Serena’s Story

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This is a complete work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events are just coincidence.

This is the first part of a much longer story. This part itself, is rather long and starts off slow, to give some necessary background. For those of you who’d like to skip straight to the “good” parts, scroll down to the second set of *stars*.

Any thoughts and comments are welcome at the bottom, or feel free to contact me through the website.

Thanks in advance for reading.


Serena slammed the laptop closed with a growl of disgust, just as her friend and employee Harry sauntered into her office.

“What, no email from loverboy today? Or did another fish get off the hook?” Harry said with a smirk as he sat down in the vistor’s chair.

“First off, Harry he’s a dear friend, not a lover boy as you call him. You know he’s somone special. Secondly, they aren’t fish on my hook. You know I hate it when you say things like that.” She swiveled her desk chair around to stare out the window. It also gave her a chance to wipe away the single tear of frustration that managed to escape, and take a few calming breaths.

Once again composed, she sent the chair spinning to face off for the argument that she knew was coming… in three … two…

“What I don’t understand is why you refuse to leave this self-made prison, and actually meet people. Real live people, sweetheart, not some skeezy internet hook-up.”

“You don’t understand? YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND?” Serena yelled and stood to pace away. On her next pass in front of the desk, she stopped directly in front of her only real-life friend and confidant. “What’s to understand Harry? Look at me! Who would want me like this?”

Harry stood and took Serena by the shoulders, so she’d be forced to look at him. “A real man would. A real man would look past the scars and see you.” Harry brushed back the auburn hair she kept long enough to shroud her face, and cupped her scarred cheek. “A man with enough sense to get to know you would see you for who you truly are.” He used the hand gripping her cheek to tilt her head down and kiss her forehead.

Upset by the same tired argument, Serena wrenched herself out of his arms. “Don’t you mean any man who saw my bank balance? They’d be lining up at the door then wouldn’t they?” Once again moving to the window, she tried to shut out the memories. “We’ve been down that road before. I don’t have it in me to do it again.” With a sarcastic laugh she spun and crossed her arms and stared at Harry. “Why did you have to be gay Harry? You’re the only man I can trust.”

Harry laughed, as she knew he would. Some of the tension leaked out of the room. “That same line Seri? You know we’d never work. It’d be like kissing my sister, yuck!”

Harry was the only thing Serena held onto from her old life. The life before the fire stole her family, and everything she held dear. The fire that tore through their home and ravaged her body and soul. Taking her parents and little sister, and leaving her scarred on her right side from head to toe. Sometimes she wished she’d been allowed to go with them. Sometimes the pain of living like this was too much to bear. If it wasn’t for Harry, she knew she’d never have made it this long. He’s the one who pushed her through physical therapy and held her all the times she cried for what was lost. Harry was the one who came up with the idea for their business, when the depression became too deep.

Although technically Harry was an employee. His part in the “Wayside Inn and Cottages” was essential. Without him, the face of the company, there would be no business. They owned and operated a beachfront resort of sorts. Catering specifically to couples, and groups. While the Inn was a purely “vanilla” hotel. The cottages each had a theme relating to fantasies, kinks, and most sexual pleasures. The room’s themes ranged from castle boudoir, and dungeon, to science fiction space fantasies. Some of the rooms were BDSM play rooms, and each could be modified to a client’s request, with notice of course. The cottages were quite lucrative and required some creativity in their design, because some of them looked like regular cottages to the naked eye, yet held plenty of secrets and surprises.

She lived in secrecy, in one of the modified cottages along the beachfront. Her self-made prison, as he’d called it. Here, she was safe from prying eyes and men who would claim to love her for her fortune. Here was known, and where she could conduct her clandestine meetings, with the guys Harry referred to as her “fish”. Men she’d met online, who after a quite lengthy vetting process, agreed to meet. They never knew her real name, and never actually saw her face. If they passed her on the street, they’d never know her. For obvious reasons, Serena held onto her anonymity with a fierce hand. After everything she’d been through, she couldn’t handle the rejection, if one were to see her, or the duplicity, if they knew exactly who she was.

As kartal escort these thoughts ran through her head, Serena remembered she had a “date” for tonight actually. This one seemed promising, and maybe would even garner a repeat performance. “Mr. Temptation”, as she called him should be arriving soon and she needed to get ready.

‘Yes, I see you’ve finally remembered your date for the evening.” Harry commented with a chuckle. “He arrived early actually, and that was what I was coming to tell you before we got sidetracked.”

“He’s here already? Wow okay, maybe I should just change him from Mr. Temptation, to Mr. Eager.”

“See, you can’t even call them by their names! What kind of life is this Seri?” He strode towards her again, trying to get her to see the wisdom in his words. “Someone could and would love you, if given half a chance. Why must you be so cynical?” He took her in his arms again to try and ease the sting of his words. It hurt him to see her living like this. The once vibrant life of the party. Now a hollow shell existing on crumbs of what he wouldn’t even call affection, from random men met in sleezy online chat rooms. He tried again, this time with a different approach. “What had you so upset when I came in Seri?”

This time she snuggled into his warm, overly large embrace instead of pushing him away. “Just the same thing as always Harry. Wanting what I can’t have and shouldn’t want to begin with.”

Harry again tilted her face up to meet his. “What do you mean, shouldn’t want? You can have anything you want. Just tell Old Harry what it is, and I’ll go and get it for you. I’ll drag it back kicking and screaming if I must.”

“That’s just it Harry. You’d have to do just that, and he deserves better than this life, better than me.”

“What do you mean better than this? Better than you? That’s not possible!”

Wishing she could tell her one true friend everything, and knowing his likely response, Serena just continued her snuggle and mentally tried to prepare herself for the evening’s pleasures. The pleasures she was so looking forward to earlier. Before the dreaded email which threatened to break her already scarred heart. Shoving any emotional torment back behind her mental walls, Serena put on a slight smile for Harry’s benefit and intentionally ignored his last reply.

“Did you settle Mr Temptation into his part of the cottage?”

“You know I did Seri. Just like I always do.” He knew she was intentionally changing the subject again, and shook his head. Resolutely telling himself he’d get to the bottom of Seri’s heartache later. Tomorrow, after ‘date’ would be soon enough. “I’ll be in the connecting passageway, listening for your panic buzzer, just like always. Make sure you wear it this time dammit.”

“I forgot once. Once I was the over-eager party and I forgot my locket.” Smiling ruefully, she knew he was just worried for her.

“Yes, and it was the one time you needed it. How dare that guy try to drug you. You’re lucky you managed to get away and lock the bathroom door.”

“Harry, you designed this place for me. Of course I got away. You were right there for me just like always to throw out the trash. Can’t we forget it already? Please!”

Taking hold of her shoulders again, he looked her in the eyes. The Left eye, still a vibrant bluish-green. The right a cloudier version. “Just promise to use all of our precautions. I worry for you, and you know it.”

“Yes, Harry. I’m so sorry for what your life has become. You worry so much for me, you never leave room for yourself, and your own lovelife.” Standing on tip toe, she drew him down to her own petite height of 5’3″ to kiss his cheek. She then turned away to go and prepare herself for her date. Looking back over her shoulder, she told Harry she’d call him when she was ready for the fun to begin, and retreated to her bedroom.

******************************************* Later that Evening

Serena looked herself over in the full length mirror. Admiring the way the dark plum colored silk robe hugged her curves, and concealed most of her flaws. She wondered why she even bothered. If Mr. Temptation had followed her rules for the evening, he’d be waiting with the blinding goggles on and wouldn’t be able to see her anyway. If he wasn’t, well, she’d never make an appearance. It had happened before. It would happen again.

He didn’t know that his own little rental cottage was connected to her much larger home. The secret passageway linking the two was concealed in the wall of the bathroom. Harry had designed it this way, for the purpose of being able to run to the bathroom and lock the door if there were an emergency.

Serena picked up her phone and texted the man in question. Letting him know she had “arrived” and would be at his door shortly. She also asked him if he’d followed her instructions. Sneaking through to the end of the passageway, Serena checked the video monitors, to get a closer look at this evening’s quarry.

At maltepe escort bayan this time, he was standing in the middle of the bedroom with the blinding goggles in one hand and his phone in the other. He looped the goggles over his wrist and began to type a response.

Feeling her phone vibrate, Serena looked down at the message.

Yes Shelly, all instructions have been followed. The candles are lit, and I’m holding my blindfold, awaiting your arrival.

Serena read the text and grimaced at his use of her screen name. Maybe Harry was right, she thought. She studied him more closely on the monitor. His appearance was close to the pictures he’d sent. Though they’d obviously been a couple years old. He was a little over six feet tall. His dark hair was a different style and he seemed to have gained a little weight. That was okay for her. She’d never desired a skinny man anyway. The pictures he had of her were all shadows and angles. Designed to highlight her best features and hide her scars and face. Who was she to complain about an out of date picture? He looked good to her, either way. Completely edible. Getting further into her role for the evening, Serena texted back a reply.

So glad to hear it Mr. Temptation. Please walk to the window, face out towards the sea and put on the goggles. I have a key, and will be there in just a moment.

She watched again as he read the text. He stood there, seeming to debate with himself about following her instructions. At long last, he put his phone on the table and walked to the window. With one last glance around the room, he donned the goggles.

Serena watched all this with satisfaction, and texted to Harry to let him know, the evening was a GO.


With one more look at the monitors, she felt to see if her security locket was in place. Serena silently opened the connecting door. She stepped down onto the tile and secured the door behind her. She crept to the bathroom door and peeked into the bedroom. He stood at the window as instructed, hands clenched at his sides. Goggles still in place. Serena crossed the room and arrived silently at his back. She placed one hand on his shoulder and he flinched.


“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you.”

“I didn’t hear you come in. You’re very quiet.”

‘I just couldn’t wait to touch you. I’m so glad you came.” Serena took his hands in hers and gently rubbed the back of them with her thumbs to soothe him.

He turned his hands over and intertwined his fingers with hers. “I’ve waited a long time for this Shell. Won’t you please let me see you now?”

Easing her hands out of his, Serena gently reached up to touch his face. “You know I have my reasons. If you don’t want to go through with this, please tell me now.”

“Of course I do! It just seems so unfair. You get to see all of me, and call all the shots. While I do what? Follow blindly? How do I know you’re even a woman?”

Serena took a few steps back to evaluate him, one hand going automatically to her locket. “You knew that from the beginning of this. You knew my rules. Perhaps I should just go.”

He took a step towards her, a hand raised in a pleading manner. Seemingly contrite about his outburst. “No please, don’t go. I’m sorry, I’m just frustrated. Give me one more chance.”

Serena walked slowly back to stand in front of him, and reached for his hand. She brought it up to her lips and kissed the palm. “I’ll give you more than a chance, Mr. T.. I think after you’ve been so good at following my instructions, you deserve the King’s Treatment.”

Lowering his hand, she brought it to her breast. She placed it outside the robe and encouraged him to squeeze gently. ” But, first let me ease one of your fears.” He began to fondle the covered treasure and a soft moan escaped from both of them. Serena then, pushed the robe aside, revealing her large DD cup breast to his seeking hand. “There now, that feels like a woman’s body doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it feels heavenly. But, I know there are trannys who have breasts.”

Moving to the side. Serena eased her robe apart at the bottom. Propping her foot up on a small stool, she again took posession of his hand. She slid it down the outside of her robe. Across her hip, and towards her inner thigh where he met skin again. She turned his hand over and urged him forward. Allowing him to feel her slit. He gently pushed farther and edged his fingers back towards her waiting pussy. Serena gasped as his probing fingers brushed over her already swollen clit. Unable to resist the urge, she brought her hips forward, rubbing against his palm as his fingertips reached their destination.

“That feels like pure, hot wet woman to me Shell. You’re so wet for me already.”

Serena pulled away from his hand and brought it back to her breast. Allowing him to play with and pluck the nipple.

“Would you like that reward Mr. T.? For being so good?” Serena escort pendik moved closer to him and whispered this last against his lips.

Getting more into their encounter now, he began to bring up his left hand as well. Serena captured it and brought it to her mouth, before he could discover the scars along that side of her body. She took his hand, and separated his forefinger from the rest, and slowly pushed it inside her mouth. Running her tongue along it’s length. Sucking it into the back of her throat. After withdrawing the finger, and releasing it with a pop of suction, she shifted closer and brought her mouth to his.

Her kiss was a tentative exploration. Allowing him to lead, in this at least. He pushed his tongue forward to taste her and moaned yet again. Sliding his hand down her ‘good’ side he reached around and caressed her ass through the silken robe. Squeezing it and pulling Serena tighter against him. His kiss became more forceful and he began to devour her mouth. His tongue reaching and mating with her own. She kissed him back with the fevered passion that only months alone can bring. He attempted to draw Serena fully into both arms, and she had a moment of panic. Sliding her mouth away from his she worked her lips across his jaw to his neck with hot opened mouth kisses. She captured his wandering hand and laced his fingers with hers.

Raising her head, she whispered to him,”Have you decided, Mr. T? I can promise you’ll enjoy it.” She peppered his neck with little kisses while he formed his response.

“Dammit Shell, you’ve got me where you want me obviously. Do with me what you will, for now.” He husked out, passion evident in his voice.

Running her tongue back up his neck she nibbled on his earlobe and ground her pelvis against his straining erection. “That’s exactly what I hoped you’d say.” She once again whispered. Directing him back a few steps towards the wide easy chair in the corner, she began to work on his tie. She allowed his right hand to explore her left side and moved eagerly against him to prevent his left from gaining entry to her robe. As she pulled the tie over his head, her hands worked on the small collar buttons. As she opened each one, she allowed her tongue to roam the newly exposed skin. Nipping with her lips and teeth, as she worked her way down the shirt, one button at a time. He shivered, and ran his fingers through her hair, pressing her further into his chest.

Reaching his waist, she ran her hands down the bulging zipper and squeezed his cock. He hissed and pushed against her, loving the feeling. She pulled his shirt free and ran her hands up underneath it and across his back, lightly dragging her nails across his skin. He leaned down and caught her mouth again in another searing kiss, grinding himself against her. His tongue seeking out and tracing her lips. Capturing his bottom lip within her own, she bit down slightly. Serena then took a step back and opened up his shirt, revealing his cut shoulders and biceps. She used the material to capture his and pulled him down to latch her mouth onto his neck, where it meets his shoulder. Worrying it a little with her teeth. Then laving the sting away with her tongue.

Drawing the shirt completely off him, she raked her fingers down his chest and again began to explore him with her lips. Mr. T. groaned prodded her head with a gentle motion toward his nipple. Eagerly going where she was directed, Serena licked the taut little nub and began to suckle it gently. While her nails flicked the other nipple to a peak. She nuzzled into his chest. Feeling the hairs there against her skin. Luxuriating in the contact of skin on skin. Serena followed the hairs down his broad chest and flat stomach, to the beginning of his happy trail. Stopping once to dip her tongue into his navel.

Easing herself to her knees, Serena looked up at Mr. T. He stood with his head thrown back, as if in a daze, enjoying the sensations she was providing. She worked his belt buckle loose and kissed the tented fabric of his pants. Lowering the zipper, she ran her hands underneath the flap and felt his cock, with one less layer of cloth between them. Mr. T’s hips jerked involuntarily, bringing himself closer to her mouth. Needing no further encouragement, Serena eased the pants over his hips and let them pool at his ankles. She ran her fingers up his calves and thighs, around to his rock hard ass. Taking it in both hands, she squeezed the firm globes, and ran her lips across his briefs. Breathing hot air across the prominent cock head pressing against the fabric. After she dragged the briefs down to join the pants, Serena took his hard cock into her hand. Stroking it from base to tip, she watched as a small bead of pre-cum bubbled from the slit.

Mr. T. panted out a hushed, “yes”. and pumped his hips towards her. Leaning forward, Serena’s tongue snaked out to lap at his engorged head, to taste the clear bead nestled there. They both groaned in unison again, and Serena continued to lick his cock head and savor her treat. She then urged him to take a step back and sit in the oversized chair. Once he was seated, she placed his hands on the armrests and encouraged him to scoot his hips forward, so she could have easier access to what she craved.

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