Seducing Miss Welker Pt. 03

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Roughly two weeks following my phone sex session with Laura (and still with something like six weeks to go until graduation) Miss Welker walked up to me one morning while I was going through my locker just before classes were about to start for the day and (with several of my fellow classmates within eyesight and earshot) handed me a sealed envelope while saying…

“Here you go Sally. This is that recommendation letter that you asked me to write for you. I hope it helps with getting you into the right classes at college this fall.”

Having never requested anything of the sort of course, I played along and accepted that envelope and replied, “Thanks a lot Miss Welker. You’re a lifesaver!”

I then made a bee-line for the ladies room, entered a stall and tore open that envelope to discover a full-page receipt that Miss Welker had obviously printed off online. It showed me that she had made a reservation at a Holiday Inn located in a town about fifty miles away from Small Town City for the Saturday night then about ten days in the future. Room number 312. I’ll never forget that number as long as I’m alive! Check-in was anytime after 2PM. Number of guests? Only one. But there was also a notation made that the guest in question was expecting for two of her nieces to swing by for a while on the night in question.

And I have no idea how I refrained from sprinting off at that and doing a lap around school with that receipt held high above my head while screaming out, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” at the top of my lungs. But I did make sure to show it to Laura later that morning in between classes. And much to her credit, she too remained subdued after glancing over what it said and, instead, merely mumbled out in response, “Holy fuck we actually did it.”

Which were my sentiments exactly as well.

And I should mention here that Laura and I had of course seen each other plenty around school in the aftermath of (first) our bathtub adventure together and (more recently) our unbelievably erotic phone sex session. We just didn’t speak to each other very much in those instances however. Not that things were in any way awkward between us though. It was more like we had an unstated understanding that we need not do or say anything together that might have tipped off any of our fellow classmates to the fact that there was something going on between she and myself.

But we spoke on the phone together during the weekend prior to our date with Miss Welker to plan everything out accordingly. In order to give ourselves enough time to do our thing in that hotel room and still make it back home in time for curfew, we decided to head off together at six o’clock on the evening in question so as to meet with Miss Welker around seven. And because Laura had a car that was slightly more reliable than mine, she agreed to drive us there and back herself with us both splitting the cost in gas.

Then there was the matter of how to explain to our respective groups of close friends (and not to mention boyfriends) why we would both be unavailable to do whatever on the following Saturday night. And after talking things over, we decided that feigning a temporary illness was the only thing that made sense. So call us a pair of psychics for knowing a full week in advance that we would neither be feeling well on the following Saturday.

Then there was another matter too that we needed to plan out. Although it may not have aroused too many suspicions around that hotel had I arrived wearing one of my cute little tennis outfits (sans underwear of course) the same can’t be said had Laura arrived alongside me wearing her cheerleading uniform (sans underwear also of course).

So I paid Miss Welker’s classroom a visit after-hours that following Wednesday, shut the door behind me, walked up to where she was sitting at her desk and started by saying, “I hope seven o’clock works for you Aunt Emily.”

Unable to keep from smiling at that my first time calling her by her first name (which isn’t really Emily of course) Miss Welker then replied, “Seven sounds fine. And is there anything else?”

“Actually yes,” I said. “Laura and I have decided to be wearing a certain outfit apiece when paying you that visit. So unless you have any better ideas, expect for us to head into the bathroom together right off the bat to change into them for you.”

After giving the matter some thought, “Tell you what instead,” Miss Welker replied. “They have an indoor pool at that hotel. So why don’t you two meet me there and grab my key-card so you can head up to my room and change into your outfits together in private. I promise to then be along shortly myself.”

“Wearing some type of bathing suit surely,” I guessed. “I just can’t help but wonder if it’s going to be a one-piece or two-piece.”

With another smile, “It will be something appropriate for the situation I can assure you,” Miss Welker replied. “Don’t worry though. I’ll make sure to keep you two from getting a good look bursa eskort at it until I’ve at least first seen what type of outfits you’ve both decided to change into for me.”

Satisfied with everything at that, I bade Miss Welker a good day and started to make my leave of her classroom. But I was struck by a certain notion once I got to the door and turned around and asked, “What excuse have you told your boyfriend to explain why you’re going to be unavailable for most of this weekend?”

With a shrug of her shoulders, “Why should I lie?” Miss Welker asked in reply. “I’m feeling a bit stressed out from the school year dragging on like it is so I scheduled a mini staycation just for myself.”

“You’re a genius,” I stated.

“Flattery will get you everywhere my dear,” Miss Welker replied.

Which marked the final words spoken between us until that following Saturday evening. But then while making my exit from Miss Welker’s classroom, I made sure to shimmy my hips just so to make my ass do a little dance inside of the skin-tight khaki shorts I was wearing at the time.

And don’t ask why I braided my mane of red hair into a pair of pigtails that Saturday afternoon. Maybe it was just to give myself an overall look that screamed ‘schoolgirl’ to serve as a reminder to Miss Welker that she was being a very bad teacher for agreeing to meet with Laura and me for the purpose of making her certain fantasy come true.

Then when Laura arrived to pick me up later that evening with her mane of light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, she reached over and gave a tug on one of my braids as I was settling into the passenger seat beside her and said, ” Your kinkiness knows no bounds Sally.”

Which I took as a compliment of the highest order.

With both of us dressed in jeans and t-shirts at the time, I then held up the tote bag that I had brought along with me containing my certain little outfit and said, “I remembered mine. Did you remember yours?”

Then nodding towards the back seat at where there was a tote bag of her own, “Never leave home without it,” Laura quipped.

And believe it or not, we didn’t speak at all about the topic of our impending meeting with Miss Welker for at least the first half-hour that Laura navigated our way towards our ultimate destination and, instead, mostly busied ourselves with discussing the latest gossip around school. But then at a lull in the conversation, Laura said, “I’ve been debating whether or not to bring this up but I can’t help but feel that Miss Welker might be hiding something up her sleeve tonight.”

Intrigued, “Go on,” I replied. “Why do you feel that way and what do you think she might be planning?”

“Don’t get me wrong,” Laura said then. “I realize that it took a lot of persuasion on mostly your behalf to get Miss Welker to the point that she agreed to let us act out that certain fantasy of hers. But it still seems to me that she had a quick change of heart about the whole thing.”

After thinking the matter over for a bit, “Well it seems to me like she was still on the fence about everything until you let her shoot that video of you getting topless and making your tits go all bouncy bouncy,” I replied. “And don’t sell yourself short on that fact either.”

“I promise I’m not,” Laura stated. “But I still think she might have an ulterior motive for finally giving into your idea that the two of us should seduce her like those two bridesmaids did to a third in that story she read online. Like maybe she’s since decided to put her own unique spin on that scenario she wants us to act out with her tonight.”

And it was nothing but the truth when I replied, “I don’t have any issues whatsoever with the thought of Miss Welker maybe springing some kind of surprise on us this evening.”

And neither did Laura based on the smile she shot me at that.

Shortly then, we pulled into the parking lot of a four-story Holiday Inn and, tote bags in-hand, made our way inside, announced our presence at the front desk and was told by the lady we spoke to there that our Aunt Emily was waiting for us at the pool.

Or rather in the pool as it turned out. Which was how Miss Welker was initially able to mostly mask from our view the sight of her body clad in the red bikini she was obviously wearing at the time. She was backed up against the wall in the deep end with only her head and arms above the waterline so Laura and I could only make out what she was wearing but the water was distorting the sight of how she looked while wearing it.

And there was something like a dozen others either in that pool itself or milling around poolside at the time Laura and I made our appearance. And none of them seemed to pay any mind when I called over to Miss Welker, “Hey Aunt Emily. It’s your two favorite nieces here to pay you a visit on your little staycation!”

And no one else present seemed to pay any mind either when, “Well two of my top five favorite nieces anyway,” Miss Welker called back bursa bayan escort in response. Then she gestured over to where she had placed a few of her belongings on a poolside deck chair and added, “I want to swim another couple laps so grab my key-card if you want and head up to my room. And stay out of the mini-fridge while you’re up there. Your parents will kill me if I let either of you have so much as one beer!”

Alone in the elevator on our way up to the third floor a minute later, “Wait a sec,” Laura said. “Were we supposed to be sisters or cousins down there?”

“Damn it I forgot to ask,” I replied. “There’s always something isn’t there!”

Laughing together, we then exited the elevator, found room 312 and made our way inside.

Nice room too. It was rather spacious only being a single with just one queen-sized bed. Otherwise it was furnished with a wooden desk and chair, a recliner and a decent sized flat screen television mounted on the wall opposite the bed. And in the corner by the bathroom was the suitcase that Miss Welker had obviously packed for her little trip.

But rather than using that bathroom for our first order of business, Laura and I stripped down naked together right in the middle of the room. With our eyes on each other the whole time of course. Then we put on our respective little outfits and waited until there was a knock at the door when Laura let in Miss Welker.

Having since wrapped a beach towel around basically her entire body, Miss Welker closed the door behind her, took a look at what Laura and I had changed into and said, “Very nice girls. Sexy in a cute sort of way. Same as those pigtails of yours Sally.”

As we had already agreed upon doing when first finding ourselves alone with Miss Welker, without a word, Laura hoisted up her cheerleading top to expose her orb-like pair of C-cups laid bare as I, at the same time too, spun around and hiked up the back of my tennis skirt to expose the sight of my rather nice caboose laid bare as well.

After taking in the sight of which in silence for quite a few seconds, “How lovely,” Miss Welker finally said. “Thank you both for showing me each of your best physical attributes right off the bat. Now work them for me please like you know I enjoy seeing.”

In tandem then, I started twerking my bare ass all around as Laura began bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet to make her bare breasts do a dance themselves.

Then looking back over my shoulder at the sight of Miss Welker darting her eyes back and forth between my gyrating booty and Laura’s bouncing boobs, “And what’s it going to take for you to remove your towel so we can get a look at you in your bikini?” I asked.

With a smile, “How about a kiss to show me that you two are something of actual lovers by now,” Miss Welker suggested.

Laura and I then shot each other a smile before we ceased with our certain actions, pulled our outfits back into place, turned to face each other, embraced, locked our lips together and began kissing.

Which quickly turned passionate as our tongues got involved in the act as well. Officially French kissing by that point with Miss Welker looking on in silence, Laura and I then moved our hands to lift up the back of each other’s skirt and began feeling up one another’s ass as our tongues remained at play together.

After watching all of which for at least a full minute, Miss Welker finally said, “Ahem.” It turned out that Laura and I had been so engrossed in our kiss that we missed it when our make-believe aunt had removed her towel before tossing it completely aside.

So we broke off our kiss and moved to stand side by side to take in the sight of our school’s hottest teacher rocking just a little red bikini. It’s top featured a pair of triangles for cups that put her huge boobs on much better display than either of the two bras that I had previously seen her wearing while it’s bottom was far more thong-like than not.

And trust me when I say that there are even some professional Instagram models that would be jealous of how Miss Welker looks while wearing such an outfit. Keep in mind the fact that she’s a skinny and leggy almost six foot tall long-haired blond with breasts right on the verge of being double-Ds who also happens to be blessed with a cover model worthy face. And speaking of her breasts, as that top she was wearing then obviously offered basically nothing in terms of support, I could tell that they were just as self-supporting as Laura’s full pair of C-cups.

After Laura and I had taken in the sight of which for a number of seconds, Miss Welker turned herself in a slow 360 to show off her body clad in so little from all angles, including her firm and taut little ass half exposed thanks to that tiny red bottom that she was wearing.

And once her turn was completed and Miss Welker was facing us other two once again, Laura asked her, “What’s it going to take for Sally and I to charm bursa ucuz escort you out of that bikini top of yours?”

While shooting us both a smirk, “Not sure,” Miss Welker replied. “But I’d prefer for my nipples to be fully erect by the time I show off my tits to you both for the first time.”

With just a smile between us, Laura and I then turned to face each other again and began French kissing anew. But not too long into that our second little make out session of the night, Laura moved her hands to my skirt and pulled it downwards to send it falling down the length of my legs. So I returned the favor and did the same to her skirt as well as our lips on tongues remained intertwined.

After letting out a coo of approval to the sight of which, “That just got the attention of my nipples girls,” Miss Welker admitted. “So please keep going.”

Having since kicked our skirts completely aside, Laura and I then broke off our kiss for just long enough to remove each other’s top before we tossed those aside as well. Then completely naked, we resumed making out with nothing but passion as our bare breasts were pressed firmly together. And not long after we also again started feeling up the other one’s ass while continuing to French kiss each other…

“Damn it girls that was quick,” Miss Welker huffed out. “So here’s your reward for turning me on.”

Laura and I then ceased with our kiss and again moved to stand side by side to watch as Miss Welker then undid her top and let it fall to the floor at her feet. And the sight of her then standing there topless in only her little red thong-like bikini bottom caused for us two students at her school to gasp out in awe.

Google as many pics of bare breasts as you want and I swear you’ll never come across a pair as glorious as those Laura and I were seeing just then. Their sheer size is one thing. But they’re also so firm and self-supporting that they resemble torpedoes of flesh that point themselves mostly straight forwards out in front of Miss Welker’s body. And she has beautiful areolas too. They’re a very pale shade of pink that are rounded into perfect circles maybe the size of silver dollars.

And sure enough, Miss Welker’s nipples were then fully erect. And sure enough also, those light pink nodes of hers were showing themselves capable of morphing into roughly the same size and shape as that of marbles when aroused to the max.

Nor was she the only one standing there then with nipples having since become engorged in excitement. Thanks to all of our kissing and also seeing Miss Welker showing us so much of her incredible body laid bare, Laura’s light brown pair and my dark pink pair were both also swollen in arousal by then.

After us three then spent some time checking out how we had just turned each other on as such, Laura said to Miss Welker, “Just that little bottom of yours left to go until we’re all naked for one another.”

Smiling at that, “Not quite yet,” Miss Welker replied. “Please keep seducing me by showing me now what you two did in that bathtub together a little while back and I promise to reward you in kind.”

Without a word, Laura and I then moved to the bed, climbed on top of the covers and laid ourselves out on our backs side by side with our heads at rest upon the pillows. Then as Miss Welker moved to stand at the side of the bed where I was laying, Laura and I spread our legs wide apart with her one crossed over mine.

Turning my head to look at Miss Welker at that, “Would it be asking too much for you to provide us with some sort of inspiration for us to masturbate together for you to see?” I asked.

After thinking the matter over for a bit, ” I suppose not,” Miss Welker replied. “You two seem to enjoy sharing erotic stories back and forth while doing your thing with each other. So what if I tell you about how exactly those two lesbian bridesmaids seduced that straight one in that story I read on Literotica?”

After Laura and I voiced aloud our love for that very idea…

“They were all at the wedding reception when those two invited the other one into an empty room with an excuse that they wanted to tell her a secret,” Miss Welker began. “But once the door was shut behind them, the lesbians started performing a strip-tease act in-tandem without any warning at all. And it didn’t end until they were both completely naked with the straight bridesmaid looking on in such a state of shock that she couldn’t speak or even make a move to leave. Then when those two lesbians made a move to start removing all of the straight girl’s clothing as well, she was still in such a state of shock that she didn’t put up any resistance whatsoever.”

As Laura and I had both since moved a hand into place and began petting our clitoral sheathes nice and slow in tandem together, Laura then asked Miss Welker, “And how did you first react to reading about that?”

With a shake of her head, “I started doing something before I even realized what was happening,” Miss Welker admitted. “See how aroused my nipples are right now? Well, I was unable to refrain from using my fingers to do that to myself while reading about how that straight girl just stood there and allowed for those two lesbians to strip her just as naked as they were already themselves.”

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