her work wouldn’t help my situation. She pulled me closer into her and attached her mouth to me. She was licking through my folds and making her way up to my clitoral hood. She knew exactly where she was going. I gripped the sheets in anticipation for what was coming. She starting to make circles around my clitorus, so excruciatingly slow. This was her bayan escort bursa favorite thing. I started my small moans. She was torturing me, seeing how long I could hold out before I begged her to make me cum. With my legs wrapped around her head she moved her hands from gripping my thighs up to my breasts. Squeezing them before running her thumbs over my sensitive nipples. I moved my hands up to the wall behind my bed and made my hands into firsts as my moans became louder and involuntarily grinded my hips to her face. She must have gotten pleasure from seeing me in such a state the she rubbed her thumbs over my very hard nipples before she gently pulled them between with her thumb and forefinger. I was unable to take it anymore and put a hand on her head pushing her in farther, where I needed her most while grinding against her face. She took the hint and picked up the pace as she circled my clit with her tongue.

This isn’t what I expected this morning but an orgasm is great way to start the day, I thought before she overloaded my systems as she pulled on my nipples this time not giving in and continuing the motion. This only made me moan and using my hand kept her head in place, I moved my hips to help me get better friction with her mouth. While I was squirming around she took my clit into her mouth and gently pulled while pulling my nipples at the same time. This was too much for me to handle and I screamed and moaned as I came into her mouth. She kept kissing me down there, avoiding the more sensitive spots and playing with my nipples before she kissed her way up my body as I came down from my orgasm.

“I love making you cum in the morning,” she said.

All I could say back was, “Do you always wake up hungry?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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