School Days

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I gave my first blowjob when I was a senior in high school. Eighteen years old, constantly horny, jacking off every chance I got. And I got a lot of chances. Well one day after school I went to the boys room to take a leak. I was just getting started when the door opened, and in walked this guy named Jim. We weren’t friends, moved in different circles, but I knew who he was.

My main impression of Jim came from an incident when I was in the eighth grade. He and I were in the same gym class, and one day for some reason the girls’ and boys’ gym classes were together. I don’t remember why, I just remember being in the gym together, all in our gym shorts and tee shirts. I can’t remember much about that day, but I distinctly recall seeing Jim and a girl named Karen sitting together in the bleachers, chatting. Karen had sort of a reputation, although in the eighth grade I don’t really know what it was based on.

Anyway, when the class was over we all headed to our respective locker rooms to shower and change clothes. And here’s what made that particular day memorable. Jim had a boner that wouldn’t quit, and he didn’t try too hard to hide it. It wasn’t the first boner I ever saw, but it was definitely the biggest. It looked like he had a salami sticking out in front of him, long and thick and pointed up to the ceiling.

OK, so that was the first thing I thought of when Jim came in. He came up to the urinal next to me and started to pee. I tried not to be obvious, but I couldn’t resist trying to get a look, to see if his dick was as big as I remembered.

“Like what you see?” Busted. I started to stammer, trying to deny that I was looking, hoping he wasn’t Bycasino going to beat the crap out of me.

He finished peeing, shook out the last few drops, and stepped back from the urinal. “Go ahead and look,” he said, turning to face me. “I know I’ve got a nice dick. You’re not the only one that wants to see it.”

I just stood there, speechless. I felt sort of embarrassed, but I couldn’t stop looking. It wasn’t hard, but even so it was almost as big as my cock, fully erect. I didn’t know what to say, or how to act. I was mesmerized, with my eyes locked on Jim’s big cock and balls.

Jim said, “Touch it. I know you want to.” Honestly, I didn’t know I wanted to until he said it, but then I knew he was right. I reached out cautiously, touched it lightly with a couple of fingers, almost like I was trying to make friends with a dog that might not want to be friendly.

“Don’t be afraid,” he said, “it won’t bite.” Right. I got a little braver, feeling him up, trying not to do anything to break the spell.

“You know how to jack off, right?” I nodded. “Show me,” he said.

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and started stroking it gently, the way I liked it. He started getting hard, and I knew I was going to get to see that salami again. I kept stroking it, and it kept getting bigger and harder.

“Put it in your mouth,” Jim said. By then he was really hard, long and thick, just like I remembered from the eighth grade. He put a hand on my shoulder and I didn’t resist, just went down on my knees in front of him. His cock was right in front of my face, and up close it looked even bigger and harder. I leaned forward and Bycasino giriş closed my lips around the head. At first I wasn’t too sure what to do, so I just sucked on it a little, getting used to the taste and feel, and the idea of having another guy’s cock in my mouth for the first time.

Jim said, “Swirl your tongue around, lick it. Yeah, that feels good, now take it a little deeper. Try to make your mouth feel like a warm, wet pussy.” I had no idea what a warm wet pussy would feel like, but my mouth was watering, and I’m sure it was warm, so I guess I did OK. “Slide your lips up and down,” he said. Not too fast. Yeah, just like that.”

I put a hand on his balls, playing with them the way I played with my own when I jacked off. Jim seemed to love that. He was moaning, breathing heavy, getting pretty excited. I just kept playing with his balls, sliding my lips up and down on his cock, hoping he was enjoying this as much as I was.

I could tell he was going to cum soon, and I wondered what I was supposed to do then. Should I stop sucking him, or let him shoot his load into my mouth? Before that day I had never even tasted my own cum, certainly never thought about letting someone else cum in my mouth. But if Jim wanted to cum in my mouth, that was what I wanted too. I wanted to see what it would taste like, and how it would feel shooting into my mouth and down my throat. The idea of not swallowing never even entered my mind.

“Oh yeah, just like that,” Jim whispered. “Don’t stop, I’m getting really close.” I kept sucking him, feeling that big dick sliding back and forth across my lips and into my mouth, loving it. His cock Bycasino deneme bonusu seemed to swell up even bigger and began to pulsate, and suddenly I was getting my first taste of cum, straight from the source.

At first I was more conscious of the thick, creamy texture, then I started to get the taste. Tangy, sort of salty, not unpleasant, slick on my tongue. I didn’t swallow right away, but my mouth was getting full, and I wanted to see what it would be like. The first bit seemed too strong, and I didn’t especially like it, but once I got used to the taste and the sensation, I couldn’t get enough. I kept sucking him, swallowing, trying to get every last drop, until Jim told me to stop.

“It gets pretty tender right after I cum,” he told me.

I got up off the floor, not sure what was next. Jim said, “Your first time?”

I nodded. “Was that OK? Did I do it right?”

“Not bad,” he said. “Pretty good, actually. You liked it, didn’t you?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “A lot.”

“Good. I figured you would. I’ll let you do it again if you want. Same time tomorrow.”

He turned around and went out the door without waiting for my response. I guess he knew I’d be there. I went home, the taste of Jim’s cum still in my mouth, my brain working overtime to process what had happened. I loved it. I sucked Jim’s cock and let him cum in my mouth, and I absolutely loved it. I went to my room and jacked off, remembering the feel of Jim’s big hard dick in my mouth, his cum shooting into my mouth and sliding down my throat.

When I was ready to cum, I rolled back with my legs over my head, so my cock was aimed straight at my mouth. I opened wide and shot a huge load into my mouth and all over my face. Fantastic! Not as good as getting it from Jim, but still, fantastic! So, two new ways to have fun, both in the same day. And a new favorite treat, a mouthful of cum.

I said to myself, “Same time tomorrow, right?” Right.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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