Scented Bower

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For those who are used to my other stories, this one is a little slow to get to the action, but if you keep reading I think you’ll get unbelievably hard or wet when you get to the good parts.

Alison got out of her car and took a breath. She was tingling with excitement. Tonight was Beltane and she was going to be initiated into the “adults only” branch of her coven. Alison had been raised in a pagan Goddess worshiping tradition by her mother. She and her sister had attended rituals since they were children. However, there was a big difference between dancing around a maypole and what was going to happen tonight. Alison wasn’t a virgin, but she hadn’t had a whole lot of experience either. And there was a difference between making it in the back seat after homecoming and this. Not that she knew what “this” was. It was kept secret, but she had some guesses.

Tonight’s ritual was at Alison’s sister, Ceri’s house in her attic. Alison let herself in the back door and took the back stairs. The door to the attic was in one of the upstairs bedrooms. Alison walked in to find her sister waiting for her. Next to the attic door was a small table with a censor for burning powdered incense and a feather. Other people’s clothes and belongings lay scattered around. Ceri, short for Ceridwen, greeted her with a hug and a kiss. The two sisters sat on the bed. Alison waited for Ceri to say something, but Ceri just kept staring at her and grinning like an idiot.

“What?” Alison asked finally.

Ceri laughed. “I’m sorry. I’m just so thrilled. Your first Beltane. It’s so exciting.”

Alison blushed. “So what happens next?”

Well, I’m going to help you get ready and let you know a little about what’s gonna happen. Then we go up. Nearly everyone is already up. It’s your first time at Beltane so you’ll have a sort of featured role.”

“Will you tell me what to do?”

“Either I will or Gawain. He’s High Priest tonight.” Ceri remembered her first “adults only” Beltane two years ago and remembered how excited she’d been and her High Priest wasn’t half as good looking as Gawain. “The first part of the ritual you’ll be familiar with. Calling the corners. Invoking the God and Goddess. The usual. Then I, as High Priestess, will greet everyone and then give the High Priest, Gawain, the 5-fold kiss. He will give it to you and you will give it to the man next to you and so on around the circle.”

Alison had started blushing when Ceri mentioned the 5-fold kiss and was now scarlet red. The 5-fold kiss was forehead, mouth, breasts or nipples, genitals and feet. It was something Alison had heard of but never seen. “Ceri, I’m kinda nervous. What if I want to chicken out?”

“Then you leave. Now or whenever. No biggie. This isn’t for everyone.” Ceri took her hands. “Don’t worry. You’re safe here. You’ll know everyone and they’re your friends.

Do you want to leave?”

Alison relaxed. “No, I just wanted to be sure I could.”

“I didn’t think so.” Ceri continued. “You will get to pick if you want to be initiated behind a screen or out in the open. That’s up to you. Everything else – you’ll be shown what to do as we go.”

Alison was still blushing beat red.

“Just relax. Everything will be fine.”

Alison glanced at her.

“You trust me, don’t you?”

“Of course.”

“Then trust me. You’re going to LOVE this.

“Come on. I have some things for you.” Ceri started to dig through a pile of things on the bed. “You’ll have to undress.”

Alison pulled her shirt over her head and slipped off her skirt. She undid her bra and took off her panties. Ceridwin looked at her sister’s lithe body. Alison was firm, fresh and desirable. Ceridwin forced herself to ignore the moisture between her own thighs and focus on preparing her baby sister. Ceri picked up some wildflowers she had pulled out of the pile and laced them through Alison’s hair. She fastened a crescent moon pendant around Alison’s neck and then tied a belt made of flowers, feathers and vines around her waist. The belt hung gently on her hips. Ceri handed her a white rose. “Here hold on to this. You’ll place this on the bower you wish to use.

“Now give me a second to get ready then we’ll cleanse each other and go in. Hey, while I’m getting ready, get the incense started will you?”

Alison bent over the censor by the door and lit the charcoal block in it. Once the block was going, she sprinkled the powdered sandalwood on it and gently blew to get the smoke going.

“Okay. Ready to go.” Ceri said.

Alison turned to her and gasped. Her sister looked gorgeous. Her lush form was decorated with white feathers and red roses. All the way down to the roses woven into an anklet near her feet. And she held a red rose in her hand. Alison had a fleeting image of her sister lying w/ her legs open and a head between them and felt a spike in her growing desire. She looked away as she realized she was staring at her big sister in open lust. Alison picked up the censor and feather. Slowly she circled Ceridwin using the feather to waft the smoke giresun escort toward her sister. She handed the censor and feather to Ceridwin when she was finished and Ceridwin repeated the ritual for Alison. Then the two entered the ritual chamber.

Gawain looked up when the sisters walked in together and felt his throat dry up. If there was anything sexier than those two sisters standing naked next to each other, he’d never seen it. They looked so alike, but different. Ceri fully developed with lush breasts and generous hips. Alison still blossoming. Not quite as full breasted as her sister, but on her way. Though her hips would probably stay slender unless she had children. Ceri had dark chestnut hair while Alison had blond, almost white, hair. Both women wore their hair loose and long and tonight they were both festooned with flowers and feathers. Wild flowers for Alison while Ceri wore her signature red roses. He’d lusted after both sisters since he joined the coven eighteen months ago, although Alison had been forbidden fruit. Until tonight, that is.

He walked over to them and gave them each a big hug.

“Merry meet, Gawain. Looks like you’re happy to see us.” Ceri teased eyeing his groin. Gawain grinned sheepishly and shrugged. He turned to Alison who was blushing bright red. “Come on. Let’s go say hi to everyone.”

He led them over to where a group of people were setting up the alter in the center of the room. They welcomed her with hugs and kisses. She noticed that the rumors were true – Branch was well named indeed. And he was very happy to see everyone.

“We’re waiting for Mara and who else?” Ceri asked.

Heather answered. “Ondine, who else?”

Everyone laughed. Ondine could never get anywhere on time.

“We’re here.” Mara called from the door as she entered with another woman.

“Great. Let’s light the candles and get started.” Ceri answered. Jasmine, Wolf and Tristin picked up matchbooks and lit the candles all around the room. Drake hit play on his CD player and music filled the space. Once the candles were lit, everyone organized themselves into a loose circle going girl/boy.

“In the name of the Goddess, the Free and Untamed Maiden, I welcome you to our Beltane Rite.” Ceri proclaimed.

“In the name of the God, the Wild Youth.” Intoned Gawain. “I welcome you to this Beltane Rite. Let us cast the circle.

Jack, Drake, Ondine and Heather took turns invoking the elements and directions. Alison was comforted by this familiar ritual. Then Gawain stepped forward and invoked the God calling on his guise as the Wild Forest Warrior. Ceridwin stepped forward and called upon the Goddess in her aspect as the Untamed Maid. Ceri continued. “Welcome Brothers and Sisters. Let us welcome each other to this sacred bower with the kiss of welcome.” She turned to Gawain who bent down so she could kiss his forehead. They kissed passionately on the mouth before Ceri kissed his nipples. She gave a lingering kiss to the tip of his cock before kissing the tops of his feet.

Gawain turned to Alison. Alison blushed violently as Gawain bent over to kiss her forehead. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply on the lips. His hands came up to caress both breasts which he then kissed lovingly. He knelt down and gently slipped a finger into the folds of her pussy to open it up.

“Nice and wet down here.” He whispered teasingly. Then he leaned forward to kiss it reverently. Alison felt his tongue slip out and brush the tip of her clitoris. She was sill trembling as he knelt down and kissed both her feet.

Alison turned self-consciously to the man next to her. She was very aware of the eyes of the rest of the coven on her. Branch was next to her, a huge Icelandic immigrant with pure Viking heritage. Alison looked up into his gentle gray eyes. He bent down to receive her forehead kiss. Then she stepped closer and kissed him on the lips. He was a fantastic kisser. She was briefly swept away. She broke away, trembling with lust. Still shaking she kissed his broad chest over each nipple. She knelt down so she was eye level with his amazing cock. She licked her lips. She just had to have a taste of it! So she threw shyness to the wind and instead of a gentle kiss, she swallowed the entire tip. She sucked on it as hard as she could and was rewarded with a loud gasp from Branch. There was a sprinkling of laughter from the coven as Alison popped the cock out of her mouth and bent down to kiss his feet. Branch helped her up and ogled her up and down before turning to kiss Lily.

Alison watched the coven members kiss one after the other. The kisses were playful, promising, teasing and passionate. Alison found that watching people play with each other got her hotter than she ever expected. Her self-consciousness was dropping away and her excitement climbing. Soon Gawain was going to lay down with her and fuck her senseless in front of all her friends. A grin spread across her face. She couldn’t wait.

“Now Alison.” Ceridwin said. “Pick your bower by placing gümüşhane escort your rose on it and then come to me in the center of the circle.”

Alison glanced at the screen in one corner of the room. Presumably, it hit a bed of some kind. Then she looked at the cushioned bed on raised platform on the west side of the circle. Without hesitating, she walked straight to that bed and tossed her rose on it. Then she joined Ceri in the center. Ceri kissed her on the forehead. The rest of the women added their roses to Alison’s and then joined the two sisters in the center of the circle.

A couple of bottles of oil were passed between the women. Alison felt several pairs of hands smoothing oil on her body. Hand on her shoulders, her belly. Hands on her thighs and arms, her hands and feet. Hands on her breasts and ass. Alison felt one person’s fingers slip into her the folds of her pussy. She looked down to see who it was, but couldn’t see past the hands and bodies caressing her. She leaned back into the supporting arms of the women behind her and let the erotic sensations carry her passions higher. Gently she was set back firmly on her feet and an oil bottle was pressed into her hand.

“Time to reciprocate.” Ceri whispered in her ear.

Alison poured some oil into her hands and spread it on the closest body. Her hands touched someone’s breasts. She had no idea whose, but she was enchanted by the glorious feel of it. It was small, or at least smaller than hers, but sloping. It was soft and yielding. Comforting. Alison suddenly wished she could rest her cheek on it. She slid round to a belly firm and slightly round. A woman who was not yet a mother. Someone touched Alison’s cheek and turned her head. It was Jasmine. She pressed her lips to Alison’s in a passionate French kiss. Alison returned her first real girl kiss with reckless abandon.

Gawain stood in the circle of men ringing the writhing hub of women. He was absentmindedly stroking his rigid cock. He could stop his hand from moving up and down, but he didn’t want to bring himself off too soon. Not when there was a near-virginal nymph waiting for him. He glanced at the other 5 men and saw that he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t keep his hands still. The tension among the circle of men was nearing a breaking point, but traditionally could not join the women until invited.

Quietly Drake began humming. Others picked it up and it began to grow. Wolf began the circle moving desoil around the hub of gyrating women. The circle kept moving. The humming became wordless singing in tune with the sensual music playing. The energy from the men circling joined with the energy the women were raising in the center of the circle.

Ceridwin felt the energy change and knew it was time. Her eyes looked for Gawain. She smiled to him and nodded. Gawain led the men forward and the women broke away from each other to greet the men.

Alison looked up to see Drake approaching her. He took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Alison wrapped her arms around him and pressed into him. Her breasts smashed into his chest and his cock pressed teasingly against the opening of her pussy. His hands squeezed her plump ass. They broke away from each other to breath. Drake turned away from her and started kissing Mara. Wolf quickly grasped Alison’s wrist and pulled her to him. As they kissed, Wolf’s hands came up to fondle her breasts. He broke the kiss so he could kiss her breasts. Alison gasped as he suckled her nipple.

Their embrace was broken by Ondine’s hand on Wolf’s shoulders. “Now don’t horde the goodies. Let others have a chance.” Wolf and Alison laughed. Alison expected Ondine to kiss Wolf, but instead she took Alison’s hands and gave her a questioning look as if to say Is this okay? Alison nodded and Ondine stepped forward for a kiss. As the two women kissed and caressed each other, Alison was aware of all the other coven members kiss and fondling each other in a big group. Alison was kissed by other coven members and suddenly found herself in Ceri’s arms.

“How ya doing, little sister?”

“I’m in heaven.” Alison answered with a huge smile. Ceri smiled back and then shocked the hell out of her by kissing her just as deeply and passionately as any other coven member. Even more shocking, Alison found herself kissing back. They were joined by a male presence who squeezed them both in a huge hug and started kissing Alison’s neck. His large hands caressed their hips and asses possessively. Alison wasted the embrace to go on and on, but Ceri broke away.

“Are you ready, Little Flower?” Whispered Gawain, who was the man holding them.

“Oh yes.” Alison breathed.

Gawain wrapped his arm around her waist and led her over to the bed. Everyone else, when they saw Gawain and Alison break away, sat down on cushions in a loose circle around the bed. They were cuddled into twos and threes leaning into each other. Tristin and Lily were lying down together. Tristin behind Lily with his head near her feet.

Alison’s nervousness hakkari escort and self-consciousness returned as she sat down on the bed and saw all the faces looking up at her. Ceri met her eyes and gave her a smile and a wink. Gawain sat next to her and eased her back on to the flowers and pillows. “Don’t be nervous. They’re all friends and it’s all for the God and Goddess.”

He cuddled her close and kissed her forehead. Alison felt a tingling where he kissed her as if her skin was waking and opening right there. He kissed her eyes and mouth. He kept kissing and holding her until he felt the tension seep out of her body. Then he began to move his hands over her body and kiss her throat. His lips touched her throat, and she threw her head back and gasps. Encouraged he kissed her there some more and nibbled a bit.

Alison felt ready to explode. Jolts of lightening shot from her neck to her pussy. Oh My God! Alison thought barely coherent. She knew her pussy was weeping moisture all over the flowers beneath her. Gawain’s hand slipped along her hips and between her thighs. His fingers slipped smoothly between the folds and found her cliterous. He barely touched it and an orgasm shuddered through her.

“Oh God Yes!” Alison shouted. Around her, the coven murmured “Blessed Be.” Instead of being embarrassed, Alison was exalted. The Goddess was working through her and she was blessed beyond all women.

Gawain’s lips left her neck and kissed her breasts, her belly, her navel, her abdomen and so downward until his face disappeared between her thighs. Alison spread her legs wide, opening her pussy completely to his tongue.

Gawain teased her gently by licking her juices off her thighs before kissing his way up to her pussy. He could hear her mewling in anticipation. He kissed her upper thighs for a moment or two before licking her lush open pussy. Alison tasted fresh and sweet, not at all sharp or tangy. The first hint he had had of her flavor during the 5-fold kiss had tickled his appetite and he devoured her with abandon.

Ceridwin’s eyes were glued to her sister and her lover making love for the Goddess and the God and for all of them. She was dimly aware of Branch’s hands on her breasts as he too, watched the sacred couple on the bed. Alison’s body was arched, her head thrown back. Her hands on her still developing breasts, kneading and pulling at them. They could see Gawain’s head moving between her thighs. His long brown hair fanned over her legs. All around Ceri, people’s attention was leaving the couple on the bed, as play became more demanding. Lily and Tristin were already in an avid 69 on their cushions. Branch’s fingers moved between her thighs, strong and demanding. She tore her eyes away from her baby sister and looked Branch’s bearded face. She kissed him and he smiled at her. His gentle eyes said he understood her distraction. He kissed her again and then moved down to cover her pussy with his mouth.

Alison heard Ceri gasp and she opened her eyes and looked around the room. Most people were barely watching her at all. They were all caught up in their own pleasure. She saw Ceri on her back with her legs open. Branch was buried between Ceri’s thighs as Gawain was between hers. Ceri’s eyes however were completely focused on Alison. The two sisters smiled at each other when their eyes locked. Alison felt excited and touched by her sister’s attention. It felt good to know her older sister was watching out for her even here. At that moment, Gawain slipped one finger into her pussy and bit lightly down on her clit. Alison forgot all about Ceri. Her head flew back and her hands clamped down on Gawain’s head with a vice grip. Her hips thrust upward and her hands pressed down harder trying to force him deeper.

Gawain struggled to breath as Alison tried to smother him with her hips, thighs and pussy. Oh my God, she’s tight! He thought as he moved his finger rapidly in her pussy. He pushed another finger in. It barely fit. He was dying to feel her pussy squeezing his cock, but he wanted to drive her to another orgasm first. He speeded up his fingers and tongue.

Alison screamed in pleasure. She was close. So close. “Please. Oh please.” She begged. Gawain’s fingers went faster and harder.

“Oh yes. Yes! OH My God, YES!” Alison shouted as her orgasm hit her like a tidal wave. “Oh God, yes.”

This time there was no applause or blessings. Everyone else was busy with their own activities. Even Ceri had finally given Branch her full attention. Allison’s eyes were on Gawain as he moved gracefully up her body. His eyes never left hers as he leaned in to kiss her. While they kissed, he positioned his cock at the opening of her pussy and slowly pushed into her. Alison moaned into his lips. She felt so deliciously full. It felt too wonderful – transcendent – to welcome a new lover into her body.

She broke the kiss with an audible sigh, “Ahhhhh.”

He smiled down at the joy illuminating her face. Then his own eyes closed as her pussy spasmed around his cock. Great Goddess! She was so tight. They opened their eyes and gazed at each other. Gawain began to fuck her slowly. He didn’t want to hurt her or startle her. It took a lot of control because all he wanted to do was bang the hell out of her! Just fuck her until the bed broke beneath her. But no, he would be patient and focus on her pleasure, instead.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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