Seafaring Delight Charters Ch. 05

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Cujo was working on the port side engine when his cousin Kim warned him about the vessel approaching. It had no identification on the radar, and in these waters it could be a pirate ship or a fishing ship, so it had to be observed, in case rough measures were called for.

Marko was at the helm of the Flipper, and the radio quickly squawked out his warning.

“Unknown vessel please identify yourself and hold off,” He instructed, just to be formal. If the ship was fishing, it would not be likely that they would have a radio.

Their salvage craft had not been named yet, although radar would show it as ‘SV Jenny’. Kim knew what to do, bearing off at the best angle of escape, while the Flipper stayed on their beam.

“They have changed direction in an obvious move to intercept us,” Kim shouted out for Cujo, so the big guy would get ready for action.

When he came up top, he had a military shotgun and a flak vest, with another vest in hand for his friend.

“Mayday, mayday, I have an unidentified vessel pursuing us at high speed, and we will be repelling any attempt to board us,” Marko informed whoever was listening. His vessel could easily get away, but he was running security for his friend, and he was well equipped to do just that.

“Fire that 50 cal well in front of them Marko!” Cujo commanded.

Ten seconds later another cousin, who had military training fired their old machine gun, making a hell of a racket which any sailor would respond to immediately.

The response unfortunately was the opening of the port side windows and the barrels of two AK47s were pushed out, and fired without aiming.

“Rake it!” Cujo commanded over the microphone, just as Jasper opened fire directly at the waterline at the bow.

The 50 caliber bullets tore through the boat as if it was paper mache, and the nose dipped enough to know that the boat was damaged badly enough that it might not make it to shore. The pursuit was over, and Cujo was satisfied that they hadn’t deliberately killed anyone.

There would be no assistance offered to the Honduras Pirates, but the incident was reported without mention of the machine gun.

“I’m heading back down to finish that turbo repair,” Cujo told Kim. “Let Marko know they did great, but they can’t go ahead of us until we are well into Belize.”

“Eye eye Admiral,” Kim joked.

“Keep some eyes on the horizon tonight, I want three on watch at a time so there will be no surprises,” Cujo growled, “They must be desperate, if they’re attacking two vessels, watch closely for another ship.”

“Try to put me on a late watch, if I get this engine going, we’ll be motoring faster than anyone else can go.” Cujo growled as he pushed himself into his 24th hour.

Kim heard the port engine roar to life about an hour later, and ten minutes later Cujo came up, looking tired, but triumphant.

“Let’s open her up but watch the temp,” he commanded his first mate. The sails were no use to them at this time of year, unless they wanted to smash against the current and the wind.

Soon they were up to 7 knots, and Cujo knew that they would never be caught at that speed.

“Can I get two hours Kim?”

“Sure, bro, I’ve got the helm and I’ll wake you in 2 hours or sooner if I need you.

All he got was a thumbs up as Cujo dropped into a lounge chair. He was snoring in less than five minutes.

Kim let him sleep until he couldn’t stay awake himself, and then he woke his captain with a light touch on his well muscled shoulder.

“Sorry Cap, but I need you,” he explained the situation.

“The sun is on the horizon, and Terry is at the helm on the Flipper,”

“Thanks for the extra Z’s Kim, I’m getting old,” Cujo murmured.

“Well, with good Captaining, and our 50 cal, you get to be another day older bro,” Kim explained the way things work.

“Those other dudes either had a life raft, or they’re in the drink, cause their boat disappeared from the radar, well before it should have,” Kim reported.

“Good riddance to thieving rubbish,” Cujo growled, “They poked the wrong bear,” he roared out to the wind.

The rest of the sail was uneventful, and they found themselves coasting into their dock two days later, with kids running out to welcome them. Other Captains used their horns to welcome the new addition to the Seafaring Delight Charters.

They now employed over a dozen Belizians in the business, while they were mostly part time, that is the way they liked it. In Belize, working more than 20 hours a week was scoffed at. There was fishing and diving and farming to provide food, so why work your tail off?

Marny didn’t see it as working. She just kept on going, like the energizer bunny on the commercial. She keeps going and going…

“We need more dock space,” she complained, “…but Old man Burly has me hemmed in!”

Java had to be the voice of reason. “You’re just going to have to see what he wants mom, he’s got us by the short hairs, and he knows it. See what he needs,” escort izmir she suggested.

“I think I could convince him to sell, if I threw you in for a night of bliss,” Marny teased her daughter, recalling how often the old man came out of his home, when Java was working on the dock.

“Don’t be offering my virtue, he’d fuck you just as quick mom, I mean, if he can!” Java giggled.

Marny knocked on the wooden plank that Mr. Burly called a door.

“Hey Tomas, are you home,” she hollered, while banging her fist on the door.

“Don’t break it down you crazy bitch,” Tomas Burly moaned as he pushed the door open, proving that hinges were actually a part of the mechanism. “Why are you interrupting my nap?” he declared.

“We want to buy out your 75 feet on our South,” Marny explained. “What do you want for it Tomas?”

“I need two things, Mar, and one you don’t got!” Mr. Burly instructed his neighbor. “I need to sell both sides, which I bet you can cover, but I need a nice retirement spot, and a woman to cook and comfort me during my old age.”

Marny thought about it, and realized that it was not only a reasonable request, but she probably had a cousin or two that Tomas could choose from, with their own cabin too, though it was a ‘shack’ by North American standards, they were good homes to them, and when a cyclone tears them down, they just gather up the debris, and remake their homes, better than they had been before, which wasn’t asking too much.

“I’ll get back to you, but in the meantime, how much for both ends?” Marny needed to be prepared to hear the full cost of their expansion.

“I’ll take 100k for the 200 feet, or rent it to you for 10, per year,” he shrewdly offered.

“How about 10 percent of our profits for ten years, and a home to enjoy it in,” Marny countered.

“I need 25 thousand for my bar tab,” he insisted.

“We will cover that,” Marny offered, and Tomas shook her hand. “You can start your dock work right away then, but what about the woman?” He moaned hopefully.

I can make no promises there Tomas, but if you continue to maintain the docks, we will give you a small pension, and all of my cousins love a man with a pension, and you can take your time picking one, she shrewdly offered her captivated neighbor. His eyes hadn’t left Marny’s upturned nipples during the entire conversation. She had been smart to negotiate topless.

“Is it really hard, Tomas,” Marny asked in a smoky voice.

“Yes,” he grunted, but his mind was elsewhere.

“Do you want to yank it right now Tomas? Go ahead, let’s see it,” Marny whispered.

Tomas pulled it out, and started to slowly stroke it, not like a maniac at all.

His penis didn’t look like some shriveled piece of liver. It was actually not too awful looking Marny thought.

“My cousins will shake your world Tomas, very like how I am going to do you right now,” Marny explained, then she dropped to her knees and she gently took over yanking the old dick on her tits, smiling all the time.

“My Aunties love the taste, but it’s not for me,” Marny explained with a laugh, as Tomas Burly sealed his deal with his loving neighbor.

Marny would sleep well tonight, knowing that a friendship with Tomas was very much in their best interests. The Burly brothers had worked hard to create these docks, and they had been well maintained.

“Can you watch the kids tonight mom,” Java asked, her husband had been away for 5 days!

“Of course my dear, that’s what Nana’s are for!” Marny responded, smiling inside. It’s wonderful when your daughter finds a man like Cujo, and she has him mesmerized.

But you couldn’t blame a Nana who has ‘accidentally’ seen her son in law’s full erection. That is something that she could not see, and then, ‘not see’.

She also knew that Java kept it spicy in their bedroom, bringing in swinging couples, with confidence. Java had Captained many times now that they had two functioning vessels, and that didn’t seem to bother Java or Cujo.

“We are going to check out every cabin in our new boat,” Java confessed to her mother. “I asked Rob to show me how I would have been ravished, if he wasn’t there to save my virtue.” Cujo’s real name was Rob, though only the family knew it. Cujo was a name that Stephen King would have called him, had he known him.

Rob was a lot like a St. Bernard in that he was bigger than normal, stronger than normal, and more loving than you could ask for, unless there was trouble… Then you wanted Cujo, and you wanted him on your side.

A third charter vessel would really set them as a high end Retreat and Spa.

“We need two more Captains, and I’m thinking we can entice a couple of Nurses that have, or will soon have their Certified Sexual Therapist credentials,” Shylo explained during their weekly Company Meeting.

With their medical qualifications they can certainly get work visas in Belize, and they could get permanent resident status in about 5 years, if they want that option.

As izmir escort bayan the Company grew, their client list grew too, even though their required advance screening, now included a discrete psych evaluation with the blood work, and visual inspection, which could include other testing, etc.

They considered themselves lucky, that herpes or genital warts hadn’t slashed through their ranks, and now they had simple protocols that reasonable adults might want to put into place, if they’re going to have adult fun in the sun!

Chloe was a great choice. She was on the stout side, but that made her more commanding, which wasn’t lost on a Captain. She had proven to be a great repeat crew member, and she wasn’t attached to any one person in her Chattanooga neighborhood. When a big student debt was revealed, Shylo’s institution was happy to shift some funds, to relieve that debt, and give them a big tax write off too.

Chloe would get an offer that would include shares in the business, so that she would have a personal interest in everything. Shylo flew to Chattanooga to make the offer on behalf of Seafaring Delight Charters. Everyone was confident that Chloe could learn the skills to be a Charter Captain, but Chloe decided to take a 6 month sabbatical from the Hospital, which she could gain through her Union as a ‘skill enhancement’ period.

She was newly certified in Sexual Therapy, so taking 6 months in a clinical environment to solidify those skills was not unusual, though it brought a smile to everyone’s face.

“I fully believe that you will only be back here to sell everything that you can’t bring with you,” Shylo explained to Chloe.

“I hope you’re right, I am tired of ‘not quite fitting in’,” Chloe sighed. “I never really feel the love, anywhere that I go.”

“We need to figure out the Who of what you’re looking for,” Shylo suggested. “Or the multiple ‘Whos,” she seriously intoned. “Some people don’t connect like others do. “What part of the body do you find the most attractive Chloe?”

“Well… to tell you the truth, I just love the mouth,” Chloe admitted. “It can be a man, a woman, old or young, if I see it, I want to lick it and kiss it, and look at it closely.”

“Unusual,” Shylo admitted, then she ran her tongue slowly around her lips, while Chloe watched.

“Oh, that’s not fair,” she squealed.

“Do you want these lips on your pillow? Chloe? Do you want to love them for the night?”

“Oh, so unfair,” she moaned.

Shylo did not take off any clothes, she merely lay in Chloe’s bed, with her lips, center stage.

Chloe began with little kisses, all around Shylo’s open maw. Then her tongue couldn’t get enough, with kitten licks she tickled a lip, while her hands were probing Shylo’s body, removing clothes along the way.

The kissing never stopped as Chloe pushed her fingers into Shylo’s love nest. She easily found the G spot, and lightly started to stroke her desire into her lover, while she remained obsessed with Shylo’s lips.

“Oh, my dear, you’re going to find lots of love in Belize,” Shylo was convinced that Chloe’s fetish would not be a problem. “Once your lover knows what you want, you will be loved, my beautiful friend, and with that Shylo burst into an orgasm, and she allowed herself to fully express her passion, to Chloe’s delight.

Within three months, Cujo and his crew had Jenny restored to a better state than she had been the day she ran aground. The official naming day brought out the usual scallywags and drunkards, most of whom got 30 or 40 days of work in these yards over the past 3 months, enough to keep them happy for a long time. If you want a cabinet maker or an avionics expert, Belize has the best, and they are all cousins of Marny’s family.

Marny would be the first to Captain the Emerald of the Fleet.

This vessel was being premiered as a luxury health spa, so the weekly fee was a staggering $10k per person. They had three couples in for the maiden voyage, so it would be caviar and shrimp, produced by the best chief that Marny could scrape up, and she was a cousin!

Ruby was 28 years old, and a single mother of 3, her brood would school with Marny’s grandchildren, and they would be watched over by her best friend Caraco.

Ruby had chief schooling in New York and New Orleans, so she commanded a good salary, so Java had to move everyone upwards in the system, with full health benefits and 401K’s. With this added income, they could afford it.

Marny had friends and cousins that were lawyers too, but she couldn’t think of one that she felt comfortable with until Caraco let her know that her son Bishop had passed the Bar and would be practicing law in Belize City. He had been a beach bum for two or three summers, but he had finally completed his studies in Panama.

“Let’s get him on board a bigger Central America Firm, as their Belize Connection,” Marny suggested to Shylo during their next Skype Business Meeting.

“Oh, I’m sure that I know a guy, but izmir escortlar let me talk it over with Major Rodriguez, to make sure there isn’t some backdoor government espionage thing going on with them.” Shylo told Jerry everything that she did, or planned to do in Central America. He was in the U.S. Intelligence circle, and in his case, he actually knows everyone.

Within a month, Bishop was home with his mom, opening an office of Rolland, Fitzgerald and Taff, as an associate with an excellent starting salary of his own.

“Caraco, I want Bishop to crew my Emerald for a few weeks, just so he knows our business inside and out. Do you think he can manage that?” Marny shrewdly challenged her friend, before even talking to the young man.

“Oh, he can catch the edge of the wind, woman, but he won’t be sucking anyone’s dick,” she boldly predicted.

“Well, you know my business Car, but no one has to do anything that they don’t want to do, and I don’t think that a big tip would be enough to turn that man gay, so I wouldn’t worry about that,” Marny responded. “I will be turning out our new Chief in his direction whenever I can,” Marny thought it best to keep Caraco informed where her son was certainly involved, even in the romance department.

“Three kids built in,” Caraco mused, “…but she’s a solid woman and she turns a skillet into a pot of gold, so I hope he likes those big tits of hers.”

With the mothers acceptance Marny was sure that she could work some magic.

“Well, you will be following the Captains orders, and enjoying yourself when you’re done,” Marny explained to the new crew. “Chief Ruby is in charge of the Galley of course, and you will have to help her with food prep, when at anchor, but I think that you will find that to be easy work,” Marny instructed the young Master Bishop.

The one tough sell had been the uniform, which was a bikini bottom, more of a female look, with Seafaring on one butt cheek and Charters on the other, but after teasing him with that for the first day, Marny had given him the other two outfits, which involved real shorts of the same style, but no shirt. The vessel had weather gear, for use during squalls, but the shorts would be the only clothing that would normally be used by the crew members.

Of course Ruby had to wear the bikini bottoms alone, and her breasts were a thing of beauty. They were too big not to sag, but she kept her shoulders back, and wore them proudly. Of course she had an apron that she could throw on, but she seldom needed to do that.

Bishop may have been 4 years younger, but the swaying tits caught his attention right away, just like Marny knew they would.

The first test run of the Emerald, would include a full menu, and four local couples were carefully chosen to be passengers for a three night cruise.

Ruby prepared Sail Fish steaks for the first night, including broasted potatoes instead of the rice that locals would be used to, but the sauce was so creamy and savory and the wine paired with it perfectly.

One of the couples had a guitar, so the music was slow and easy to sing to, for those that so chose. Marny could see that Bishop had chosen a spot to sit, where he could look at Ruby, without appearing to be too freaky, and Ruby knew it too.

The game included stretches that posed her tits against the moon light.

Marny caught Ruby’s eye, and she blushed a bit.

Before heading in for the night, Marny suggested that they leave the stereo on for a while, so that the couples will have more ‘privacy’, but really they were putting out some noise to cover up the moans and groans.

Of course Marny already knew every sound that her vessel made, and no canned music was going to change that. She could feel the rocking the moment it started, and the sound soon grew, to match the passion.

It would have been nice to have a partner there, Marny thought, as she slowly rocked into a deep slumber.

Two hours later, Marny woke up with a start, when she realized that the loud moans were not in her dreams.

Ruby was LOUD and she couldn’t stop. Or maybe she could, but she didn’t want to?! Bishop was making his own noise, as he pumped away into her pussy. He was attached to one of her nipples, with the suction of his lips, and the two actions were having an incredible effect on Ruby.

Of course it only lasted for ten minutes, but it’s hard to explain how long ten minutes can be. The moans were heartfelt and genuine, making it so arousing that other moans were soon filling the air, and Marny could tell that the vessel was being rocked from all quarters.

Even Marny gave in to the love potion and diddled herself while imagining her favorite cock.

The next day, thoughts of improving the sound insulation on the Chief’s quarters, seemed irrelevant, as everyone was so rosy cheeked and happy.

Breakfast was hearty, and on time, although a few of the beaming ladies helped Ruby to get it ready. They wanted to whisper their thanks to Ruby, although she insisted that she didn’t know what they were talking about.

Bishop was also helpful, though he was asleep at the rail, when they moved to another spot.

Marny let him sleep. He would need his rest for the night.

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