Seducing the Boss’s Son

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All the characters depicted in this story are 18 years old or older.


David was momentarily speechless when the pretty young woman asked him who it was he wished to see. He had come into his father’s office early and had expected to see Mrs. Standish sitting at her desk outside his dad’s office as usual, not this attractive 20 something blonde. It was only when her smile broadened and she asked him for a second time if she could help him that David collected himself.

“Hi. I’m David Henderson. I’m here to see my father.”

“Oh David, yes! I’m Gloria Allen. I’m interning here for the summer. Your father said you were coming in. Would you mind taking a seat for a moment. He’ll be right back…” Gloria said smiling up at David.

David found himself blushing for some reason as he said..”Sure..” and awkwardly seated himself on the too soft sofa opposite Gloria’s desk.

He was supposed to be starting work that morning at his father’s law firm. Stan had told him one of his partner’s could use an additional clerk for the summer to do some ‘gophering’ and to fill in for vacationing staff. David was anxious to make a good impression because he could make a lot more money doing this than the landscaping work that he had been doing for the last couple of years when he was home from school.

He certainly hadn’t expected to meet anyone like Gloria at his father’s stodgy old law firm. She was probably a couple of years older than he was and looked a lot like Nicole Kidman… long, frizzie blonde hair, calculating eyes and crimson painted lips. When she got up to retrieve a file from one of the file cabinets behind her, David couldn’t help but watch her. She was tall and had a stunning figure. She was wearing a form fitting, white sleeveless top beneath which her up-turned breasts swelled dramatically. Her long, nylon clad legs were fetchingly on display beneath her little black skirt. As she returned to her desk she looked over and saw David staring at her. She smiled knowingly to herself as she sat down.

She was working at a modern, chrome and glass kind of desk. There was no front to it and although David had picked up a magazine, he wasn’t really looking at it. He was staring at Gloria’s legs under her desk. Gloria was reviewing some kind of report, and poring through a number of reference papers on her desk. She was shifting back and forth in her chair and it seemed to David that every time she moved, her knees parted a little further allowing him more and more of a glimpse of the juncture between her curvaceous thighs.

David heard voices approaching but really wasn’t paying attention to anything other that the fascinating spectacle unfolding under Gloria’s desk. He literally jerked upright when he heard his father’s hearty voice boom…”David! There you are! You remember Mrs. Fletcher don’t you!…”

For a moment David’s eyes whipped up into Gloria’s. Her eyes danced with amusement as she returned his look and shifted once more in her seat, bringing her knees together primly beneath her desk.

David lurched to his feet as Debra Fletcher approached, her hand extended to him.

“Unnn…Sure!…Of course!…Hello Mrs. Fletcher. Nice to see you again. Thanks for …for letting me come in. I mean for giving me a chance…to… to meet you…about the job…” David stammered lamely, finding it hard to concentrate with the vision of Gloria’s invitingly parted thighs still dancing in his head.

“Good morning David. I’m sure you’re eager to get started. I see you’ve already met Miss Allen….Stan. I’ll see you at the partner’s meeting later. David why don’t you follow me and I’ll introduce you to my assistant.” Debra said

“Great!…” David said, stealing one more glance at Gloria who by then had returned to the work on her desk.

“Thanks Deb!…David, I’ll see you later at home. ..Gloria, would you bring me the McMichael file when it’s ready…” Stan Henderson said as he turned and ambled into his office.

David had to move fast to keep up with Mrs. Fletcher who was rapidly disappearing down the corridor ahead of him.

It was a few days later, about 3:00 in the afternoon when David had an unexpected break. He had no idea that lawyers’ offices were such sweat shops. On that morning he’d been given a conference room table and four banker’s boxes of case notes that a number of the firm’s lawyers had been working on and he had been instructed to refile all the documentation in order by date. He finished just before 3:00 and then went looking for Mrs. Fletcher but was told she was in a meeting for probably another hour.

Not knowing what else to do and thinking he might get to see Gloria again, David went looking for his father.

When he got to his father’s office Gloria wasn’t at her desk. The door to his father’s office was closed but still ajar and David thought he’d just look inside and see if his father was there.

Sure enough, Gloria and his father were standing behind his desk, apparently escort bostancı looking at some paperwork that was spread out in front of them.

Stan had an ‘L’ shaped desk that faced the door of his office. The ‘L’ faced the big window beside the desk and this was where all the papers were spread out. In fact Gloria and Stan had their backs to the door when David walked in.

David stepped into his father’s office and was about to say something when it struck him that there was something odd about the way Gloria and his father were standing together.

Stan was bent over slightly above the paperwork in front of him. He was leaning on his knuckles that were planted on the desk. Gloria was standing just behind his right side, her left hand resting on Stan’s shoulder, one outstretched finger toying with his ear. Her right arm was sort of wrapped around his waist and at first David thought that she must have been sorting through some of the papers on the desktop. Gloria was definitely working at arranging something because her right shoulder was flexing repeatedly as she reached around her boss from behind.

It was eerily quiet in his father’s office and David suddenly realized that the only sound he could hear was a juicy, rhythmic squishing sound.

David couldn’t believe it. Although he couldn’t really see anything, he thought for a moment that Gloria was masturbating his father right there in his office. But he knew that couldn’t be right! He was just about to say something when he saw his father drop his head and groan gutturally…

“Goddd!…Oh God honey!…Suck it for me!…Come on!… Gloria!…Pleaseee!…”

“Oh shit!…” David gasped in amazement.

David’s father didn’t hear him but Gloria did. She turned her head and looked at David over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering into his. She didn’t for a moment stop her lurid masturbation. In fact, as she continued to stare wantonly at David she purred…

“Not now lover!…We don’t have time…You’ve got that meeting at 3:30….Don’t worry, I’ll get you off!…You know you can never hold it when I do this!…”

As she spoke, Gloria was leaning more and more heavily into Stan’s side. She tangled her left hand into his hair and pulled his head up, turning it so that he wouldn’t inadvertently see his son standing behind him. At the same time she dropped her right shoulder, and really started flexing her arm as she gave David’s poor father what must have been a furious stroking.

“Unnnn!…Oh Yeah!…Oh Yeah!…” Stan grunted feverishly, rising up on his tiptoes in response to Gloria’s lurid masturbation.

“Come baby!…Give it up!…Unn Hnn!…” Gloria coaxed, puckering a mocking kiss at David as she brazenly fondled his gasping father.

“Ohhh!..Ohhh!…Nahhhh!..” Stan groaned, hunching frantically into Gloria’s racing hand.

David watched the lurid scene that was playing out in front of him with disbelief. His cock was achingly erect and bulging obscenely through the front of his pants. Gloria looked down and obviously saw it. She gave David a salacious wink as she shamelessly continued her lewd hand play, and then…

“Aaahhh!…” Stan wailed quietly as his balls convulsed and his come exploded with fiery intensity.

David could actually see the first few jets of sperm arcing through the air towards his father’s window.

“My!…That’s quite a load you’ve been saving!…Umm Hmmm!…That’s it!…Does that feel good?…” Gloria teased, her avid hand strokes slowing down to a much slower but no less incendiary rhythm now that she had Stan coming.

“Aahhhh!…Yeahhh!…Shittt Gloria!…” Stan panted, still shuddering as his spasms wracked him and his come continued to pour out over Gloria’s pistoning hand.

“You come so much baby!…” the blonde purred, tearing her eyes from David’s and looking over Stan’s shoulder and down at her handiwork.

“Looks like I’ll have to do that McMichael report over again….” she said, milking the big man’s greasy sperm onto the desktop in front of him.

When she sensed he was nearly done she gave Stan’s now super-sensitive cock a vicious twist that made him go…”Nahhh!…” and made his balls lurch yet again, forcing another bubble of goo from his aching testicles.

She looked again quickly over her shoulder at David and nodded at him to get out of there.

David stared at the smiling blonde in amazement for a moment longer and then he edged backwards out of his father’s office, pulling the door nearly closed in front of him as he snuck out.

At dinner that night David found himself staring repeatedly at his father over the dining room table. He somehow thought his father would look or act differently. He wondered if his mother suspected that his father was fooling around at work. There didn’t seem to be any tension between them. Finally his father asked him if he was feeling all right. Then he asked him if he was having any problems at work.

David said he was ümraniye escort just a little tired. He went to bed early. The next day at work there was some legal crisis and Mrs. Fletcher had all her people including David, chained to their desks burrowing through mountains of paperwork. This first crisis was followed by another and David literally didn’t have a chance to see his father or Gloria in the office for the rest of the week.

He didn’t see Gloria until the following Tuesday. There was a seldom used coffee room in the back of the filing archives. Most of the lawyers and their assistants had their fancy lattes and expressos brought in so there wasn’t much demand for the Maxwell House in a drum and powdered milk that was available in the coffee room.

David was nursing a tepid cup of instant decaf, hiding out from the tyrannous Mrs. Fletcher, when who came striding into the coffee room but his father’s assistant.

David almost dropped his coffee when Gloria stopped in the doorway. He stared at her with wide eyes like a deer caught in the headlights. She looked great as usual. She was wearing a grey satin blouse that criss-crossed over her breasts and displayed an alluring hint of cleavage In her black tailored pants and high heels she was just as tall as David. Her heady perfume enveloped him as she stood in the doorway of the little room.

Gloria looked at him appraisingly for a couple of seconds and then that amused smile turned up the corners of her mouth before she started for the coffee machine.

“Hi David!…How are you?…” she said breezily. And then…

“Damn!…Just my luck!…” as she realized that there was only a half of a cup left in the bottom of the pot.

“I don’t suppose you know how to deal with this?…” she asked David staring sadly at the nearly empty pot.

“Oh yeah!…Sure!…” David said, glad to have a moment to think. He grabbed the filters and the canned coffee from the cupboard and fussed around with the machine. But he could only pretend to be distracted by the coffee making for so long. Eventually he had to compose himself and try to converse normally with the sexy blonde standing behind him. He turned and leaned nervously back against the counter.

“There. That shouldn’t take long…” he said. He was trying to look at Gloria without thinking about her jacking off his father. But he wasn’t having much luck with that.

Gloria had picked up a stir stick and was nibbling on that as she stepped around to stand very close to David.

“Sooo?…” she said as she sort of leaned into him and peered over his shoulder to see the coffee’s progress. Although her body was only lightly grazing his, David could vividly feel her warmth and her supple curves pressing against him.

He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about the way her seductive eyes had burned into his as she brazenly finished masturbating his father when he had found them together. He had imagined himself in his father’s place again and again since then. Now he found himself looking at Gloria’s well manicured hand and picturing it wrapped around his cock.

David couldn’t help it. Now that he was alone with her, with Gloria’s curvaceous body shifting provocatively against his, he was incredibly excited. His cock was as hard as a post and was straining rudely against the front of his trousers. David had to stay hunched over slightly as he tried to hide the evidence of his arousal from the sultry young woman in front of him.

“Mmmm…Gloria… I have to ask you… the other day, when you were… with my…ahh… father… have you and he?…you know…has it been?…I mean were there other…?…Oh God!…” David stammered, too embarrassed to even be able to ask what was going on between his father and Gloria.

Gloria’ s amused smile grew larger as she watched the blood rise in David’s face while he tried to interrogate her.

“I wanted to talk to you about that David….” she said, laying one finger on David’s shoulder and then idly dragging it down his chest. She leaned closer to him, her moist breath gusting into his ear as she whispered conspiratorially…

“I think it’d be a good idea if you didn’t mention anything about what you saw in your father’s office the other day to anyone. After all you didn’t see anything did you David?…” she asked quietly, slowly weaving her finger down the row of buttons on his shirt.

“Uhhhh!…No!…I guess not!…Not really!…” David answered. Gloria was standing so close to him that he was afraid that she might accidentally discover the huge boner that was throbbing at his loins. He turned toward the sink, pretending to check on the coffee, but really he was trying to shield his crotch from the tempting blonde.

Gloria stayed close to the nervous young man, her one hand now wrapped around him from behind and still shifting lower and lower down his muscular torso. Her fingertips were now grazing against his belt as she whispered into David’s ear…

“That’s kartal escort bayan good…I’m glad to hear that!…That means you and I can be friends!… Would you like that?…To be friends I mean?…”

“Ahhhh…Sure!…That’d be great!…”

“I thought you liked me right away!…I could tell!…Do you want to know how I could tell David?…

“Oh I guess all the guys are always coming on to you…I mean you’re really attractive and all…You’re probably used to getting a lot of attention.”

“Well aren’t you sweet to say so. But that isn’t what made me think you’d want to be friends. I knew you liked me because you seem to get the most amazing hard-ons whenever I’m around. Do you have one right now David? …Do you?… Let me see!…” Gloria purred as she slipped her hand down over the big bulge in the front of David’s pants and gave it a wanton squeeze.

“Umm Hmm!….I thought so!…”

“Ahhh!…Oh God Gloria!….Unnn!… I’m…Geez!… I couldn’t help it!…” David moaned, bracing his hands on the counter in front of him as Gloria brazenly fondled him.

“Couldn’t help what baby?…Couldn’t help it that you’ve got such a big stiffie?…” Gloria teased, squeezing David’s rigid shaft hotly.

“What could you have been thinking about that’s got you so excited I wonder?…You’re awfully excited aren’t you David?…” she murmured rubbing her hand lasciviously up and down David’s seething erection.

“You’ve got a nice one!…It’s so big and hard already!…Does it get any bigger?…Does it?…” Gloria taunted as she lewdly jerked David’s responsive tool through his pants.

“Ahhhh!…Oh God!…Ohhh!..”

Gloria was thrilled to feel David’s turgid tool throb under her coaxing palm. She knew exactly how aroused he was and she wondered how long it would take before she could make him squirt. She could tell he wasn’t going to last very long.

“Unnn!…Gloria!…Wait!…Don’t!…” David gasped. The come was knotting up incredibly quickly in his balls. The tingling in his groin was becoming excruciating and he suddenly realized that if Gloria didn’t stop playing with his cock he wouldn’t be able to hold it. He’d probably wind up coming in his pants! Oh God! He didn’t want that to happen. He bent over at the waist to try and evade Gloria’s lurid fondling.

But the scheming blonde only reached in deeper and rubbed him faster.

“How’s that David?…Does that feel good?…Do you like it?…” Gloria teased, skilfully working the inexperienced young man over with her practiced hand.

“Naaah!…God!…Please!..” David moaned stiffening up all over.

Gloria could feel it and she stopped stroking David and pressed down urgently on the root of his shaft.

“Yes sweetheart?…Yes?…” she murmured in his ear.

David’s balls kicked and a fiery jet of sperm erupted from his cock.

“Ahhhhhh!…Noohhh!…Ohhh Gloria!…” he gasped, helplessly hunching up into the blonde’s clasped fist as his come began to stream into his shorts.

“David!…Oh my!…What are you doing?…” Gloria asked in feigned surprise, opening her hand and rubbing it wantonly over the hot wetness that was rapidly spreading across the front of David’s trousers.

“Are you coming in your pants baby?…You are, aren’t you?…” she exclaimed, sweeping her hand up and down over the front of David’s pants, coaxing more and more wracking spasms from his feverish loins.

“Gloria!…Oh God!…Nahhh!…I didn’t mean to!…” David groaned in embarrassment, hanging his head sheepishly and then turning to look into Gloria’s smiling eyes.

“It’s O.K. baby!…I didn’t know you were that excited!… Look!… You’ve made me all sticky!…” she said, holding her come glistening palm up in front of David.

“Miss Allen!…Mr. Henderson!…What’s going on here!..”

Gloria looked around and to see Mrs. Fletcher in the door to the coffee room. She calmly edged a little bit away from the trembling young man in front of her.

“Mrs. Fletcher!…Oh my God!…” David gasped as he caught sight of his boss standing in the doorway.

“We weren’t doing…I mean…we were just getting… you know… making…some coffee!..” David stammered awkwardly. His face was flaming red with embarrassment. He wasn’t sure what Mrs. Fletcher might or might not have seen but he knew once she saw the come stained front of his pants it’d be obvious that he and Gloria had been fooling around.

Gloria seemed much less worried by the situation. She smiled at Mrs. Fletcher and put her glistening hand down.

“That’s right Debra…” she said and then…”excuse me David…” as she pressed in next to David in front of the sink. She turned on the cold water full force then reached in with her greasy hand and jammed her thumb up under the tap of the sink and held it there. The water sprayed out horizontally in a vicious spray under her thumb, quickly drenching both her and David around the waist.

“What!…Shit!…Damn it!…” they both cried jumping back from the sudden deluge.

Gloria reached back in and quickly shut off the faucet.

“Damn thing!…Looks like it burst a gasket!…” she complained, smiling sweetly at Mrs. Fletcher as she swiped ineffectually at the front of her clothes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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