Seduction Ch. 01

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Jada stood outside the apartment building. Depressing the doorbell in front of her she stood waiting in anticipation as she heard the bell echo throughout the house. She stamped her feet in a vain effort to ward off the cold unsuccessfully. From deep within the house she could faintly hear music and footsteps softly growing louder as they neared the door. Jada gulped nervously as she straightened out her jet-black hair. She was dressed to kill, the figure hugging red dress caressed her frame to show off her curves. A plunging neck line showed off her ample breasts, obscuring the view but giving subtle glances as the dress moved on its own accord, teasing the viewer into thinking that they may get a better glance without actually doing so. The dress ended mid thigh to show off her long lithe legs, her legs tanned and dark due to the stockings their ends secured by suspenders and a garter belt. But it was Jada’s face that left many men and women alike speech less. An exotic mixture of Spanish, czech, italian, and swedish gave rise to the perfect hybrid. Her face oozed sensuality and passion. Her eye’s, like the coffee fields of Brazil were dark and strong. Her finely sculptured cheek bones, no doubt from her czech and swedish heritage gave her face a distinctively delicate composure.

She had never been so nervous as she had at this point in time though. For months she had talked to this person over the internet, sharing her fears, dreams and failures. He was the perfect man. Everything she had hoped for and more, looks, personality, sensuality. She forced herself to exhale when she found herself holding her breath in without realising.

A faint click filled the air and the door opened. Her internet lover stood in front of her dressed in a loose fitting button up long sleeved white shirt and jeans. Cael. He looked every inch better than his photo that he had sent her some weeks ago. Jada drank him in with her eyes as he stood there, grinning boyishly with a glass of wine in one hand, surveying her with equal intensity.

“Where are my manners? Please come in, you must be Jada I have heard so much about you.”

Jada laughed nervously, breaking the ice between the two as she walked in. The lightly furbished apartment screamed out style as they wove their way inside to the lounge room. Music filled the air quietly, dispersing the silence and awkward tension. Jada screwed up her mouth in distaste when she was able to discern that the artist of the song was Coldplay. But deep down she chuckled, they both knew how much she disliked his taste in music. Cael chuckled when he saw Jada screw up her mouth in distaste.

Jada grinned when she saw Cael chuckling. There was a lot of tension in the air though as they settled down for a glass of wine, chatting about unimportant Trabzon Escort topics like the weather. The air was thick with sexual tension. Eventually the alcohol took effect as their discussions took on a more intimate turn of events. Jada had remembered all those lonely nights spent watching that white screen, waiting for a reply. Cyber sex or cyber reality? Countless situations, what he would do and the way he had described the events left her craving for more. It was almost real. Was she setting herself up for disaster? Either way she had to find out. For her sanity’s sake.

There was a pause in conversation where Cael looked at Jada, his cobalt blue eye’s looked at her unflinchingly as she returned his gaze. So many things were said in those few seconds yet not a word was uttered. The Whitlam’s dimly continued to play in the background.

“Broad Horizon as I walk from your embrace, what I feel is nothing but the taste of you, I get buried in your mouth, I fall in, I don’t care if I cant climb out…”

Cael looked at Jada, studying her eye’s, drinking her in. Her pupil dilated as she returned the gaze. Leaning forward Cael let his fingers stroke down her face, as gentle as a feather he softly stroked her cheek as they continued to study each other with curiosity, their lips but a hair breadth apart. Jada closed her eyes as she leant forward, their lips finally meeting each other in an embrace of passion. The sounds of moistened lips filled their ears as Cael’s tongue gently slid into her mouth, exploring the deep recesses of her soul. Cael broke their embrace, a thin trail of saliva, glistening silver in the light of the room connected his lips to hers, like a thin gossamer thread. Gently Cael sucked upon Jada’s earlobe, gently teasing it and nibbling with his tongue, he felt her body shiver in rapture as he continued to move down, sending gentle kisses across her face to her slender neck, where he kissed her with more passion, his tongue sliding across her fragrant skin. Savouring her redolence. He felt her moan softly, her eye’s heavy lidded with lust as he continued to caress her neck with his tongue.

Cael’s hand’s began to stroke Jada’s breasts from outside the dress, lightly rubbing against the fabric with the palm of his hand as their lips met once again. Their tongues dancing against each other, sensuously sliding up against each other, dancing, teasing, skimming. Jada’s hand reached behind her to undo the tie at the back of her dress, the top half of her dress fell away, exposing her bare breasts underneath, her dark nipples already erect and hardened. Cael began to lick at Jada’s breast, his tongue gliding effortlessly against her satin skin, inhaling her intoxicating aroma. Jada wriggled out of her dress, she was Escort Trabzon naked except for her garter belt, suspender stockings and g-string. They were all black, her g-string was made of satin as it gleamed in the poor light of the room. Jada reached up to remove Cael’s shirt as his hands began to glide up and down her spine. Stopping suddenly he looked up at Jada.

“Not here.”

He said picking her up with ease, his unbuttoned shirt sliding off his shoulders to pool behind them on the couch. Jada’s eye’s widened in shock but eventually she relaxed as he carried her into his bedroom. The room was lit only by candles, giving it a sensual feel as he gently placed her upon his queen sized bed. The sheets were black silk as she spread herself out, luxuriating in the cool caress of the sheets. Above, on the bed stand were two pairs of handcuffs, fluffy with a design of leopard skin imprinted upon them. Jada smiled when she saw them, reliving those promises of tying her up and torturing her until she begged for release. Cael returned with a bottle of oil. Sitting upon the bed he beckoned her to lie down, she did as he bid, back towards him as she felt him straddle her lightly. She felt the cool liquid run down her spine as a small shiver of pleasure travelled through her body.

“I thought you may need a back rub as promised.”

Jada smiled as she felt his hands glide across her back and gently work the fragrant oil into her back. His skilful fingers probing the muscles of her back and relieving small knots as he worked his way down, sending her body in a suspended state of euphoric bliss. She groaned softly as she felt his hands glide down her spine, finally he finished and ordered her to turn around. Jada did as instructed; curious as to what intent he had next. Kissing her deeply, Jada returned the kiss with passion, her hands already moving to Cael’s Jeans, unbuttoning the heavy denims and dragging them off his hips. Cael caught her hands just before she was about to drag off his boxers. Looking at her he could see the hunger in her eyes.

“Not yet” he replied with a grin.

Jada screwed up her nose at him in distaste but grinned nonetheless. His erection stood out against his loose boxers, making a tent of the boxers. She looked down at it with hunger, wanting nothing more than to reach out and stroke it, to tease him as he had her. But she knew that she must be patient. She knew what he was going to do, she was just wandering how much more she could take without ripping off his pants and raping him. She regretfully gave up her arms, which he locked, behind her head on the stainless steel bed head with a faint click. Bound and helpless she looked on helplessly as he reached behind him, eventually finding a thin satin piece Trabzon Escort Bayan of material, which he used to tie across her eyes. She felt him move about the bed until he found what he wanted. She could sense he was near as she heard a faint click, like a cap being opened from a bottle. Suddenly she felt a cold brush being applied across her neck, this caused her to take a sharp intake of breath to which Cael chuckled. The brush left behind a thick paste like substance, sniffing the air she could faintly smell the unmistakable odour of chocolate. The brush trailed across her neck and across her chest, circling her nipples briefly before travelling down her navel towards her crotch, her breathing quickened as she felt the brush sweep across her thighs in broad stroking movements before gently teasing her lips. She felt so hot and wet as a thin trickle of her juice escaped from between her lips, trailing down.

She felt his tongue on her neck as she closed her eye’s her heart beating faster as his tongue left tremors of pleasure travel up down her body. She heard him lap greedily at the chocolate, his tongue slurping greedily as the chocolate, now mixed with his saliva began to run down her skin. Cael could hear Jada’s breathing become course as he made his way down, following the trail as he went. Cael she chanted softly as Cael made his way across her breasts, sucking lavishly at her erect nipples. Jada moaned louder as Cael took her nipple in his mouth sucking greedily, arching her body forward as much as her restraints would allow her too her mouth parted as her tongue lolled lazily within as she moved her head from side to side, Cael she whispered but a breath. Smiling Cael skipped past her navel down to her crotch where he lightly began to brush her thigh with the tip of his tongue. Jada moaned loudly, crossing her legs at the back of his head as he continued to tease her as she bucked her hips towards his face, wanting nothing more than to feel him deep inside her. Cael continued to tease her, his tongue flicking close to her lips only to skip across to the other thigh then back down and back up her navel.

“Cael I want you. Please.” Jada begged.

Cael brushed his face lightly across Jada’s privates as he enjoyed hearing her succumb to his lightest touch. Cael. She chanted softly. Cael began to softly lick her, enjoying the feeling of her rough hair against his velvet soft tongue as he spread apart her lips her fluids trickling out upon his tongue as he luxuriated in the taste of her sex. Jada cried out in ecstasy as she felt his tongue inside her, gyrating against her core.

“Cael. Yes. That’s it.”

Caels forefinger found Jada’s clitoris as he rubbed against it roughly in a circular motion. This caused Jada to buck in pleasure as her moans overtook her, her legs tightening around Cael’s head as he felt her orgasm amongst moans of pleasure. Cael waited til her pleasure subsided before crawling back up the bed, freeing her from the restraints of the handcuffs and removing the blindfold from her eyes. Now it was her turn.

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