Secretary Seduction

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The large, oval rimmed clock tick, tocked in endless perpetuity. Hanging high on the light grey wall of the office, it loomed like a spotlight over Jessicas desk. The secretary sat nervously at her desktop, as the relentless ticking marked the onward passing of time, though in paradox it felt as if time had stopped.

The red headed Jessica had heard about the office letting people go and was concerned about her own position. The mid twenty year old rolled an eraser tipped pencil between her crimson painted fingertips, and tapped the eraser tip on her desk in fervent agitation. Not knowing what was going to happen to her had forced Jessica to decide to do something drastic.

She finally broke, and couldn’t take it any longer. The tall, young woman swiftly rose from her seat and adjusted the hem of her grey dress. Normally the bespectacled beauty would wear rather conservative and covering clothing. Today, she wore a tight, slate grey dress which fit her form perfectly. The dress hung from her shoulders, and was very low cut, allowing her big, busty cleavage to be displayed.

Jessica quickly flicked at her hair, which hung straight and down past the middle of her bare back; bare since the dress had no back, covered her hips and had strings going up the spine, like a corset. It was obvious to all that passed behind her that she was not wearing a bra. The hem of the dress dropped to mid thigh length, and framed her large, strong hips and upper legs. Jessica could certainly afford to spend a lot of time in her gym. She had a well paying job. Not one she wanted to lose. Her legs and backside were well toned, but they weren’t too big. In fact, her tall and hippy frame was rather thin.

Taking up a pile of documents, accompanied by a clip board, the shy woman moved out of her office in her tall, black heels. The heels made her appear even taller, and she was already taller than most women. The canny secretary headed toward her CEOs office, passing through the corridor with a feigned confidence, holding her head high and her shoulders back. Trying not to look nervous, she swayed her hips this way and that as she strutted, though she wished she had practiced a bit more.

She was determined to display her perfect posture. She was going to use her body today. As she strutted past men and women alike, she ignored the stares of surprise and hunger. One man in a grey suit carrying a cup of coffee across the corridor to his office stopped in his tracks as Jessica walked through him. She didn’t miss a beat, whereas he was awe struck. That particular man, who had asked her more times than she appreciated, to go for a drink with him some time, dropped his jaw, and his coffee as Jessica walked off.

“Look at that fine, little ass.” He said to a bystanding woman, who simply frowned up at him, scoffed and walked away.

Finally, Jessica came to her destination. The door was closed, as usual, and she trembled with anticipation and trepidation. She read the name on the brass plate under her eye level. She couldn’t back out now. If this didn’t work… Jessica held her breath as she rapped on the door with her perfect knuckles. Once, twice, three times. Nice, simple. Professional. She waited a terribly long time but finally she heard his voice. Her heart skipped and left a painful heat in her chest. She had hoped that he wasn’t in.

“Come in.” Came the simple admission, in a powerful voice and a stressed tone. He was always in a stressful mood. That didn’t help Jessicas nerves. It never did. Even when she was simply going about her business, and not intending to do something truly filthy.

The shaking secretary tried once more to compose herself, as again she tried to ignore the throng of gawking men that had gathered behind her and stretched down the corridor. Let’s go. Gently, the timid woman pushed the door open and her change was instantaneous.

“Good afternoon sir, I… I was just wondering if I could speak with you?” Jessica said in a light tone and a wide smile.

She studied her boss. Knowing what she was about to try, she wanted to get a good picture of him in her mind. She knew he was an average height, shorter than she, especially in her heels. He wore a pressed, blue suit, always, and had thick black hair, brushed to the side. He wore thin glasses and had a slim, but muscular body. Many a time Jessica had been at eye level with his crotch as he stood at her desk, and she could tell that he wasn’t very big, but he was thick.

Brandon Adams noticed it was his gorgeous secretary when he heard her familiar and husky voice. He watched her looking at him a moment, from behind the partially closed door and expressed mixed feelings.

“Absolutely, Jessica, do come in.” He said in a flat and calm voice. Unaware that the men behind her had a perfect view of her slightly bent over ass, Jessica smiled and moved in through the gap in the doorway. Adams saw the men behind her looking in; trying to catch a final glimpse of the body that they were stripping in their minds.

Speaking of.

When he escort bostancı heard her locking the door, Adams noticed what his attractive secretary was wearing today, thinking that this was a new look for her, but kept it to himself. He stared at her tall, perfect body as she smiled nervously and carefully approached him, but he tried to stay focused and professional.

“Oh, well thank you, Brandon.” She addressed him directly, to show herself that she was not backing down. The nice woman sat down in front of Adams with her back straight and her busty chest out.

Jessica watched his eyes linger as she tilted her head to the side to show her bare neck and shoulders. Her complexion was fair and perfect. A single beauty spot rested on her upper chest, below her left collar bone. Another, on the crest of her large, right breast. Her deep, inviting cleavage hung, tightly pushed together by the dress and she blinked her huge, brown eyes as she waited for her CEO to respond. It took him a rather long time to realise that he was staring at her. The way her nipples poked through the fabric of her dress had him all distracted and didn’t see her watching him for a response.

“What… what’s the problem… Jess… Jessica?” Adams asked, trying to focus on Jessicas eyes but she could see that he started to lose track by glancing at her chest. Jessica blinked her large brown eyes again and gently pushed her huge, circular glasses up the bridge of her delicate nose with her crimson painted fingertip. Adams couldn’t help but stare at her flesh. A lot was on display, which wasn’t normal for Jessica. He didn’t realise how fair and pale her perfect body was. He imagined her crimson painted fingertips rolling over her pretty, little clitoris and her red painted lips parting in moaned pleasure as he pushed himself deep inside her pretty, pink puss… Adams gave an audible gulp, and battled to make direct eye contact with Jessica. That didn’t help. Those deep brown, doe eyes, staring deeply into his eyes, were enough to make him sweat.

“Well I have some concerns about the recent redundancies and I would like to know where I am in regard to it all.” Jessica said after a long moment, hanging her CEO in limbo as he nervously fought to find some place to look.

“I want to know what position you have planned for me.” She added that little innuendo to make him skip a beat. He certainly did. She winked at his red face daringly, with a cheeky smile. Adams whined a little, and then said with desperation, strained focus and regret.

“Yes. I know. We’re losing a lot of good workers due to complications, and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to tell you under better circumstances, but we’re gonna have to let you go too, Jessica…”

Suspecting as much, the attractive woman acted in exaggerated surprise, and gave a high pitched, feminine gasp, gently drawing in air to allow her chest to protrude even more, if that was possible. Apparently it was. Deep down she was worried. Her act was an attempt to hide it and to take hold of her boss even harder. Adams could see that she was trying to hide it.

“Well sir, is there anything I can do to help my situation?” Before Adams could answer, after a moment of silence, as he tried to beat back the thoughts of what he would like to get her to do for him, Jessica stood up and towered over him. Adams’ mouth had just been opening to answer when the suddenly intimidating, sexually attractive woman rose from her seat. His jaw loosely agape, he could see that her skirt had been hiked up around her delicious hips, revealing amazingly strong legs and a peak of her lacy, black and grey, satin panties. Alongside which, was another beautiful brown spot, right where the obvious beginning of her soft, little lips were hiding beneath the satin fabric.

“Um…?” Adams tried to begin but his mouth had gone dry as he continued to panic in awe at Jessicas goddess body and lost his train of thought even further. Jessica simply smiled, and removed a small, elastic hair band from around her wrist. A cute little bracelet hung from her wrist, alongside a simple, small, round watch. She tilted her pretty head to the side as she gathered up her lovely, rich, red hair and proceeded to tie it back into a long ponytail. The whole time she held him captive in the gaze of her hypnotising, brown eyes with her legs parted at the hips, to hold her skirt up and keep her panties in view. Her nerves were subsiding, and she was starting to enjoy this.

“Because you see, I really need this job, Brandon, and I don’t think that I would fare well as a stripper.” Jessica said in her husky voice, which already made it sexy without the sultry look in her eye. Of course, she had to add a silky, arousing tone to it, as she gave her hair one final tight tug in both hands and dropped the ponytail back.

“Now… Jessica!” Adams shrank back into his seat as his secretary crawled up onto his desk in front of him and whipped her ponytail backward around over her beautiful, bare shoulder. His voice had lost all command ümraniye escort and was breaking in high pitches. It was no wonder, he was forced to stare straight down the incredible cleavage of this woman who was almost half of his age. The cleavage that was almost spilling out of her dress.

His dick was now incredibly hard, and it was very obvious, from how it bulged between his legs. As Jessica mounted the desk on all fours, knocking over some stationary and files, she got down on her elbows and stared him dead in the eyes. Adams tried to stare her down, but eventually his watering mouth dropped open and he mindlessly leaned in for a kiss. Jessica purposely pressed her plump, red painted lips to her bosses and swayed her hips.

She moaned as she pushed her tongue deep into Adams’ mouth, before pulling away from the stunned CEO. Their lips made a sharp smacking sound as they disconnected and Adams shuddered with need. His lips were now red also.

“Oh my sir, what was that? Did you just kiss your secretary?” Jessica rocked back, like she was riding an invisible cock, and wiped her lip with a wink.

“I could have you sued for that!” She smirked. Needless to say, Adams was speechless. Jessica knew that it was she that did the kissing. Nevertheless, Adams submitted, hoping that this wasn’t over. Hoping she wouldn’t try to use it against him.

“Umm, I’m so sorry, it’s not professional for me to do this.” He eagerly declared, but in doing so he admitted to sexual harassment and assault. He coughed, trying to take back his control and conduct himself better as he stood up from his chair. He bulge was now raging for freedom and he looked at the innocent Jessica sitting on his desk, as if straddling him like a cowgirl. Jessica grinned on noticing Adams’ hard bulge and went back down on her elbows to bring her face right up against her bosses crotch.

“Sir, what are we going to do about this unfortunate situation? This disturbing turn of events?” She pointed at the rigid member behind Adams’ pants.

“Is it for me?” She grinned. Her directness made him tremble with need for her.

Adams gently tried to take hold of her head to push her face into his bulge, but Jessica quickly rose up his body and pushed him back down into his seat with a smile.

“No, I don’t think that you are being very professional, Brandon. I have a mind to report you!” Adams panicked and tried to think of something to sway her not to, but was talked down and distracted by her hands squeezing at her breasts. Those beautiful, big tits. I

“Then again, I don’t exactly think that I am conducting myself in the most professional manner either. Now, am I, Sir?” Jessicas sultry voice and eyes held her randy boss fixated as she began crawling from the desk, down onto Adams’ lap.

“Jessica this has to stop. What are you doing?” The unconvincing CEO warned as his secretary straddled his crotch.

“If I am to be a stripper, because of your decision, I better get some practice.”

Jessica pressed her spilling cleavage right into Adams’ face as he accepted her sitting on his lap, and he placed his hands on her perfect hips.

“Wouldn’t you agree?” Came the sultry rhetoric as she removed her chest from her bosses face. Her perfect, light, braless nipples were starting to peak out from under her plunging neckline. Adams leaned up to kiss her tits and neck a few times.

“You like it when I call you Sir?” Jessica was grinding her pelvis, straddling Adams’ legs and swaying her hips. As she did so, she was holding her skirt up, revealing her tight midsection and belly button. She began to moan as her own crotch rubbed against that of her erect boss. Adams was transfixed, his mouth was open as he ran his hands up her back. Jessica kept shrugging her shoulders and kissing at his neck and face, holding his head in her hand gently.

“Uh huh.” Was all that Adams could say as he felt Jessicas ass and hips with his groping hands.

“Oh I’m sorry, I can’t seem to hear you. Sir.” Jessica moaned with building lust as she moved her body over her bosses body. Her sultry tone came from her lips, as she was breathing heavily at Adams ear. Her hips were grinding her pussy on her bosses crotch and she was getting wetter by the minute. Adams, on the other hand, was crazed, kissing at her and pushing his bulge against her as he groped all over her. Suddenly he grabbed Jessicas neck with a loose grip and leaned right into her face.

“Yes!” He shouted.

The declaration rang out into the still thronged corridor and there were apprehensive glances exchanged between co-workers. One suddenly displeased man handed a twenty dollar note to another, who was smirking that he won his bet. Back inside, Adams was growling and began to slap the perfect ass of his grinding, moaning secretary. She bucked harder on Adams’ crotch and gasped in a sexy laugh.

“Good boy!” She chuckled, too loud for Adams’ liking. Outside, men were starting to laugh, and Adams could hear it. He couldn’t get up to disperse them though, because Jessicas kartal escort bayan big tits were being rubbed in his face, smothering him in her cleavage.

Adams tugged on Jessicas dress and with little effort, unleashed the beautiful glory of his seductive secretary’s perfect 34DDs. The large breasts bounced in front of him, braless. Instantly his mouth latched onto a nipple and he started kissing and licking at it. Both nipples were hard as the huge breasts spilled out of Jessicas dress, and she moaned and grinned at the sensations. Jessica had to compose herself, she had a job to save. She was getting too aroused. Not yet.

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away from Adams, and sat on his desk with her legs crossed and her tits out. She had to push her boss back a couple of times since he was too clingy and didn’t want to stop.

“Well, well, Mr. Adams. You certainly are not conducting yourself in a very professional manner. I see you are ready for anything. I however, still don’t know where I stand. I think that I better tell someone about you coming on to me. Look at what you’ve done with my dress.” Her eyes held the horny CEO again, like a hungry tigress. Adams thought for a second and fumed. She was playing him. He liked it, but it was dangerous. He had to give her what she wanted. Not before he got what he wanted. He looked at her pulled open dress and her exposed chest and grinned a sleazy grin.

“Oh, but I am still not convinced that you want to keep your job, Jessica. You are going to have to impress me.” Adams chuckled, pushing for more.

Jessica had expected an answer like that. Of course, this was going to escalate before she got anywhere.

“Well, Sir. I am afraid that I might have to have a serious think about my stripper plan. After all, if I don’t go tell someone about how you… Savagely threw yourself at me as I came to give you reports, and tried to take my dress off… I think I will end up losing my job after all.” Jessica faked dismay and sniffled. The red faced Adams nodded.

“Oh yeah?” He pushed. Jessica nodded.

“Yeah. I will have to find a position somewhere as a pole dancer instead.” Jessica acted heart broken, with her face dropped, giving a couple more loud sniffles, before looking at Adams from under her brow with a cheeky smile.

“I don’t see a pole in here Jessica, I don’t think it will be a feasible venture.” Adams sat back with his hands behind his head as Jessica opened her perfect legs again.

“Oh, Brandon, I see a pole. Right. Here.” The sultry secretary poked at Adams’ bulging crotch with her heeled toes, as she stroked at her clit through her silk panties and purred. Adams looked at her in surprise, seeing her wet cameltoe being pressed the crease of her pretty pussy. She suddenly slid down from the desk between her bosses legs and began to fight with his belt.

She tore it open with her teeth and pulled his trousers and underwear straight down to his ankles. Adams laughed and Jessica smiled up at his heavy, thick cock and balls. Of course. Not too long, but pretty thick. She took hold of it in her hand and gently stroked at the weight of it. She looked up into his eyes and rested both of her elbows on his thighs, leaning forward with her face in his balls.

Adams pushed his hips forward in excitement and reveled in the warmth of his secretarys hand around his dick.

“Jessica, we can get into a lot of trouble.” Adams couldn’t hold back his grin as the attractive, tall woman under his desk jerked him off and shook her head.

“No Brandon. You can get into a lot of trouble. That didn’t stop you earlier though. It didn’t stop you from taking these out.” Jessica caressed her tits and nipples before rising her chest and allowing her breasts to sit on her bosses thighs, with his cock in between.

“No, it didn’t.” Adams groaned at the feeling of Jessicas ample breasts surrounding his cock and balls. The secretary pressed her tits together, and tightly began to jerk Adams off with them. She had to hold his dick from falling away, but otherwise it felt good for both of them.

On she stroked, every so often spitting down at her bosses cock in her cleavage and Adams was beginning to dribble pre-cum onto her chest. As he gasped and groaned, Jessica once again let a bit of drool drop from her mouth, over the cock and between her breasts. She couldn’t help it. Adams wasn’t the only one that was extremely horny. Jessica opened her mouth and took the tip of her bosses dick on her tongue every time she stroked down with her tits. The gentle warmth and moisture of Jessicas mouth made Adams push his hips back and forth against her.

“You are doing well, but I am going to need some more evidence before I make my decision.” Stated Adams in a sleazy tone as he pushed Jessicas head down, forcing her to take his cock deeper into her mouth. Her tits fell away from his balls as her head jerked down on him. His dick was just long enough to hit the back of her throat, and so it did; but Jessica didn’t gag. She simply moved up her head up and down on her boss like a hungry animal. She grabbed hold of it again and jerked as she took it back, again and again. Soon she was moaning, and she came off it, only to spit on it and go back down. The taste of his salty pre-cum burned her throat but she liked it.

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