Save Maddie’s Cherry for Me

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Save Maddie’s Cherry for Me

Maddie Finds Out She’s Just Like Her Mom at the Halloween Ball

© 2019 Chloe Tzang. All rights reserved. The author asserts her highly immoral right to be identified as the author of this incestuously unromantic little story. This story or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a review or in the accepted fashion of Literotica readers from time immemorial. Please clean keyboard and screen thoroughly for the next user after culmination of reading experience.

Safety Warning:Please note that the authoress takes no responsibility for any computer equipment, furniture or clothing damaged as a result of enjoying this story. Continue beyond this point entirely at your own risk, but please do be careful with those zippers. Said authoress takes no responsibility for personal injury as a result of over-enthusiastic activity by the reader whilst perusing this tale.

And here’s that little note from ChloeWell, I decided to take a last minute run at getting a an entry into the Literotica 2019 Halloween Competition. So a couple of years ago, I wrote “Save The Last Dance For Me” for the 2017 Literotica Halloween competition. The heroine of that story was Aimee, but her best friend, Maddie, also appeared as a bit-player. This is a stand-alone story, but it’s Maddie’s Halloween, and I hope all of you who enjoyed “Save the Last Dance for Me” enjoy this one too. …. And yes, if enough of you like this and vote for it, I’ll write a followup…Chloe

* * * Maddie’s Halloween * * *

“Come on, Maddie, let’s watch this one.” We’re in my bedroom and Aimee’s using my laptop to search through my Dad’s stash of porn clips on his home laptop. Dad’s not the greatest at network security, he always leaves his home laptop on and connected, and besides, I know all his passwords and userids so it really doesn’t matter how good his security is. He writes them down on two yellow stickies that he thinks he keeps hidden on his desk.

My Dad has no idea we know about his porn clips, but we do. We found that folder a few months ago. Don’t ask about online stuff. Aimee’s Dad and my Dad both have that parental control filter software installed, which is ridiculous coz, I mean, we’re both eighteen. It doesn’t matter. We know those passwords too, but there’s so much rubbish on pornhub and those other sites that after that initial burst of curiosity, we just don’t bother. My Dad’s porn folder is much better. It’s all really good stuff.

So when we want to watch porn, well, we access my Dad’s porn folder coz if Aimee’s Dad has one, we haven’t ever found it. Not for want of looking either. Believe me. We’ve looked. But my Dad, he has that really good collection. Tonight, Aimee is sleeping over. Our Dads are out together for the evening, and Aimee and I have our girl’s night home all planned. The hot tub, some white wine from the fridge that my Dad said we could drink, and porn clips. A girl has to make sure her education is well rounded, and what better way to learn what makes guys happy than porn movies.

Although Aimee has a boyfriend, and knows all about blowjobs, but like she says, knowledge is power, and what more power does a girl have over a guy than when his dick’s in her mouth? That’s what Aimee says. I don’t think that’s true, myself, but I don’t have a boyfriend, so I’m only hypothesizing there. Actually, I don’t really want a boyfriend, because there’s just my Dad and me, and after Mom left, well, I need to look after my Dad and what boyfriend could compare to him, anyhow.

Besides, my Dad is a bit strict with me, but I don’t mind that at all.

“Does it say what it is?” I ask. A lot of my Dad’s clips don’t. I think he downloads them or something, but a lot of them look homemade, like you see on pornhub, but way better. Hotter.

Aimee shakes her head. “No, it just says ‘Masked and Balled EJ zero twelve,’ that’s all.”

I giggle. “Let’s watch it. I’d like to, you know, have a masked party or something where you don’t know who the guys are, that’d be fun.”

“Bad, Maddie. Bad.” Aimee’s giggling to. “Maybe I should ask Brad if him and his housemates could do a party like that or something. We could all dress up as well. Little Black Dresses and Tuxedo’s, something like that.”

“Well, bet you anything it won’t be like this clip. Come on, copy it across and let’s jump in the tub and put it on.” I can’t wait to watch it. Aimee and I have done this before. I know what we’re going to do and I can’t wait.

“Okay. Let’s go.”

I open my swimsuit drawer, and I’ve got a new bikini.

“What’re you doing?” Aimee says, her t-shirt already off and she’s unhooking her bra. I wish I had boobs like hers.

“Looking for my bikini,” I say.

“It’s just you and me,” she says, shrugging her bra off and stretching. “God that feels good.”

I really wish I had Bostancı Escort boobs like hers.

“Uh, your Dad? My Dad?”

“They won’t be back for hours,” she says. “It’s just us.” She peels her skirt and panties off and she’s naked. She does pick up a towel and wrap it around her though.

“Okay,” I say, and it doesn’t take long to undress.

* * *

“Oh my god,” Aimee squeals. She really does.

I want to squeal myself. We’re past Masked and Balled, which was hot, but it was just two guys and one girl, and we’re on to Five on One and the first half hour’s been really hot. This clip, oh my god. It’s a hotel room, you can tell that easily. Hotel room furniture. There’s four or five guys, it’s hard to tell, and one woman, and I’m sure she’s Asian. You can’t see her face, all of them are wearing masks, the ones that cover the top half of your face and leave the bottom half uncovered, but her hair is long and black.

They were all dressed when they walked into that room, but her clothes came off really quickly and they started out just taking turns with her on the bed, and that was really exciting, and now all of them are naked. Aimee’s not squealing over that.

It’s what they’re doing now.

That woman’s on her back on the bed with a guy beneath her, a guy to either side of her, and another guy kneeling above her head. He’s pinning her hands to the bed, the other two hold her ankles, spreading her legs wide. The last guy is easing his cock into her pussy, it’s a big cock, and when they do a closeup, you can see the guy beneath her has his cock buried in her ass.

“She’s doing two of them at once,” Aimee moans. She really moans and even through the bubbles, I know she’s got both hands between her legs and I know what she’s doing. I have one hand doing the same thing. My other hand’s squeezing and brushing and tugging at one of my nipples.

“Oh my god,” I gasp, watching that cock slide up inside her, and she’s got two of them and this is so hot. The Asian women is moaning and crying out and then the guy beneath her tilts her head back and the guy that’s kneeling there eases his cock into her mouth.

“Three,” I moan, and I can’t even imagine what that’s like, and my hands are working overtime as I watch one of the guys next to that woman on the bed move, and he’s swapping with the guy making love to her. They exchange places, and he eases his cock into her. “Oh god.”

“Oh… ohhh… ohhhh. Aimee’s not even trying to hide what she’s doing now, and neither am I. Neither of us is shocked, we’ve done this before, together. We do it all the time. It’s fun.

The camera’s focused on the guy kneeling there, easing his cock in and out of her, and there’s four Chinese characters tattooed on his cock.

“Your Dad has a tattoo like that on his shoulder,” Aimee moans.

I look and yeah, it’s one of those Chinese character tattoos, no idea what it says because I don’t know any Chinese, and neither does Aimee, but it does look the same as the one on my Dad’s shoulder but it doesn’t matter because this is on the guy’s cock, anyhow. I don’t care, because the guy with his cock in her mouth is cumming, and she’s swallowing. Choking a little, and you can see white trickles running from the corner of her mouth.

“Oh my god… oh my god…” Aimee moans as the guy fucking her pulls out and moves to her head and fills her mouth, and one of the other guys is fucking that woman now, and they keep switching. My hands are working overtime, and the water’s distracting me.

Aimee doesn’t even look as I ease up out of the water onto the wide tile rim surrounding the tub and spread my legs wide, one foot up on the rim so it’s easier for my hands to touch myself everywhere. I’m biting my bottom lip, and then I moan out loud as the guy fucking her pulls out, the guy beneath her rolls her over and he’s fucking her ass.

God, how can she take it like that, and I finger myself with one hand and slide the other under me and push one fingertip at my sphincter, and it feels really weird, but in the movie, she obviously likes what he’s doing to her, and the guy with the tattoo is lying next to her, lifting her head up and kissing her as her ass is fucked, and that’s…

“That’s so dirty,” Aimee moans. “I’d like Brad to do that to me, I think.”

“You’ve only given him blowjobs,” I gasp, and God, if there was a guy here I’d get down on my knees and give him a blowjob right now.

“Oh Jesus, look,” Aimee moans, and when I look that guy’s cumming. In her ass, and that’s dirty and so hot and when the next guy pulls her up onto her knees and starts doing her doggy, I moan out loud.

“You like that, Maddie, don’t you,” Aimee says breathlessly.

“Yeah, I do. So do you,” I moan, and I’m closer and closer, and I know this one’s going to be so good.

“Oh god yes,” Aimee moans and something makes me look at the glass doors. It’s my Dad. He’s standing there watching Aimee and me watching Kadıköy Escort that movie clip, and I know he can see me. He can see both of us, he can see what we’re doing, but I know he’s looking at me, not Aimee.

The guy’s doing her really hard now, and then he swaps, and the next guy is doing her, and it’s so dirty and hot, and even though my Dad’s looking at me, I’m so close I really can’t stop even though my cheeks are flaming. My back arches, I judder and god oh god oh god my Dad smiles and unzips his trousers and he pulls his cock out and he’s hard, he’s stroking himself, and I look right at him and I spread my legs wider, and he smiles, jerking himself off harder.

“Oh god… oh god,” Aimee moans and the first guy is cumming onto that Asian woman’s face as she kneels there and the guy behind her is cumming and so am I.

“Ohhhhh,” I sob. “Ohhhhhhh,” and my hips buck, I just about slide of the rim and I can’t stop looking at my Dad and his cock spurts this long white stream that flies up through the air and I open my mouth wide, like that woman is in the video for that guys cum, but my Dad’s cum falls way short and my vision goes blurry, and when I open my eyes again, my Dad’s gone, and I half think I imagined him there.

Aimee never saw him, or at least, she says nothing, but when we walk through the doors there’s this strange smell and there’s a damp patch on the glass.

“Oh, hi Aimee, hi Maddie,” my Dad says when we walk thru the family room, and he’s getting himself a beer. “I came home early, didn’t want to disturb you two.”

Aimee blushes. So do I. My Dad smiles, but he doesn’t say anything, and neither do I.

* * *

I can’t stop thinking about my Dad watching me. Late that night, after we’re in bed in my room, I’m thinking about it again. My Dad, watching me as I climax while he jerks himself off.

“Are you?” Aimee asks, and she’s panting. There’s little rustling noises.

“Yes,” I gasp, because I am.

“Those guys,” she whispers, and I know which guys she means. “They were our Dad’s age.”

They were, and I’m replaying that woman in my mind, at the start, kind of imagining myself as her, lying on that bed as those guys take turns with me, one after the other. I’ve never even done it with one guy, but I can imagine it. With five? Oh Jesus, what would that be like?

“Yeah, they were,” I gasp, thinking of Aimee’s Dad doing me like that.

“Your Dad’s really hot,” Aimee says. I can tell she’s doing it, her breathing’s getting faster. “I’d do it with him.”

“So’s yours,” I say, and I don’t think about a boyfriend now. I’m thinking of Aimee’s Dad. One of those guys looked a lot like him.

“That guy with the tattoo looked like your Dad,” she gasps.

I giggle breathlessly. “Who’re you thinking of, Aimee?”

“Your Dad,” she moans, pushing the duvet down and her nightdress is up around her waist. She’s taken her panties off and she’s got both hands there, between her legs and she sounds wet. As wet as I know I am. She’s not looking at me, she’s looking up at the ceiling as she spreads her legs a little apart and there’s more wet sounds. Her fingers are moving and both hands are there. “What about you?”

“Your Dad,” I moan, but I’m not. I’m thinking of my Dad looking at me and jerking off, and his cum spurting through the air and in my mind I open my mouth wide and it splatters across my face and my lips and my tongue and I climax so good.

* * *

“I’m going to bed, Dad,” I say, a couple of nights later, leaning over and kissing the top of his head.

“Goodnight, honey,” he says, sliding one arm around me and hugging me, and I hug him back before I slip off to my bedroom and shower.

I have no idea why I do what I do next, but I leave my bedroom door wide open, and I drop my panties on the floor where you can see them from the door, and then I push my duvet down and lie on my bed, naked, and close my eyes.

I’m almost asleep when I hear him. A faint rustle as he walks past my bedroom door towards his, except tonight those soft footsteps pause. I know he’s there, in the doorway, looking at me as I lie on my back. I can hear him breathing, and I don’t move. There’s another rustle, and then I hear his breathing. He’s panting, and there’s noises, and then he groans, quietly. A sort of uh-huh uh-huh groan, and then it’s quiet, and when I open my eyes, he’s gone.

The panties I left on the floor by the door are gone too.

The next night, I do the same thing. So does he, and a second pair of my panties have gone missing. By the end of the week, a quarter of my panties are gone, and I find them in his laundry basket when I look on Thursday after I get home from school. When I sniff them, it’s that same smell that was there after he watched me in the hot tub, and my knees go weak, because I know what he’s been using my panties for. I do his laundry, iron and fold his clothes and put them away. All before he gets home. I Göztepe Escort wash my panties and return them to their drawer.

All except one pair, which I wash, but I place them with his clothes. On top of his underwear, where he can’t miss them.

He doesn’t say anything about his laundry.

Or my panties.

That night, I lie on my bed, naked, the way I’ve been for the last week. I’m almost asleep when I hear him in my doorway. I look through eyes that are almost shut, and he’s in his pajama trousers. He stands there, looking at me, and he looks around for my panties. They’re not there, but he’s so hard, his cock is pushing at his pajamas, tenting them. I watch as he reaches down with one hand, eases himself out, begins to stroke himself slowly, and he’s looking at me.

“Daddy,” I say, quietly, opening my eyes, and he freezes.

“Here,” I say, holding out a pair of my panties. Black lace ones that he hasn’t used before. “Use these,” I whisper, my heart pounding.

“Maddie?” he says.

“Don’t stand there, Daddy,” I say. “You can see me better if you come over here.”

He does, hesitantly, but he just stands there looking down at me. I’m still holding my panties. I hold them up for him, and he takes them from me, his hand shaking, and he’s panting. His cock’s huge and hard and there’s those Chinese characters tattooed on it. I’ve never seen it before, not on my Dad, but it’s been on the cock in some of those movie clips. My heart pounds as I sort of extrapolate in my head.

My Dad?

Oh my God!

“Use my panties,” Daddy, I whisper, touching myself with one hand, and he does. He takes my panties with one hand and he starts to stroke himself with his other hand while I watch him. My fingers are busy, and I spread my legs a little.

“Wider,” my Dad groans, looking down at me, and I do. I spread my legs wider apart, and I’m fingering myself and brushing my clitoris lightly, the way I like, and I’m looking at my Dad’s cock and thinking of those clips. That one Aimee and I watched. Was that my Dad with those other guys? God, five of them and I think of my Dad doing it to me like that with four other men and I climax instantly.

“Oh Jesus, Maddie,” my Dad groans, watching me as I moan and shudder, and he wraps my panties around his cock and groans, and I know he’s cumming into my panties and I climax again, even harder.

I smile and take my panties from his hand. “Goodnight Daddy, sleep well,” I murmur, and I’m so tired and relaxed that all I do is close my eyes and I’m asleep, and I’m still holding my panties, the ones that he used, when I wake up in the morning.

* * *

“I’m going to bed, Dad,” I say, the next evening, leaning over and kissing the top of his head, and I’ve already showered and dried my hair and cleaned my teeth.

“Maddie?” he says, hesitantly, not looking at me.

“Come up with me and tuck me into bed, Daddy,” I say, taking his hand, and he follows me without a word, his hand holding mine the way he used to when I was a little girl, and he took me to bed and read me a bedtime story.

Except I’m not a little girl and we both know he’s not really going to tuck me into bed. I know something else too, and I smile, tingling with excitement as he follows me down the hallway towards my bedroom. He follows me into my bedroom, and when he’s inside, I turn, and I peel off my nightdress. I’m not wearing anything underneath it, and I like the way he almost groans when he looks at me.

I start unbuttoning his shirt.

He says nothing, simply standing there as I slowly undress him. His shirt, his undershirt. I unfasten his belt and carefully unzip his trousers. Kneeling, I tug them down and off, and there’s a huge bulge there. I know what that bulge is and I’m limp with excitement as I tug his boxers down, and now he’s naked too and his cock’s staring me in the face. I almost kiss it, and my mouth waters as I think of the movie clip again.

Was that really my Dad’s cock?

There’s that tattoo, right in front of my eyes.

I don’t kiss it though. I climb onto my bed and I lie there, on my back, and I spread my legs wide.

“I’m so wet, Daddy,” I moan, and I use my fingers to show him, and I haven’t turned the light off, so he can see everything.

“Maddie,” he groans, and he’s stroking himself.

“On me, Daddy,” I moan, my hands working frantically now. “Not in my panties. On me.”

“Maddie… oh, Maddie,” he groans, his hand moving rapidly, stroking himself in a frenzy, and it’s only thirty seconds and I squeal as I climax. He groans again, wordlessly, and then his cum spurts out onto my stomach, splatters across my breasts, and I open my mouth wide, unable to resist that temptation, both hands between my legs.

“Maddie,” he groans, and that next spurt and the one after spray across my face, into my mouth, across my tongue and teeth and lips and nose, and I taste him. I close my mouth as a last spurt sprays onto my boobs, I taste him in my mouth, thick and gooey across my tongue, slightly bitter, and then I swallow and I climax wildly as he wipes his cock clean on my thigh.

“Daddy,” I moan, shuddering through the best climax I’ve ever had. “I love you, Daddy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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