Sculpting Mei-Lien Ch. 05

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This is a sequel to my story about Mei-Lien. The reader is assumed to be familiar with the earlier parts of the story.

Without question, Mei-Lien passed her examination with flying colors. By the time that my teasing had caused her to loose control and allow the book on her head to fall, both of us were at a feverish pitch and more than ready to adjourn to the bedroom, where we consummated the passion which had been building over the past several weeks.

Thoroughly sated, we lay with our bodies entwined. I had expected that, once her carnal desires had been satisfied, Mei-Lien would have second thoughts about what had transpired. However, I soon discovered that the opposite was the case. With her body wrapped around my own and her head resting on my chest, Mei-Lien expressed her gratitude for the joy which our relationship had brought her and her pride in the knowledge that her efforts to enhance the beauty of her body was at least partially responsible for her success in wooing me. I tried to assure her that much as I appreciated her dedication to her exercises and the improvements in her body which they had wrought, it was not only her new figure which attracted me to her. Nonetheless, even as I spoke these words, I realized that they were less than entirely honest. On the one hand, the changes in her body were pleasing but not determining. On the other hand, her willingness to allow me to mold her body and her readiness to accept the discomfort which that process entailed were a major component in the transformation which had led from her role as my student to her role as my lover. As if she sensed what I was thinking, Mei-Lien launched into a monologue for which I was not prepared.

“I want to have you continue working on my body. Now that there is no longer any ambiguity about the implications of what we are doing, we can concentrate on those aspects which give us the greatest mutual pleasure. Over the past few weeks I have discovered that I enjoy the sort of control which you have asserted over my body. I suppose that it is a some sort of masochistic craving, although I have no desire to experience intense pain but only want to feel that my body is being molded to achieve an ideal which, even if it is unattainable, is worth pursuing. I have noticed that you too have enjoyed the game we have been playing. You have derived mildly sadistic pleasure from the knowledge that I have been willing to subject my body to the regimen which you have prescribed for it, and, if the ardor with which you just conducted my final exam is any indication, you are pleased by the results. I know that you are not a true sadist and that you would never ask me to do anything with my body which would cause it harm. Indeed, if I were not absolutely sure that, like my strain of masochism, your strain of sadism is really just a way of expressing your sensuality, I would not have put my body at your disposal and certainly would not be making this admission to you now.”

After delivering her little speech, Mei-Lien disentangled her body from mine and rose from the bed. Standing by my head, she placed her hands behind her back, drew in her tummy so that it accentuated her newly narrowed waist, and bent forward so that she could caress my upturned face with the still rigid nipples of her conical breasts. Seeing the sheet rise as my penis responded to her teasing, she said,

“I am glad that I am not the only one who is interested in continuing. However, before we resume, I am going into the bathroom to wash up a little and give you time to think about my proposal. By the time that I return, I hope that you will have thought of an appropriate manner in which to give me your response.”

During Mei-Lien’s absence, I tried to collect my thoughts. No woman had made such a proposition to me before. Admittedly, there had been times when I had mused about a relationship in which a woman would explicitly submit her body to my control, but I had never had the courage to discuss my musings with a woman and never imagined that the woman would be the one to initiate the discussion. Once again, this exotic creature into which my demur student had evolved staggered me. She had correctly intuited that our erotic fantasies were complementary and that I would be fulfilling my own while helping her to fulfill Van Escort hers. Thus, by the time Mei-Lien reappeared, I knew how I wanted to proceed.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I drew her naked body forward until she was standing between my legs with her hands resting on my shoulders and her head tilted forward so that we were staring into each others eyes. Framed by her straight black hair, her face had a look of serenity which I had never seen before. It was clear that she was relieved to have divulged her secret longings and was confident that she had not done so in vain.

“Mei-Lien, I am deeply moved and honored by and grateful for the trust which you have placed in me, and I will do everything that I can to prove that your trust has not been misplaced. I can think of nothing which would give me greater pleasure than the opportunity to continue molding your body for our mutual enjoyment. However, there is an important detail to deal with first. Namely, we have to decide whether you will come to live with me or whether we will continue to live apart. At least for the present, the latter is my preference. If I have understood it correctly, the relationship which you have proposed is a special one. It is not based on the conventional notion of domesticity and, in my opinion, could be not survive in a conventional domestic setting. Do you agree?”

When I broached the topic of our living arrangements, the look of serenity on Mei-Lien’s face was replaced by one of intense concentration, accompanied by the appearance of the symmetrically placed dimples in her brow. I could tell that I had brought up a problem which she had considered but not yet solved, and so I gave her as much time as she needed to give her response. At last the expression on her face indicated that she had reached her decision, and shortly thereafter she smiled and, in a hushed voice, said that she thought that I was right. Returning her smile, I placed my hands on her hips and continued where I had left off.

“Now that we have dispensed with that practical question, we can turn our attention to more intriguing matters. Because it is important to have goals, I think that we should have some goals in mind. I know that you are still unhappy about your figure and would like it to be more curvaceous. I will not deny that I like curves, but, as I told you before, I dislike emaciation. Thus, I have no intention of sacrificing your charming succulence in order to give you a wasp waist. Instead, I propose that we concentrate on toning your muscles so that the curves which you already have are enhanced. At the same time, I want to enhance your already admirable poise. Whatever goal we set for you, its achievement will make demands on you. In fact, like the rope which I had you wear around your waist, those demands will require you to suffer a certain amount of physical discomfort. What I am asking is that whatever discomfort you experience be not reflected on your face, even on those occasions when you are complaining to me about it. You may find this requirement strange, but it is important to me because a significant part of my pleasure will derive from your complicity in what is being done to you and your acceptance of the consequences of that complicity.”

Although Mei-Lien raised no objections to what I said, it was obvious that she wanted further explanation, which I decided would be best provided by an example. Thus I stood up, turned her around, and had her lie back on the bed with her legs dangling off the edge. I then leaned over and, with a hand on each of her ankles, raised her legs until they were perpendicular to her torso. Once her legs were vertical and straight, I slid my hands along their along their deliciously smooth inner sides, pressing outward so that her legs spread but remained straight. As they opened, the tendons on the inner sides of her thighs became visible through her soft flesh, and she emitted a muted sound in response to the stress which I was imposing on her groin. When it was clear that she could spread no further, I stopped but maintained enough pressure to prevent them from closing.

“I want your legs to remain spread and for you to make no attempt to relieve the strain which I have imposed on your groin. From the way that your thighs are beginning to tremble, I Van Escort Bayan know that this is already difficult for you and am sure that it will become more difficult as time passes. Nonetheless, I want your face to remain composed and, in so far as possible, you are respond to what I do next as if you were perfectly comfortable.”

There are few sights more pleasing to the male than the attractively displayed nether regions of the female, and, with her legs splayed, Mei-Lien was treating me to as fine an view of that region as I had ever seen. Her inner thighs were given definition by the sinews visible just beneath the satiny layer of her femininely soft flesh, widening as they approached the junction with her pelvis, which was tipped up and forward so that, when I lowered my gaze, I was staring directly into her gaping vulva. Bracing my knees against the side of the bed, I leaned forward and guided my penis into Mei-Lien’s welcoming vagina. Distorted by her contorted position, her vaginal passage was unnaturally tight and, in spite of her efforts to comply with my instructions, an anguished shadow darkened her face as my penetration forced her body open. Ignoring her momentary lapse and proceeding with care, I slowly delved deeper until my penis was completely enveloped in her warm sheath and I was lying atop the firm little pillow formed by her rounded lower belly. As soon as she had me fully inside her, Mei-Lien’s body learned how to accommodate and enjoy my presence. In addition, she soon realized that her contorted position increased her ability to clamp her vaginal muscles around my penis, effectively locking our genitals together in a way which produced for us both intense pleasure tinged with mild, erotically charged pain. The self-satisfied smile on her face eliminated any doubt that she was fully aware of what she was doing and the mixture of pleasure and pain which it causing us.

Spreading my arms along her inner thighs, I espaliered my upper body to her lower body, letting my chest rest against her tummy and grasping her ankles with my hands before announcing my intentions.

“Mei-Lien, as we approach orgasm, I am going to test your resolve by manipulating your legs. By the time that we reach our climax, I would like to have spread your legs so wide that your feet are within inches of the mattress. In the process, your pelvis will tilt up and your grip on my penis will draw it even further into your body, a process which will exacerbate the tension which we are already experiencing. Nonetheless, I do not want that tension to be reflected in your face, which is to remain composed throughout.”

Having warned her what to expect, I began applying pressure to her legs, forcing them wider apart. As I had hoped, the stretching which they had been enduring had made her tendons more pliant. Even so, I knew that she felt as if she were being torn her asunder and that it required enormous fortitude and discipline for her to not allow her features to register her suffering. Prolonged by the stress which I was imposing on our bodies, it was at least five minutes before our excitement reached its crescendo, five minutes during which Mei-Lien’s face remained enigmatically beautiful and placid while her thighs and groin were being spread well beyond their accustomed limits.

So complete was our exhaustion that I did not think to release my hold on Mei-Lien’s legs and she did not ask me to do so. Thus, for several minutes, I remained slumped between the wings of her thighs while we recovered from our arduous coupling. However, after our senses began returning to normal, Mei-Lien said, with fained annoyance, that I had made my point and that it was time that she be permitted to find out if she would ever again be able to bring her legs together. Ackowleging my negligence, I quickly extricated myself from her crotch and gentling helped her lower and close her legs. Her relief at having her legs back under her command was immediate and profound.

While she basked in the comfort which she now felt, Mei-Lien inquired whether the stretching which I had made her endure was an isolated whim or something that she should anticipate being repeated. Since the manner in which she posed the question did nothing to indicate what she was hoping my answer would be, I was uncertain Escort Van what my response should be. For this reason, my reply was purposefully ambiguous.

“My primary reason for subjecting you to this ordeal was to demonstrate the type of control which I wish to exercise over your body and your emotions. A secondary, albeit important, reason is that among the improvements which I would like to make, making you more limber is high on the list. I have always been fascinated by the plasticity of the female body. I assume that nature designed the female body to be malleable so that it can accommodate the bearing of children, but I believe that child-bearing is not the only purpose to which this marvelous attribute should be put. Thus, if you choose to continue with the arrangement which we discussed, you should be prepared to accept a good deal of stretching, not only of your legs but also of other portions of your anatomy.”

Again Mei-Lien considered my words carefully before giving her response.

“I will not pretend that I had no second thoughts when you began forcing my legs apart. Indeed, at first the pain was so much greater than the pleasure that I was tempted to insist that you stop. However, once my muscles loosened, the initial pain subsided and was replaced by a strange euphoria whose origins were partially physical but mostly psychological. For one thing, I was proud that my body could tolerate the manipulation to which you were subjecting it. Perhaps more important, I was excited about being forced to display the most intimate parts of my body in such an immodest manner. It is probably impossible for a man to appreciate how difficult it is for a woman to reveal those parts of her anatomy which, since childhood, she has been taught to hide. Equally difficult for a man to understand is the pleasure a woman can get when the man she loves forces her to abandon her modesty and surrender to her animal instincts. In other words, I am not only glad to have experienced what you called ‘this ordeal,’ I am prepared to have you subject me to more such ordeals. If, as a dividend, my body becomes more limber, so much the better. I have always wanted to be more flexible, and it seems that I will now have your help.”

As always, I was impressed and charmed by the clarity of Mei-Lien’s thinking and her knack for mixing of honesty with humor. After she finished speaking, she snuggled her body against mine and the two of us dosed off. Two hours passed before we stirred ourselves. Mei-Lien was the first to rise. When she did, she emitted a groan and nearly collapsed in response to the painful message of complaint lodged by her legs and groin. Nonetheless, she bravely persevered and hobbled bowed legged in the direction of the bathroom, where she immersed herself in a warm bath. Half an hour later, she emerged from the bathroom greatly refreshed. She had donned one of my bathrobes and used a towel as a makeshift turban to hold her hair on top of her head, creating an enchanting image which would have pleased Degas. Rather than retuning to the bed, she stood at its foot and addressed me from there.

“I suppose that it is time for me to leave. However, before I go, I would like to know the agenda which you have planned. In particular, how long is it before I am to return and, between now and then, what is my homework assignment?”

Amused by her earnestness, I replied,

“I agree that you should go home now lest we overdo this initial experiment. If I watch you drying your hair much longer, I am likely to drag you back into bed for another bout of lovemaking. As for the date of your return, I think that you should come back in a week. During that week, your education will continue off campus. I want you to buy a speaker phone and every evening to call me after you have had supper and finished your chores. While we are talking, I will ask you to perform various exercises in various states of undress. The speaker phone will to move around during our conversation. I will enjoy imagining your body at work and will want you to bolster my imagination by describing to me what your body is experiencing. In this way, we will be improving your conversational English at the same time as we are improving your figure. When, after a week, you return, I will devise ways to celebrate your progress in an appropriate manner.”

Mei-Lien seemed satisfied with my answer, and, without further ado, came over to kiss my forehead before disappearing into the hall, where she retrieved her clothes and prepared her departure.

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