Say My Name Ch. 03

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First of all I want to thank all of you who have read my story and thank you for the feedback and critiques. Because of you this story is great and I’m having as much fun writing it as you guys are reading it. I’m glad to know that as an 18 yr old I’ve inspired many older people (hope u don’t mind) to live out your fantasies. So enjoy and installment number four will be out soon. Keep the feedbacks coming!!!!


“Nynia you beautiful idiot!!! What’s wrong with you I mean I love you, but sometimes you just make me want to slap some sense into you.” Jerome said to Nynia while Micah nodded her head in agreement.

“What made you stop? I mean come on your going to let a man like that get away?!!!” Micah asked or rather screamed.

Nynia looked across the table at her two bet friends while she tried to answer the same question herself. She didn’t know why she stopped just that something told her to. She’d been regretting the action every since last night. “Look you guys I didn’t want to put myself out there and make myself out to be a one-night hoe.”

“Nynia you’re not any of those things and you know it, hell if it weren’t for Raul I’d probably be all over Nick if he’s as sexy as you guys say he is.” Jerome added teasingly. They all laughed at the absurd comment because they all knew that it would be hell on earth before Jerome left Raul. Nynia gazed at her friends and was thankful that they were here in times like these. She’d never been so confused and horny in her life and all because of one man. Here she was worried about what Nick would do if she were to offer herself to him. Instead of just taking a chance she was letting her fear hold her back. Maybe it was time to stop being silly and finally accept what her body had been wanting to do for over a month and a half; fuck Nick senseless and keep him begging for more.

Nick hated wearing a suit especially when he had to meet with stuffy men that were twice his age. At 30 he’d made a good reputation for himself as a successful architect and engineer, yeah he double majored and hadn’t regretted a moment of the gruesome workload he had to endure. It didn’t help that his cock kept straining cause of the memories of last night. After the meeting was over Nick decided her would travel down to his family’s home or rather their massive farm. He walked up the dirt trail to the rustic front door, but before he could knock he was greeted by an older dark-haired woman who’d gotten sexier due to age.

“Nick oh why didn’t you tell us you were coming home!! Your father is gonna be so happy to see you!!!” His mother Lydia said. Her doe shaped eyes and warm face always made him feel at home. He pulled her into a bear hug making sure to show her how much Kumköy escort he’d missed them both.

“Son put your mother down this instant before you break her back. I swear you’re as unpredictable as the moon is blue.” His father, Russell, came out from the kitchen all rugged good looks. His fathers’ blond hair was laced with gray, but it only added to his sex appeal. He smiled as he walked up to his son reflecting a similar pair of dimples in his cheeks. “Boy didn’t I tell you that you need to call before you come over. Hell me and your ma could’ve been doin’ somethin’ nice.” his father added wickedly.

Nick made a face at both of them, “Ewwww. You guys are too old to being doing that!!” The look they gave Nick said that you ain’t never too old to do that. Nick walked deeper into the house and ran into his other siblings. His two older brothers grabbed him and pulled him into a hug they looked at him with the same blue-gray eyes, but that was all they had in common. Lucian and Damian were twins with dark brown hair and the same angelic features their mom had even though they were devils in disguise. He thought of how lucky the two were to have met a woman who cared about them and loved them for everything they’re worth.

“‘Bout time you brought your sorry ass here to visit.” Damian said before he punched Nick playfully.

“You up for babysitting your nieces and nephews?” Lucian added with a smile. Just then the subject of there conversation came running from the backyard to tackle Nick. Emily and Emma were twins along with Jacob and Jonathan. Nick laughed and began to tickle every body part he could reach.

“Alright children stop torturing Uncle Nick so we can eat!” his fathers’ booming voice yelled playfully. Lunch went smoothly with everyone bantering with one another, but Nick couldn’t help the ache that worked its way into his heart. He wanted his own family; he was tired of being lonely. After lunch they all went outside and enjoyed the view. Nick watched as his nieces and nephews played and ran from their fathers, away from the hurt and pain that he hoped wouldn’t plague their lives. Nick felt his father come up beside and he knew that he had to talk with his father unless he wanted to be kept held hostage in his fathers’ home.

“Tell me what’s on your mind Nick. Is it a woman?” his fathers’ voice entered his troubled thoughts. His father was always straightforward and to the point, which was why he was always in trouble with the man when he was younger.

Nick gazed at his father. “Yeah, except I don’t think she likes me.”

Russell gave his son an incredulous look “Well damn son I knew you were ugly, but I didn’t think you were that ugly.” Nick grinned at his Kumköy escort bayan father “It’s not that I think she’s afraid of me or something.” Nick sighed “Hell how do I know what it is.”

“Tell me about her Nick.” his mothers’ voice entered the conversation.

“She’s beautiful. She’s smart, loving, sexy, perfect, hot…” his father and mother laughed. “I think she doesn’t like me because I’m well…not the same as her.”

Russell and Lydia exchanged a confused look with one another “What do you mean Nick.” his mother asked sweetly. Nick looked both of them deeply in the eyes “She’s black and she’s the most beautiful woman I’ve seen. I want her, but I don’t think she wants me.” Nick winced as he waited for their reaction. His father laughed and his mother grinned.

“Then go get her what the hell is wrong with you? Any woman who makes you feel like that is worth keeping and when you find her make sure you bring her over so I can discuss my grandbabies with her.” Nicks’ father added teasingly. Nick looked over at his parents and thanked God for giving them to him. He smiled and gave them both hugs along with his brothers and their children before he stepped out the door. He had a woman to go find and this time she wouldn’t say no.

Nynia walked around her house cleaning up and trying to plan her capture of Nick. Jerome sat on the couch trying to find her something to wear.

“You know Nynia how about you just meet him butt naked that way you both know what you want and that’s less clothing to take off.” Jerome said. Nynia turned to look at him before she threw a pillow at him she had to plan this right if her and Nick had any chance together. She was walking around with Nicks’ number in her hand trying to talk herself into dialing the sequence of numbers to initiate a date between them. The knock on the door didn’t even register into her thoughts until she heard Jerome.

“Holy hell he’s fine!!! Nynia you are a fool woman letting a man like this go.” Jerome practically yelled. Nynia turned around and saw Nick at the door and she looked down at herself. She had on a t-shirt no bra and a pair of skimpy lace boy shorts that hugged her ass and left nothing to the imagination. She saw Nicks’ eyes skim her from head to toe before he barged his way in. She looked for Jerome, but the traitor had left the house.

“Nynia we need to talk. I don’t regret what we did last night, but I want to know why you wanted to stop.” His voice poured over her like chocolate. She took in his appearance and was shocked. He looked as if he hadn’t slept in days and he just rolled out of bed, but damn it made her want to take him upstairs and not worry about the morning after.

“Nick Escort Kumköy I don’t want you to think that I’m one of your other women. We don’t even know each other and we almost had sex in your car.”

“You didn’t seem to mind my hand between your legs and I loved tasting you.” Nicks’ eyes burned between her thighs making her wet. She blushed not that he could see it and raised her eyes to him. “Nynia you’re not one of the other women hell if you were I wouldn’t be jacking off every morning to the thought of you in my bed wrapped up in my sheets.” Nick said and with every word he took a step closer to her. He grabbed her head in his big hands and touched his lips with hers. He licked her lips before he stuck his tongue in her mouth. Their tongues wrestled with each other mimicking the motions of sex, the motions that both of their bodies were craving to act out with each other. He broke away slowly nibbling on her lip before releasing her mouth.

“How about we go out sometime tomorrow?” Nynia asked breathlessly. Nick chuckled before he gave her another kiss playing with her tongue. Tasting her mouth and marking her making sure she craved for his touch again. His hands roamed down to the curves of her ass before he kneaded her cheeks then dipped his hand between her cheeks. She moaned into his mouth making him harder, his cock was straining for attention. Nick tangled his fingers in between the slick lips of her sex. His mind screamed and he moaned at her wetness, his hands glided through the lace fabric of her panties and he dipped two fingers into her core spreading her juice everywhere. Nynia pressed her hand against his jeans to his erection and began to rub him through the fabric. She sighed at his size while he growled into her mouth. Nick picked her up and grinded his cock into her pussy, both of them straining through the fabric to give each other what they both wanted. Nick pushed her against the wall of the living room so he could make it known how much he craved her, but it still wasn’t enough. He was on the verge of cumming and that was just from kissing her. They broke away again and Nynia sneaked a peek to see if what she felt in his jeans was real. He slowly slid her down his rock hard body and set her on her feet gently. He groaned as he pulled his fingers from her juicy cunt. He licked the sweet, honey juice from his hand then ran his hands through his hair causing it to become more disheveled. They stared at each other panting trying to bring oxygen to their brains. Nick raised a finger to pinch Nynias’ nipples causing another moan to shoot out of her mouth.

Nicks’ voice broke the silence in the room, “Don’t worry sweetheart I’ll fit.” He bit his lip trying to hold back the moan while he traced her swollen bottom lip with his finger. “I’ll see you tomorrow baby and don’t wear anything that’s hard to take off.” He smiled at her while he walked out her door. Nynia had a feeling that this was one game she wouldn’t be able to win and she would enjoy losing herself to Nick.

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